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Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm excited to see what Bastardo can do with this opportunity - I am however in Clout's camp that another Left-Handed fastball/change-up SP is really putting us at a disadvantage.

Anybody who has ever picked up a bat knows that after achieving a certain talent level, hitting is largely feeling comfortable against a pitcher. We are definitely not going to be giving teams a whole lot of different looks from our starting rotation if Bastardo sticks.

Andy made a good point in the last thread about showcasing Bastardo to the Padres for Peavy. I had a similar thought yesterday when they named him starter. I don't think they are in on Peavy, but I do think they are choosing to pitch him against the Padres for the express purpose of showcasing him against a weak offense. It will also be a West Coast game that the Mariners(Erik Bedard deal)can scout up close, if something is in the works.

Should be interesting...worst case is that he implodes and they can then bring up Carrasco instead.

Follow up on last thread and comment about giving away KK to give him a shot elsewhere: You have to be kidding. As someone pointed out, he's still only 24 and there might be four spots up for grabs in the 2010 rotation the way Moyer and Blanton (minus his last start) have been pitching. BTW, when is Blanton a free agent,anybody know?

NEPP - I was kinda thinking that there are other pitchers that might implode and they can bring up Carrasco instead.

Watchin' the game today?

Andy -

Today's game is like a car wreck. I can't bear to watch, but I can't look away. I think Jamie is going to get shelled by the Nats offense. Something of the 9-7 variety.

If they are planning this as a showcase start, it is kinda risky...

Assuming what Jayson Stark said is true and he is drawing comparisons to Santana around the league, do you want to risk damaging that burgeoning reputation if he gets rocked against the Padres? Wouldn't the safer move be to keep him in the minors and let him continue to dominate?

Of course, if he pitches a gem against San Deigo, than we are sitting pretty. I just don't know if it is worth it though.

Perhaps they're just really really hoping that he takes care of one of the rotation spots as a cheap fix while they continue to look for a #2 pitcher.

What is the basis of the Santana comparison? LHP and hispanic?

Too many southpaws? Not if Moyer continues to get shelled. Maybe the Phils could create a package centered on KK and Donald. The only position player that should be untouchable is Marson.

johnny - I think it is more repetoire, stature etc.

Ozark - I wouldn't move Brown or Taylor, Marson in the right deal ... I'd consider as far as position prospects go.

The basis for comparison is... Less than 6'0 tall, LH Fastball, changeup pitcher who everyone thought was a reliever at the start of their careers.

I would highly doubt the Phils are trying to "showcase" Bastardo on the West Coast. For one thing, if you want to showcase him you would be better served letting him dominate AAA for a month rather than taking the chance he gets shelled in the majors. For another, if he pitches well and wins a couple of games, the FO is probably less likely to trade him. Once he shows he can pitch at the big league level he becomes far more valuable to us (and to other teams, but the Phils are payroll constrained and he becomes a cheap, quality option).

Thanks. I went back and wrote up the true source of the comparisons.

Bastardo has had 2 starts at LV. One against Durham, on the better teams in the league, in which he gave up 3 ER in 6 IP but with 11 Ks. The other was against Buffalo, the worst team in the league, in which he gave up 0 runs in 7 IP with 1 (one) K. Anyone who can extrapolate what he'll do at the big league level off that is a genius.

BTW, for those who buy Stark's Santana-Bastardo comparison, and even the dumbest poster here is probably skeptical, at age 23 Bastardo is just getting his feet wet in Triple A.

At age 23, Santana was in his third season in The Show and posted and ERA+ of 149.

I too am excited to see what Bastardo can do on Tuesday night. Though I haven't seen him pitch in person, there seems to be quite a bit of excitement about this kid's stuff. I'm glad they're taking a chance on him, and am happy that it will be in pitcher-friendly Petco.

Here's my take (which I included in the header)

I was pulling for Bastardo. Carlos Carrasco seemed to be everyone's first choice. From what I gather from writers close to the team, Carrasco isn't ready. He doesn't have the toughness. When things don't go well, it snowballs. I think it's best to treat a high-ceiling 22-year-old with care. So from the list of choices, I'm on board with trying to catch lightning in a bottle with the hot hand of Bastardo. Of course, I'd rather see the Phils trade for proven help, but it's not going to happen May 31.

I think it's important to distinguish between "stuff" and "command". A 98 mph fastball, or 2/3 plus-level offspeed pitches constitutes as "stuff". I'm not sure Bastardo fits that description, although I have read where he's added an improved slider to his repertoire this year. But what he has showed over the last several years is increased command, able to hit his spots and make pitches. I'll gladly take a kid with 90 mph fastball and average offspeed stuff with great command over a 98 mph heater and no ability to hit his spots.

"BAP: Since I've never seen Bastardo pitch, I don't have a strong opinion on his major league future.

clout: You then proceed to tell us how tremendous he is."

clout, Please tell me where I proceeded to tell everyone how tremendous he would be. What I proceeded to tell you was that his minor league numbers were tremendous and that the scouting reports which you take as unassailable gospel can sometimes be wrong.

I'll be realistic with my predictions of his debut.

Tues: 9 IP, 0 H, 0 ER, 1 R, 27 K, 1 BB.

Bastardo will allow a 2 out walk in the 9th that will be followed by 2 successive throwing errors by Pedro Feliz to plate the only run of the game.

Phillies lose 1-0 on a Bastardo No Hitter.

To give you an idea about the important issues that are being tossed about in my subsconscious . . . I actually had a dream last night that I was watching Bastardo's major league debut. I'm sorry to say that the debut in my dream turned out about as well as clout thinks the real debut is going to go. He hit the first 2 batters with pitches, walked a few more, and left after allowing 8 runs in the first inning. True story. I really dreamed that.

Yeah, agree with Sneed that this isn't a "showcase" start for a trade.

First off, we're in a battle for first place, so the FO is going to bring up a guy based on whether they think he can win games at the major-league level, first and foremost. Simple as that. Regardless of what you think Amaro and others in the FO's style is, I don't think any of us doubt that at this point in the season, that's the top consideration.

Secondly, the way he's pitching in the minors, the best way to "showcase" him would just be to let him sit there and keep dominating.

I also agree with JW that bringing up Bastardo instead of Carrasco is a nice way to both try and take advantage of Young Johan's real nice run of pitching, and also to protect the long-term asset of Carrasco by not throwing him to the wolves before he's ready. You can ask Gavin Floyd, Homer Bailey, Phil Hughes, and plenty of others how that turned out.

When I said the Phillies may be showcasing Bastardo, I did not mean they are intentionally bringing up an inferior pitcher with the thought of losing on purpose. I beleive that Carrasco and Bastardo have about the same chance of beating the Padres on Tuesday.

I think the Phillies stand to gain more, by show-casing Bastardo because, the scouts already think Carrasco is a legit MLB starting pitcher. Bastardo is not as highly regarded as Carrasco, but with a good showing against a weak team, he could jump up and become a centerpiece in a deal. Then the Phillies would'nt have to include Carrasco or Drabek, which they probably rather not do.

The Phillies have constantly shown in the past two years, that they don't have faith that Bastardo will be a MLB starter. If they did, they would'nt have jerked him from Bull-pen to Starter 3 times in the past 2 years.

I'm hoping Bastardo is the Marty Bystrom of 2009.

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