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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Remember when the Phillies couldn't get over the hump because they *didn't* know how to win late in games? That know-how absolutely can overcome some flaws on a team. Of course, it especially helps if you're playing teams with bad will be interesting to see how they fare against the Mets' ballyhooed late-inning duo this weekend.

Mets vs Phillies could have every game end up with 20+ runs total the way both these club's starting pitching is going.

I was furious at Charlie last night that Eyre came out in the 8th instead of Madson (and this was well before he started giving up bombs). I was even more enraged by the fact that Wheels and T-Mac did not see fit to discuss the managerial decision, instead yammering about whether Larry Bowa could hit a home run with a fungo bat. As it turned out, Charlie had a reason (Lidge hurt), but the announcing was inexcusably bad. Are they there to analyze the game , or just keep themselves entertained? There were also multiple points where I was dying to know if anyone was warming in the pen (such as the entire time Taschner was pitching), and again no mention from the announcers, just more inane small talk. Wheels and T-Mac are truly the worst broadcasting team I have ever been subjected to in any Philadelphia sport.

But the win last night was great.

If Lidge is out for any significant amount of time, would people consider bringing up Carrasco for a bullpen role? I just worry that with Lidge and Romero both out, there simply isn't enough talent in that bullpen to get through the amount of innings they're being asked to pitch.

I don't mind Madson closing games, at all, but the 6th-8th innings are going to be mighty ugly. I don't think they will, but I would seriously consider using Carrasco in there just to get some more talent into those spots.

Jack- I'd consider bringing Carrasco up in a starting role, moving Park to the pen if Lidger were out.

Tyler Walker, Mike Koplove, and Gary Majewski have pitched very well in Triple A so far, very well. I kow that doesn't mean MLB success, but I'd think all 3 of them could do a better job than Taschner and certainly could handle a 15 day assignment should Lidge's knee need a breather.

"Why all this McCarthy bashing? The guy's doing a pretty good job and it was quite apparent to me that he was Harry's successor-in-waiting when he joined the broadcast team."

shake-n-bake, the reason McCarthy gets his share of criticism here is very simple:

He's just not that good.

(Jonesman gives an excellent example above).

Admittedly, as Phillies fans we have been spoiled over the years, having the great opportunity and pleasure of listening to Whitey and Harry. Harry was a HOFer - that speaks for itself, but Whitey, in addition to being a HOFer when he played, was an excellent, humorous and honest color man.

However, the fact that we were somewhat spoiled does not cloud our judgement, nor does it mean we are being unfair in our evaluation of McCarthy simply because he is Harry's replacement.

Franzke, IMO, does a fine job on the radio, and if the FO really wants to do the best thing, they'll rotate them and give the TV viewer the pleasure of listening to Franzke.

And though he gets his share of bruises here, Sarge has actually grown on me. He HAS improved since he arrived.

If they've annointed McCarthy as Harry's successor already, then they've made a mistake. He needs to improve an awful lot before they do that, because sometimes he's just awful.

As I posted yesterday, sometimes McCarthy is so bad I mute the TV.

As a fan of baseball, that game was amzaing to attend. Dukes one hopped the asburn statue!! Zimmerman hit the top of the batters eye AND the left center 2nd deck in back to back ABs!! Those are monster shots.

Even popups that were peaking near the infield floated out to the warning track half the time. Good ol' 90º weather at the Bank!

As a fan of the Phillies, how the hell could Blanton strike out the side in the first with no struggles but then not throw a strike the entire rest of his start?! I couldn't believe the walks the Phils were giving up, that is very uncharacteristic of this team from last year and the pitchers themselves in general.

Also, the Lidge postgame might have been the most nervous I have ever seen Lidge, his lips were quivvering almost. I have a feeling he was scared to say something he shouldn't - as in its much worse than day to day.

Carson--I understand that sentiment, but I just don't think Koplove or Majewski have the talent to be pitching in the 7th or 8th inning in real MLB games.

Also, I'd have to think that bringing up Carrasco to start instead of using Happ would be a big blow to Happ's confidence.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I do know that with Lidge out, that bullpen is seriously lacking in talent, and it's clear we have major league-ready talent waiting in Carrasco.

While I enjoy Franzke on the radio, calling a game on TV is a different beast. The onyl way to know if he'd be any good is to give him a shot, but the Phillies clearly brought in TMac to be the heir apparent to Harry. So we're stuck with him.

As far as the game: Blanton couldn't keep his pitches down after the first and it was a muggy hot night at the stadium. That is a recipe for disaster. I said a few weeks ago that the Nationals line-up is going to be tough. They have some mashers in that order and I think they'll find themselves in a lot of these type of shootout games throughout the summer.

I wouldn't be overly concerned about the pitching staff yet. The starters have been showing improvment and pieces of the bullpen have been good for the most part. It will all come together again.

I trust that Lidge actually is day to day here. If there was a problem it would of shown up in the MRI and he would of been shut down. I'd like to see him sit till the weekend. Hopefully we can blow the Nats out and not have to worry about missing his role. Here is to hoping...

How could Franzke be any worse? McCarthy already calls the game like he's on the radio, as if you can't see what's going on - i.e. the need to describe, in minute detail, what's right in front of our eyes. How many times would Kalas simply say, after a pitch was thrown, simply the count: "Two and oh." McCarthy is for some reason compelled to report "and THAT one is on the INside part of the plate, called a BALL. TWOOOOOOO and oh." "and THAT one is hit with MODerate velocity down the third-base line, where Sam Perlozzo picks it up and tosses a souvenir to the crowd. And Sarge, you know Perlozzo has to have PRET-ty good hands at his age to reach down and make that play. And speaking of good hands, listen to this cheer for the young man who caught the ball thrown by Perlozzo!"

If the guy would just see fit to close his beak every so often, he would be halfway tolerable.

Jack, as Carson points out, there are bullpen options at AAA, and Majewski, Koplove and Walker have all had some success at the MLB level. Also, they pitched fairly well in ST. If I were a betting man I would wager they'll all see time at the Zen this season.

Jonesman, Eyre was being used in a role last night for which he is not well suited. It's unfortunate, but he also must have caught some sort of contagious "I Can't Throw Strikes Tonight" (ICTST) virus from Blanton. AAMOF, Taschner must have a mild case of it. Even Condrey had a case of ICTST with the first batter he faced when he walked in a run, and although Happ posted a scoreless frame, he contracted the virus for one batter also.

Mad Dog was the only Phillies pitcher who didn't issue a free pass. He must have been wearing a surgical mask in the bullpen.

This situation is where not having Romero really hurts. We all knew that without JC, not having Lidge or Madson was going to be a big problem. Last night is clear evidence to that effect.

I hope I do not sound like a pessimist, because I'm not.

In case you didn't do the math, despite the early season pitching problems. the Phillies are on pace to win 90 games.

Walker, Majewski, or Koplove would fill Condrey's roll as he bumps up to 7th/8th inning duties. I don't suspect they could regularly handle the 7th/8th either, nor am I too confident that Condrey could, but ya gotta go with what ya have. So unless Amaro can swing a deal for a setup man right now (doubtful), that's what we're looking at.

McCarthy has never met a 10 word sentence he couldn't make 20 words.

RSB: Excellent analysis of McCarthy. He talks WAY too much. The fact that his gabbing rarely produces insights makes it even worse.

Blanton may be the one that finds himself in the bullpen first. Happ has pitched well in his long relief role, so why not give him some starts? The rest of the rotation, while not stellar, has been good enough and is getting settled down.

I appreciate what Blanton did during the playoff run, but what has he done for us lately (besides get bombed consistently)?

Carlos Delgado was taken out of the Mets' lineup last night because of a sore hip and will visit a doctor today. He's had problems with it in the past, I wonder if it's catching up with him now. He'll be 37 in June.

I just watched the Lidge interview from the locker room and I didn't really get the sense that he thought it was serious. Seems like he needs a week or so to give the knee some rest and then start throwing some BP sessions.

I'd almost be for letting him hit the 15 day and calling up Majewski. Lidge mentioned he felt great after missing some time at the beginning of last year, so if we can get similar results I'd be all for it.

I don't know why the Phils don't rotate announcers from radio to TV now.
Harry called the first 3 and last 3 on TV, if they did that with a T Mac and Franske rotation , I think it would be an improvement just by adding some variety.
Having listened and watched some great broadcasters since the 50's we will have some adjustments to make as fans/ viewers/ listeners.

Jack, if any of those three are brought up they won't pitch the 7th or 8th. They'll be used earlier and Durbin and Condrey will get bumped up while Lidge is out. Eyre, if it is not already apparent, should be used as a LOOGY. .242/.323./.403 and .280/.369/.447 are his career LH\RH splits.

I'm fine with Madson closing. I was at the game last night and he was just dominating with a fastball that was htting 97 MPH.

It's not having Romero AND Lidge that causes problems in the 'pen.

Still, if the SP can get to the 6th or 7th, it would solve a lot of problems.

If Lidge goes on the DL, the chances of Carrasco being recalled are: Zero.

They will recall one of the guys with experience: Walker, Majewski or Koplove.

The idea of Condrey being setup man is laughable. Look at his career #s vs. LH. You need a guy with even splits in that role.

BTW, if one of the starters were to go down, Carrasco would be the first guy I'd recall. His future is in the rotation and if he can keep his K/BB ratio where it is right now, the future will be soon.

Truth Injection- we're not stuck with anybody! We are Phillies fans and we can yell loud enough that we will eventually get our way. I just wrote Scott Palmer to express my thoughts on the announcing. I think a flood of emails could at the very least convince them to go back to a rotation where T-Mac is only doing part of the TV play-by-play. This will be our finest hour, participatory democracy in full bloom!

The problem w/ rotating broadcasters from radio to TV throughout the game is that it will make it more of a pain for people in the Philly metro area to avoid Wheels & T-Mac. Right now all I have to do is mute the TV, turn on my radio, & I'm good to go. :-)

Also: I was at the game last night, & had a good view into the Phils dugout from my seat in Sec. 324. I'm not sure if the TV cameras caught it, but after being (rightfully) booed off of the field, Joe Bagga Dingers assaulted the dugout trash can, then stood there for a moment before picking up a bat, giving the trash can one last feeble whack, & stalking down the runway to the clubhouse. Bob's Big Boy did not bother to return to watch Taschner get the last two outs of the half inning & strand the two runners he'd left on base. Now I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for Blobton ... er, Blanton, because he was the winning pitcher in the only World Series game I've ever attended, & hit a HR to boot. But acting like Derek Lowe in the '08 NLCS is not cool, esp. when you ought to know that your teammates can & often will bail your sorry ass out ... as they did. Booooooooo, Porkins! Booooooooo! :-[

One topic my friends and I were discussing at the game last night:

The Phillies 3 - 6 hitters. They have the potential to be the Phillies own version of Murderers Row.

Once Rollins doubled in the bottom of the eighth, we knew that no matter what Vic did, Utley was going to bat. Our confidence level went up considerably, because we just felt they would score a couple and chip away at the lead, and having to work through Utley, Howard, Werth, and Ibanez is not something opposing pitchers are going to look forward to this season.

Four guys in a row with 25+ power. Not fun for any pitcher.

G Town, I was in 324 also. Row 4. Where were you?

G-Town, I didn't know he did that. Frankly, I'd rather he be p*ssed at himself for pitching so poorly and take it out on a poor trash can. I like that he cares that much.

G Town, I missed that. We went for a couple of dogs when Charlie came out to yank Blanton.

Incidentally, what a change from 3 years ago. Charlie was almost invariably booed when he stuck his head out of the dugout.

Now, they chant his name with affection - and rightfully so!!!

Lidge being out wouldn't be a huge concern if a SP could last more than 4 innings.

I cheered for Charlie because I wanted to see him flip that ump the bird. What was that situation in the 9th? I was at the game so I couldn't listen to Wheels tell me exactly what was happening on the field, what each player was thinking, and what tomorrow's wining lotto numbers are.

Wheels is insightful when talking about baseball, a fact that to my mind compensates for his less than ingratiating tone of voice.

But when he's paired with McCarthy, he ceases to be insightful about baseball, because McCarthy persists in bantering about everything but. As such Wheels becomes just another less than ingratiating voice, trading inanities with our resident ringmaster cum baseball play by play man.

So Wheels definitely suffers with the pairing, although perhaps *he* feels liberated.

AWH: Handicapped area at the top of the section. I was in a car accident recently, & need a wheelchair to get around outside of the house until I heal up. I also appreciate that Blanton was upset w/ how he pitched, & showed some fire. Nothing really wrong w/ that. I just think he should've stuck around in the dugout until the end of the inning.

Albert, when Hernandez had the bunt single, he turned slightly toward 2B, which means when they tagged him going back to first he should have been out. The Ump missed it and seemed to get in Howie and Uts' faces, and Charlie came out to question the call. I think he also wanted to take the ump's focus off of his players.

I thought maybe he made a turn, or he missed the bag. The thing that got me was that he pointed to the bag like Utley should toss it over to Howard for the out. Utley promptly flipped it to Howard but nothing came of it. Oh well.

G-Town, sorry to hear about your accident. I was 2 rows in front of you. GWS!

Klaus, I actually don't mind Wheels because he is knowledgable.

But you are correct when you point out that McCarthy is dragging him down to his level.

sorry to hear that Gtown. Get well.

A poster on the previous thread was talking about McCarthy and how he grew up with Vin Scully...and I gotta say, mentioning the two of them in the same sentence should be considered blasphemy.

Here's the thing: Tom McCarthy IS a Met fan. He is from NJ and grew up rooting for the Mets. He left the Phils to get his "dream job" with them that turned out not to be so dreamy in the end. Now, that's not why I don't like his broadcasting, mind you, but don't think that fact isn't lost on quite a few Phillies fans.

I don't need for my broadcasters to be homers or call a HR differently for different players--Larry Anderson is a homer and a half and it's embarrasing at times (even though sometimes he's kind of hilarious)--but I do need them to understand the nuance and rhythm of the game. All McCarthy does is yammer and oftentimes misses action in the game because he's too busy listening to the sound of his own voice.

I used to think Wheeler was bad. Then McCarthy came along and now I take back every bad thing I ever said about you, Chris. It just proves that there's always a worse option out there.

Albert: I agree. The ump was like "No, you can't tag the runner out, you need to flip to first" ... & when Utley did, Blue summarily denied the appeal. Kinda petty & condescending when you consider that the 2 Phils involved are a couple of the best players in the League. Good on Charlie for coming out & redirecting the argument.

Thanks for the thoughts, guys. It's been kind of a craptacular Spring for me -- I totaled my beloved Mustang attempting to not hit a dog that ran into the road in front of me. Not only did the dog buy the farm, I now have a 12" titanium spike permanently implanted in my r. femur. But like the Fightins', I'll eventually come back. :-)

Doohickey: kinda hard to be too irritated at Blanton considering how bad the starting pitching has been. Blanton got roughed up in his first start and his most recent, but aside from that, his other two starts have been what you expect from Kentucky Joe: eating innings, quality starts.

6IP/3ER in his other two starts, which isn't exactly masterful pitching, but it is competent and was essentially what Blanton was brought here to do. he just needs to be more consistent, but 4 starts is a little early to be banishing a workhorse starter to the bullpen.

"The idea of Condrey being setup man is laughable. Look at his career #s vs. LH. You need a guy with even splits in that role."

Career stats can be a very useful tool, but sometimes it is ok to ignore them. Clay Condrey is pitching really good right now, well above his career norms. Currently lefties are only hitting .182 against him.

So if Lidge is going to be out for a week or two, it makes sense to ride Condrey's hot hand as the set up man for the short term. If Lidge was going to be out for an extended time, then a more reliable, experienced set up man would be needed.

But for a few weeks, a hot Condrey is not so laughable as a set up man.

NY Mets update: According to ESPN, "Good/Bad" Ollie Perez will be given one more start to straighten things out.

That start will come Saturday against the Phillies.

We were discussing it yesterday. What would be the best outcome for the Phillies - pounding Ollie into AAA, or winning a 5-4 or 4-3 game that would assure him a few more starts, - hopefully bad ones?

Klaus: Wheeler couldn't hide his delight at being 'liberated' hours after Kalas died. The relief in his voice was, and is, palpable.

hey, check out the Raul shirts already showing up, no one can say we aren't passionate fans!!!

hh, I could care less if McCarthy is a Mets fan (something I was not aware of).

I have cousins and friends in NY who root for the Mets. I don't hate them because of it.

I don't think you need to even mention something like that.

All one needs to do to evaluate McCarthy is to listen to him.

It's becoming an increasingly unpleasureable experience.

RSB: Wheels must fellate the highest levels of club ownership. When it finally came out in public that Harry & Wheels couldn't stand one another, & that Harry had demanded to not be paired w/ him anymore ... & lost. Well, at that moment I knew beauty & fame may be fleeting, but Wheels is forever. Still, hearing all of the obviously insincere platitudes he was spouting in the immediate aftermath of Harry's passing turned my stomach. There is a fine line between being a professional & being a phony, & I don't think Wheels walks that line w/ much aplomb.

Send Ollie to the minors ASAP. Los Mets don't have pitching depth. I would love for Neise, Garcia, or Redding to have to make 5 starts for them.

RSB, that's way out of line, re: Wheels. I'm flabbergasted that you would even suggest he was happy about it.

The day Kalas died was, in my opinion, a low point for this forum because of everyone b*tching about Wheeler for some reason. I swear to God, if I read one more person write about how Chris Wheeler doesn't care about Harry Kalas dying, I'm off this board for good. You people are too smart to be spewing that crap.

Matt: I didn't say that Wheeler was happy that his partner died. But if you don't think he didn't enjoy working with him, you're mistaken. It was obvious, as was the fact that he sounded positively sunny throughout the game immediately following Kalas' death.

Listen, I've always liked Wheeler's commentary. But he was apparently the only person in the entire organization who had a problem with Kalas. Kind of says something about the man.

AWH: Do you have season seats in 324, or did you just happen to be there for last night's game? My wife & I are on the partial season B plan, & our regular seats are at the top of Sec. 426, directly under the 426 sign. And could you hear the heckler riding the Nats, & Dukes in particular, yesterday? At times I wanted to strangle him, but then he'd go & yell something that made me crack up laughing. Philly fans: gotta love 'em. :-)

AWH: I mentioned it, because I saw on some other thread that someone was suggesting that he was a Met fan because he brought up Mike Piazza when referring to Flores' moonshot. I just said he is one, but that doesn't color my perception of him.

I don't care if he roots for the Cuban National team; I'd just like him to shut up once in a while.


I don't think many of us think Wheeler was happy, but I was a bit surprised by his broadcast when you compare it to Franzki's and LA's. Wheeler worked with Harry for 30+ years, and I was a bit surprised to here him joking about how he missed his lunch.

That's all. Nothing more, and nothing less. That day I was obviously most upset about Harry, I could care less about Wheeler. Just an observation.

I've never bought into the idea that a reliever who can pitch in the 6th inning is incapable of doing so in the 8th or 9th. Condrey has shown himself to be pretty good in high leverage situations -- last night's game being another case in point. He's definitely not my ideal 8th inning setup guy but, if Lidge is out, then who else are you going to use? Durbin is pitching horrible right now and there's no other serious option. This is where it would be nice to have Chan Ho Park in our bullpen, but he isn't.

The Phillies need to get rid of Taschner yesterday. It's not like Majewski, Koplove, and Walker are unkonwn entities. They have all been pretty successful major league relievers at one point. In fact, Walker was an above average reliever just last season. If he jumped to the major league roster today, he might be the third best pitcher in their bullpen. I don't get what he's doing in the minors.

b-a-p: The one difference between pitching in the 6th versus 8th of a close game is the tendencies of the opposing coach to make substitutions based on the handedness of the batter. In the sixth, for instance, Chollie won't bring in Dobbs to ph for Feliz against a RH middle reliever. In the eighth of a one run game he might. It's more important for a 8th inning guy to have balanced (and better) splits.

Now that we have experienced both Taschner and Happ as LHRPs, I completely agree. If they're gonna start Park, they need to dump Taschner off somewhere and bring up Majewski or Koplove.

Or Walker.

Yeah, I didn't mean liberated in the sense that he is happy or feels relief. It's just that, whereas working with Harry demanded a sort of mutedness, with McCarthy he's free to bloviate endlessly. Supposing Wheels enjoys bloviating endlessly(and he may not), then his working with McCarthy is an indulgence.

If you describe someone as having a "sunny" disposition, that generally means "happy." So I'm not sure what you're talking about there.

Look, I loved Harry Kalas as much as the next person, but the man wasn't perfect. The only reason we knew about his preferences for broadcast partners was because he let it be known publicly while in the midst of contract negotiations with the Phillies. If not for that, we would never have known of their relationship. And a lot of the Wheeler hate came when the kool kids at WIP made it their mission to disparage his character when all that stuff first came out.

The bottom line is, Harry Kalas and Chris Wheeler were two guys who maybe didn't like each other personally, but worked great together professionally. And just remember that if Wheels ever goes and we're stuck with Tom McCarthy and Sarge broadcasting an entire game together.

I thought this was a site to discuss "all things Phillies", including the quality of the broadcasts.

I don't understand what speculating about how Wheels felt about Harry has to do with that.

Albert, again, the hate for Wheels is fogging that "lunch" story. As it was actually described during the broadcast, Harry apparently had two rules for broadcasting: be prepared and eat something. That's why Franszke said something about not being 100% prepared because of what had happened and Wheeler was joking about missing his lunch.

That's the last I'm going to write about this. Sorry.

Honestly Matt, Sarge is alot better than he used to be. I don't mind him at all. I'm not sure he works that well with TMac though.

Someone just needs to invent a device that syncs up the radio and TV feeds so I don't have to worry about this.

Matt: to say Wheeler seemed - to me - like he had a years-long burden removed from his shoulder is different from saying he was "happy" that his colleague died. I don't claim to know how they really felt about each other at the time of Kalas' sudden death. I believe Wheeler was saddened and affected by it to some degree on a personal level. But in the booth - on a professional level - he had to know immediately that his job had just become a lot easier - and it showed. I don't hate Wheels, or even dislike him, even though I found his tone during that game more or less appalling.

Klaus: I found that Wheeler talked just as much working with Kalas as he does now. The interaction just wasn't nearly as prevelant. It was almost as if Kalas and Wheeler were isolated entities; often, they may as well have been sitting in completely different locations and taking (unbalanced) turns talking into the same broadcast feed.

Wes: Condrey has faced 11 lefties this season. If that's enough to convince you, you're pretty simple to convince.

G-Town, we have also Plan B in 324, and the Sunday plan in 314.

The last 2 games I've been to are Rauuuuuul's walkoff against the Pads and last night's game.

It's been great so far.

I'll be at Sunday's Met game.

That heckler last night was nuts. Also, the a***ole chant for the guy waving around the jersey up there was amusing, if a little less than classy.

Condrey has faced 11 lefties and pitched very well against them. How many more lefties do you suppose he will face as the setup man for two weeks? Maybe another 11? I think he could handle it.

The point is, instead of just looking at stats, look at his work so far this season. For whatever reason he is pitching very well. His pitches have some really good movement and he has had good command overall. Like I said, I would not want him as a long term solution, but he can get the job done for a short while with the way he has been pitching.

I am curious as to who you think is a better option right now to be the set up man if Lidge sits for a week or two?

Old friend Freddy Garcia released.

And speaking of bad starting pitching, here's a fun Adam Eaton tidbit, courtesy of Gonzo @ the Inky:

"... the Baltimore pitcher earned his first win last week and threw so well that even the guy who authors the Orioles' Web site couldn't believe it, writing:

"Eaton shocked everyone involved with the Orioles last Thursday when he made one of the best starts Baltimore has seen this season. Eaton struck out nine batters, the most he's struck out since 2005 ...""

Ahhh, winning World Series' & new friends ... that's our Adam!

The whole Wheels being "happy" Harry died discussion is really revolting. Everyone grieves differently Wheels did seem a lot more level with his emotions that day but that was very much a front. At the beginning of the telecast he clearly had tears in his eyes and was very measured and stumbling with what he said.

To try and dig someone over how they react when someone dies is really low class.

I'm not saying anything more on this topic after this because it's a really tasteless discussion.

I really was kind of hoping that they'd send down Perez and bring up Freddy to face Utley-Howard-Werth-Ibanez.

I'm so disappointed.

JW: Reports from Freddy Garcia's last start had him throwing in the mid 70's with his fastball.

How many people on here you think could touch mid 70's with their fastball?

In other news, I'm wondering if Utley's gonna get jailed by the FCC. The supreme court just voted to uphold 5-4 the FCC ban on isolated instances of profanity. One quote:
"Even when used as an expletive, the F-word's power to insult and offend derives from its sexual meaning," wrote Scalia.

So, basically, what he actually meant was:
"World Copulating Champions."


Truth - I could if I was standing on a train flatbed going fifty.

Truth: What I'm getting from this is that Cody Ross' "fastball" tops out almost 10mph faster than Garcia's. Nice!

About the FCC-

F' that!

Andy: It is interesting, except that it's wrong. Words and their meanings morph over time--take the word "sucks" for instance. Well, it has a sexual connotation, but ask most young people that nowadays and they have no idea of its original meaning until someone explicitly tells has become synonomous with "awful" and fairly acceptable in most circles (even though it remains a vulgarity).

Should Utley have used it at the parade? No. Should he be fined or jailed for it? No. Societal pressure is what needs to be used to stop people from uttering profanity.

I, for one, am obsessed with the power humans give words. Etymology is my passion--I've got 5 books on the origins of the "F Word" (no one really knows--it's all speculation), and I love how certain words still seem to be so taboo while others (like hate, kill) that are truly terrible words are allowed to be used so liberally. If someone says "F You," it's actually nicer to say than "I hate you". Sex is a good thing, but not in our society.

Cody Ross' fastball had some decent movement on it for being an outfielder. Ideally you want an outfielder that doesn't have a whole lot of drift on their throws.

Top of the NL East is interesting when playing the "if you told me.. I'd have said you were crazy" game.
Examples: If you had told me the Marlins would lose their 13th thru 19th games and still be in first place" and "if you told me the Phillies would give up the most runs in the NL thru 18 games and be only a half game out of first.."

hh - I completely agree. I posted it (and did my little editing job) because it is wrong. It's difficult to believe that Antonin Scalia, who is by all accounts a very bright man, actually believes the content of that quoted sentence.

There is, for instance, no sexual content to Carson's (appropriate, in this case) response to the FCC.

Brian G - If you had told me that "the Phillies would give up the most runs in the NL thru 18 games and be only a half game out of first.." I would have easily believed it. I would have assumed that the very capable offense was busy drubbing people into submission.

What I wouldn't believe is if, a year ago you had told me that they'd win the WFC (or "WCC" for FCC people) because of great pitching.

Had to watch the DC broadcast being a Maryland Phan (blech), but they showed an interesting graphic...the phils, at the time when the score was 11-7 Gnats, had scored as many runs in innings 7+ as 1-6.

Colin K:
I'm kinda worried about that. At some point we'll have to play the Mets; and everyone knows that in Mets' games no scoring counts after the sixth inning.

Andy, actually, there is implied sexual content to it, some of it having to do with domination and subjugation.

I cannot really describe why it is so - the rules of this site do not really allow for it - and personally I don't think it's the proper forum.

@AWH -- Coincidentally my Plan C seats are in 324 Row 4... weird... Sunday in 417...

As for the FCC, the burden/punishment for language still falls on the broadcasters/networks. There has been proposals to fine the individual for such fines. But that will could never fly because of the Constitutional implications. So Chase can curse away. The fines are a related to the licenses that are used these stations.

So in the case of Utley... if 3, 6, 10, and 17 were all broadcasting the event live. Along with CSN. The FCC could fine, 3, 6, 10 and 17. But CSN would not be fined. It gets worse when there are network related fines. Because in theory the FCC could fine each individual station including the network.

No jail though for anyone.

In Seattle, I heard that Ibanez's theme song was "Werewolves of London".

Phillies need to demand he changes it back so the whole stadium can erupt 'ra-oooooooooooo' to the chrous before he mashes away from now on.

"I, for one, am obsessed with the power humans give words."

How about the power humans give to words they substitute for someone else's original usage?

I did not say that Chris Wheeler was 'happy' that Harry kalas died, and I don't want be associated with so tasteless an assertion. I said he seemed relieved that he wouldn't have to work with Kalas anymore. I don't begrudge the man for not grieving on the air, but to treat it like just another game, without so much of an air of restraint or somberness, to me was wildly inappropriate.

Words ARE important, so don't go changing them around based on how you *interpret* them. I could do without all the righteous indignation when people can't even be bothered to heed my clarifications.

Free Speech*

*Free Speech does not pertain to certain words, such as "f-ck", or to topics some might find distasteful, such as Wheels' response to Harry's death.

I'm just sayin' ... *shrug*

Also, lest anyone think I'm a sourpuss re: J-Roll's (relatively) impressive offense Monday, I both noted & appreciated how his approach @ the dish seemed to improve as the game went on. His last AB in particular was excellent, & I think it's a positive sign. If I were Charlie I'd still drop him in the order for awhile, but whatever ... Here's hoping Jimmy can build on last night, because (as we have seen) when he's on base, good things happen for the Phillies. :-)

RSB: I never interpreted anything you said, so I assume you intended your dialogue for someone else.

And, no words are not important, INTENT is the important thing...and it's too difficult to discern intent on a blog which is why words have so much power.

In my world, people ask for explanations about things they don't understand before jumping to rash conclusions.

Free speech doesn't pertain to certain words but it also doesn't specifically preclude them. People need to exercise caution in using words, obviously, but my point is: the words that are the most harmful are often the ones that go completely unnoticed or unpunished while other offenders get all the press (or don't as the case may be).

Kind of like officiating in the NBA or NHL; we all know it's bad, but so long as it's bad on both sides, it's OK in the long run.

Condrey has a high leverage reliever? Ugh. Condrey has shown he is a serviceable MLB reliever as long as he keeps the BBs and HRs down (which he did last year and so far this year).

He still doesn't have an 'a swing and miss' pitch you would like to see out of a reliever who is a setup guy or comes into a game with inherited runners. Plus as others have noted, lefties generally smoke him.

Condrey reminds me alot of Eyre - very functional if used correctly. Given though that the bullpen has been utilized so heavily in the early going and the possible injury to Lidge, these guys are likely got to both be put in situations where they might have trouble succeeding.

One last post on the speech topic: the F word used to have the connotation to which Scalia and others denote, but that's not the way it has evolved over time. It's primary usage now has changed due to younger generations taking the word, reshaping it, and making it their own. That's called dynamics. If we choose to remain static in a society that's moving forward, we devolve. I'm not saying it should be an acceptable everyday word in conversation, but I think it needs to be looked at from a different angle. /end rant

With Condrey his ball has good movement from the inner half to the right part of the plate. Many times you see him jamming right handers which is why he is effective against them. Movement on his pitches helps in that instance/

He doesn't have a great sinker and his ball doesn't move much in on left-handers which leads to them putting the ball into play more off him.

He's a perfectly servicable reliever but I don't think the best role for him is as a sustained 8th inning set-up guy.

doubleh - yeah, sorry, that post actually had nothing to do with you. I just lifted one of your sentences for the sake of tangential relevance.

Intent, as you say, is much harder to gauge than literal language. Words often contain many shades of meaning and inferences beyond dictionary definitions - but not always. And if someone clarifies what it is they mean in the face of a misinterpretation, then *normally* more credence is subsequently granted to the clarification rather than a continued adherence to the original misinterpretation - unless the process of simplifying in order to protest in outrage and assert moral authority is just too strong and enjoyable an act for people to deny themselves.

doubleh: Devolution? Mmmmmmmm.

Klaus: Wheeler couldn't hide his delight at being 'liberated' hours after Kalas died. The relief in his voice was, and is, palpable.

Is that true? I have been unable to catch as much live Phillies action as usual due to circumstances for basically the whole season so far. If there is any truth to that I think I'm going to hurl. I know it's one posters opinion but RSB is obviously a knowledgeable fan. That would make Wheeler a bigger skunk than I thought.
I think the problem with many announcers today, maybe even most announcers today, is that they just can't shut up. It is exhausting to listen to Wheeler and McCarthy chatter on like two Howler Monkeys on acid. They truly must worship at the alter of their patron saint, Joe Morgan. He should be in a mental hospital the way he drones on and on about the most inane crap. First my ears start to sweat and then they begin to bleed. These guys, and others of their ilk, must get paid by the syllable or something. It is complete sensory overload every inning. I find it absolutely astonishing that their employers don't realize this. I'm half expecting to hear the producer just scream SHUT UP!!! like Sister Mary Elephant one of these days.
But, as you can see, it doesn't really bother me much. God, I feel better now. Thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest Beer Leaguers.

Andy: Yeah, good point about Condrey & the use of situational subs. Still, if not Condrey in the 8th, then who? The only other plausible choice is Durbin. He's nearly as bad against left-handers as Condrey is and, unlike Condrey, he has pitched terribly since last August.

I agree that there's something absurd about the idea that a guy who has spent most of his career as a fringe major leaguer can now be the 8th inning setup guy on the WFC. But injuries and suspensions can lead to absurd consequences.

Being out of earshot for any of these guys, I can only remember my long gone days back east listening to Whitey and Harry make me smile. Chris Wheeler used to have some technical position and they would only put him on the air during rain delays or only as a last resort. As I remember, Wheeler had a voice for "print" not "radio".

The reality is that there really doesn't have to be a single reliever who is designated as the "8th inning" setup man. Madson didn't assume that role until late last season. Before then, the Phillies had generally mixed and matched depending on the situation. That's what I imagine they will do if Lidge is down for an extended period of time.

I wish we could do a poll, but how many people think Lidge go on the DL (or think he will end up there).

As I stated before, I think he should go on the DL. That will allow Majewski to come up, and hopefully Charlie can piece together the 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Let Lidge get his knee right so he can get back to form.

BTW: Dont know how many caught Franzke's call of the Ibanez salami, but it was really good. Unfortunately LA stepped on it some screaming stay fair, stay fair. But it was a good job by Franzke. He's clearly the class of the broadcast team with Harry gone. They need to build around him. And HH is right. LA is a ridiculous homer. He does have some good insights and can be entertaining but sometimes I feel as if he should be paying to get into the ballpark and sit in the bleachers with a beer. He is very often unprofessional.

I am impressed with Victorino's game so far this year.
Previously, my opinion of Vic was that he is mistake-prone, has bad mental makeup, and his hitting stroke is un-fluid and inconsistent. I thought that he didn't have the capability to improve his game; so that when his speed declined, his game would fall apart.
But, to me, he looks much better this season. No boneheaded mistakes, smoother hitting stroke, and he's playing a great CF.
I hope he keeps it up.

Wes: For reasons cited by several other posters, I don't like the idea of an unbalanced pitcher as setup man, not even for a week. That's why I don't want Condrey, Koplove or Walker as setup. I'd keep Condrey in his current role, make Madson the closer and recall Majewski, who is finally healthy.

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