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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Was there a games yesterday?

Now if we could add Zimmerman or Atkins to the about RBI's! I won't propose hypothetical/delusional trade offer for either one, because then I'd be a Mets fan.

Um, isn't basically any year where you score a lot of runs (such as '07, the year of the run) a year of the RBI, because, after all, virtually all runs are batted in runs? Not to be too hard-headed and piss on your writerly construct, but by definition any great offensive year is an RBI year.

Many thanks to Karl Bolt for serving his country in the armed forces. We salute you and your service.

As long as you're looking at the minors, say hello to new Syracuse Chiefs outfielder Lastings Milledge. Apparently those two pass patterns he ran to a couple of fly balls yesterday and the three straight swing-and-misses at Ryan Madson change-ups were the final nails in the coffin he built when he missed a team meeting on opening day. Elijah Dukes will man CF tomorrow.

The Nationals already had too many outfielders on their roster anyway.

I don't think yesterday's game will be deemed 'forgettable'. People might remember that Phils fan Jaime Moyer took the hill, Shane's point to the booth after the first post-Harry HR, Howard's blast, the picture in the dugout.

LA Jeff - Not just a ring ceremony, but if I recall correctly, Harry also threw out the first pitch of that game.

Let's hope it's not the year of starting ERA or IP.

RBIs = Runs Batted Ins?

I know, I'm such a stickler. Though I say 'flied out' along with everyone else, so hey.

Yea, Harry threw out the first pitch. His last home game was the rings/first pitch/amazing comeback, and his last road game had a slightly less amazing but still fun comeback.

So Milledge really did play terribly yesterday? I was listening to the radio broadcast and assumed that Anderson was just unusually cantankerous on account of HK when he said that Milledge didn't deserve to be in the majors.

The story I read said Milledge was being demoted because he was late for games twice and missed a team meeting. So Elijah Dukes GETS a job because of bad behavior. Now, that's irony.

I have a question...did harry and the other announcers get a ring?

Among those obscure cuts, Javon Moran was the most interesting name. Good glove, good base stealer, decent BB/K ratio, not even a tiny bit of power. I will be surprised if he doesn't wind up as a 5th outfielder someday.

Any takers on buying low on Milledge?

@Dukes -- The announcers get rings (virtually everybody in the org get'em). They get a scaled down version... But they havent' received theirs yet, according to Leslie Gudel last night.

Tray: I tried to respond to your comment by phone on why it's only such-and-such year if people are talking about that particular stat. But instead I'll keep it brief and say thanks for ruining my post.

EFF: Forgettable isn't the right word. Luckily, blogs differ from printing presses. I went back and phrased it differently.

Big game tonight in the East between 5-1 teams. Volstad for Florida. Vasquez for Bravos.

I posted this in one of the Harry threads yesterday:

Delwyn Young was designated for assignment by the Dodgers yesterday. Switch-hitting OF.

Assuming he doesn't get claimed by someone else, think the Phillies might have some interest? Would he be an upgrade over our current bench options (read: Cairo) if healthy, or is he just Triple-A fodder?

I posted this in one of the Harry threads yesterday:

Delwyn Young was designated for assignment by the Dodgers today. Switch-hitting OF. Got some ABs with the big club last year.

Assuming he doesn't get claimed by someone else, think the Phillies might have some interest? Would he be an upgrade over our current bench options (read: Cairo) if healthy? Or is he simply Triple-A fodder?

You're welcome? I didn't mean to ruin your nice post. I mean, I guess people might talk a little more about RBI's this year than others, but even by that standard, seems to me like every year about a third of phans spend the entire season complaining about certain hitters' failure to drive in runs with men on, while another third spends its time assuring us that it doesn't matter if Howard hits .230 as long as he keeps driving in so many runs, and Sarge spends every broadcast musing over those special two-out RBI's that separate the men from the boys... well anyway, it's always a heavily talked-about stat.

Oh, and RSB, I guess you'd prefer R's BI? A little ungainly, especially when typed.

Murphy has the Harry tributes schedule up on High Cheese on, for all those interested a.k.a. everyone I'm sure.

If you want to get technical, RSB should be RSBs.

Jim: Delwyn Young is mildly interesting as a switch-hitting bat off the bench. He's built like a fireplug and can hit, but his glove is subpar, just like big brother Dmitri. He showed solid gap power in the minors, but his Triple A time was spent in Las Vegas, where Abe Nunez could hit .350, so it has to be taken with a grain of salt. I'd love to take a flyer on him, but his elbow is hurt and I'm not sure how bad it is and if surgery may be needed.

Tray: Everything you said makes sense. I'm not being serious.

I think RBI is the plural of RBI.

Can't say I can complain about the Year of the RBI

If RBI is the plural, than is it incorrect to say that Howard had an RBI (run batted in) with a sacrifice fly?

(Of course, by using that example I didn't mean to rile the the Howard-haters by suggesting that being second only to Ted Williams in RsBI at this point in his career might suggest that Howard shouldn't be traded for a couple of prospects.)

Clout: Delwyn Young is not Dmitri Young's brother. That would be Delmon Young.

Delwyn Young isn't Dmitri Young's brother. Delmon Young is.

Yo, new thread on Harry the K Memorial info.

RSBs are a stat? I'm not sure I want to know what for.

KidCarnivore is right: RBI is its own plural, just like deer and moose. But it never really sounds right when you say "Howard has 148 RBI". You kind of have to force yourself to leave off the S even when writing.

(This is all a diversionary tactic for dealing with grief. Chris Wheeler would approve.)

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