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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Moyer is a very encouraging 3-1 on the season now. Good to see.

The season is moving right along. Heck. We're nearing halfway through the Romero suspension.

Nice to see so many hitters will avoid slumping through April.

And missing Romero hasn't really affected us with Eyre pitching well. Good times.

Phils have only 145 games left to make up the one game deficit in the loss column.

2009: 9-8, 1 1/2 games behind first place Florida

2008: 8-9, 2 games behind first place NY, 1 & 1/2 games behind Florida

After watching the Fish suck b@lls against Pittsburgh, I expected this sweep. Wasn't quite as I envisioned, but a nice way to close that early spring gap in the GB column. Ibanez is an adventure in LF but he doesn't lack for b@lls out there.

i believe this win puts us in the black for run differential. nice to see that. no looking back!

Mets lose, first Nats win on the road in 2009.

First game without giving up a HR.
First game without having the score being close/having to come from behind.

Coincidence? I think not.

Another awful start by Oliver Perez in New York. Very good news for the Phillies.

If you kick Fish to the curb, do you get slime on your cleats?

Phils may need some shoe polish.

Philadelphia’s wins in the series’ first two games marked the first time since Sept. 21-22, 1957, at Brooklyn that the Phillies won consecutive road games in which they trailed entering the ninth inning.

Couple of thoughts:

1) First game all year we didn't trail at any point.

2) As I said back when the fish were 11-1, I don't believe they're legit. Defense and bullpen won't allow it.

3) No one can deny that Ibanez is a better fielder than Burrell and better on the basepaths. I think he's been a very good signing.

4) Howard has no errors so far this year after 19 last year. The defense as a whole is again first in baseball for fielding percentage.

5) Nice to get through our first start without giving up a home run. The long ball has been our staff's downfall thus far.

Howard has quietly been very impressive at 1B...even on plays that wouldn't be errors if he didn't make them. He saved that horrible throw by Bruntlett and made some other nice plays as well.

Its good to see.

The only negative of the game was the weak play by Coste...something that is concerning as its been standard since last year now.

It's early, but I don't think it's too early to throw a little bit of credit Sam Perlozzo's way, both for his work w/ Howard & his work as 3B coach.

If Sam was the third base coach for Washington, the back of his Jersey would read like the name of a hip-hop girl's group.

EFF: You got some bad info there. The Phillies lost the Sept. 22 game when Drysdale beat Roberts.

If Sam was the third base coach for Washington, the back of his Jersey would read like the name of a hip-hop girl's group.

Posted by: Andy | Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 04:30 PM


I guess our team can score without the homerun. Good to see every player in the starting lineup get a hit.

Condrey, watch your back. Moyer has tied you in Wins.

Charlie still gets my respect for doing the right thing managing this team here so far this season. He's twice sat the abysmal Jimmy Rollins and hasn't shied away from letting his team know exactly how they're doing via the press. Now if he could only get Dobbs a start at 3rd to get him on track...

I'm a big fan of Chris Coste because of what he has accomplished and what he has done for the Phillies the last couple of years. He has contributed very well, generally.

That said, I did some research.

Chris has not looked good in his last 25 games in red and white pinstripes. Dating back to September 1 of last season, when he really began to struggle, he has hit just .148 with no homers and seven RBI. From Sept. 1 through today's game, it makes 25 games played for Chris Coste.

The question I'm asking myself is if it's fair to say Coste is Toast. On one side of things, I can name quite a few players in recent memory who have had bad 25-game stretches. The fact that it has carried over from last season to this (not to mention a bad spring from Chris), might hint that the 36 year old's best days as a baseball player are behind him.

The good news is Chooch will be back soon and Chris won't be overexposed so much. Hopefully, he can find his rhythm soon. If not, it could be time to end the marriage. Either way, best of luck to Mr. Coste.

Alex: How many ABs has Coste had in those 25 games? You could be right about him being cooked, but I'd feel more confident of that if he had 100 ABs in those 25 games as opposed to say, 50.


Since you checked the boxscores from 1957, did you check the 20th?

Phils won with 2 in the 9th. Koufax came in to get the final out after the damage was done, got Ashburn to ground out.

Here ya go:

Philadelphia’s wins in the series’ first two games marked the first time since Sept. 20-21, 1957, at Brooklyn that the Phillies won consecutive road games in which they trailed entering the ninth inning.

Coste has 33 AB this year. 28 from Sept 1 til the end the the regular season. 65 AB. In the 242 AB prior to those, he hit .285/.335/.463.

Clout: In these last 25 games for Chris he has had 61 at bats.

That's the's not a big sample that he has been struggling. When matched up against the rest of his career here in Philadelphia, it looks pretty insignificant. Don't get me wrong, I think there's a chance he could regain form, but at 36 years of age and now it's quite possible he may not.

I'll always be a huge fan of the guy either way.

Sophist, I trust your number crunching over mine. Regardless, you get my point.

Rollins sits and the world doesn't end. What a shock.

This team could get by with a league average defensive shortstop if we were able to move Rollins to plug other holes. His glove isn't more valuable than having a reliable ace in the rotation and Park/Happ in the pen, and his bat isn't more valuable than a Turkey Hill cone at concessions.

The sooner this team ships him off to Toronto or San Diego to call other fans "front runners", the more we will get in exchange...before the illusion of 2007 begins to wear off.

And as far as Ibanez is concerned defensively, I'm going to go with Gary Matthews and my own eyes to say that it is an undeserved reputation based on performance from quite a number of years ago. I'd rather have Ibanez than Burrell and a pile of statistics. Seems to be working out...

Alex, same numbers. Just on typo on my part. 28+33 AB. 61 not 65.

By the way, as of now the Phillies have a winning record in April.

Mac - Your argument is based on one afternoon of baseball. One afternoon pitched by a guy who *owns* opposition and in which the opposition gives up 11 free passes. Pardon me for thinking you conclusion is bunk.

Coste: Last 61 AB, 0 HR, 7 RBI, 0 SB, .148 BA

Rollins: Last 68 AB, 1 HR, 5 RBI, 0 SB, .162 BA

I in no way, shape or form advocate getting rid of Rollins. However, I still find it interesting that a starter, & the supposed team leader, is hardly criticized for putting up essentially the same numbers as the backup catcher Beerleaguers are so eager to crucify. No doubt, Coste is sucking, but the Phillies can afford to carry him a little while longer until Chooch is healthy. The team has no long term solution for a prolonged J-Roll slump, which is why I consider his lack of production to be such a big deal.

Great Sweep!
Ibanez is a welcome addition to the Phils. 2 defensive gems today and his situational hitting is also something this team lacked before.

Way to go Jamie Moyer today! 1 win away from 250.

Chris Coste made a bad play today throwing to 2nd base instead of 1st in I believe it was the 5th inning.
Coste has a lot of improving to do both defensively and at the plate. I'm a big fan of Coste's but criticism is due here. I hope he's just in funk and will play his way out of it.

I'm proud of Charlie benching Rollins again but mor importantly I hope Rollins gets his swing back ASAP.

We're poised to really make some noise this week with 3 against the Nats and 3 against the Mets.

Let's keep sweeping.

68 AB don't trouble me. Coste's are only slightly worrisome because of his age. Rollins has been a top 5 SS offensively for this team since he was 24. He's been one of the best defenders at his position since that time as well. He's only 30, and you want us to collectively run him out of town for 68 bad AB (even while he continues to play stellar D and probably provide a club house presence). Howard was batting .216 after 72 games last year and look what he ended up doing (and he was a liability in the field). Rollins has a long way to go before I get on his back.

EFF: Much better.

A couple fun facts from those 2 games: Koufax got the last out in 9/20 game after Erskine ran out of gas. Turk Farrell, who won the 9/20 game, got the save in the 9/21 game.

Phillies had some good pitching that year (Sanford-Roberts-Simmons-Haddix rotation with Farrell-Jim Hearn-Don Cardwell in the BP).

Mac: Who is this ace pitcher that you think we could get for Rollins? And who is this league average defensive shortstop who would replace him?

It's also false that this team has no solution for a Rollins slump. Last year this team went through individual slumps consistently. The solution: your teammates pick you up. If the team can survive slumps from LF, 1B, and 3B, it can take a slump from a SS who provides defense and leadership.

MT, said, "And as far as Ibanez is concerned defensively, I'm going to go with Gary Matthews and my own eyes to say that it is an undeserved reputation based on performance from quite a number of years ago. I'd rather have Ibanez than Burrell and a pile of statistics."

There was never a 'pile of statistics' that said Pat Burrell was good defensively as Ibanez. There are no defensive metrics known that make Burrell better or a defensive equal of Ibanez. No matter what propaganda MG posts.

Sophist: We're just going to have to agree to disagree then. But I have said REPEATEDLY that I do not want Rollins run out of town, merely benched for a little while &/or dropped in the batting order. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but please do not knowingly misrepresent mine.

Even if Rollins has for some reason become a marginal offensive player he remains immensely valuable due to his defense, which I think is tops.

That said, I don't think he's an attractive trading chip to a team looking to dump an ace. What they'll want are prospects.

No, no metrics as far as I know that say Burrell is better than Ibanez defensively. There are metrics that say Ibanez is a poor defensive LF though. There is also the opinions of informed fans who actually watched Ibanez play in SEA who believe Ibanez is a poor defensive LF. Those opinions are nothing compared to what Mac has seen.

I'm certainly open to the idea that Ibanez is a solid defender. But I'm not going to ignore good evidence and stick stubbornly to what I've seen.

Anecdotally, (not sure if that is a word) I don't even think Ibanez has looked that spectacular in the field. He seems to take bizarre routes to balls, including the play at the wall today. A couple of times this year, I've seen home run balls clear the fence by a couple of feet while Ibanez zig-zags his way towards the ball.

I'm not incredibly familiar with fielding metrics, but I know they say Ibanez is a below-average leftfielder, and I haven't seen anything from him that contradicts that.

25 games is a fairly small sample size, but consider also that Coste hit just .239/.311/.339 after the All Star break last year. He then followed that up with a horrendous spring training, despite the fact that he knew he was competing for a roster spot. Now he has looked godawful in the early part of this year.

Of course, if you add that all up, it still probably comes out to no more than 150 PAs. Coste has always been a streak hitter who runs either really hot or spectacularly cold. It's certainly not inconceivable that he could be "cooked" at 36 but it would be somewhat unusual for a player to just completely lose it so suddenly.

I think it's still more likely than not that he'll get hot at some point and end up with numbers similar to last season's. If you dump him, you run the risk of losing out on that. If you keep him, you run the risk of having both a rotten defensive catcher & a drain on your lineup, when you have a young player who might well be a better option & could use the major league experience.

G-Town - You have a funny way of holding such a moderate view. Rollins is in a small funk. The season is 17 games old. You'll have to excuse some for not crucifying a proven team leader for having a slow start to the season. I'm not even that worried about Coste and he has 6 years on Rollins and no where near his skill set.

With Ruiz expected back soon, I think the Coste arguments will be immaterial, considering he'll likely be getting one start a week. His bat, even if it has declined, is certainly adequate enough for a backup catcher.

BAP - Coste's numbers after the AS break weren't so great, but largely bc of the time span under discussion. From the beginning of the second half until Aug 30 he hit .284/.322/.407 in 88 PA. Pretty much right in line with his totals for last year outside of the last month of the year: .280/.330/.455. Just a lower SLG.

My totally objective, reasoned small sample size opinion on Ibanez's defense is he's gotta little bit more athleticism to make up for his misjudgements than Pat did. However, Pat seemed to judge balls better than Raul. If you could combine Pat's brain with Ibanez's body you'd have a much better LFer.

But watching the Marlins, Nats and Mets LFers this season, Ibanez is at least the 2nd best LFer in the division.

I don't think it's fair to expect Coste to be someone he never has been & never will be. However, I do think it's fair to get on a supposed team leader when he is one of the worst at his position, be it leadoff batter or SS, in all of MLB so far. I've said it before & I'll say it again: keep J-Roll on the bench for awhile, &/or drop him in the batting order. Rollins' teammates cannot truly pick him up unless someone else is in the leadoff spot.

So far we're seeing what I expected we would from Ibanez in lf.
I figured he would get to more balls to catch than Burrell but wouldn't have as strong of a throwing arm.
Ibanez by no means has been stellar in the field but he has caught more balls that would have been missed by Burrell.
More runners have also advanced on those caught balls than would have against burrell's arm.
So far, I'd have to say that Ibanez has been an upgrade over Burrell.
We'll see if Ibanez can keep performing at this upgraded level.

Clarification: For "worst at his position, be it leadoff batter or SS", I meant offensively in both cases. J-Roll's defense is beyond reproach.

Pat Burrell didnt misjudge many plays in LF. He also did'nt MAKE any plays in LF. His Range Factor was horrible. He made maybe 1.6 plays a game for the last 3 years. He was last in this category in the Major Leagues. Yet there is stil debate as to his def opposed to Ibanez. Stop it already.

EF - Yeah; but if you could combine Myers' brain with a Tyrannosaurus's body, THAT would be scary.

For me the unexpected piece with Ibanez is 3 SB. He seems to be a lot smarter on the bases than a lot of other guys out there. (And Lopes is very, very good.)

Just imagine Jamie Moyer's brain with Oliver Perez's body.

I take it davthom moved to G-town?

At the risk of stating the obvious, the difference between Coste and Rollins is that Rollins is one of the top SS in the game and has an extensive track record and age to back up the fact that he'll rebound. Coste is a marginal, aging talent which gives far less comfort and offers far less upside if/when he is able to turn it around.

Obviously no one wants Rollins to keep playing poorly but we keep the faith in him because his upside is so high. Coste's is not.

I would also add this to my post about benching Rollins (assuming that post eventually shows up): It's not like Rollins is having good ABs or making solid contact, but just getting bad breaks. His ABs have been horrendous. Time after time, he goes up there hacking early in the count, and almost every AB is resulting in a weakly hit ground ball or pop-up. A day or two on the bench is entirely appropriate.

RE: Ibanez baserunning.

2006-2008: 570 games, 4SB, 8 times CS.
2009: 17 Games, 3SB, O times CS.

Credit to Lopes?
Or maybe it just feels good to be on WFC and he's on a mission?

Re: Coste

Not that much to worry about. He'll be back to the backup catcher spot as soon as Ruiz is healthy. He'll be fine there. Not a lot will be expected. There's nothing wrong with Coste as a backup catcher. Now, if he demonstrates no ability the rest of this season (which I don't expect), we'll see Marson up in due time.

Re: Rollins

Really!?!? We're having this discussion 17 games in!?!? And that's all I have to say about that.

Re: Ibanez

Ibanez has at least one OF assist this year on an absolute rope thrown from the wall to 2nd. His arm is just fine out there. As good as Burrell's? Nope, but it's solid. And he's demonstrated an ability to get to much more than Pat in the OF. I've been very happy with his defense so far.

Don't know if anyone caught this from TBS game feed. Upon leaving the dugout for the victory lineup, Charlie catches up to J-Roll, has a couple of words, then puts his arm around him. Charlie, being Charlie. My guess is Milt and Jimmy will be in the cage early tomorrow to see what they can do with his swing.

EFF & Clout: They were also the last 2 games at Ebbetts(?) Field won by the visiting team.

J-Roll is really pressing at the plate. Maybe seeing this team roll up some big numbers today with him on a bench is a good reminder that he doesn't have to do it all. He'll be fine. Charlie knows how to coach him up.

Just our luck to have to play the Natinals while they are HOT!

Mac T: You reason that winning by 10 runs today without Rollins means he's not that important.

We're 3-0 in Park's starts, so by your logic, upgrading the pitching staff isn't important.

So which is it?

I'm surprised you stat guys havn't called out JW for saying that 17 games is "almost half of 50". It's actually only 1/3 of 51.

This trade Jroll crap is ridiculous. For one, who would you trade him for?

The Blue Jays? They're competing right now so Halladay isn't available. They'd want alot more than just Jimmy so you'd have to toss some other legit prospects in. If they trade Halladay its because they've decided to rebuild...the last thing they'd want is a aging (yes he is aging) SS who is by your accounts past his prime.

Peavy is available probably but why would they want an expensive SS? They would trade Peavy to save money and get PROSPECTS. Jimmy isn't gonna help them with either.

The Indians (Cliff Lee is said to be possibly available) but they already have a good SS and a good 3B and don't need Jimmy as much as they need pitching.

If Lowrie and Lugo continue to have issues, the Red Sox MIGHT be a trade partner but I don't like Amaro's chances against Epstein & Co when it comes to making a trade. They do actually have the money to pay Jimmy and the prospects to make a deal. You could throw in Marson and Jroll and likely get a Bucholtz and/or Masterson type result. You could probably get 3-4 prospects total for that type of deal as their system is very deep and they have already shown an interest in Sweet Lou. Still, I don't see it happening because any such trade suddenly places Jason Donald in the starting SS role...or even worse: Eric Bruntlett. Neither is an acceptable everyday option on a Playoff club.

"Those opinions are nothing compared to what Mac has seen."

That's absolutely correct.

The opinions of people on the internet don't mean as much as watching our left fielder succeed in the areas in which all of the "intelligent" fans insisted he was below average.

I guess I'll ignore Sarge, a vet who actually played the game and broadcasted for more years than most of you have been out of diapers. While I'm at it, I'll ignore my eyes and the fact that he has done nothing in a Phillies uniform that leads me to believe that he is "below average". Why believe professionals and my own eyes when I have random guys on the internet...the end all, be all source of factual information.

You're wrong and your "experts" are wrong. Ibanez is a fine defensive LF.

Ibanez looked pretty overmatched in Coors field but then that is a HUGE outfield. Ibanez is a slight upgrade from Burrell. I made the comment earlier that Ibanez made a great diving play on a ball that Burrell would have almost certainly held up on and made the sure play on the bounce. Ibanez made a boneheaded play earlier in the year that he should have made the safe play on and it cost us whereas today he probably saved a run.

His bat is the important issue and it has more than impressed so far.

cj: ibanez has two OF assists this year, he threw out a runner at home on a sac fly along with the play you mentioned where he gunned Braun at 2B afer perfectly playing the ball off the fence.

As it was pointed out, you're all ready to run Coste out of town for performing just as a backup, and he didn't insult the fans of Philadelphia and slack to the point of being benched.

Being a Rollins fan-boy doesn't change his performance. As usual, the elite uses stats that back their argument and ignore stats that do not. Rollins isn't that good, and he isn't worth keeping as long as something of value in the rotation can be gotten for him. We probably can with his relatively modest salary...for now.

nepp: dead on.

LF is usually your worst fielder on the team, so him being below average doesn't both me at all.

I'm an ibanez fan, but I do agree with most that he is subpar in that area. Not horribly, but subpar.

Rollins slacked on one play and was disciplined for it...that's the end of it.

Rollins, the best defensive SS in baseball, isn't that good?

Who is a good SS then Mac? Who would you replace him with? Donald? Again, WHO would you trade him for? Do you even have a plan or are you just talking out of your arse here?

also another great point by NEPP:

If someone is dealing a top of rotation starter, then they are 99% of the time building for the future. A 30yr old SS isn't building for the future.

Me thinks we have a troll masquarading as a Phils fan. Oh well.

Mac: Coste's weak ABs with men on are pretty offensive to me. More offensive than Rollins' one off comment.

Who would you rather have at SS? Reyes?

Couple of thoughts:

- Thought the Phils would win 2 of 3 in ugly fashion and instead they swept. Amazing how a sweep of a key divisional foe on the road can seemingly cure some woes.

- Missed the game but I was glad to see the Phils jump all over Taylor early and often. Looks like they made him try to throw strikes and he just couldn't hack it today. Nothing worse than helping a rookie in a start by being impatient.

- JRoll deserves another couple days in the leadoff spot but if he is still mired in his deep funk, he needs to be moved down in the order to the 6th spot.

No reason a guy hitting .150-.160 who isn't walking should be batting leadoff.

- Bruntlett is useless against RHP pitching but he does have a face on this team in spot starts vs. left-handed pitching and due to his defensive versatility.

I just wish Cholly would use him more in this role so that he wouldn't be so overexposed.

- Feliz hits LHP well including having much better power numbers. Still, Dobbs needs to see some time at 3B and hopefully he gets at least 1 start in the Nats series.

I'd rather play a man down than have that little showboating punk on our team.

Mac: Do you realize the irony in the fact that, as you write scathing posts calling for Rollins to be traded due to 17 bad games, you only confirm that you, yourself, are the ultimate "front-runner?" I didn't see you writing these posts in the off-season when we were WFC & everything was hunky-dory. In fact, the only posts you were writing in the off-season were posts which questioned the fan-hood of anyone who didn't agree with everything the front office did.

If you have a plausible case for trading Rollins, then make it. A plausible case, however, requires you to tell us what you think we could get for him and who you think would replace him. And the fact that he (accurately) called the fans "front runners" does not belong in any cogent argument.

Mac- So in your mind people railing against the back-up catcher and you railing against the starting shortstop who is top 3 in the majors is the same thing? That is just a stunning display of absurdity.

So all of you who declared the season in trouble after being 5 and a half games back of the Marlins step forward now. This week is the main example as to why you can't get overly excited about how the standings shake out after the first 3 weeks of the season.

Starting pitching finally looks like it is staring to stabilize a bit although Hamels next start will be a big part of this.

Still, if the Phils can take 2 of 3 from the Nats they can finish the month at 11-9 and that has to be viewed as a real positive given all of the distractions and poor pitching they got this month.

Very very well said BAP.

I know sample size applys here but Freddy Galvis had a very good day in Clearwater and so far has had a decent start to his season

Today: 4 for 5, 4 singles, 2 SB, 1 run scored.

Season: 16 G, 19 for 65, 12 R, 4 RBI, 1 2B, 0 3B, 1 HR, 4 BB, 9 K, 4 SB/2 CS, .292 AVG, .333 OBP, .357 SLG

The complete lack of power is a downside but with his glove, he doesn't need to do that much with his bat. Its a good sign for his future even if he's a few years away as this is his Age 19 season.

The front runner comment was NOT accurate. Front runners are fans that only care about a team when the team is winning (see: Marlins, Florida). I tend to believe that J-Roll meant to say Phils fans were fair weather fans (cheer when you're winning, boo when you're losing). That would've been both fair & accurate. And Rollins was benched twice last year (slacking on the base paths & showing up late for a game). Nevertheless, I agree: none of that has anything to do w/ why he has stunk (& deserved/deserves) to be benched for a few games this season. And any trade talk is plain crazy.

Fair weather fans don't go to the ballpark and bother to boo.

If UC could handle Ramirez, Belle, and many other personalities for years with no issues, he can handle Jimmy. He slacked, he got benched. UC handled it.

Interesting note: According to a note on BleedingGreenNation, Eagles 7th-Round pick Moises Fokou pronounces his first name "MOE-ees." Is that a common pronunciation of the name? Have I been unfairly mocking Sarge all these years for his pronunciation of the former Mets/Giants/Expos/Pirates/etc. outfielder's name? In fact, I'm pretty sure he's pronounced it "MOE-ees Fokou."

Reality is that rehashing the JRoll stuff from last year is old hat. He got benched today because he was one of the worst AVG among starters right now in the NL and isn't getting on base via walks either.

With a lefty on the mound today and JRoll struggling mightily, it made sense to give Bruntlett the start.

From the box score, Bruntlett wasn't great but he did score twice and have a hit & RBI. Against LHP that doesn't throw hard, Bruntlett hits for a high enough AVG and walks enough to be a credible offense player. Against RHP, he is almost utterly useless. A .210-.220 hitter with absolutely no pop.

Are we really talking about benching/trading Jimmy? Really? I think the big point being missed here is his defense. Forget about the .160 batting average - Rollins keeps 2-3 potential runners off the bases per game and for that reason alone he should be in the starting lineup. I wont disagree with moving him down to the 7 or 8 hole until his timing is back, but considering trading or benching someone of his defense ability is just nuts. There is enough offense in this lineup for the team to score plenty of runs even if Rollins ends the year hitting .220.

As for Coste, I think he is playing at about the level you would expect from a 36 year old with alot of miles on his body. As someone said earlier, he is a problem if he is your starter, but just fine as a backup once Chooch is back.

NEPP: They don't? Coulda fooled me. For years on end, booing the worst aspects of the team was all Phillies fans had to look forward to when they went to a game. One lousy playoff appearance since '93 hadn't changed any of that at the time Rollins said what he said.

Methinks, my early thoughts on the season, are that the Phils flaws (only average starting pitching, not much right-handed hitting off the bench) are not nearly as damning, as the Mets (only have 1 starting pitcher worth a crap) or the Marlins (that bullpen is a disaster).

And, in 162 games, those 2 fatal flaws for the Mets and Marlins, will doom them.

Craziest stat of the season so far:

Albert Pujols: 4 SOs in 82 PAs.

Pujols is not of this Earth. Perhaps he'll cool off some & be slightly less superhuman by 4 May. Maybe. I hope. :-S

I think a lot of people are saying this, but the best thing about the series agaist Florida is that it showed that the Marlins aren't that great.

After how Pittsburgh exposed Florida's defense and bullpen as not ready for major league, I was just biding my time until the Phils got healthy against them. Now it's time to start playing well against legitimate MLB teams.

jroll quickly stated that 'frontrunner' wasn't the right word. he was referring to philly's stereptypical fan who turns their back to a player/team when they play poorly only for a short stretch.

before WFC, how could a phillies fan be a frontrunner?! 1 ring in 126seasons.

Correction on Pujols, counting today's game: 4 SOs in 86 PAs or 1 every 21.5 PA. Talk about ridiculous. He's also got 16 BBs & 5 IBB so far.

This is crazy.

Pujols is off to a great start, but I firmly believe it's a fluke.

For some reason a few of my posts aren't showing up. But let the record reflect, Truth, that I am stepping forward and acknowledging that I was one of the ones who said that a 5 1/2 game deficit was troubling.

LOL...Yeah, I mean he's batting a 13 points above his CAREER average.

Picture it: Myers vs. Pujols. First player in MLB history to hit 3 HR in one inning.

Callison: He's on a mission from god

Pujols is an alien. Sent down to dominate sports and then the world

Or a prototype cyborg using nano technology.

Phils have some very good players including Utley but Pujols is hands down the best player in the NL (and probably MLB).

Always thought it was funny how much attention ARod generated so much attention as the "best player of his generation" yet I would take Pujols over him in a heartbeat. Only player I ever saw duplicate/generate the a greater amount of respect/fear in the opposing team at the plate was Bonds when I was out in SF. Unfortunately, we now know that was tainted by all kind of illegal enhancements.

If Pujols is clean (and no reason to not think why he isn't), he is easy the best player of this generation of players. Even has that championship ring that ARod doesn't and I don't know if he will ever get.

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