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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Cluchly, Clutley, Utch
I hope I don't have to hear TMac strain for those the way he did for "I-bomb-yez" last night.

Its hard for me to enjoy Feliz hot streaks at the plate because I know how frustrated I get during his cold streaks (normal Feliz).

We should be very thankful for those three relievers we have at AAA. If Lidge finds himself on the DL they will find their way to Philadelphia.

I wonder if having five hot hitters around him -- plus a long-term deal -- takes the pressure off Howard.

Heard phils are on base to break their all time attendance record again.
McCarthy talks way too much-- its excrutiating.



Did you enjoy the Phillies going to the playoffs in 07 and winning the World Series in 08?

Or was it unenjoyable because you know how frustrated you will be when the Phillies end up at the bottom of the division in a few years (normal Phillies)?

Why not just enjoy Feliz' hot streak, and when he goes cold think, "well it's not so bad that our excellent defensive 3B and 7th hole hitter isn't hitting right now, but maybe he will get hot again."

I just can't understand having such a negative veiw point that the tought of the 7th hitter on your team going through a bad streak, could ruin your enjoyment of the game.

I notice that when Utley hits a homer Howard instantly tries to throw one up there too. I have been pleased with Howard's start, it is encouraging considering he is a slow starter.

I didn't enjoy Cole's first 3 innings last night, because I knew a freak ankle injury would frustrate me later.

Dave Coggin with the goatee looks suspiciously like the "evil Cartman" version of the proprietor of the BS&S blog.

In Ryan Howard's MONSTER season of 2006, his March/April line looked like this:

306/388/494/882 with 1 2B, 5 HR, 12 RBI

This season, his March/April line looks like this:

276/360/526/887 with 5 2B, 1 3B, 4 HR, 15 RBI

I like what I'm seeing from him.

Makes you wonder what Utley's numbers would have been had he not had the hip problem. He had over 20 homers a third of the way into the season.

Maybe we'll get to find out this year.

RSB: Exactly...

You look at the top 6 of this lineup and just think, "Wow!" If they all get it going at once...

Santana @ 101 pitches.
Johnson @ 86 pitches.

Middle of the sixth.

I wonder who gets pulled first?

I wonder which bullpen steps up?

CJ, with the exception of JRoll, the top six are going pretty well.

Then, we have Pete Happy doing his best incarnation.

So, if you look at the lineup 2 - 7 are doing wuite well.

If Rollins gets going?

Well, if Monday night is any indication, Rollins went 3-5 and they scored 13 runs.

I posted this before:

The 2009 Phillies have their own version of Murderer's Row in their 3 -6 hitters. All 25+ HR guys. Tough on opposing pitchers.

I didn't say I don't enjoy the game in general. I just find it hard to enjoy Feliz's offensive game (love watching him field) because his approach is very frustrating due to first pitch swinging, poor pitch selection, not working counts, etc.

You're right, I didn't enjoy the WFC cause Feliz had the GW hit.

Technically, a year ago, Chase Utley was right. Remember his torrid streak to start the season, crushing bombs? The second half of last, he wasn't right.

We had someone named Outlaw in our system? The Phils must lead the league in awesome names to go through the system.

Putz blows Mets lead in 8th; Mets now trail 4-3.

I love it.

Putz just gave up the lead at Bailout. The boos were lusty.

what a putz

I just read Gonzo's fluff piece on Raul Ibanez.

One would think that someone who wrote for the MSM would be smart enough not to prematurely overreact to small sample sizes and cheers that could be fleeting.................oh, wait.

(And why is their circulation dropping?)

Stupid move by Cody Ross to run there. You have the set-up guy on the ropes and you let him punch his way out. I get that you're at the bottom of your order but you probably have a pinch hitter coming up with Amezega being hard to double. Sort of an unnecessary risk there.

According to Gameday Nunez just got squeezed.

Outlaw isn't that awesome a name.

Neither is Tray!

Yeah, Howard deserves some serious props. He dropped alot of weight, really improved his fielding, and managed--amazingly--to improve his early season approach at the plate and avoid a slow start. Its really nice to see him mature like that.

Yovani Gallardo today went 8 for Milwaukee and struck out 11. He won the game 1-0. His only run was a home run by Yovani Gallardo.

Could be player of the day

any opinion/thoughts JW on the new silversun pickups record?

Florida's bullpen is just pitiful. Bases load, two-out in the bottom of the ninth for Delgado, down a run...

I was wrong, it's not Delgado; it's Santos.

Gamecast just showed ball 1 right down the middle of the plate.

Omir Santos? Why not PH Delgado against the RHP? Is Delgado hurt?

Lindstrom able to get out of the jam.

Matt Lindstrom is horrible. They need to get someone else in that role.

Wait Mets fans boo their players...I thought on Philly fans did that. Go figure, that's not what the media would lead you to believe.

Delgado has a gimpy knee.

Thanks, CJ. Has he missed some time, or is this the first game he sat out? Also, is "gimpy knee" a medical term?

2nd game he's misses, plus tomorrow's off day. They say he'll be back for Friday.

Oh, and it's actually a bulky hip, not a gimpy knee. Both VERY technical medical terms.

R. Bills: Delgado was out of the lineup last night as well. I can't comment on the medical meritage of "gimpy knee", however.

I think Delgado is actually nursing his hip.

The term "gimpy knee" orginates from England in the 1600s, where sailors that attended maintance duties on warships such as scrubbing the deck and de-icing the ships where nicknamed "gimps." The word "gimp" references the least ranking members of the ship, and often they would be on their hands and knees all day cleaning the deck, hence when they'd return to shore limping they had a "gimpy knee."

I just made all that up but I like the idea so let's roll with it.

Well, despite their bullpen woes, the Fish may have SP good enough to be competitive for the rest of the year.

As I said last night, choosing who to root for between the Mets and the Fish is like choosing to be stabbed in the eye or the groin.

Let's hope they beat each other up badly.

After the bench clearing in the second to last game in 2007, I don't get the feeling they like each other much.

Oh, and a quick aside, I wonder what they're saying about David Wright over on metsblog after he K'd with the base loaded an no outs?

@ LA Jeff: Nice definition on the gimpy knee haha. I actually bought it until I read the last sentence. Now I feel like an idiot.

Congressman Sestak recently introduced a resolution to remember the life of Harry Kalas. The resolution could use help from Phillies fans across the nation by having them call their Congressperson and asking him or her to co-sponsoring H.Res. 350 (which can be looked up at

AWH: I believe one of them said David Wright should be traded for some pine tar.

"I just find it hard to enjoy Feliz's offensive game (love watching him field) because his approach is very frustrating due to first pitch swinging, poor pitch selection, not working counts, etc."

Albert: You must be confused. Feliz plays 3B & is hitting well over .300 this season. Our SS, the leadoff batter (you know, the guy whose main job is to get on base), on the other hand ...

Then again, J-Roll's little promo w/ the Charlie bobble head *was* pretty funny, so I guess we can let the fact that he's near the bottom of the crapper as regards MLB regulars for BA & OBP slide.

In that case, Rube should see if the Mets are interested in trading Wright for Cairo. He'd probably have to throw in some cash, though ... pine tar is valuable stuff.

That overnight thread was most interesting.

My sole purpose here is to keep things exciting and drive traffic to the site for my alter ego Jason Weitzel.

Beerleaguer Elite will be rolling out in a few weeks as a paid site (we'll start small, $10 per year) which you can enter from this blog. You'll have to pass a test to get in, but once on you'll have access to special features not available on the main site.

Thanks for reading.

The name Clutchly, should be said in a stutter fashion as if clearing something in one's throat forming four syllables as in: Cla-ut-ch-ley with the accent on the ut sound in the second syllable. You can all practice it in the privacy of your home in front of the computer. Cla-ut-ch-ley. Soon it will roll off your tongue as easy as Ee-bon-yez!

Some samples from the always classy fans on Metsblog today:

"The fans in attendance today for having the restraint NOT to riot.
I know if I was there id be throwing anything I could find on the field.

Dear Mets, you ****ing suck, you ****amn ****ty *** bunch of choking chokes."

Next commenter: "I would have been right with you, there is no doubt about it!"

"NEWSFLASH: This team s-u-c-k-s."


My favorite: "hate to say it but
if it were the phils in the bottom of the 9th they wouldve hit a grand slam and won"

These are all real feel free to have a few laughs ..

Only 21 games into the season, the wailing has resumed at metsblog.

My favorites of the day:

1. foul bunt strikeout says:
April 29, 2009 at 3:40 pm

The marlins are the better team.
They own us.
There is nothing anyone can say.
thanks for ruining my afternoon Mets

1. saltygary says:
April 29, 2009 at 4:16 pm

Wow D-Wright is going down in flames. The 2 years of choke jobs are really getting to him.
1. Metfreak says:
April 29, 2009 at 4:26 pm

I am starting to hate my own team

That overnight thread was most interesting.

My sole purpose here is to keep things exciting and drive traffic to the site for my alter ego Jason Weitzel.

Beerleaguer Elite will be rolling out in a few weeks as a paid site (we'll start small, $10 per year) which you can enter from this blog. You'll have to pass a test to get in, but once on you'll have access to special features not available on the main site.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by: clout | Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 04:56 PM


Will one of those special features be an "ignore" feature? ;)

With regard to last one, I think that demonstrates the difference between Phillies and Mets fans:

No Phillies fan, no matter how disappointed or frustrated, would ever HATE our beloved Phils.

The FO on the other hand..........

Could someone please turn off the BOLD.

Anyone know how I can fix this? I tried to make one line in my post bold but accidentally made the rest of the post bold. Now every post by anyone else after that is in bold and I exited and re-entered explorer and it's still like that.

Oh.. it happened to everyone apparently. I thought it was only for me.

I'm testing some other html for

post and including a link:

Trying to fix the bold thing.


I think we're back to regular type.

Wow... that was crazy. Glad it's fixed now!

hmmmmm..looked okay in the preview mode.

Where is Tom!?

Anybody have a comparison on Mets bullpen blowing leads through 20 games 2008 vs 2009?



Oh for Pete's sake...shouldn't html work here?

What is this, Beerleaguer® Elite™ font or something?

What is this, Beerleaguer® Elite™ font or something?

Last year, through 20 games, the Mets had two blown saves, both against the Phillies.

This year, through 20 games, the Mets have two blown saves, both against the Marlins in the last two games.

Weitzel should be ordering BeerLeaguer Elite hats for all those who are interested.

If successful, he can branch out into other apparel such as shirts and lingerie.

Beerleaguer® Elite™ Edible Underwear

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I think maybe JW should stick w/ blogging ...

is it just me or do the phils' batters become much better at pitch selection in the later innings when they are behind?

btw: i think that this is the best fielding team i have seen in baseball and howard's glove work has been exceptional.

Well, it's nice seeing the Mets and fish beat up on each other.

Still, the Phillies need to take care of their business.

I have obtained an advance copy of clout's Beerleaguer Elite Club admission test.

Do you have an interesting opinion on the Abreu trade?

Mets fans are determined to get rid of that bum, David Wright.

Please, please, please deal him to us so we can field the greatest infield in baseball history.

Nothing like coming home from a hard day at work and sitting down to fix open html tags. I love it.

@kuvasz -- Howard's defense has been exceptional (I won't even add "for him") He's been that good. Last night he ran down a foul ball that he couldn't corral. He must have ran 100 feet or more to get to the ball which was at the spot just to the right of the ball girl... I couldn't believe he could get there so fast.

I'm still working on links.

I think I have it now. It's way off topic, though...I promise to be relevant next time. Well, more relevant, anyway.

And might I just add: I *heart* Jamie Moyer.

HTML isn't that hard. But only we elites know how to really do it!

Goody: Dead wrong. The question was, "What is Carlos Monasterios' mother's maiden name?"

phargo: Are those the Great Northern tracks in the foreground?

clout: Is that $10. in advance, or can you wait til I get my next stimulus check?

That's definitely Fargo. If you squint hard, you'll see Davthom Dry Goods a couple blocks down on the left.

Yo, new thread

Good eye, clout!

And, heh- I think davthom may live out towards Bismarck these days. I never see him around.

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