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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You know that trick where people paint their eyelids to look like eyeballs? Pedro Feliz has eyes like that.

Have a good night.


At the risk of revealing my juvenile sense of humor . . . I must admit, I laughed out loud at the guy going by the handle "CarlosBeltransexual." That's quality filler for a rain delay, as was HH's story about her teacher, Mr. Stick.

BAP: That's nothing. I also worked in customer service for 3 years. Oh, the names, the names I would get over the phone.

I actually asked a caller once "Are you kidding me?" when she told me her name. Her name, she said it was her given name, was "Diamond Nipple". I am not. making. this. up.

Sorry to take your site to new lows, Jason.

Where does JW get those wonderful pictures . . .

I haven't been on the site in a week so I'm not sure what the tone is around here, but I went to my first game of the year last night and what a great game it was. It was a beautiful April night until the 7th inning and then the rain delay wasn't all that bad. If there is an Ibanez bandwagon put me on it. This guy is such a ballplayer. It was a thing of beauty watching him steal 2nd, advance to 3B and then score. Then when the Phils were up with a nice lead, he still sacrificed himself by hitting a grounder to the right side to get Werth over to 3B. I'll give Armaro some credit. The front office realized that this guy was a hidden gem in Seattle and a total ballplayer and while you can argue they overpaid, they went out and aggressively got their man and he is a true professional.

My 9th grade Principal was Mr. Bader. Of course we referred to him as Master.

Moyer's outing was really encouraging. He made a couple of mistakes to Braun--actually, the first home run was more a good piece of hitting than a poor pitch from Moyer--but other than that, he was solid.

Giving up hits to a quality player like Braun is much less worrisome than having severe control problems.

When I saw Swindle come in, I thought, "Hey, the people @ Beerleaguer will be so proud!" Then he started pitching. Oofah.

Yo, new thread

I call that look "Brown Steel".

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