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Thursday, April 16, 2009


On a positive note, no team has actually surrendered 2.5 HR a game for a full season.

Tonight we saw Taschner from the San Francisco Giants' perspective. You can basically count on one hand how many times the Phillies had relief pitching as bad as this all of last season when the game was still in hand.

At least Blanton pitched into the game. The bullpen desperately needs a good start. And we thought Hamels had a lot of pressure on him last week.

20 HRs?!? WTF?

At least Carrasco was solid at Lehigh tonight:

6 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 6 K

Season: 12 IP, 11 H, 4 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 10 K, 1.50 ERA.

All I saw was the box score. Taschner's line is hideous. Did Happ inherit any of those runners?

(I mean, any of hte runners that scored. pretty obvious he inherited a couple, at least)

Hugh, just the opposite....Happ inherited Trashner's runners and held them.

Was at the game tonight. Can't believe they pitched to Dunn with 1st base open, 2 guys on, 1 out, and a righty coming up. I know it's the 1st inning, but if you wouldn't do it late in the game, why do it then?

I really thought we'd come back and win after we fought back to 3-2 in the 6th. Chad Durbin showed why he's not exactly the lights out 7th inning guy they think he is. He pitched way over his head last year and may burn this team in high leverage situations this year.

We basically decided to give up any chance at winning the game in order to save our bullpen for the weekend series when we left Tascher in there to face righties. In all honesty, I completely understand it given how much Madson and Lidge pitched last weekend, but we certainly gave up on this game.

Pablo Ozuno now hitting .345 at LV.

He also out-hit Cairo in ST, if I remember correctly. But, since he had options, he was sent down.

Wonder how much longer, the Phils stay with Cairo? They are basically, playing with 24 players right now. Not saying that Ozuna is the answer either, for that final bench spot, but I know Cairo isn't.

The Nats were due for a win, so no biggie losing this one. Just need to take care of them in September again, when it counts.

Taschner sucked tonight, but he looked good in his previous outings. Not really concerned about that either. We all know, he's only here until the Romero suspension is lifted. As long as Eyre can do the job, as the LOOGY, and Taschner can at least give them some outs (and eat some innings) when he is called upon, then what else are people hoping for? Its not like they traded for the 1986 version of Jesse Orosco. He's just holding down a spot (although with the way Majewski is pitching, he may not hold it for much longer).

Question: Why was Taschner left to pitch the 8th inning down 2 runs when the entire bullpen was rested from the off day?

Answer: Charlie is worried about Cole pitching tomorrow night. He wants as many fresh arms as possible.

Just catching up on a whole days postings.
AWH: Never had scrapple stick to the roof of my mouth. You must have had one of those highly commercial brands that shovel the sawdust off the floor for filler. Here in PA. Dutch country,its done right. Also,after 60 years of using ketchup,someone finally got me to try syrup. Much better.

hh: Thanks for the dating tip,I've been too nice to women. No wonder I'm still single at 67. Should I try the Brett Meyers approach on my next date,or should I start with something more subtle like tripping them with my cane.

NEPP: More and more, Carrasco looks like a #3 starter. A guy who's going to have good stuff, have solid K numbers, but give up a lot of hits and probably post ERAs between 3.50 and 4.50. I'm thinking Javy Vazquez with less HRs and less Ks.

At this point, he is what he is. I feel like the upside of a 1/2 starter isn't really there for Carrasco anymore, but he is very close to being a solid mid-rotation starter right now.

Hugh - No, Happ stranded both runners he inherited.

Goody: I said most women like jerks, not good women. Most women are total beotches. No woman with any sort of direction or sense of self-worth marries someone like Brett Myers.

JR: Or he expects us to be winning tomorrow night behind Cole and wants a fresh Madson and Lidge to close out the game.

JR: Taschner has pitched decently thus far, and Charlie always tries to ride guys who do well.

I say that not to defend the choice (I, too, thought he should have been yanked) but to explain it.

I know I got shot down advocating 3 catchers over the winter,but if Marson does well,why can't we dump Cairo when Ruiz comes back?

One look at the calendar tells you that April should be the month to get off to a good start. It's only going to get tougher in May and June.

I still hate the Taschner move. Majewski would have been a much better player there. Sometimes Cholly is overly obsessed with the matchup phase of the game. It's not like Taschner really kills lefties that much.

hh: Wow! 2 minute response time on your part. It took me 10 minutes to type that. I hope you understand that,like a lot of my posts, I was trying to be humerous.

That should have read - one look at the schedule. It's been a long day.

The month of May brings the Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers and Yankess - as well as some tough division contents. I'm, just saying that there is no reason why we shouldn't come out of April with a respectable record.

Pops: No reason you say? Have you met this team called the Phillies? Allow me to introduce you. They loooove the month of April.

Goody: I got you. I was being (sort of, but not really) sarcastic, too. And I'm fast because I'm trying to "work" simultaneously. I work from home. Lucky me!

Why do i suddenly want to eat scrapple - with ketchup and syrup?

I'm a bit confused as to why Taschner was inserted to face a bunch of right handed and switch hitters. I guess Condrey was unavailable.

Thought that a middle relief of Eyre/Durbin/Condrey/xx/xx (turned out to be Happ and Taschner) was going to be pretty mediocre before the season began.

Here are there numbers through tonight:

19 IP, 13 H, 13 ER, 6.16 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, 4.74 BB/9, 7.58 K/9, 2.37 HR/9

Durbin really has been the culprit with the BBs (7 in 5 IP) but these numbers are pretty mediocre so far.

If they keep the HR down, they might be more mediocre but these 5 guys aren't going to be the bastion of strength they were for the entire season last year.

Missed the game tonight but seemed pretty apparent from reading the comments that Cholly had several questionable managerial decisions tonight.

Less than 2 years ago and Cholly was a idiot. After last year, he was a genius. Likely the truth is somewhere in between but I still Cholly makes more questionable tactical moves than not.

As for matchups, I don't understand why Cholly is so obsessed with matching lefty/lefty and righty/righty with his bullpen guys even to get a single out with no runners on at times but is completely obvious at times to batting matchups including leaving Feliz and Bruntlett in against RHP.

I'm a little worried about Rollins. Offensively, he has not been the same player since injuring his ankle and his bat looks slow to me.

I know it probably wouldn't take much for him to turn right around and make those worries like ridiculous. Here's hoping.

RSB - JRoll has looked awful offensively (not even taking BBs and pretty crappy patience at the plate) but its really early. JRoll can tend to get in these funks where he goes 2-3 weeks and does utterly nothing for a while.

If he hitting .200 in another 3-4 weeks, that will be a huge concern.

I really don't understand what the Phillies are doing with Jason Donald. The conventional wisdom was that they would send him to AAA to learn third base, since they have no viable plan at that position beyond this year. But the Iron Pigs have played 7 games so far and Donald hasn't played a single inning at third base yet. Meanwhile, the horrible Eric Bruntlett & the even worse Miguel Cairo are our two right-handed bats off the bench -- a critical weakness which has already come back to bite us several times this year, including tonight. Donald is clearly a much better hitter than either one.

If the Phillies want to send Donald to AAA to learn third base, fine. But how can they justify keeping him in the minors to play a position he already knows how to play when he could significantly improve a major area of weakness on the major league team? Amaro's handling of the situation has been extremely befuddling.

"Less than 2 years ago and Cholly was a idiot. After last year, he was a genius."

I don't think anyone ever thought that. Maybe some of the drunks at the games, and Sir Alden. But I think most people recognize that strategically he's mediocre at best. Last year we could've won two more games just by not always pulling Burrell in the seventh.

b_a_p, perhaps they're stashing him for a trade, and as such, don't want to try playing him at a position where he might struggle and damage his trade value.

The reason I bring up Donald is because the absence of a right-handed bat off the bench is really killing this team. It's bad enough that Cholly keeps wasting his best pinch hitter in situations where the opposing manager is obviously just going to counter with a LOOGY. But to then have to use Bruntlett to pinch hit for Dobbs is just heinous. This has already happened at least twice that I can remember this year.

@RSB -- He was not the same player as his 2007 MVP season after the ankle injury.

But he was the same player as pre-2007 self. (less total runs scored mostly due to less power)

2004 -- 102 OPS+ 119 Runs Scored
2005 -- 97 115
2006 -- 101 127
2007 -- 118 139
2008 -- 103 76

The drop in total runs scored can be attributed to the significant drop in homers (30-11) plus the difference in ABs.

He had limited at bats because of the WBC.

And Rollins worst month is always April.

He'll come around.

Tray: Yes, the conventional wisdom is that they're stashing him as trade bait & they believe his bat would have more value at SS than at an offensively rich position like third. But I don't profess to get it. With no decent third baseman in our system, doesn't Donald have more value as our third baseman of the future than as trade bait (especially given his minimal salary)? I also don't grasp how moving him to a new position, or calling him up to the big leagues, would hurt his trade value. He has already proven that he can play SS so, if some team wants to acquire him to be a SS, they could do so even if he's currently playing third base. And being in the majors would certainly not hurt his trade value because, even if he struggles, it would just be viewed as growing pains. On the other hand, if he comes up to the big leagues and rakes in a bench role, his trade value would only increase. It all makes no sense to me. The Phillies are treating him like a piece of fine china -- something to be looked at and admired behind a glass cabinet, but never used at the dinner table.

Well, I think you're probably right about a position change/callup not actually harming his trade value (although theoretically, he could somehow get horribly exposed in a callup and lose value, but I doubt that's likely); I'm just offering a suggestion as to what Amaro's thinking is here.

"he has not been the same player since injuring his ankle and his bat looks slow to me."

Rollins hit .336/.424/.500 in the last 33 games last year. His ankle is fine.

Rollins is just rusty from not getting enough ABs in ST...the same reason Vic has sucked so far.

Here's an interesting theory on Jason Donald:

I don't see this happening in 2009, but at under 10m for 2010 and a 8.5m team option for 2011, Rollins could make for an interesting piece for an off season trade for pitching. Barring that, they may just let him walk when he becomes a free agent and use that money to improve 3B.

To be honest, I've been tired of his funky attitude for quite some time. If the Phils feel that Donald is the real deal, it's understandable not to change his natural position. If Donald can perform 75% of what Rollins is capable of and the money saved can be used to acquire a productive 3B (which would allow Victorino to lead off, where he should be this season), the Phillies would be a better team.

Trade Rollins? I just don't see it.

Oh and the 20 HRs in the first 8 games is an MLB record...woohoo!!!

BTW, you realize that article is from last August, right?

Jimmy hasn't exactly done a lot since last August to change my opinion of him.

article: "What we really see in Rollins's numbers from '07 is nothing more than a slightly above-average season offensively. Though impressive coming from a shortstop, Rollins's OPS+ is just 114, and is just 98 for his career. That means, for all his hype, Rollins's career offensive production is below league average. His MVP award masks what is otherwise a modest career, and that could prove to be valuable for the Phillies in any potential trade talks."

In all seriousness, if Donald turns out to be a league average shortstop and you have the shot to get an ace or an upgrade at 3B, why not trade Jimmy? What does he bring to the table that is more valuable than what we could have by trading him?

Because he's the best defensive SS in baseball right now and the de facto team captain?

Why, exactly, is he the "team captain"? Because he has the biggest mouth? Because he's the biggest hot dog? Because he shoots off to the media more than Utley? Please...

Let the rest of the league believe that "de facto captain" nonsense. If (and it's definitely an if) Donald can play league average ML SS, the Phillies would be a better team, and a more balanced team, if they could get an ace or a productive 3B for him.

Rollins doesn't spend a lot of time on the DL, but I'd be very interested to see what would happen if Donald were brought up to replace an injured Jimmy for a couple of weeks. I also wonder where Ryan Howard might be playing today if Thome hadn't gotten hurt.

Simple observations:

Jimmy is hurting the offense at leadoff because he's absolutely worthless so far to begin the season.

Chad Durbin is not the same pitcher that we saw for the first 4-5 months last season. He's wild and entirely too hittable.

Giving up the longball will only worsen for our pitching as temperatures rise.

WTF, anyone else from out of town know why Extra Innings isn't carrying the game tonight?! Is it on MLB TV or something?! I really wanted to see the early tributes and Cole...

Its pretty amazing how well documented that the first two weeks out of a 162 game season have very little correalation of what will happen for the entire season, but here we are trading Rollins by Game 8.

mac: I am a Donald fan as well, but jimmy is the best defensive shortstop(tulo?) in the game and one of the better power/speed combo's in the entire league - obviously the speed outweighting the power is his case. Even with his minor laegue samples, what makes you think that Donald couod replicate that type of performance in the big leagues by 2009? If you haven't noticed, the Phils have the peices to win now. So unless Donald can flawlessly transition to the Arizona Fall League and Spring Training into the Majors within 8 days - because if he doesnt you'll trade him - then having him replace Rollins would not help the team win.

Hugh, Jack etc. etc.: let me repeat: Taschner IS NOT A LOOGY!!!! He was left in to face righties because his career numbers are nearly identical against both righties and lefties.

Again, despite what we've been reading on Beerleaguer since he was acquired, Taschner is neither a) a LOOGY or b) a very good pitcher. He is a lefty mopup guy, an 11th or 12th man on your staff and probably not even on your staff if you're a contender.

Using OPS+ solely to measure a player as "average" or "above average" is idiotic. It misses defense, baserunning, and of course, positional adjustment. Considering Rollins is the best defensive SS in the game, stole 47 of 50 bases last year, and plays a position in which the average OPS was .714 (Rollins had a down year and was at .786 last year), I find it next to impossible to consider Rollins an "average" player.In fact, he's a top 5 SS in the game.

re: trashner

I've been amazed by Trashner this season until the 8th inning last night. He's came in and struck out Chipper during a rally and then came in and fanned Adam Dunn to get out of the 7th after Durbin couldn't throw a strike.

Its hard to blame Charlie for that loss since we got dominated by Shairon Martis for 6+ IP, but everyone should be very skeptical that Trashner was literally hung out to dry for the 8th.

OK, he was left to pitch the 8th after only 1 batter in the 7th, I guess I can understand that, but why did Chalie just leave him out there with no one throwing until there were already 4 runs across? Did he not realize we were only down 2 runs and facing Jon Hanaharananan? Very odd that they traeted that 8th inning like a lost cause since all of the wins this year have come around the 8th-9th inning already.

Regarding Jason Donald, allow me to remind everyone that the scouts are virtually unanimous in concluding that he does not have the range to play major league SS. That doesn't mean he won't play it, especially if his bat is for real (recall Mark Loretta played some SS early in his career). But he will kill you on defense unless you have a thirdbaseman with great range to allow him to cheat to his gloveside. I too am baffled by his not being moved in Triple A. It is possible the Phillies FO knows better than every scouting report I've seen, I suppose.

Clout: Yeah, I know that. But do you think Charlie knows that? Charlie plays matchups. My point was that if Charlie was actively trying to win this game, with no other considerations, he would not have left Taschner in for that long. He was trying to get the key guys in the pen more rest, and since we were already down 2, he basically wrote last night off.

Mac: Shortstop is the most important defensive position in baseball. I can tell you what would happen if they replaced Rollins with Donald: The pitching staff ERA would rise by at least a half run.

Jack: I hope you're wrong about Charlie's thinking since, because of the rainout the day before, it makes no sense.

Phaithful: I wouldn't trade Rollins in '09. I would advocate trading him in the upcoming off season.

I'd like to see Donald spend 2009 at Lehigh Valley and get a late callup for some experience in the big leagues.

I don't for a minute believe that Donald can replicate Rollins circa 2003 - 2007, but I do believe that from 2008 on, Donald has the potential to be a more valuable SS than Rollins at the plate.

The reason I would trade Rollins after this season is as follows:

* His 2010 salary and 2011 team option is reasonable for most teams, even if the market continues its recent trend. We would be able to get pretty good value for him (Boston, Oakland, Toronto, etc).

* The gaping hole in the lineup that is Pedro Feliz is a problem. I'd rather have a SS and a 3B hit for league average or slightly above than a 3B that hits like Feliz and a SS that seems to be declining in production. If a quality 3B can be acquired for Rollins (particularly a right handed 3B), the lineup would have more balance.

* If a quality 3B cannot be acquired, we face a situation in 2010 where Myers, Blanton and Park will enter free agency. That's 3/5 of the 2009 rotation. The crop of 2010 free agent pitchers isn't that great. In the best of worlds, Happ, Kendrick and Carasco will all be ready, but our 2009 pitching depth is going to turn into a 2010 shortage. With Donald waiting in the wings, I feel that Rollins may be the solution to this problem.

* This is entirely my opinion, but I think Rollins has a big mouth and a crappy attitude. He's the only person I can remember that Charlie benched twice last season. J-Stroll also showed a lack of hustle on several occasions that I can remember. I believe that if Donald is ready in 2010, the benefits of what we could get in return for Jimmy outweigh his incredible defense at SS.

Conclusion: If Donald proves to be ML ready by the end of '09, we have the pieces to replace Rollins. Shane can hit leadoff, Donald can play 3B, and the Phillies can plug other holes.

TK: I show that Directv is broadcasting the game on Channel 727 and 727-1.

The trade Rollins crap has got to be the most ridiculous argument ever made on BL.

correction to last paragraph: Donald can play SS

From what most scouts say, No he actually can't. Not at the MLB level at least. Lets go from the best defender in the league at a position to a guy that doesn't have close to the same range and see what happens...He'll soon be known as Jason PAST A DIVING Donald.

NEPP: Here we go again with the BL elite calling everything they disagree with "the most ridiculous thing I've seen on BL".

I suppose I should just start paraphrasing the opinions of the BLelite instead. Seems to be the only way to avoid this sort of response.

We have a BL elite?

"clout: Shortstop is the most important defensive position in baseball. I can tell you what would happen if they replaced Rollins with Donald: The pitching staff ERA would rise by at least a half run."

My hope is that the elimination of the guaranteed out at 3B and/or an upgrade in our rotation in exchange for Rollins would counterbalance the downgrade in defense.

So which 3B would we trade for? Or is this an off-season trade and sign of Adrian Beltre (the "top" FA 3B available next year? The 3B market isn't exactly glowing for 2010 afterall.

Mac: its pretty obvious that your whole theory revovles around Rollin's decline. *Most* player's primes are usualy before the age of the 30 so I won't argue he is due for much improvements, but you are taking way too much stock into these first 8 games of the year. As Sophist pointed out, Rollins played the month and a half of 2008 at a clip of .336/.424/.500

And off the top of my head, I am pretty sure Blanton is under taem control past this offseason.

I'm really interested in knowing more about the BL elite. How does one apply for membership? Are there special elite board meetings? Is there a secret handshake?

Rollins and Feliz have been down right painful to watch.

a few things this morning... first, i think Rollins is pressing at the plate. he had some early success in the WBC and he's trying to recapture that by swinging far too freely and giving up his plate discipline. charlie ought to shake him. because as Rollins goes, so go the Phillies...

next, i was extremely encouraged by young Lou Marson last night... his bat sounded sweet indeed last night on the audio feed. anybody care to comment about how he looked at the plate? and behind it?

and lastly, if the game wasn't exactly what we wanted to see in DC last night, it sure was in Flushing. stuck here in Brooklyn, i can report that the Mets lost last night not because Peavy flat outpitched them, but because the Padres hit John Maine hard. that makes me happy.

oh, one more thing, Heath Bell does not make me happy. he looks nasty. i'd prefer to have a lead before the ninth this weekend, boys...

Rollins is rusty and is making some terrible decisions at the plate which is really suffocating the offense.

His 1st AB was almost embarrassing as it was a low and outside pitch which he reached out and barely hit off the end of the bat.

Other ABs were similar in that he is not hitting the ball off the barrel of the bat.

He is the keystone of the offense and when he is on they win but when he is in a funk they struggle.

Also - I think McCarthy has done a decent job of keeping things together and not making himself noticed during this unprecedented time.

Phaithful: This really has nothing to do with the first 8 games of 2009, but the 2008 season and the needs of the team as a whole from 2010 forward (considering in-house options).

I believe that the need for production at third and the needs of the rotation beyond 2009 outweigh the need to have arguably the best defensive shortstop in the league.

"So which 3B would we trade for?"

I know I'm going to get mocked for this before I even say it, but what the hell. That's what this place is all about, right?

Rollins, Ozuna, Carasco (and/or Kendrick) to Toronto for Halladay & Rolen.

Use the money that's coming off the books from Eaton, Jenkins, Rollins, etc to re-sign Halladay and Myers.

watching beimel make a couple of our lefties look stupid last night made me wish we had him instead of taschner as the second lefty out of the pen....especially since, as has been pointed out ad nauseum, taschner's splits make him a generic mop-up guy at best. to think we could have had him for practically nothing given the unprecedented splurge this past offseason....

I saw Taschner described thusly last night and it made me chuckle:


Pretty appropriate.

I'm sure teams are lusting after Ozuna.

I think Cholly might have left Taschner in too long last night as a message to Phils FO. He said on CSN this morning that "we've got some holes" and we've got to find a way to fill them.

When the hell is Dobbs finally going to get a start? He's been misused by Charlie so far this season. Twice now I believe he's pinch-hit without actually getting the opportunity to pinch-hit, and he hits righties well, yet hasn't got a single fricken start yet.

Mac: If you were to propose that trade to Toronto GM J.P. Riccardi you would be arrested for murder, because he would die laughing.

VERY IMPORTANT: Charlie gave up on last night's game down 2 runs in the 8th and left Taschner in to mop up. (My theory: He worries that Cole will need a short hook tonight.)

VERY IMPORTANT: The front office has decided that, instead of playing Donald at third and preparing for Feliz' departure next year, they should keep working him at short where he has no future with the organization.

TOTALLY UNIMPORTANT: Someone on this board claiming the Phils should trade Jimmy Rollins. Jimmy can jump-start the offense for months at a stretch. Victorino and Donald at 1-2 in the lineup would be a significant dropoff. Also, Jimmy sells tickets. Look at the jerseys in the stands. Rollins, Utley and Hamels will be on this team for many years. Howard will only be moved if he shows a significant decline. In a couple months - as more fans like my wife use their credit card at the Majestic Clubhouse Store - we might move Shane Victorino into that category.

NEPP - Did you notice Carrasco's line from last night?

JRKing: I'll add one,

VERY IMPORTANT: Some bum named Shairon owned the Phillies for 6+ IP and is the real reason they lost to the winless Nationals.

phaithful: Yes. And I think a lot of that has to do with Rollins and Victorino. Victorino is obviously a bit rusty.

On Rollins, I have to agree with you from earlier. Rollins was on fire in the WBC. He was DHing and hitting third on a team stacked with hitters. He went 4-for-4 with a walk in the game the US was eliminated.

I don't think Jimmy is rusty from the off-season. I certainly don't think he's at the start of a long-term decline. I think he's just in a funk and he's pressing.

(Interesting side theory to pass along, though: My wife - who's more in tune with these things than male fans like me - says Jimmy put on weight in the off season. Every time she see's him she says he looks out of shape. Anyone else notice this? Doubleh?)

I'm certainly not BL elite and I still say that trading Rollins is the worst thing I've seen on BL in awhile.

It's about now that Junior ought to be smacking his forehead and saying:
"V-8, I coulda had an 'Ohman'!"

My problem with Taschner's use, last night, was that he got out the LHB. Bringing in, say, Condrey, who does better against RHBs than Taschner (since Jack stinks against EVERYONE), might have stemmed the bleeding. Of course, the way the Phils batters were smelling up the nation's capitol last night, Chollie might have figured it was a sunk cost.

Trading Rollins is foolish until Freddy Galvis is ready. Jason Donald will not be a proficient starting shortstop in the majors. Range, for SS, is simply too important an attribute to make any claims that offense can make up for it.

I agree with b-a-p: it's dumb for Donald not to be working on 3B. His playing a position at AAA that no one will want him at in the Majors is actually hurting even his trade value.

Score by innings, thru 8 games:

1st inning: Them 14, Us 0
2nd inning: Them 6, Us 6
3rd inning: Them 10, Us 5
4th inning: Them 5, Us 4
5th inning: Them 5, Us 3
6th inning: Us 1, Them 0
7th inning: Us 13, Them 4
8th inning: Them 7, Us 5
9th inning: Us 5, Them 3

Whoever suggests trading Rollins is no Phillies fan.

Forget his trade value. I want a home-grown player to take over for Feliz. And Ruiz. And Ibanez. ("Oh, look! There's Jason Donald ... and John Mayberry ... and Lou Marson ... and they're all available for cheap!")

Carson: I tweeted (ugh, I know) to John R. Finger, writer, and he told me Dobbs should get some PT soon. Not sure how reliable that is, but I hope it means that Charlie has been paying attention like the rest of us.

clout: "If you were to propose that trade to Toronto GM J.P. Riccardi you would be arrested for murder, because he would die laughing."

Let me get this straight...

You all just brow beat me over how valuable and indispensable Jimmy Rollins is, but it's unrealistic to believe that a team that would like to lower salary would trade a pitcher that they've been rumored to shop at the trade deadline for him (and two inexpensive starters, both of whom would easily fit into their rotation).

You're trying to have it both ways. Is Rollins the best shortstop in the game, or is the thought of acquiring him and his relatively modest salary a laughable concept for any other ballclub?

And yes, Albert, I am a Phillies fan. I am not, however, a Jimmy Rollins fan, and I believe he can improve the team more in trade than he can in the lineup.

As much as I'm against this idea of trading jroll, I can understand people trying to get creative to improve the team. I don't like to label players as untouchable as a lot of people are responding though.

This is more of a general statement that it is pertaining to Rollins, but:

I'd rather lose a player one year too soon than keep him two years too long.

Dobbs is a solid hitter when utilized correctly, and Manuel has yet to do that this season.

Scott Lauber and Charlie Manual are saying what I think a lot of folks are thinking but don't want to say out of respect to Harry:

Lauber says:
So, clearly, the Phillies already were dealing with distractions just by virtue of being the defending champs. Throw in Monday's events at Nationals Park, and they've experienced absolutely no normalcy over the past two weeks.

Manual says:
"We won a World Series, and I know there's still ceremonies that linger through the front part of the year," Charlie Manuel said. "And Harry passing away, that plays a part on our team because he was one of us. We've had a lot of stuff that's gone on. But I'd like to see us get that behind us and start playing baseball. We need to get on with our season. Once we get that stuff behind us and get settled in, we'll be OK."

Phaithful: I don't expect people to agree with me and I certainly expect opinions to the contrary. I appreciate the fact that you (and clout, for the most part) are able to disagree respectfully and have a conversation.

Nothing irritates me more than seeing the constant posts of "that's the dumbest thing I've ever read" followed by a copy/paste of statistics. I enjoy an actual discussion of pros and cons, not a dismissive flame every time an unpopular or unconventional opinion is voiced.

At any rate, improvements need to be made if the Phillies plan on being competitive in 2009 - 2011. I fear that if something isn't done to round out this ballclub, we'll be battling for third next season with Atlanta behind Florida and NY.

One of the strengths of this baseball team (something we have that the mets do not) is clubhouse chemistry. If Jroll were to be traded the Phillies would lose their captain (especially now with Pat gone), and we would become the New York Mets. No thank you! Jroll is the heart and sole of that team, and I would have to respectfully disagree with anyone who thinks moving him in the prime of his career could help this team.

You gotta believe there's a human element to being unable to get up to play the Nats in a mostly empty stadium in April after losing HK and being off for a coupla days.

clout: We agree that Taschner's no LOOGY. But the fact that he's bad against everyone is not an argument for keeping him in the game to pitch an extra inning in a close game. It's an argument for not bringing him in at all. If Taschner has to pitch, Cholly should try to limit his use to pure garbage time situations.

I'm glad the Phillies have 2 or 3 experienced major league relievers in the minors because I suspect they will end up needing every last one of them.

Yo, new thread

Marlins did have both an 8-1 stretch last season and a 9-0 streak last season (and both included series with the Nats, just as their start this year has).

But I'm fine if they have to adopt the 'team to beat' mantle early on.

Of course, I meant that comment for the new thread, so here goes...

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