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Saturday, April 18, 2009


RIP Harry.

On another note:
Lowrie, BoSox's starting SS, may be out for the year. Have the Phillies found a buyer for Donald?

TNA: I had the exact same thought, but I can't see it happening. If the Sox decide not to go the Lugo route, I think they'd move for an experienced, glove-first SS (in the 2006 Alex Gonzalez mold).

Donald, of course, is the exact opposite. For what it's worth, TotalZone on Minor League Splits had him as a -19 fielder last year at Reading (in only 92 games). Can't see a team like Boston gambling on both that glove and a bat that's only had 37 plate appearances above Double A.


Michael Aldridge, 45, from Blackwood, N.J., was the second man in line. He proposed to his wife at Veterans stadium in 1992 on Fanavision. He proposed with a poem, which he’d written on signs:

“Happy Birthday Kelly.

You mean the world to me.

That is why I’m asking,

Will you Marry Me?”

Harry Kalas saw the signs and the proposal from the press box, and came down into the stands to find Aldridge and buy him a beer. Aldridge couldn’t believe it, and Kalas had made a special day even more special. That’s why Aldridge spent the night in line, and was the second to pass by Harry’s casket by 7:15 a.m. Aldridge carried another sign with him this morning. It read, “There’s no crying in baseball….until now.”

You will be sorely missed Mr. Kalas.

Back to last night, the most offensive thing to me was Madson's performance against the 4th batter of the inning. Two outs, one man on and a 3-2 count and he's trying to Bob Ross the corners of the strike zone??? Why not challenge the hitter with some of his new found mid-90s heat?

This tribute isn't very good; I feel like I'm watching the off-prime-time speeches at a political convention. If you haven't yet, do read Doug Glanville's op-ed in the New York Times on Harry.

Well, Kane Kalas is certainly a class act. You could only hope to handle the situation with as much grace and dignity that that young man has shown.

MPN: What was even worse was that guy was the weakest threat possible, you have to challenge that guy.

I thought the way the Phillies organization showed thought & consideration to the Kalas family, members of the Phillies family & the millions of people that were touched by Harry Kalas in 1 form or another.

The tribute was carried out with with class & consideration for those in mourning.

Nats give up 3 to Marlins in 9th to let them tie the game at 6, putting the chances for the Nats' 2nd win of the season in jeopardy...

mpn: Ssshhhhh! Only Beerleaguer posters know that Donald doesn't have major league range. If we stop talking about it, the Red Sox will jump at a chnce to trade for him.

Regarding the big fight on last thread over whether Coste calls a bad game, didn't I read that most pitches are called from the bench? Isn't that why you often see Chooch and Coste looking that way?

JMARR: Great post. Agree totally.

the phils should sign lebron james. i doubt theres anything he cant do.

Regarding Dobbs getting thrown out at the plate last night by 8 feet, I read posts saying it was Dobbs fault for pausing, I read posts saying it wasn't Dobbs fault since he had to pause to see if the SS would catch it (in which case he had to hold) but I didn't see a single post questioning why a third base coach would send a runner, even a fast one, from second to the plate on a hit to SHALLOW LEFT FIELD. Hello????

Looks like Santana, Putz and K-Rod did the job today.

re: LeBron James

the guys is phenomenal. he's really the whole package; mentally, physically.

however, if he does have one weakness it's this: his body structure is not likely able to hold up for 10 more years.

to me, not only does he look to have flat feet, but his feet are pointed outwards; usually that's not good news for lower backs because people with that body structure tend to absorb more shock in their lower backs than people with more efficient body structures.

In a physical sense, I kind of see him taking the path of a T-Mac whose back has essentially made him useless for the past several seasons. and Lebron is even heavier and takes on more impact than TMac....

so basically, i'm saying, enjoy his performances while you can because he likely won't be around as long as we think.

clout: very true, don't know why that part of the play isn't the part being criticized.

Chollie said that Marson called most of the game he caught. Of course, the results were much the same as all the other games in terms of runs allowed.

Brewers helped KRod by sending a runner into a K/CS DP to end the game.

And the Brewers also helped the Mets get their run by committing an error on a routine sac bunt.

TNA: I know McGrady has had a lot of injury issues, but I wouldn't say he's been "useless" the past several seasons. He did log 71 and 66 games in the two seasons prior to this one, averaging almost 25 and 22 points a game respectively.

On a baseball note, I didn't get to see the Harry tribute this morning (out of market and working earlier), but everything I've read and heard from attendees said that the Phillies were all aces throughout today and throughout this whole ordeal. Hats off to the organization for being extremely classy.

Wow, I thought our pitchers were bad.

Chien-Ming Wang starts:

1 inn, 8 ER
3.2 inn, 7 ER
1.1 inn, 8 ER

Cleveland had a 14 run 2nd inning.

And clout, you raise a good point. I was watching via Gameday and wondered why he was sent on a hit to left.

As long as we're talking about basketball, yes, T-Mac is useless. When he plays, he's a detriment to his team, as Iverson has become a detriment to his, and a purely on-the-court sense, not in a "he's great on the court but he's such a distraction in the locker room" sense. As T-Mac became increasingly brittle, he became an increasingly passive jump shooter, and he simply isn't a very good one, as hot as he can get on occasion. He also became lazy defensively and less involved in every non-scoring aspect of the game. At this point he's just a cesspool of inefficiency. Houston's better without him. Don't know that Yao can get them past Portland, but they're better. As for LeBron, I don't know much about feet, but hasn't T-Mac more or less always had a bad back? He started logging major minutes in '99 and by '02 his back was already a concern. LeBron's been the man in Cleveland for six years now, and so far so good.

"and in a purely on-the-court sense", I meant to write.

Clout: I've asked this question before with no answer from anyone. When was the last time we had a decent 3B coach? Has there been anyone since Vuk?

The Yanks are hanging in there, they only need two touchdowns and it's a game again.

Back to Dobbs' play. As soon as I saw him rounding third I knew he was a dead duck. When did Steve Smith rejoin the club?

I was yelling at the tv right when Dobbs rounded 3rd. The ball was just too shallow, and besides they had Howard and Ibanez coming up, so it wasn't like it was a big risk having the 2 best rbi guys on the team to take a swing at driving in runs.

Marson catching again tonight.

Yo new thread. Enjoy the game. Too nice to blog today. Kept it short and sweet today.

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