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Monday, April 20, 2009


I now have another reason to hate rain outs, the Gnome!

Oh man, is that going to be all year?

Pedro Feliz's Phanavision roster photo is equally disturbing. And while the movie Gremlins has been criticized as culturally insensitive, that picture sort of reminds me of one.

Werth looks pretty damn terrifying on the big screen, also.

Read. Buy. Sleep. or maybe some other kind of hypo message.

100% Pure Win.

That picture looks like a young unabomber.

uh motion to change the rainout post

I'm going to start hoping for rainouts.

With no game on tonight, my wandering mouse checked out how Phillies castoff (cleaned up) Adam Eaton's been doing. I'm so happy to see that he's 0-2 with an 11.25 ERA. Even more bizarre is that while he's pitching the Orioles scored zero runs!

Dumb question:

Does this mean that Moyer will pitch tomorrow, or will his turn in the rotation be skipped in favor of Blanton?

(I only ask because I have tickets)

How is it bizzare? I'd be too demoralized to hit as well with Eaton on the hill.

11.25 ERA... only .08 worse than our ACE!

@mac -- according to zo and murph, moyer tomorrow, then blanton

Moyer tomorrow according to Zolecki.

Moyer tomorrow according to Zolecki.

why hello fuzzy.

I hit on a bookmarked link for this site, saw the photo, and thought I was looking at a cached page from last week. I kept refreshing, thinking the image would change. Duh! Haaha!

Wait, Eaton is with Baltimore now?? TOO FUNNY. Just when I actually started paying attention to the Orioles for the first time ever. Sigh. Eaton. He's like the Aunt that smells and comes to every family reunion and no one wants to invite, but somehow shows up anyway and spends the whole time talking about how she saved 5 cents buying pickles at WalMart instead of Giant.


Sigh. I'm left watching the Caps game since the Flyers aren't playing tonight.

Stirring the Pot from martino is this quote from Manuel:

"but now we’ve also some guys who, I think that they need to kind of look back and think how we got there"

I wonder if he's talking about the two fellas who were not in the starting line-up? Is he talking about his pitching staff???

So what you're saying is that Eaton would be our #3 starter so far?

Seriously MLB game...Drabek doesn't pitch till tomorrow night...not much else to follow today in Philly baseball.

Ibanez is my new favorite Phillie though. I may have to retire the Burrell jersey in favor of a Ibanez one.

Damn. Gnomed again. April *is* the cruelest month. :-( On the other hand, my copy of the Phillies 2009 Annual arrived today, so at least I'll have something to read in the meantime. :-)

The Flyers play more often than the Phillies.

According to the theory of Phillies' bad Aprils, I'd say any game moved out of April into another month has a better chance of being won. Hell, let's move all rain-outs to September so Howard can pile up a couple more dingers. 30 days has September, but if it were up to me, we would fit 35 games in September with a double-header every Sunday.

35 September games means we could spot the Mets a 34 game lead on August 31 and still clinch before the last day.

Mike- I think Werth sat bc Maniel wants to give his PH AB. He's been playing well, right?

I think Cholly is definitely referring to JRoll and Werth--both weren't starters yesterday--and we know Werth was a subject of some pre-season chatter (not being ready to play, etc.) and JRoll has that benching history last year so we know he can lollygag it from time to time. Some of the pitchers could be included there, but not knowing their training regimens, it's difficult to say.

I can't imagine Utley, Howard or Ibanez are on that list with how they've started.

Sophist: I guess we can only speculate, but we'll never know for sure because he'll never name names no matter how much the reporters ask. He does seem to know the psychology side of the game, though, and uses it to motivate his players well. That's the side--not the managing--that impresses me about him.

terrifying photo....simply terrifying

I havn't been called a racist lately,so here goes. I think JRoll sometimes loses focus on whether he wants to be a rapper or a ballplayer.

But Werth has actually started out all right.


Seriously though, you're kidding right?

I didn't read the quote that it was bout how they were playing... but what they were bringing to the table inside the clubhouse...

As if you needed another reason to think Moyer was a great guy:

Just really impressive stuff. Yeah cities love a winner (especially one that hadn't won anything in 25 years) but Phils genuinely have a bunch of guys you generally like to root for. Even the guys who may not be crazy about (Myers) have seem to change for the better.

MG: In hindsight, part of me is happy the Eagles lost that Superbowl, so that this Phillies team was the one that delivered the city its first championship in decades, instead of a team dominated by Terrell Owens.

Rollins has been hustling so far this year, I'm sure he has made it a point to. The only problem with Rollins has been his hitting, which hasn't affected his defense at all; he isn't Jose Reyes.

Goody: Yeah, I've always thought he bobbed back and forth too much during the other team's pre at-bat music when he played consistently rock solid defense every game for the last 10 years.


Couldn't have said it better myself.

I love rooting for this team, and will be telling my grandkids about how much fun it was to watch them.

(end of sappiness)

Rollins will come around and when he does, he'll go nuts for a few weeks and suddenly be batting .280 on the big deal.

Still the best defensive SS in baseball.

So does anyone else wonder why Jimmy is contradicting the manager publically?

Or am I reading too much into it and that's not what happened in that article.

On the bright side,if Sunday's lineup was meant to be a wake-up call for JRoll, he certainly answered on the first ring.

I see Pittsburgh is crushing the Marlins. This is the only time you'll read me say this phrase this week:

Thank you, Pittsburgh.

I just had occasion to read Weitzel's comment about Chris Coste at the end of the lead to the past thread -- and the many following posts on down the line.

Put directly -- that paragraph was quite far removed from the high level of baseball observation and analysis that one legitimately should expect from the "BEST PHILADELPHIA SPORTSWRITER OF 2008" - as trumpeted by the Beerleaguer banner above.

So it has come to this: Only one game removed from Coste's two-double, two RBI game last Friday night -- in an April in which Coste has played only some of the time -- in only 8 games (only 5 starts) -- and only 21 at bats -- with 4 RBI's produced in his four hits -- JW succumbs to the current stampede of orgasmic exitement by a majority of Phillies fans over a guy who has played in 3 major league games -- with 10 at bats and 25 innings behind the plate -- and impulsively makes the call that Chris Coste's major league career is (or should be) over.

The guy who wrote that paragraph is not -- I repeat not -- "THE BEST PHILADELPHIA SPORTSWRITER OF 2009."

Then . . . cherry-picking portions of Coste's career -- the "pilers-on" ignore the man's career in now this fourth separate major league season in which he has seen big league action: 219 games; 622 at bats; 177 hits; 36 doubles; 21 home runs; 94 RBI's; .336 OBP; .444 slg. %; and a .285 career batting average -- with 1,341 innings behind the plate, only 7 errors, and 8 passed balls, with a .994 fielding percentage and a 29 %"caught stealing" percentage [compared to Carlos Ruiz's 27 % career "caught stealing" percentage].

The foolish fawning over Marson by a majority of Phillies fans -- and that is indeed what it is, as one guy who attended yesterday's game at CBP noted the "grousing about Coste" in the stands --leads me to hope for one thing right now.

I hope that Lou Marson plays -- right now -- and a lot. If that occurs -- Marson will do it all by himself. He will demonstrate how this not-yet-23-year-old guy -- who has only one AAA game, and a mere three big league games under his athletic but very young belt -- is in no way ready for prime time.

Finally, the willingness of JW and Beerleaguers to have this 22-year-old catcher sit on a major league bench to "learn" -- while having had no real AAA experience -- is laughable.

Prospects are scary!!!

I like aging vets with their experience much more!

Your over the top Coste love is laughable, as well.

JW is the best damn sportswriter in Philadelphia. Period.

I'm not a Beerleaguer regular - I assume davthom73 is Chris Coste, right?

Your over the top Coste love is laughable.

JW is the best damn sportswriter in Philadelphia. Period.

davthom: I think you're over-reacting. On Beerleaguer, all Phillies prospects are future major leaguers and nearly all of them future stars. Then, when nearly all of them fall far short, everyone pretends there was no hype at all. 'Twas ever thus.

That said, given Coste's age, every time he slumps it is bound to raise questions about how much he has left in the tank. This is the usual with second string ballplayers in their 30s.

This is a long-winded way of saying you should not be surprised by any of this, recognize that most of it is foolishness and just lighten up. Oh, and also your Google alert on Coste posts is kinda slow today.

I think both extremes are funny personally. Why not wait till Ruiz comes back and then see what UC does...if Coste continues to scuffle, we can go nuts about him at that point.

DHPhils -- For the **tteenth time -- I am not Coste -- who does not even read Beerleaguer, according to what he told me alongside the Ottawa Lynx dugout during a 15-minute discussion my wife and I had with the guy in April of 2007, after he was sent down at the beginning of that season. The "73" in my handle was my football number. Other than that one conversation -which coincided with my being in Ottawa on a combined business/pleasure trip with my wife -- I have not spoken to Coste, and although I live in the same state as he does -- that has nothing to do with my backing of the guy.

The funny thing is -- on the one occasion that I did speak with Coste, -- I did not even find Coste to be very likeable -- and my wife flat out did not like him -- believeing that Coste was sullen and feeling sorry for himself -- which he was, although perhaps quite justifiably at the time.

I defend and root for Coste because to me -- he represents the "overlooked professional baseball player" -- who deserved an honest shot at the big leagues many years before he actually got one.

I was one of the owners of an independent league team for two seasons -- 1996 and 1997 -- and came to know guys like Coste. I like underdogs -- as opposed to "favorite sons" and "can't miss" bonus baby high draft picks. Do you get any of this picture?

Fair enough, Clout. Well said -- but again -- I don't have a Google Alert -- really.

Marlins got torched today in Pittsburgh. Funny how that works.

davthom73 is definitely chris coste.

I like the favorite sons. The odds are in their corner.

As I previously posted, Chris Coste will hit over .300 this year. Chisel it in stone. In 2007, he went something like 0 for 15 before he got his first major league hit. I watched the game when he got his first hit. It was either nationally televised or on another team's home channel. The announcer said, "I hope Coste gets at least one hit in the majors before the Phils send him back down to the minors." Coste went on to hit over .300 that year, despite a rocky start.

What a lot of arm chair quarterbacks fail to note about Coste's performance is that he is a total team player. He sacrifices himself at the plate for the good of the team whenever the occasion presents itself. He hits behind runners and he tries to hit to right field to move runners along. When he strikes out, it's frequently because he wasted a pitch or two trying to move the runners. These numbers don't help his stats but they help the team.

Coste is catching the kind of heat now that Howard caught at the beginning of last year. No one bothered to figure out how many hits and points on his batting average Howard lost in the early going last year because of the shift. Remember where you heard it - Chris Coste will hit over .300 this year. You heard it from the same guy who predicted Raul Ibanez would hit over .300 and have over 30 HRs and over 100 RBIs.

NEPP is right. There are far too many on both extremes. Marson may be a future star (or at least star-ting) catcher for the Phils.

But Coste has been more than serviceable as a backup C the last few years (take a look around the league at backup C's--it's not an impressive list). And he deserves more than two weeks of part-time duty before we start declaring him washed up.

We need a sign-up sheet for new posters so they can take turns asking davthorn if he is Chris Coste. It never ceases to make me laugh. Not so much the question itself but rather davthorn's indignant response that he is not Chris Coste.

Very simply- you have a shot to see how close a guy who is part of your future is to being a contributor. You should take it. No knock on Coste- just the reality of the situation.

MG: You and I don't agree much but I'm with you on the current roster. There are just so many guys to like on this team that it's hard not to root for them.

Doc: Back when JW asked us for our predictions for the year,I said Coste would have a bounce-back year,and I still believe that.

From the previous thread -

bap -

"Ibanez certainly has better range than Burrell, but Burrell made fewer mistakes and had a much better arm. Overall, I'd give a slight edge to Ibanez, but the difference is pretty slim."

It's hard to understand how anyone can claim that Burrell made fewer mistakes than Ibanez when Ibanez may have made only one defensive mistake so far this year. Ibanez made two diving catches a few games ago on balls that Burrell would have allowed to drop in for hits. Taking chances may allow for a greater margin of error, but making diving catches wins more games than allowing balls to drop in for hits. And what's this nonsense about Burrell having a much better arm than Ibanez who threw a runner out at the plate last week? All of Ibanez's throws this year have been to the right base, strong and accurate. At best, Burrel's arm is only as good as Ibanez's. It's no better. It's obvious that Ibanez has significantly better range than Burrell and his defensive edge over Burrell is a lot more than just slim. What's more, Ibanez's speed and defensive abilities are good enough to keep him in the game for 9 innings or more rather than the 6 or 7 Burrell usually played. If Burrell were still playing for the Phils, he would not have been given the chance to win yesterday's game in the 9th inning. He would have been on the bench and the substitute left-fielder or a pinch hitter would have come to the plate with the game on the line. As it stands, Ibanez came to the plate with yesterday's game on the line and he delivered. That might not have been the case if the difference between his defensive abilities and those of Burrell were only pretty slim.


What's Coste bouncing back from?

"I am not Coste -- who does not even read Beerleaguer, according to what he told me alongside the Ottawa Lynx dugout during a 15-minute discussion my wife and I had with the guy in April of 2007"

Um....I think they were kidding, man, but ok.

As encouraged as I am about Marson, I do agree with you. Barring a season ending injury to either Ruiz or Coste, I feel that the team would be best served with Marson spending a full season at AAA. Still, assuming Marson continues to progress as he has thus far, the writing is on the wall that we may be seeing the final full season of either Ruiz or Coste in Philadelphia.

I wouldn't be shocked to learn that J-Roll is one of the players Charlie is speaking of, but he'll never say. I still truly believe that the Phillies would be a better team if they moved Victorino to leadoff and packaged Rollins in a deal to land a top starter (Halladay, Peavy) and possibly a temporary replacement at SS. Pitching is an issue that needs to be addressed sooner than later if the Phillies are to remain competitive in the next few years. I don't think that can happen without sacrificing ML talent, and Rollins contract makes him the most likely candidate. Might not be a bad wake-up call to the rest of the roster that no one is irreplaceable.

FYI "davthom73" is Chris Coste's handle on Halo 3 for XBox Live.

The Phil's alarm Rolexes are not all chiming at the same time yet. They will, and when they do, the Phils will start rolling over teams and looking more like the defending world champions. That occurrence should coincide with the Marlins sizzle starting to fizzle.

Spring training for the Phils this year didn't have an aweful lot to do with getting ready for a new season as a team. Most of spring training was devoted to auditioning the likes of Giles, Ozuna and Cairo; assessing the talent of Mayberry, Donald, Marson and a whole bunch of minor league pitchers; and watching Rollins, Victorino and Ruiz play in the World Classic rather than in the Grapefruit League.

Phillie fans should be heartened over the speedy post-operative recoveries of Feliz and Utley, the strong start of Howard and the quick emergence of Ibanez as the newest Phillie star. Everyone else on the team will catch up to these guys in the near future and the weather in the North will start to get warmer. When this happens, the pithcing staff will start to limber up and resemble last year's staff.

The World Baseball Classic is a good idea, but I think it should be played after the World Series and not during spring training. If the Phils had their entire team together during spring training, it's not inconceivable that they would have already won a few more games. The good news is that there are still a lot of games to win and the Phils promise to win more than their fair share.

No game tonight.......yawn.


Doc - Here is an attempt to answer the arms question:

See the Walsh articles for more info on the methods but it mainly judges an OF's arm in 5 situations:

Using play-by-play data from Retrosheet, I consider five different situations when a throw from the outfield is important:

1. Single with runner on first base (second base unoccupied).
2. Double with runner on first base.
3. Single with runner on second base.
4. Fly out with runner on third base, fewer than two outs.
5. Fly out with runner on second base, fewer than two outs (third base unoccupied).

2006-08 (Runs saved/200 opportunities)

Ibanez 1.8/0.4/2.7
Burrell -5.2/-0.7/3.7

So basically in 2006 and 2007, Ibanez was rated as having a better arm according to these 5 situations. Burrell was only better in 2008 by a 1.

It is important to point out though the Walsh notes there is notable variation in individual performance from year to year due to the limited sample sizes and that there really isn't a large difference between Burrell and Ibanez each year.

It basically takes about 10 runs saved over a season to equal 1 win. The biggest difference between Burrell and Ibanez was 7 runs saved in '06. Last 2 years it has been about 1 run which really is statistical noise.

Burrell may have a slightly better arm than Ibanez (or may not) but it really isn't a meaningful statistical difference. Range matters and routes to balls matter much more with OF's defense.

See the articles

Doc - I will vehemently disagree though about dying for a ball. You never die for a ball with runners on base especially if the ball has a good chance to get behind you especially where you have a ball hit to LF and runners going to 3B. Hold the runners to advancing a single base and make the next hitter earn the RBI.

Chris Coste is also a huge lover of Wendy's Hamburgers founded by DAVeTHOMas.

MG -

The outfield arms stats confirm the intuitive. What we need now is some outfield legs stats.

As you correctly stated, range and routes matter. Add to that smarts, instinct, quickness (as opposed to speed), the willingness and ability to take chances, and the kind of confidence that only belongs to players who don't have to worry about being replaced in the 6th or 7th inning for defensive purposes. contest: Define Baseball in 150 Words. Explain the game of baseball in 150 words or less (the precise length of the previous two paragraphs). The best effort will win the thanks of a grateful father and his son. Use the form below to submit your definition. Please send it by 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 22. Slate will publish the winning entry—and some of the most valiant attempts—in a follow-up article. Play ball!

BB: I meant that Coste will have a much better year than last. I'm sure he's aware of Marson and that this is probably his last year with the Phils.

Doc: The fact that Burrell dosn't get to bat in the 9th isn't his fault, its Cholly's.

ZT -- Coste may like Wendy's hamburgers -- but I prefer McDonald's burgers.

Not sure if it was mentioned but Jason Jaramillo started for Pittsburgh tonight. I caught the first 4 innings on the radio. Bob Walk's commentary on the Marlins defense was damning. Ross played a single into a double, then Ad. Laroche took third on a short fly to Ross, which he 2 hopped to 3d. Ramirez tried to backhand a ball in the hole and overran it. The 2d sacker then failed to execute the DP turn. Sounded like a high school team when Walk described them. Miller's "pickoff move" is evidently a lob to first. The Bucs were very aggressive on the basepaths early. And, I missed 6 of the runs.

R.J. Swindle (bringing his 0.00 ERA from AAA Nashville) and his Milwaukee Brewers come to town tomorrow night.

JW: Maybe you could earn some royalties by proposing to the Legacy Brewing Co.(Reading Beer) a bitter ale called "BEERLEAGUER ELITE". It has a nice ring to it. The label could read "Best when consumed in front of a keyboard".

It would be funny to see Jamarillo develop into a solid backup catcher considering the Phils have tried to repeatedly tried fill this position for the past couple of offseasons (Fasano in '06, Barajas in '07, Paulino in '09).

In fact, C really has been in flux since Lieby was really the everyday catcher in '05. Ruiz has caught a ton of games the past two seasons but has also been benched for lengthy periods too the past seasons for Coste because his offense was so putrid for an extended stretch.

Davthom: I've certainly chided you a bit about your man-crush on Coste, but that was a solid explanation, so I'll chide you no more (ok, maybe a tiny bit). And I knew you weren't actually Coste himself, because you've posted in the middle of games in which he was playing. I did, however, suspect you might be his father.

Whenever Manuel alludes to 'some of the guys' who he has a problem with, the first one I think of is always Victorino.

i love the Gnome!!!!

Forget to mention this but supposedly Macnow and Gargano said that the 25 HRs allowed through the Phils first 10 games was an MLB record.

So when people on here were complaining about the pitching, it was a bit justified as the Phils have been historically bad in keeping the ball in the park doing the early going.

About the only thing you could say in the Phils' defense was that they played 8 of their first 10 games in two of the top 5-6 best parks for HRs in MLB (Coors, CBP).

RSB - Yeah. Past two seasons Vic has inevitably been in Cholly's doghouse at least once to such a degree that the media got whiff of it.

One thing that is clear though is that while Cholly isn't going to rip players vociferously in the media though he will voice his general displeasure about a player nowadays. Really a sea change from even from just two years ago including how the Phils handled Myers moving to the pen in April '07.

RSB: Especially when he pops up on the first pitch when the pitcher is having control problems.

Jaramillo is getting some pt while Doumit is hurting but he doesn't look likely to get a long look (pending CT scans). Whoever posted about the dearth of quality catching depth was spot on. In other news, Ronny Paulino is reportedly very happy to be in Miami, in part because of its proximity to the Dominican.

It's obviously Rollins, he's black.

Lost on all the fanfare over davthom's long-awaited response to Weitzel was this:

"I hope that Lou Marson plays -- right now -- and a lot. If that occurs -- Marson will do it all by himself. He will demonstrate how this not-yet-23-year-old guy -- who has only one AAA game, and a mere three big league games under his athletic but very young belt -- is in no way ready for prime time."

To me, it sounds like you're more or less rooting for Marson to fail so Coste can keep his backup spot. I don't really begrudge fellow fans their idiosyncrasies - there are players on other teams I like so much that I'm pleased when they have great games against us, even if we lose for that very reason - but it is a little odd. You must at least admit that Marson's looking like a much better call-up than the guy you wanted us to bring up, Hoover.

Oh, and I'd also add that, while we're continually advised by clout that Marson is no Martin or Mauer, Martin and Mauer started their major league careers at 23 and 21 respectively. Yadier Molina started playing on the big-league level at 21, Geovany Soto at 23, Ramon Hernandez at 23, Jason Kendall at 21, I-Rod at 19, Saltalamacchia at 22, Navarro at 21, Kurt Suzuki at 23, Gerald Laird at 23, Ianetta at 23, Pierzynski at 23 (with early action as young as 21), and so on. So I can't at all grasp how Marson's being a couple months shy of his 23rd birthday is a knockdown argument against him.

Tray: Someone on this board predicting that a prospect is not ready is not the same thing as rooting for the guy to fail. Everyone on this board would rather be wrong and repeat champs than be proven right.

I'm not sure I agree with DavThom's prediction regarding Marson (I have the same opinion of Sweet Lou as I had of Dobbs and Coste when he was first brought up: I'd like to see the guy get some starts at least until his average dips below .300). But I think DavThom's argument had more to do with Marson's lack of Triple-A experience than his age.

I am pulling for Marson so that he does not suffer the same fate as Coste as a minor league knock-about in his prime.

Amaro thinks Ruiz will come back Sunday, so Marson may only have a game or two to take Coste's job.

Tray -- As J.R. King correctly noted, I never said that I hoped Marson would fail.

Rather, with reference to the tidal wave of fawning over Marson that I have seen on Beerleaguer -- and heard about from fans who have reported the same thing (in the same proportions) at Phillies games at CBP -- I said that I hoped Marson would play -- right now -- and a lot -- because -- in my I believe Marson is not ready yet "for prime time. My view is shared by Charlie Manuel -- who recently said something like -- "Marson's still very young, and he's playing in the big leagues for the time being, so he should appreciate the experience for what it is."

So we are clear -- I do not hope that Marson fails -- but with one game of AAA experience, and being only 22 years old -- if Marson is truly the "Phillies long-term regular catcher of the future" -- having Marson back up Ruiz this season would not be in Marson's own best interests -- as he clearly should spend at least much of this year with the Iron Pigs. The odds are that Marson's current microscopic sample of major league work will not prove representative of what Marson wouild do over an extended period in the big leagues this year. Marson certainly found out by going 1 for 20 in Spring Training that hitting big league pitching wasn't as easy as it seemed to him the last day of the 2008 season, when he went 2 for 4 with a home run at CBP.

The odds also are that this will be Coste's last season as a Phillie -- because it is likely that Marson will be legitimately on the 25-man roster next year. Marson looks athletic, and may well be a long-term major league catcher -- but my central point was simply that I don't believe Marson is ready for that role quite yet.

"I hope that Lou Marson plays -- right now -- and a lot. If that occurs -- Marson will do it all by himself. He will demonstrate how this not-yet-23-year-old guy -- who has only one AAA game, and a mere three big league games under his athletic but very young belt -- is in no way ready for prime time."

Tray: sounds about right.

Doc: FWIW, Burrell had one of the better arms in baseball for a LFer. Ibanez's arm is about league average. That said, Ibanez clearly has better range.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has his concerns just two weeks into the season. The Phillies, who had Monday night's game against the Padres postponed because of rain, haven't gotten on a roll, partially because of numerous off-the-field activities and tragedies. They have endured Opening Day ceremonies in Philadelphia, Colorado and Washington. They also have had one World Series championship ring ceremony, three days off and two rainouts.

*Getting back to just baseball would be ideal. They've played the fewest amount of games (11) in the Majors so far this season (Cubs have also only played 11).

Tray: How do you think Marson will perform if given the chance to play every day?

davCoste: Anyone who is saying Marson should be the back-up IS wrong. However, the majority consensus opinion is while Ruiz is hurt Marson should be getting the bulk of the catching duties with Coste remaining in the back-up role. Coste is nothing more than a back-up catcher. Marson has the potential to be the catcher of the future for this team, or an important trade piece if needed. By playing him you are getting him very valuable experience. That’s what I’m saying anyway. I can’t speak for others.

When Ruiz returns the right move is to send Marson back down to the minors and let Coste continue to be the back-up.

Coste has roughly as much of a chance of being around a year from now as the other 2. As a GM, I'd love to have Ruiz (or a AAA-seasoned Marson) as trade bait.

People the good is that a 22 year old Catcher is being debated over here. When is the last time there was a glimmer of hope for a 22 year old catcher in the organization? Stat freaks are going to work now. The only thing i really hope for Chris Coste is that he gets his 5 years of major league service. He certainly deserves that at the very least. I do appreciate the way he plays day in and day out. He is an adequate catcher that will wear down if played too many days and certainly will get some time as a pinch hitter if Marson is ready to be a major leaguer. Ok another one for the stat people. What are the phillies splits on temperature 50/60/70/80's? The pitching will be ok once it warms up. I'm also glad to see the Kyle Drabek watch has begun. Sorry to mention the Anna Benson watch is over.


Clout: I'm not sure you've officially stated your feelings, but from context clues it seems you're not too high on Marson. Correct?

haha, that davthom post so was perfect. Is he real?! I don't believe it. Its gotta be a character that some other poster plays as.

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