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Monday, April 13, 2009


Back with Whitey once more...

RIP Harry. You'll never be replaced.

Unbelievable. I miss him already. I love you Harry, hope you get to enjoy yourself now for eternity with you best bud Whitey.

Rest in Peace Harry, I'm glad your last season and last game were winners.

can only hope you are already having a cold one with richie, harry. Rest in peace, you will be missed.

Hard to believe...

I grew up listening to Harry Kalas. I know that there were other announcers when I was younger (By Saam stands out in memory), but he is the voice I will always associate with everything good about baseball in Philadelphia. He will be missed by very very many. Me included.

I don't even know what to say. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Happy you got to see one more winner in this town. RIP Harry.

truly heartbreaking.

Harry's voice WAS baseball.

Terrible loss for both baseball and NFL Films.

I'd imagine its going to be difficult for the players to go out there and play through this. If this game were in Philadelphia it would definitely be postponed

Rest in peace.

I'm in favor of a boothless broadcast this afternoon.

To me Harry Kalas will always be the voice of the Phillies. "Outta here" will always be the first thing I say when our team hits a big HR.

My childhood officially died today as well.

Thanks, Harry for all of the memories...

He was like the grandfather to a whole generation of Phillies fans

i don't even know what to say, it's a sad day in the world of sports

Hard to even describe the feeling I have right now and it is just terrible news.

Like Andy I grew listening to him and Whitey with my Dad.

Ironic that it appears he died in the broadcasting booth.


Impossible to replace - glad we got you one more Harry.

I'm not sure I can remember being as affected by the death of a non-family member.

Although... growing up with Harry made him almost a part of the family.

We'll never here Miiickeeeee Mooorrrandeeneeeee again.

I agree with Sophist. There should be a silent booth today.

Another one of my most enduring moments of childhood . . . gone. Going to miss you Harry K.

to quote Whitey..."hard to believe"

RIP Harry... I can't remember a broadcast with out him...

I was born in 1971, I've never not heard Harry calling a Phillies game. It's going to be hard. I liked the thought that my Father, who has since passed listened to the same voice I did. It was a way to share the Phillies with him even though he's not here anymore. He'll be missed.

What a terrible terrible day for Phillies baseball. I feel like I just lost a family member.

Do they even play the game today?

I like that earlier comment, about his last season and his last game being winners.

I will always be grateful to Harry Kalas for his gift to Phillies fans. And I will always think "That ball is OUTTA HERE!!!!" when there's a home run.

I remember as a boy bonding with my step father watching phils games. watching in 93' as he called the games as he called the phils National League East Division champions and watching on the couch with my step father and us jumping in the air as he made the call. As i write this I still remember his 548 call for Micheal Jack Schmidt. Phils games will never be the same without harry the k. I'm glad his last year was a championship year, RIP Harry say hi to whitey for us...

I'm happy that he was able to call one last Phillies World Series victory.

Celebrate him. He'll always be part of us, our team, and our city.

I'm absolutely gutted. This was a day I hoped would never come. The one thing I can take a tiny bit of solice in is that he finally got to call a World Series clinching victory (which he did not get to do in 1980).

RIP Harry - words can't even begin to describe how much generations of Phils fans will miss you.

What a sad day. One one comforting thought in this tough time is that Harry got to see his beloved Phillies on top of the world one final time.

There will never be another like Harry Kalas, he truely is irreplaceable.

RIP Harry.

Harry Kalas you are theeee maaaann

RIP Harry. You were the best ever.
My favorite Harry moment: Mike Piazza hits a game winning homer to beat the Phils at the Vet and after the ball leaves the bat all he said was "Ooh brother". Classic Harry.

Another dead hero.

RIP Harry

One other thought - I was flipping around the various games yesterday on the MLB package, and I heard many of the broadcasts with generic-sounding, non-distinct play by play guys, and thinking to myself, "How lucky are we to have such an iconic treasure like Harry calling Phillies games."

It's truly amazing how fast things can happen.

RIP, Harry. I'm glad you had a chance to call that final out in 2008---for real.

L.A. just broke down on CSN. This is just awful. I've never heard a game called without Kalas.

It's never going to be the same. But thankfully he was able to call a winner before he went out. RIP, Harry.

Rest in peace, Mr. Kalas, and thank you for every game and every call.

I agree with Carson.

My childhood, many of our childhoods, were narrated by Harry Kalas. I, too, am happy Mr. Kalas got to go out on top: a champion.

A voice I will forever associate with everything I love about baseball. Summer, excitement, enthusiasm.

RIP Harry.

Just a sad day.

A major blow for his family and for the sports world as his voice was used all over.

Hopefully him and Whitey hook up in the afterlife and do what they do best.

Rest in peace Harry. You'll live forever in our hearts.

I wish they could postpone today's game, its hard to imagine how they could play it, but since its Opening Day for the Nats, I expect they will try to press on.

man so sad!

I am glad my kid's are old enough to be able to say they knew him and remember his voice.

As all others have said, it is comforting knowing that he was able to call the Phils winning the WS and was able to throw out the first pitch before the ring ceremony.

He went out on top and I will always be thankful that he was able to.

I can't imagine a member of the broadcast team being able to carry on with todays game. Either play it with just game audio or just link to the DC feed, but please dont put wheels and co. in that position to have to call this game - not yet.

I will echo what everyone has said and add that to myself, and to many fans, Harry is the Phillies. Our love for the Phillies is love for Harry. Harry's voice will live in immortality -- both on video and in the memories of all of us -- and we will never watch a Phillies game without thinking of him.

Rest in peace, Harry.

RIP, Harry Kalas. Your stitches are forever woven into the fabric of the game you loved so much.

Even though I am a Giants fan, I made a point of tuning into Phillies broadcasts either on or xmradio just to listen to Harry's call.

My condolences, Phils fans.

Can you believe it? This is a sad day.

One of the most recognized voices in all of broadcasting (and beyond). I'm extremely blessed and thankful to have gotten to hear him from my first ever Phils game and ever since. I never met the man, but he always appeared to carry himself with the utmost dignity and respect. He will be forever missed in Philly.

I'm heartbroken as well. He was the soundtrack to my greatest passion. The other night I was moving my car during the fourth inning, and I heard his voice. I stayed in the car until the commercial just to hear him call it on the radio.
Which is a little more special for me than the call on TV.

I'm sure Whitey is waiting for him with pipe in hand ready to call the game.

RIP Harry The K.

Instead of a pregame show, 1210 is going to be replaying the 9th inning of game 5.

RIP Harry Kalas on behalf of Mets fans. One of the few opposing broadcasters I enjoyed listening to when watching on Inside the NFL will never be the sam.

Heart-breaking. What are the Phillies without Harry?

Baseball is arguably the one sport that really translate well into a radio broadcast.

Still one of the things memories was listening to Harry and Whitey fill a ton of air time during the record rain delay against the Padres in the July 4th weekend of '93 that ended at nearly 5 AM in the morning.

In general though, my most warm memories were listening to Harry K and Whitey doing West Coast broadcasts that weren't on TV (Prism or Channel 17).

Yesterday's Stairs HR call was vintage Harry. Our childhood is gone, but the memories will last forever. Thanks HK.

The players stay a few years and move on. The managers have come and gone. The stadiums were built and torn down. The constant presence throughout my entire life as a fan: Harry Kalas.


RIP Harry. Your memory, your voice, your calls, your legacy will live on forever.

Truly a sad day for all of Philadelphia. We love you Harry!

As one of the posters above alluded to, Harry wasn't just a broadcaster. You heard his voice and you thought of home runs, goof up plays, banter with Whitey and L.A., double play calls...

...But you also knew that as soon as you heard that voice in March that long summer nights, hot dogs, bbq's with the family, days at the Jersey Shore and simple things like sitting out on the porch with mom and pops listening to the Phils, were not far away.

He was iconic. He was a legend, and I would venture that to most of us, he was much, much more than a broadcaster.

Harry and Whitey, together again, at last. We'll miss you so much, buddy.

Wow. This is the saddest I've ever been when someone I didn't personally know died.

It's a very sad day for the Phillies and for Philadelphia. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Kalas family. He was an incredible man and the best sports announcer in this fans eyes period. Will all miss you Harry.

I really hope that at some point in the calls that they're replaying, they play the one from September '05 when Biggio hit the home run off of Wagner.

"All the runs are unearned ... but who cares?"

Harry, you were the best! My heart aches on the news of your passing.

RIP Harry. You will be missed...

Harry is and always will be a legend. It was a privilege to have him calling my team's games every day. He will be missed.

The team needs to retire his microphone and raise it above CBP.

As a 22 year old there has been nothing but Harry in my life this is a sad day the booth should be silent today

Players come and go, teams come together and get broken apart. Stadiums get torn down. The last connection you have with the game you loved when you were 9 is the announcer who cared as much as you did through all those years.

I wanted him to stay forever.

Scott and LA are breaking down on the radio feed. They have a lot of courage to announce only hours after this.

I just don't know how to put into words what he meant to Phils nation. There is a huge void that will never be filled, and I feel gifted to have heard only him as the announcer. RIP Harry.

Oh, heartbreaking to watch that.

This is terrible. I'm just glad he was doing what he loved, and that he got to call the WS.

TMac is doing a decent job, but I wish I could punch Wheels through my television.

RIP, Harry.

I'm so sad to hear this. What an incredible loss. Rest in peace Harry, you will certainly never be be forgotten by a great many Phillies fans, and no one could have been more admired and beloved as a broadcaster.

For me, Harry will always be the voice of the Phillies...very very sad day.

Sorry Philly fans for your loss. It was the country's loss too, the voice of the NFL as far as I was concerned.

Man, that is a great point. It's never going to be the same now.

RIP Harry, and simply, thank you.

I'm not sure Scott Franzke is gonna be able to make this broadcast the whole way through. He's starting to make me tear up.

listening to WPHT. This is heartbreaking.

Matt, I agree. I have the radio broadcast on as well, and as tough as it is to listen to it, I can't imagine how much tougher it is to actually work this game.

Rest in peace, Harry Kalas. I'm only 23, and I feel unbelievably blessed to have heard him call a World Series victory before he passed away.

I am so glad he was able to get his ring beforehand. We all love you, Harry.

i will always remember his call for Mike Schmidt's 500th home run.

And I also loved the way he said "Bobby A-Breuuuu"

Thanks for the memories Harry

You can just feel the emotion in the voice of Scott and LA.

Players' hearts are not in it, and I don't blame them.

Growing up and remembering only Harry as the "Voice". There were others when I was really young, but he WAS the one who made it all so fun. The great calls, even when the teams weren't very good, are what we'll never forget. We have all played ball and announced the plays in Harry's voice as kids. We ALL did it! Harry was truly my favorite Phillie.

I will never forget some of his great calls. The 23-22 game in Chicago, Schmitty's 500'th HR, the 80 World Series, the 93 Pennant, and last years WS Champions. Heck, MLB even changed the announcing rules thanks to Harry not being able to call the 1980 WS. I don't think Phillies games will ever be the same without Harry's smooth, entertaining voice echoing over the airwaves. Summer is sure gonna feel empty this year. We sure will all miss ya Harry. Give our best to Whitey...

RIP Harry, watching the Phillies will NEVER be the same. God Bless.

I got the pleasure to run into Harry outside the stadium a short while ago. Like his entire career, he was a class act.

I apologize if this was up here before, but watching it again makes me smile (especially everybody doing the Wheeler dance at the end). My name will be the link as well.

Growing up all I knew was Harry's voice calling a game. When I heard a game without Harry it didn't sound right. Phillies games will never be the same.

As a lifelong fan who moved to south Texas a few years ago, I've always purchased the season pass on Directv, and then synced the home radio broadcast with the video, since they don't always offer the Phillies tv feed. Harry Kalas was the one and only reason for this. Baseball doesn't sound the same without him. I've always felt sorry for a lot of other clubs that didn't have a voice that could treat the game, and our team, the way that Harry could. Perhaps selfishly, I've always thought that although there are a lot of die hard baseball fans out there, surely they couldn't be more connected to the game than could we, Phillies fans letting Harry guide us through the ups and downs of a season.

This is a hard one to listen to. There's a lot of emotion in the booth right now, and there's a lot of emotion right here in my house.

We were all truly blessed to have Harry Kalas behind the microphone through those ups and downs, and thankfully, it ended as up as it could be last year.

Godspeed, Harry.

RIP Harry. This is sad, but I'm glad he went out having witnessed a Phillies championship season.

If there was ever a day to NOT argue about Pedro Feliz or Chan Ho Park or Lou Marson... this is it.

Damn... what a sad, sad day.

Chris Wheeler and Tom McCarthy smother the game. They just NEVER shut up. You'd never even know what happened today, listening to them. This game should be silent.

RIP Harry.

A friend from grade school reminded me about the time Harry Kalas came to my grade school. This was 27 years ago... I was in 3rd grade. Her quote, "He was like a Rock Star".

We had an assembly in the auditorium. He talked about his career and baseball and played some games with the students on stage... (none of which I recall). Every kid in the school got an autograph from him that day.

And this was 27 years ago! I feel like my DNA was imprinted by his voice and before that his banter with Whitey. Kalas will always be a part of me.

Everything I loved about the Phillies was narrated by Harry the K. When I would go to games, youcould imagine the calls they would make. My Dad might say what White would say, "He looks hitterish". And after a mammoth home run, you could hear the call in your head and when you came home and listened to the real call, how much better it was.

I don't know how these guys are calling the game today.

The game feels incidental.

Harry Kalas was truly the voice of the Phillies as Gene Hart was truly voice of the Flyers. As good as Jim Jackson is now for the Flyers, he isn't Gene Hart. Neither will anybody ever really ever replace Harry Kalas. I wonder who might get that tough task?

As for the Mets fans: The rivalry betweeen us all is never less important during times like these. Your acts of sympathy show us all finally that there are truly decent Mets fans after all. Hard to beleive Harry. Thanks for your thoughts fellas.

Well, now the Nats can have their first win of the season and I couldn't care less.

Mike, I have to agree...I know they have to be professional, but there's not a trace of somberness or reservation in either of their voices. It doesn't seem appropriate.

Mike - I completely agree. I didn't necessarily want to be the first one to complain on a day like this, but wheels worked with this guy for decades and it's just another day at work for him. this is not right. just not right.

mute the tv. put on the radio.

Wheels just can't seem to shut up in the 1st inning. He must reaaly be shook up. Even giggled 2 or 3 times.

A class-less act that Wheels.

Godspeed Harry.

Sophist, I can't handle Wheels. What radio station is broadcasting?

1210, WPHT.

Speechless here.

"Long Drive... watch that baby .... OUTTA HERE!" forever!

echoing what you said and my father's favorite moments with whitey and harry was when the ump would miss a call and you would hear whitey say down the middle for a ball ...and harry laughing behind him... today would have been perfectly fine if it would have been an empty fact perfect there will never be another harry again

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