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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A complete game by Myers would be a welcome surprise.

Then again, so would a winning Powerball ticket.

Battle of the Head Cases. Good luck to whoever the home-plate ump is tonight.

I'd like to see Myers go 7 tonight... even if he gives up 4 runs. This offense should keep on rolling.

CJ: Don't say things like that. This offense has been rolling but it has been known to grind to a halt on occasion ... even when facing a stiff like Olson.

Myers needs to throw his fastball for strikes in good locations and then slipping the curveball in. Only throw his slider when he's way ahead in the count.

Vic the Basher!

Is the park as bmpty as it looks?


I'm just hoping we don't see a lot of changeups from Myers!

take that olsen!

Vic is hot.

Not one batter into the bottom of the first and Wheels is on his "lefty" kick. Just seven more innings of semi-intelligible drivel to endure until I get to hear his musings on the "no-doubles defense."

Could someone clarify the argument that Ibanez can't hit 100 rbi batting 6 in this lineup?

Seeing as he is hitting directly behind the three best obps in the lineup, wouldn't he have a better opportunity to get rbi?

Looks like a huge strike zone tonight, which could be a problem with Olsen's slider. The righties better pull their weight.

Tonight will be a good test of how well Raul hits lefties.

The players in front of Ibanez hit a lot of home runs. Somewhat surprisingly, Ibanez came to the plate with significantly more runners on base last year than did Burrell despite playing on a team with an inferior offense. True Burrell was in the 5-hole, but Howard and Utley homered so often that he relatively rarely came up with runners on base, and when he did they were not often in scoring position.

Can someone please choke Wheels if he tries to make "fugetaboudit" happen on a HR call again tonight?


It is my opinion that Scott Franzke is head and shoulders above calling a baseball game than Tom McCarthy.

Tom McCarthy does nothing for me.

I wish I could sync up the radio broadcast with the television...

I guess Myers has decided to pitch without his curve tonight.

nice pick

ftd: There could be 100 HR from the players in front of Ibanez this year. That's the main reason.

I'd be interested to see what an average 6 hole hitter gets for RBI in a season.

ftd: I should specify... 100 HR from the 3 guys who hit directly in front of him.

is there a way to look up how many runners the 6 hole hitter came up with on base last year?

With my mute button engaged as usual, Victorino came up on the captioning as "victim tree know".

Nice job by Howard on the pick off. Ran the player towards 2nd instead of trying the throw with which he has little comfort.

Something I never even thought of that the g/f mentioned yesterday... doesn't provide a closed captioning option. With all the 'jump to inning' and 'hi-def' features, you think that would be something they would implement.

Rumor is the Phillies hired Franzke with the idea he would eventually be there top guy. With Harry's passing, next season might be the time to put him in the TV booth. Since he's developed a rapport with LA, I think they should both move over to TV. What? That leaves Wheels out in the cold? Aw, that's a shame.

Usually I appreciate because it allows me to choose between home and away broadcasters. But when the choice is between Wheels and Rob Dibble, I appreciate the mute button.

I'll leave it to Sophist to analyze the RBI opportunities for 6-hole hitters!

Big strike zone tonight.

I wish let you sync the radio with the TV like does

Chris Toste quickly 0-2...

If they let you play the radio stream in the player of your choice, instead of their flash plugin, you could sync it up. But since only the video can be time shifted (like a DVR) and it's behind the radio feed, we're stuck. :(

Sure would like to see Chris get back on the ball!

Where'd you hear that 'rumor', matt?

matt: If you're in the Phils broadcast area, try this

Matt: they hired McCarthy with the idea of him being the main voice. He emceed the Kalas ceremony. He's their guy. Doesn't that suck?

joe: How can I stream the audio through a different player? Is there a url for the radio stream?

werth almost had em, good throw

Someone on the radio earlier this spring was talking about Franzke being hired as the #1 guy and eventually replace Harry. Can't remember if it was WIP or XM.

Comparing First At Bats:

Phils' "Team Leader" - 2 Pitches, Grounded Out

Natinals Pitcher - 6 Pitches, Walk

TSB: none that I know of, that's why I was complaining about it...

Bases loaded 2 outs for Zimmerman. This just screams Myers giving up a HR or walking in a run.

M-F'er Brett! Throw some strikes and stop running your pitch count up and pitching around the GD Gnats!

Bad Brett for the 3rd.

I'll be so happy when this P.O.S. is infuriating another team's fans.

Thank heaven Myers only gave up one run in that possible catastrophe.

How Myers just gave up only one run there is astounding. The only pitch he was throwing near the plate was a flat 90 mph fastball. I guarantee you Johnson and Zimmermann were doing him a favor by walking instead of pounding that fastball into orbit.

I'd rather Myers walk three in an inning than give up 3 home runs in an inning. It's been worse. *shrug*

MUCH better AB from Jimmy, despite the K. No need to go down easy w/ a guy like Olsen on the mound for DC.

Least Jimmy took a bunch of pitches before he struck out that time.

Great AB by Jimmy. 10 pitches, even with a bad result at the end is a huge improvement over the last few weeks.

Myers looks like he suddenly knows how to pitch again. What happened.



2009: 3.86
2008: 3.83
2007: 3.86
2006: 3.70

Rollins has never been a guy who takes a very high number of pitches in an AB. It is always nice to see a guy work a count, but it is not his game.

Rollins is 4-9 this series coming into this game. I'm guessing he didn't take a significant number of pitches in those PA either.



2009: 3.86
2008: 3.83
2007: 3.86
2006: 3.70

Rollins has never been a guy who takes a very high number of pitches in an AB. It is always nice to see a guy work a count, but it is not his game.

Rollins is 4-9 this series coming into this game. I'm guessing he didn't take a significant number of pitches in those PA either.

Myers said earlier this year that every mistake he made so-far this year was hit out of the yard. I do believe myers is finally getting a start where he is getting away with a few "mistakes."

Is it just me, or have some of his pitches looked like cookies?

Why do you guys continue to hope for anything resembling consistency from Myers.

He is what he is. Inconsistent.

He's a lovable lug (thug?) Will always have a place in my otherwise cold, dead heart.

But I wouldn't mind the Phils facing him sometime in '10 and beyond...just sayin'.

Wheeler twitters, "And thank you for all the direct messages, but sorry, I'm not available for your kid's birthday party." Lucky for the children of the people who asked...

Sophist: And his impatience has always been his biggest weakness as a leadoff batter.

Danger, I think you're the only person I've ever heard say that Brett was lovable, or even likable. I've never been able to tolerate the guy.

olsen is startin to get cranky... window wide open for a big inning, just keep the line moving boys.

Brett's a fiery guy who wants to win. He's also switched from starter to closer & back to starter, & taken a trip down to the minors, with hardly a complaint. I tend to think Myers is an OK guy who was unfairly burdened w/ the expectation of being an Ace. Besides which, his ABs in the playoffs last season were priceless!

G-Town - You're basically asking one of the best offensive players at his position to change his entire approach at the plate, an approach he's had for 10 years. Rollins will never be that kind of lead-off hitter, but if you look at the numbers he's posted since he was 24 you will be happy. This debate about Rollins is old news. What is this, 2005?

You have to send Howard there. That's too cautious.

Feliz is back to old Feliz.

What do you bet Coste K's?

Tray: you do realize that's not Wheeler, I hope.

Have to send him because the living out machine is up next. Gonna leave the bases loaded, bleh.

Coste looks horrible.

Oh, Coste. Things just not going his way.

Sophist: The only time I've ever been even remotely happy w/ J-Roll as a leadoff batter were '07 & '08. If he cannot produce even moderately acceptable numbers, & is unwilling or unable to change his approach, he should be dropped down in the order, period.

well that stinks

I think Coste is still only about 2/3 of the way to first.

Zimmerman's pretty amazing to watch.

Coste, making the elderly with walkers feel good about their 40 time.

Exactly. He is amazing. Feliz is a very good third baseman, but that kind of play is made by a select few like Zimmerman.

Sophist: Or, to put it more simply, Jimmy has fine career numbers for a SS, but as a career leadoff hitter his numbers are infuriatingly inconsistent & (esp. so far as OBP is concerned) average -- at best.

Where is DavThom now??? I bet he had a "suck it bitches!!!" post waiting to hit the enter key there if Costey got a run in.


MPN - But he can count the long at bat as evidence that Coste has power.

Better 3B (defensively)

Zimmerman or Longoria?

I'm going Longoria.

Yes, it only counts when Costey misses a salami by 3'. Chooch or Marson makes that play at first closer in my mind.

Now he's throwing curves.

G-Town - Not exactly sure how that one phrase is "more simple" than the other.

Rollins had a better year offensively in 06 than 08, so not sure why you left that out.

Also, Rollins P/PA this year is exactly where it was in 07 when you claim to be happy with him. So, again, P/PA is not his problem.

Inconsistent? Check out his numbers. The only thing inconsistent about Rollins since 2004 is his SLG (and that's because he's had a couple of monster HR years for a lead-off hitter). .277-.296/.338-349 every other year. His highest OBP coming just last year. You won't get an argument from me that his OBP isn't *ideal* for a lead-off hitter, but .340 is not terrible. When you add in 40 2B and 40 SB, you have one of the best in baseball. "period."

John C. Reilly, aka Mike Honcho, aka Billy Chapel's personal catcher in For Love of the Game, legs out that grounder.

I'm betting that Zimmerman only got him at first because Coste was running at half speed. He knew that if he was going all out he would have passed all of the other three baserunners.

There's a Rollins rip.

And nuts.

What a terrible CS.

Rollins looks runnerish ...

Too runnerish.

I think Davethom views every a bat by Coste from a perspective akin to the final scene in "Major League" where Tom Berenger hits a weak ground ball and moves in super slow motion. All grunts are louder, facial expressions frozen in time, knees crackle with every stride. But unfortunately, Ryan Zimmerman has no intention of Hollywood endings.

Jimmy will be fun to watch once he turns this around.

"Jimmy will be fun to watch..."

Can't wait.

Zimmerman's breakout season has arrived.

Sophist: I think a couple of very good years have blinded you to J-Roll's overall mediocrity as a leadoff man. And this is, by far, the WORST start of Rollins' career. How you can envision a supposed BA/H/SB guy being able to make up a full month of utter suck (w/ no end in sight) is beyond me. I'm just glad Jimmy doesn't let his offense drag down his defense, or he'd be no more useful than Coste.

Think McCarthy would get the hint if we sent him a case of corks?

Elijah "Raul" Dukes. Crap

IOP: Throughout the end of last season & into the playoffs I pictured Tom Berenger every time Burrell came up to bat.

G-Town: Lol, Tom Berenger with Pedro Serano power. Still can't believe Serano is doing Allstate commercials. Quite a career move, Jobu would not approve.

I hate Brett Myers.

G-Town - You really don't actually *know* anything do you? Go and look up Rollins' numbers since CBP opened. Or will I have to post them? Or, wait, do we just talk on BL now and not back anything up with objective reality?

2004: .289/.348/.455 - 43 2b, 12 3b, 14 hr, 30 sb
2005: .290/.338/.431 - 38, 11, 12, 41
2006: .277/.334/.478 - 45, 9, 25, 36
2007: .296/.344/.531 - 38, 20, 30, 41
2008: .277/.349/.437 - 38, 9, 11, 47

Consistent, right? "a couple of very good years." Right. It's your contention that Rollins, at 30, will become the player he was at 23 in Veterans Stadium. What reason does anyone have to believe that statement? I get the sense you've never followed a player for a full year. Baseball is played until the beginning of October.

That was a good pitch. Willingham just got it.

Hopefully Myers can get out of the inning without giving up anything else..

And then, contrawise, Myers put one high in the zone over the plate to Flores and he missed it.

"w/ no end in sight"

Again. 5-12 this series. And he just got his first hit from the right side in awhile. A nice hard hit line drive.

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