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Friday, April 24, 2009


Jason: Bad mood this Friday?

Speaking of horrible players..

I'm glad we signed Ibanez over Milton Bradley for April's sake.

phaithful: You hit on the #1 reason why the Phils ended up with a lefthanded outfielder last off-season. Available free agent righthanded outfielders: 1. Manny; 2. Burrell; 3. Milton Bradley. That's quite a drop-off.

(The #2 reason, for what it's worth, is that the front office REALLY liked Ibanez.)

The Hamels news is a bright spot during this otherwise cloudy time.

Hamels going down and missing maybe 2 or 3 (or more) starts would've been bad. Especially considering he looked almost like the Cole we know yesterday before the home run.

Truth - My thoughts too. Hamels looked like himself the first 3 innings and then got slammed with that line drive right after the HR by Braun.

About the only upside to his struggles so far is that it has saved a little wear & tear on Hamels arm.

Marson's playing tonight. Coste haters can take a night off?

And for those who maintain the Marlins will win the WS this year because they win it 'every 6 years' keep in mind they haven't ever won the division, so we might as well win that again as a consolation prize.

Call me crazy but I see the Phils getting just enough pitching to take 2 out of 3 against the Fish including from the ageless one. Also bet this series will have some ugliness to it though including the possibility of some heated words/exchanges. Basically no love loss between these two teams the last couple of seasons.

We made the list of top 6 disappointing slow starts at Big League Stew, but we're the least worst of the group!

MG: How much of that dissapates now that Olson is gone?

I think this trip to Florida is well timed. It's a good, gritty rivalry, unlike the last two series with Padres and Brewers. Feels like the real thing, and away from Philadelphia, which has produced one distraction after another.

King - That will help big time but I bet Myers starts it off tonight by HBP (not on purpose) that generates some ill will.

"Coste haters can take a night off?"

EF - You weren't on the last time Marson started were you?

Phils are gonna rock this series.

(If they do, I can say, I tole ya so. If they don't, well, what else is new.)

Phils against Josh Johnson:
Howard 7/16 (.438) 2 HRs
Utley 5/13 (.385)
Rollins 5/17 (.294)
Feliz 3/9
Werth 1/3
Coste 4/8 HR
Dobbs 2/3 HR

Bring'im on. It's batting practice.
(Okay. Maybe not. But I'm doing "campaign cheer" tonight.)

The Chris Coste who went 4-for-8 with a HR against Johnson has not been seen so far this year. So, Charlie's going with Marson instead.

Phils need a wake-up call tonight. Myers should throw at somebody.

"games in Florida are filled with juice."
Are you trying to imply that there is something "fishy" about Florida's players, JW?

"Marson's playing tonight. Coste haters can take a night off?"
Which is worse, Coste haters or Coste lovers?

...i kid, i kid.

I did add a question mark. Florida's going to be so dominant that people are going to call for Marson's immediate demotion, along with DFA'ing Rollins, Howard, Vic, Pedro and Werth.

The Theory: The problem is, whenver you post about Coste you automatically get put into one category or the other.

One of the Jeep Keys to the game was: "Phillies vs. Phish, always a good match-up." Thank you, Phillies crew, for that insider info. I really feel like I know what to look for now.

Well, that was a stellar first inning.

Nice nine-pitch first inning. I feel bad about this whole series. I feel bad about Myers on the mound too. I could see him getting bombed early, again, and the Phils getting swept.

WFC or not, that Negadelphia vibe never truly goes away for me.

Ugh. All strikes for Johnson, all balls for Brett.

For the record, I typed that about Myers before the four pitch walk.

Game Over....

The Phils are getting in games on the CN8 during the Flyers/Sixers playoffs. Got to get them back on CSNHD ASAP.

This is the downside of having Fios. I can't watch the Phils. It's the only downside, though.

And the Bonifacio love affair is officially over.


Awaits long diatribe from davthom.

Wow. Uggla. 0 for his last 21.

Yeah imagine having an offensive player in a slump like that...HELLO JIMMY!

This season is ridiculous with these HR. Just uncanny.

Hey, at least we're setting records.

How hard is it to get out of the first inning without being down a run??? I mean WTF?!?

Phils set the record for most consecutive games allowing a HR yesterday. Just extending that streak.

Time for Brett to become an IronPig. Again.

How many home runs will Phils pitchers give up today? I'm going with three.

this is embarrassing

That could not possibly have been more foreseeable.

jeez, are they just replaying the same game over and over again or do we just give up a three run homerun in every first inning... this is infuriating.

Now it's a game.

This is just brutal so far this year...seriously.

I will definitely NOT miss Brett Myers, and his $12M salary, when he's gone next year.

How do you give Pedro an error on that play? That's crazy.

Most guys in a contract year step it up a notch...not Myers.

All the people talking about how Myers would have a good season because it was his contract year clearly have not paid attention to the fact that this guy is a crazy person. Rational people perform better in a contract year. Crazy people do the same thing over and over and are surprised each time the ball flies out of the park.

Is Happ warming up yet? Or is he spent from yesterday?

Myers is terrible against the Fish. He's the anti-Moyer.

Apparently, the Phillies are good at getting opposing players out of their hitting funks.

Freaking awesome.

Myers allowed 6 HR after 4 starts last year. He's already at 8 here.

Ha, did Charlie foresee this when moving Happ to the pen? "This" being that we'd need a 3-inning (at least) long man literally every, or every other, game.

I'd love to know what percentage of HR surrendered by Brett Myers have been hit when he's got 2 strikes on the batter. He's one of the worst pitchers I've ever seen when it comes to closing the deal.

hh - It's a tough job, but....

A nice easy 40 pitch first inning for Brett. He'll be lucky to make it 4 innings...assuming he actually even settles down.

Anyone think Myers will get sent down again?

WHAT do they DO in Spring Training? Somebody needs to look into these slow April starts and see if there's any correlation. There has to be.

i'm still having a post world series buzz and losses don't bother me at all. Maybe the players feel that way too. We did it already so there isn't any great necessitiy to do it again. Go phillies. I love you even if you lose every game.

NEPP - If he doesn't "settle down" he'll be left on the rubber slab altar for the sake of the bullpen.

I guarantee we don't offer him arbitration at least. Could you imagine having to pay him more than $12 million next year?

Johnson= 11 pitches and 11 strikes thrown...odd.

Explain to me how the Marlins are the first team not to shift the shortstop over to the right side, and then Howard drills it right where there's usually a whole, right at Ramirez.


Lisa: I disagree. You need to at least make the playoffs again to be considered a legimate WS winner. It's a matter of pride. You don't want to hear other fans say, "Well, you got lucky and won on a fluke, do you?"

The players certainly don't want to be thought of that way.

When you've only won 2 WS titles in 126 years of existence, you've got a lot of catching up to do.

errr...usually a "hole"

Anyone else think the strike zone is a bit small tonight?

You have to at least make it back to the playoffs...if we go out and win 75-80 games we'll forever be considered a team that got hot at the exact right time.

Hey, at least we're not getting no hit right now...Thanks Raul!

NEPP: I agree. And it couldn't be further from the truth. We were close for so many years and then made it 2 years in a row...but no one will remember that...they'll only remember what we do this year.

Just what we needed: to face a legitimate CY candidate the day after we were nearly no-hit by Dave Bush.

Yep, that should get the bats going. /sarcasm

Coste would've crushed a double off of the wall in that situation.

Forget what I said about a small zone. If this keeps up, however, I might be inclined toward a "selectively" small zone.

Coste would have hit a ball 500 ft in that situation...

come on lou, you gotta foul that off and stay alive

Coste would've nailed a dolphin swimming unwisely too close to shore in that situation.

NEPP, HH: considered by whom?

Probably everyone who isn't a Phillies fan Sophist. We know its BS but others don't remember that.

Going into the year, I was thinking 1976 Reds. Now I'm thinking 2007 Cardinals.

T-Mac & Wheels are brutal. All of this f*cking dog jibber-jabber is making me borderline homicidal.

There's usually someone where Hanley was during the Howard shift. Marlins leave Hanley there and move their 3bman to the middle for some reason. Did it last year that way, don't know why.

I like dogs and everything, but this has got to be one of the sillier promotions in baseball history.

NEPP: I doubt everyone who's not a Phillies fan will think that. This team has won a lot of games since 2003, has two MVPs, the best 2B in the league by a wide margin, and one of the best young pitchers in the league. People besides Phils fans have recognized this core for a long time.

Sophist: I've heard it already. The Phils were a fluke that only got into the playoffs because they were hot (true, but they are almost always hot in Sept), the Mets choked (untrue) and got perfect matchups (true to a certain degree).

We need a run this inning...start chipping away at this damn lead of theirs.

It's a bad economy, but I'll bet next week will be a busy week for Miami's dog bite lawyers. They're probably at the game handing out business cards.

HH: from whom?

Rollins is killing us so far.

I'm in favor of flat out benching Rollins for at least a week. Let Gnome play short for awhile until J-Roll gets his head out of his ass & starts taking his job seriously. Yeah, they'll be a lag on defense, but it can't be any worse offensively, & the team sucks right now anyway.

Sophist: From Mets fans primarily and various interwebs. A lot of Pirates fans, surprisingly (because they have so much room to talk).

G-Town, will the pitchers stop giving up HR once Rollins is benched? What evidence do you have that benching him is the sol'n? That he isn't taking his job seriously?

We dont need to bench him...we need him to start hitting.

We need the pitchers to start pitching too.

dude giving his dog a sip of his beer was great

EF - Thanks.

Actually, that makes sense. The guy in the middle doesn't need much range, so it makes sense to keep the SS where he normally plays. More teams should use the Fish version of the shift.

Mets fans? No kidding.

Phils are 4th in the NL in runs (teams above them have played one or two more games), have two fewer HR than the NL-leading Cards (who have played two more games), and are 3rd in the NL in OPS.

The pitching & the hitting are totally separate issues. But from a team standpoint, Rollins is a disgrace. Coming into tonight: .169 BA ... .206 OBP ... comes up hacking in each & every at bat w/ NO focus whatsoever. He can't even manage to make a productive out. It's sickening. I don't know for certain that benching J-Roll will make him better, but keeping him in the lineup, esp. at leadoff, is killing the offense every bit as much as the HR ball is killing the pitchers.

Pirates fans amuse me. There hasn't been a rivalry between the teams for years, but they still hate us like it's 1979.

bap - You think the dogs promotion is ridiculous? The Fish have a few winners this including Lawyers' Appreciation Night, CPA Appreciation Night, and several other desperate pleas to draw a few more hundred fans to the ballpark each night.

Do you think a new ballpark will really draw more fans in S Florida?

Or will the tickets just cost a lot more like in NY/NYC and it won't make much of a difference?

Baseball will never work in Florida... my crazy world where I am in charge, I'd move one team to the Raleigh area and the other to Brooklyn. NYC could support 3 teams easily with their population base...Hell Brooklyn alone would still be one of the top 5 metro areas in all of MLB.

Bringing MLB franchises to Florida was a stupid idea from the outset. I lived in that state for 10 years, & it has absolutely no steady, sustainable market, even in good economic times, for any sports save football & NASCAR. FL = Worst Fans in Baseball.

Just checked out the score. Is there a point in the season at which it's too early to say:

season = over?

Laughed at the preseason predictions of where Myers was going to win 16-17 games this year or being a dominant starter pitcher.

Myers does deserve credit for getting in shape and showing some gumption in his first 2 starts. Last start and tonight though, Myers looks almost exactly like 2008 Pre-ASB break Myers. That is in no way a complement.

Mixing location badly at times, shaking off the pitcher too much, and just making way too many mistakes right down the zone.

He keeps this up and his ERA is going to remain well above 5 into the summer just like it did last year.

Yes...and this is it.

The season isn't over...hell, its not even 1/10th complete.

Lawyers Appreciation Night? Lol. That might well be the first major league game ever played to a totally empty stadium.

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