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Friday, April 17, 2009


Remember this? Perhaps b00b was onto something. Or at the very least, on something.

C: Baker >> Ruiz
1B: ??? (MacPherson?) <<<< Howard
2B: Uggla < Utley
3B: Cantu >> Feliz
SS: Ramirez >> Rollins
LF: Ross < Ibanez
CF: Maybin < Victorino
RF: Hermida > Werth
Marlins << Phillies (Dobbs, etc.)

Nolasco < Hamels
Johnson >> Myers
Volstad >> Blanton
Sanchez > Moyer
Miller >= Park/Kendrick

Lindstrom FLA Bullpen << Philly Bullpen (read: FLA bad, Philly average until Romero gets back)

If you tabulate all the <'s as a point each, FLA is way ahead based on the strength of their rotation.
You could argue that Ramirez is NOT 2>>'s better than Rollins, but offensively, I think he really is that much better. More speed, more power, more contact.

Posted by: b00b | Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 02:28 PM

Who knew that "turf toe" makes you unable to throw strikes?

I remember when Young played center for the Princeton Tigers -- and totally dominated Chis Mihm (who played for Texas and now plays backup C for the Lakers).

The guy is a GOOD athlete (and was glad when he decided to take the deal from Pittsburgh and forgo his NCAA eligibility and stop dominating other Ivy League teams).

bap: Frankly, they had to come up with something and I bet the trainers thought turf toe would be hilarious!

I said this at the very end of the last thread, and, because I don't want to be annoying, I assure you that I'll ask only one more time before I let it go completely, and simply content myself with watching the Flyers tonight.

I've had Verizon FiOS for about a year now. I want to see this damn Phillies game tonight, though, so this morning I called Comcast and they said they'd come to my house today and install it; except they never showed. So I don't have Comcast, and thus I don't have the Comcast Network, and thus I can't watch the game.

...Unless someone knows of someplace -- besides, like -- where I could watch the game? I'd be oh-so appreciative if someone could help me out with a website here. Thanks, and let's go Phils!

Haven't waded into the "Are the Marlins for real?" debate yet, so wanted to get my two cents in...

I'll echo what most have said: the rotation is legit, the offense, not so much. There's a reason the PECOTA standings had them at 72 wins. Granted, they're always pesky and could prove me wrong, but they'd need a couple of guys (Bonifacioa and Baker in particular) to significantly outperform their track records and projections in order to stay in this race long-term.

It says on the Comcast listings that the Phillies game isn't being shown until 10:05. That cannot be right. Right?

tg - as far as i know, MLB does a better job than other leagues at keeping the online streams under wraps.

TNA - Ross Ohlendorf, another Tiger pitcher, made his way from a relief role with the Yankees to a starting role with the Pirates (part of the Randy Johnson trade a few years ago and then the Nady trade last year).

So is this game being televised? I have Fios, and I get CSN, but its flyers. Am I missing something?

How long until we can get Kane Kalas in the booth? What a voice!!

unfortunately have San Diego's broadcast. But they showed all the pregame. Very well done.

Phew Kane can sing

Heard something abt CN8...WTF?

Phils have done an awesome job commemorating Harry. But I do wonder when they'll catch on and switch the radio and tv crew. I'd much rather listen to LA. He is much more of a old school color guy.

You never know how much you love something until its gone.

Comcast customers: the game tonite is on CN8. I've got Directv and it looks like I'm SOL. A bitter pill to swallow on this particular nite.

Why can't McCarthy do this all the time? I can't stand him.

Nice catch Raul.

I liked McCarthy when he was just in the stands. Now....too much talking. Give me Franzke and LA or hire Scott Graham back.

Anyone know what time comcast sportsnet is going to rerun the game tonight? They said on DNL the other day that it would be reaired tonight and tomorrow afternoon after the ceremony.

Totally agree on LA and Franzke. Where is Graham now? Another baseball team?

I liked Graham a lot. Franzke's a decent guy but nothing special.

I think Graham is doing Nova basketball, not sure though. Graham was always a favorite of mine, loved listening to him while at work, despite the repetitive ice cream commercials.

Are they our first 1st inning runs? Get 'em Chase.

Chase Utley.....

you know the rest.

Finally, an encouraging first inning. Cole was hitting 90 in the top of the first, then Rollins & Vic come out & lead off the bottom of the inning with a couple of hits & some aggressive base running. Then Utley goes deep. That's the way it's written up in the script.

I have FIOS too.

Can't even get it on


Ballsley? Are you kidding me? That's hilarious.

You show 'em Coste!

To those who clamor for Marson -- and his seven major league at bats of experience -- with Marson's 1 for 20 Spring Training -- I say to you -- your assertions of Coste's alleged demise are premature. Nice 2 RBI hit, Coste.

wow, that was the best sung national anthem i ever heard.

To those who clamor for Marson -- and his seven major league at bats of experience -- with Marson's 1 for 20 Spring Training -- I say to you -- your assertions of Coste's alleged demise are premature. Nice 2 RBI hit, Coste.

Yes, it was a nice hit. Coste is a nice backup catcher. It would also be nice, if Coste could throw a runner out this year too.

Marson is the future. Its just a matter, of when that future starts in Philly.

God, you can really hear Harry in Todd's voice sometimes.

Nothing against HK,but I could never stand the rest of the TV crew. Now,more than ever,take my advice of the last few years,mute the TV and listen to L.A. on the radio. I also like Franzke and I liked Graham too. Did he get fired,and why?

davthom - i'll bet the Coste hit got you so jacked up that the first thing you did after cleaning yourself up in the bathroom was fire up the computer and log on to beerleaguer to post an "FU/I told you so" comment.

good for you man. i'm glad someone in this world has that much passion about *something*.

Just getting to see the phils for the first time this year. Just got a new 22" wide screen monitor and the package( I live in Chicago), so hopefully I'll get to see a win tonight(normally with a five spot posted in the first I wouldn't hesitate about the win, but the way the starters have been...).

When Chase hit that homerun did anyone hear the "Outta Here"? I didn't and I thought they were going to do it for every homerun.

Look at Raul, motoring around those bases. Slow?!

Burrell would have just been chugging into first after all that time.

Anyway, looks like Howard is back in form today, completly baffled by breaking balls.

Gotta love Ibanez start to the season. Hopefully there will be more to come. Doesn't look slow to me.

Get 'em Coste!

The only person who's enjoying tonight's game more than Charlie Manuel: Davthom.

First time since Dick Allen that our LF has a SB and a 3B.

Hamels can really hit.

2 doubles for coste. Where's Davthom?

mm: a few posts up

How many HRs have Phillies pitchers given up so far to this point? It seems like a ton, even for them.

I think the Phils have given up 22 dingers.

BTW, when was the last time Burrell had a triple and a stolen base in one game? In one season?

So 23 then.

This is just killing them overall.

Sorry Curt - missed your earlier comment.

Cole's stuff has looked better tonight than last time out, but the results have been just as horrific. Watching our starting pitching yield 11 homeruns per game is getting really old.

"Anyway, looks like Howard is back in form today, completly baffled by breaking balls."

Good point. After all:

314 .368 .514 (1 HR, 8 RBI)

Knight, think we can get a couple of prospects for Howard?

Well at least we had one half of one season where we didn't have to worry about the pitching. As phillies fans, that's about as much as we could ask for.

This game is starting to have the feel of a come-from-ahead loss.

Yea yea, I know. I just cringe every time I watch Howard pull a Howard and swing over and over again at the garbage other pitchers feed him.

BAP - ever the optimist. Although it would be nice to see ONE GAME where it doesn't hang in the balance with the bullpen.

Knight - I hear ya' but you gotta take the good with the bad with any player. I'd say the good outweighs the bad with Howard.

Other pitchers? What is that doing there. My kingdom for an edit button.

"Cole's stuff has looked better tonight than last time out, but the results have been just as horrific."

No, they haven't. He has pounded the zone, had much better velocity (up 3-4 MPH since Colorado) and gotten through 6 innings with the lead.

He'll be fine, by May 1.

lol. And as I make that comment, Howard racks up his 3rd K of the night.

denny: When reading my posts, you have to allow a little license for hyperbole. No, the results have not been "just as horrific" as last time (when he allowed 7 runs in 3.2 innings). Tonight the results have merely been horrific. I agree he'll be fine in due time, but there's nothing fine about 5 earned runs, and 3 homeruns allowed, in 6 innings. Watching our pitchers get pounded night in and night out is really getting old.

Prediction: This game will be tied before this half inning is over.

"Watching our pitchers get pounded night in and night out is really getting old."

My guess is the bullpen would be nodding in agreement on that one. If this keeps up, a lot of arms are going to start falling off.

Does Eyre ever not work a full count?

Boy, I would rather see Park as that 7th inning righty, instead of Condrey.

That role, was made for Chan Ho, and his stuff.

If Chan Ho can give them some good outings as a starter, that will be great. But, man, that 6th-7th inning righty (the role Durbin had for most of last year), looks like a perfect spot for Chan Ho, should the starting thing not work out.

Condrey, as well as he has pitched the past 2 years (many in non-stressful situations), just scares me in that role.

Best "small sample size" stat of the 2009 season: Pedro Feliz is on pace to hit .345 and draw 108 walks.

Ole Man Sheffield just closed his eyes, and finally made contact with his 500th dinger.

When does he land on the DL? By Memorial Day?

It's real sad to me how much the 500th homerun has lost it's luster. It used to be a monumental event, now it happens a few times a year sometimes.

It seems like our whole staff is tipping its pitches. These teams are all raking.

Werth threw that terribly. Should have gunned down that runner. And massive massive failure by the Phillies. Done.

Well, if this holds up, we will have officially given back that lucky win against the Braves.

I don't think they're tipping. What's to tip? Pitches are coming in right down the middle.

This pitching staff sucks! 24 homeruns given up? Hamels sucked tonight. Madson sucked tonight. We're playing the Nationals and the Padres, not the Yankees and Rangers. C'mon!

Yeah Dobbsy. Fightins not done yet.

Friar: What is PECOTA's track record in predicting team records?

Hint: A blind cat could do better.

Big spot for Utley.

Shaner really needs to get over swinging at the first pitch in key situations.

Hey look, it's what Werth should have done, actually put some force on the ball. Phillies deserve to lose at this point.

Hmmm, shallow single to left field, average speed runner on second and you send him home with your cleanup hitter on deck? Are you kiddin' me?


* shaking head *

The starting pitching has been so astoundingly bad that our bullpen has gotten a free pass this year. But the fact is, our bullpen's numbers are pretty horrible as well.

This is just terrible.

Ibanez must be thinking he's still with the Mariners about now.

Wow, Flipper's hatred of Burrell still has the best of him.

This reminds me very much of that appearance Lidge had last year where they brought him in down 1, and then he gave up a grand slam. Can't remember who it was against... maybe the Rockies?

I'm feeling like one is likely here.

why is lidge still in here

why was he put in there at all?

Howard flashing some leather tonight.


golden glove howard

clout: Which Pat Burrell are you referring to?

This one?:

.216 .302 .351

we need a k





Houdini act. Make 'em pay, Phils.

Well, that was unlikely.


rip HK

This game is like a flashback to 2004. Hamels doing an Eric Milton impersonation, the Phillies score runs early and them disappear and Manuel impersonating Bowa by playing for one run in the 8th by giving up an out with Rollins bunting....still a slight chance but I am pretty distressed that I am watching the Marlins/Nats score with so much concern this early in the season

C'mon Ryno, let's get it started.

I hate bringing in the closer, down 1, in mid April. And, then he throws 30+ pitches in the process.

Lidge seems to be getting a bit too "slider-happy". Yes, its his best pitch, but he seems to be scared to throw his fastball.

Got to mix them both, Bradley.

Does Stairs have a game-winning long-one in him tonight? Hope we find out...

I'm not sure Lidge was locating his fastball very well, which is probably why he was a bit heavy on the sliders.

That was ball 4

Golden Sombrero for Howard.

Knight. I'm not worthy.

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