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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Repost from last thread:
The infamous John Lannan on the mound tonight. Let's keep him winless against the Phils, please.

I'm still p'ed that he broke Utley's hand 2 years ago.

And apparently MASN announcers are still p'ed that he got ejected from the game for hitting 2 straight batsmen, saying he was just a rookie and wasn't throwing at them. Ummmm...yeah, but the bigger picture is that he could have seriously hurt someone because he couldn't command his fastball. He had to go.

Cole Hamels, this pitching staffs needs you. They need you to perform like you did in 2008, or 2007, or even your rookie year of 2006. They need 7+ innings of well pitched baseball. Why so desperate? The Phillies starting pitchers are averaging a measly 5.46 innings pitched per start with an absurd era of 6.68 and an awful whip of 1.61.

Carson- those numbers are so mind-numbingly awful that I just lost the appetite for the burrito I just bought. And it's huge. And I was hungry.

Every game, I say to myself (quietly)- 'Please, please, please...a good outing by a starter' I'll add 'so I can enjoy my burritos from now on....'

Seems like Hamels' velocity is a lot better tonight. Just gotta keep the ball in the park now.

Wow, a first inning without 3 runs being scored. Nice. Let's hope Cole wasn't watching Blanton last night.

aight jroll, lets get it started

Get it started by pounding a ball into the dirt. I think Jimmy just hates worms and wants them all to die.

Is anyone's CN8 picture messed up like mine is?

That was not a good AB for J-Roll. :-[

Matt: My CN8 feed is coming through fine.

So the 1210 website doesn't play phillies games online I guess even though its on the air? Where can i listen to phillies radio online (without buying mlb audio)

Johnny, I'd just shell out the $14.95 for MLB Gameday Audio. It's cheap, it's for the whole season, and you can listen to any game you want.

My CN8 is totally retro seventies style, like some intern is feeding the video through a photoshop filter

Are you watching HD or normal CN8? My HD channel is working fine.

Regular CN8. He's right about the Photoshop filter, that's what it looks like.

Nice job by Coste to turn the lineup over.

Ya I had it when I was in Kuwait, I canceled it when I came home, the real solution to my problem is putting a tv in with my computer. I could go downstairs and watch the game, but I wanted to get some work done tonight, and was just looking for a quick radio listen online.

Luckily, J-Roll's offense more than makes up for little fielding miscues like that.

That change to Johnson was malicious.

Andy, Gameday said it was a curveball. Did McCarthy get a pitch wrong AGAIN?

Didn't realize how well the Phils were doing defensively thus far. They are statistically leading the majors in defense. While some here are skeptical of defensive statistics (particularly errors by middle IF defenders), I think we all know that this team is one of the best defensive teams in the league.

That is one positive thus far. Imagine if the Phils had pitched this bad and had bad defense. It would be really ugly.

It's like deja vu with the Rollins outs. Those looked identical.

IOP: Yeah, they'd look like the Nati'nals.

Well, he coulda. It dropped like a curve. (It was malicious whatever it was.) What was the velocity?

Incidently, the commercial with Rollins for the Chollie Bobble-head is ridiculously funny. I fell off my chair.

Go Vic.

@AWH, TMac says every single Hamels offspeed pitch is a changeup. This is nothing new.

Rob Dibble called it a curve on MASN.

Not that Rob Dibble ever threw a curve ball.

Based on Dibble, let me revise my statement: "That curve on Johnson was malicious."

Rob Dibble also said this is Hamels' first start at home this year.

Andy, gameday say the velocity wsas 77mph.

Chaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

chase utley you are the man

Chase Utley you are the man.


I love that swing.

And then Howard right into the teeth of the shift.

Rob Dibble actually make these MASN broadcasts bearable for me. Last few years they were horrible. The guy calling the game is still dry as Arizona cardboard, but Dibble is interesting.

I'll tell you what: If McCarthy can't tell the difference between a curve and a chageup, he definitely needs to go. for goodness sakes, do the Phillies FO care about accuracy and the fans' enjoyment of the game, or not?

AWH - 77 mph is no change-up. That was a curve. McCarthy's a dweeb.

Hurt'em Happy.

Pete Happy!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

That was *smoked* by Pete.

First Pitch Feliz

hes like a new man

Feliz Navidad!!

When did this guy learn how to hit! Yeah!

I thought the stadium was supposed to play Harry's "Outta Here" for the rest of the season, I don't hear it on the TV, was this just done for HK's weekend?

McCarthy's presence has to make you wonder if Montgomey cares about the quality and accuracy of the broadcast.

I hope it's not a sign that the organization is relaxing it's standards. If that metasticizes over to the baseball operation - look out!!!

This offense is unbelievable right now. Seriously, if we start to get some better pitching, we're a very good team.

Andy: Hamels changeup doesn't come in at 77 mph?

Pedro Feliz is one of the many pleasant surprises here in the early going.

Haven't seen this discussed, but J.C. Romero has filed a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer of the supplement that caused his suspension. Unlike other PED suspended players, he is opening himself up to some additional scrutiny. Makes him seem more credible in my eyes.

Since I am watching on Gameday as always, how does Hamels look? I don't like his 28-22 strike-ball ratio.

Isn't Hamels' change closer to the low 80s?

CRD: He's fine. Smallish strike zone, his pitches have generally been where he wants them. I'm actually pretty impressed with his command tonight.

Hamels is decent, but he's definitely struggling with location, which is why his balls are so high (balls as in pitches, the other balls are Heidi's domain).

According to, Hamels' change has been in the 79-81 range.

Carson- For some reason, as I was reading your post I knew it was headed in the direction it went in. I guess we share that preteen humor.

Once again: We have arguably the best offense and the best defense in the league. We just need some decent pitching, and we're a top team.

I damn near 30 and it's doubtful I'll ever outgrow that kind of humor.

J-Roll. 9 pitches, 3 outs. Grrrrrr ... :-[

That was a helluva throw by Zimmerman. If Johnson catches that ball Shane is out.

Jack- Phils are defending WS champs and currently have a winning record despite massively underperforming pitching, so I most definitely consider this a top tier team.

HH,DONC: To me, a homer not only roots for his team, but never EVER has a bad word for one of his "teammates". This is not LA, who is the first one to say something when a player does something wrong. He was yelling at Coste the other nite before his throw got to 2B. For my own selfish reasons, I would like to see these 2 guys stay together and on radio, as I get more games on radio than TV, and hitting that mute button is SO easy.

For those who want to write letters, I posted before that your best bet is the TV sponsors. When they learn that everyone is hitting that mute button in favor of the radio(or complete silence), you will get results. (Unless those ad contracts are set for the season.)

Good stuff...internet connection restored finally!

GO Phillies!

That game last night was freaking AWESOME!

Damn pitchers getting hits...ugh!

uh oh whos injured

turned his ankle a bit


He hurt his left ankle. That looked bad in slo-mo.

Gary Matthews Sr., what the hell are you talking about? He turned his ankle!

Well, this is great news.

Could Hamels please have a start where I don't have a heart attack from some possible injury when he's mowing down batters.

And he's done. Damnit damnit damnit.

Unbelievable. Just wow. You have to be kidding me.

Sonuvabitch!!! :-[

Oh man, that is bad.

holyfuckingshit, why?!?!?!!?!?!

Well, I look forward to WIP questioning his manhood tomorrow.

For f***'s sake

What the hell just happened to Hamels??? To those watching the game

What the hell? Hamels is hurt again?????

he is a pussy

Hamels has some kind of bad luck aura now that he's pitching well.

This has the makings of giving back one of those wins we've stolen in the last couple days.

Ya, wtf, two good starts in a row shortened because of some stupid injury. Does this one look serious?

Hamels came off of the front of the mound to field a bunt, Slipped, & appeared to twist/catch his left ankle underneath him as he fell.

oh yeah...LARRY ANDERSON SUCKS. HE is a fookin mortician and puts me to sleep.

Almost Theisman stuff, there.

I guess the speed of his change-up is kinda academic.

Maybe this is how the Verducci effect plays out. It's not really about pitching; it's about bizarre, freakish accidents. On his next start, a Polar Bear is gonna charge in from Center Field and drag him off to the Island.

This is ridiculous, Cole twists his ankle and gets lifted in the 5th. This bullpen is shot, not sure how we're supposed to milk them for 5 innings, especially with Lidge out.

Which ankle???

Ugh, I was looking at 7 or 8 innings from Hamels tonight. dammit, I hope he's ok.

He turned his right ankle trying to field a ball. Took one warm up pitch and came up super lame. Does not look good.

This rotation is cursed. The Phillies are just going to have to outhit everyone.

The polar bear doesn't sound too outlandish at this point.

I predict a painful end to this game...and a Majewksi call up within the next week...this pen will be shot soon.

Carlos Carrasco time!

His ankle completely folded under him. I just hope it is not broken.

It did not look good.

Can't the phillies just get one dominant start from their staff? Even Moyers start the other day he gave up like 8 hits or something.

I foresee Lidge and Hamels DL'd before week's end.


Doesn't look serious, Hamels walked off the field with no problems. Right into the locker room looking mad. Slo-Mo replay didn't look TOO bad, but he threw one practice pitch and knew he was gone. Just seems like caution rules the day. Too bad for the 'pen.

Maybe we can start a pool each week guessing what random injury Hamels will get in each start?

I know it's not Hamels fault he keeps getting all these freak injuries, but I'm starting to get really pissed off, we needed a good start tonight and he was well on his way until this.

And why our ace? Twice?!?!

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