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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Marson prediction: 4-4 with 4 HRs, 10 RBIs. 3 CS behind the plate.

I went to that game last week where Blanton stank up the joint...guy behind me, said, "Blanton's going to finally get his first loss as a Phillie." How happy was he to be wrong...

I hope Marson contributes something nice at the plate tonight so people cut him a little slack. He's a young catching prospect, so naturally people are going to get a little excited about him because of the need for an upgrade offensively in that area.

I would like to go on record as stating that I believe Lou Marson is the next Russell Martin, only with a better attitude.

So does that mean he'll end up dating Alyssa Milano?

Just noticed that Beerleaguer favorite RJ Swindle has been called up to replace the injured David Riske in the Milwaukee bullpen.

Alyssa swore she was off athletes forever.

And she probably only like the guys with bad attitudes, like most women.

Good for Swindle. Although I hope his second chance in the majors is less awkward than his first one.

She must have run out of Dodgers to date I guess.

With Milwaukee looming on the schedule soon, how many of us want to see that inevitable Swindle vs. Howard matchup?

Will Howard even make contact? And, if he does, how far does it fly?

Hope RJ makes it. Its a neat story.

Someone posted earlier that Marson had faced Martis before, with some success.

In the minors I believe...he was 6 for 11 or 6 for 12 against him or something like that.

NEPP: And Giants, too--I think she dated Zito for a while.

"So does that mean he'll end up dating Alyssa Milano?"

What! She's dating Russell Martin too? I guess he coulnd wait for Brad Penny to go to another team... Carl Pavano, Brad Penny, Russell Martin... I know I'm missing a couple.

"With Milwaukee looming on the schedule soon, how many of us want to see that inevitable Swindle vs. Howard matchup?"

I have tickets for Tuesdays game. I'd like to see that very much. Wonder if Howard might try to lay down a bunt. :)

If Howard faces Swindle maybe he will try batting as a righty...

Re: Marson

Marson struck out looking against Martis in the 6th inning of the season finale last yeawr. MLB says he's hitting .500 in 12 AB against Martis from 2004-2008 suggesting he's faced him 11 times in the minors getting 6 hits.

offtopic and his name made me remember:

remember how pathetic Russell Martin was in the NLCS? Cried to the ump all series long and threw hissy fits in the clubhouse.

oh and his actual performance stunk too:

2/17 7K/3BB .118/.318/.118

CJ: Thanks. Looks like the press notes forgot to list Marson.

thephaithful: I remember that, too. I lost a lot of respect for Martin during that series. I always liked him before then. He came off as very immature and not ready for MLB playoffs.

Jason: Don't thank me... thank and's preview!

Gah, this is what drives me nuts about Howard. He's not going to throw you a fastball, dude!

the nats new alt uni's are awful

They are awful, aren't they?

That camera angle looks like it's up on the Goodyear blimp.


WTH Pedro.


on a plus side the error was erased by that....

I hate people that say this, but...

I could have hit that ball out.

WTH with the early runs EVERY single game?

Only watching on Gameday here but this doesnt look like a good start.

More early runs for Blanton... he's hanging pitches. Both the first single and the homer were hanging up in the zone. Dunn crushed his. It was like batting practice.

Adam Dunn will go the entire season and not see a pitch that was as perfect to crush as that one.

Oh man, forget Gameday. The box scores at the top are updating before Gameday, so what little suspense there is was ruined by seeing that it was 3-0 WSH before Dunn was even up.

Phillies have now given up 14 of their 47 runs in the 1st inning.

Seriously, re early runs. Looking at 1st and 2nd inning scores so far (obv not counting tonight's 2nd inning, yet to be played,) Phils pitchers have surrendered 21 runs. 21 runs in 15 innings!!!

Holy crap, Marquis Grissom?

Oh, ''back in business'' all right lol It's like the 8th game of the season and you guy's still haven't had one average start. It doesn't look like Blanton's headed that way... Sadly, these are the Nats.

I think Reggie Evans would make a great catcher.

WTF, did MLB institute a WFC handicap this year, where we have to spot each team a couple of runs?

That a boy Louuuuuuuu.

Marson is a real babyface.

The Marson Era has officially begun! Get the bobbleheads ready for production!

It's really starting to sink in about Harry, not hearing him today. It just sucks.

When will allow us to overlay the radio broadcast on top of the video feed?

Is it just me, or does it look like Uncle Sam threw up all over the Nats, esp. when they're batting?

sweet lou


Big spot for Rollins here, he's gotta break out of his funk and get this run home.

I can hear Harry: "Lou Maarrson!"

jimmy needs to get off the schnide

Seems funny that just a few days ago we were comparing Marson to guys like McCann and Marin. Marson is clearly WAY better than either one of those guys.

Washington's alternate uniforms are terrible looking. Good job Lou, Blanton, Jimmy.

Marson for MVP. Who knew catchers could hit?

You see, if the Phils had called up Marson at the end of last season like I suggested, then they would have probably won the World Series. Oh, wait, nevermind.

I'm clearly in the minority on this, but I actually think those Nationals uniforms are kind of cool.

The Mets appear to have as many SP issues as we do. Then there are the Fish...

Lou Marson OWNS the Nasty Nats'.

4 for 6, with a HR and 2B, against them.

He also has as many hits tonight in 2 AB's, as he had all spring training.

Keep it going, Lou.

The Fish are killing everybody, but then again, we all knew they could. And isn't it about time for them to win it all again? Every 6 years or so?

(sound of puking)

Seems like Blanton is having control issues.

And then he gets a DP and is out of the inning. Shows you what I know.

A catcher that can hit for average...what a weird concept.

Feliz! Son of a bi ...

*deep breath*

World Champions.

Pedro feliz= rally killer

What about Marquis Grissom? And when is davthom going to show up to say he was wrong about how we should've called up Paul Hoover?

Ugh, Feliz. That was absolutely pathetic.

Feliz is a joke at the plate. Does he even have an approach? I don't care about how clutch he is or his defense. Can Charlie maybe start Dobbs once? UGH

Marson will hit a home run next time he is up.... you heard it here first

What does Marson have to hit in his 25 ABs here to make it tough to send him out? .300?

.300 at a minimum...and Coste has to continue to struggle...otherwise Marson will be right back in AAA.

curt: I think he's going back to Allentown regardless. But he'll be back in Philly by Sept. 1 at the latest.

I'm reluctant to say Blanton has "settled in" after the first. Not a lot to write home about tonight at all. Too many balls right down the chute, ineffective breaking balls, getting behind ...

I believe that we are required by the new CBA to spot all opponents 3 runs in the first this year...its gonna make it hard to win games though.

WtH happened to Blanton since Florida? I know it's just ST and the hitters aren't as good, but his stuff just looked soooo much better.

ST is not doesnt count and its not a good indicator of the regular season. Its still fun to watch though.

Yeah, Blanton didn't really have his A game tonight, but it's hard to quibble with the results. It ain't saying much, but this was the best performance by a Phillie starter this season.


Pssh, Marson only has a .667 average, what a bum.

hh - It was ST and the hitters aren't as good.

But you probably knew that.

Andy: :-P

I need another glass of wine.

Why would you use Dobbs when you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Acta is going to respond with a LOOGY?

Dobbs isn't gonna get an AB all season long. He'll keep coming in to PH for the pitcher in 6-7-8, get the LOOGY, and then Chollie will pull him for the Gnome.

Here's a thought: Try starting Dobbs some nights against RH pitching.

Dobbs must have slept with Cholly's girl or something...probably not, but you know what I mean.

Blanton is the first Phillies starter to get a "quality start" but lets see if he can avoid his first loss as a Phillie.

Nice debut (so far) by Marson. Obviously its a very small sample size but I am looking forward to seeing more of him. While D'Arnaud is the better prospect I still think Marson will be a solid ML catcher, something not a whole lot of teams have.

"this was the best performance by a Phillie starter this season."

That says it all about how bad they've been.

Yep, right now Blanton's the "ace" of the staff, performance-wise.


Rollins is really out of sorts.

BAP: Effects of WBC, you think?

Rollins is showing a WBC hangover...coincidentally Vic is off to a slow start too. Apparently sitting the bench in the WBC is not as good a workout and season prep as actually playing in ST.

Is "out of sorts" Californian for "sucking"?

Just wondering.

Well, this shows that the good outing by Durbin was the abberation, not the norm.

NEPP: Do you think Dice-K's DL stint is also an after-effect of the WBC? I tend to think so.

Ugh, Durbin. That looked like it carried pretty well, or maybe it was just the camera work.

Knight - Durbin is just "out of sorts" tonight.

Bad Durbin tonight.

raul jumped half a foot there

I think DiceK throwing 100% early on in ST probably ruined his season. I also think the WBC is one of the dumbest things on earth...have it in November when guys are stretched big deal the Spring is just dumb.

Durbin is looking more and more like last year was a fluke.

(Bleep), we're not going to give the hapless Nats their first win, are we? How fitting.

Someone has got to do it.

I still have complete confidence that we will steal this game away from the nats

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