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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


from the last thread:

Re: Harry calling Schmidt's 500 HR on TV, I don't think it was on TV. I think his call was only on radio.

Prism carried the game that day, and there's an Andy Musser call of Schmidt's 500 HR as well, the main difference being Musser adding at the end of his call, "...and what a spot!", since it gave the Phillies a late 8-6 lead.

For all those who want to see Happ start: Give it time. Injuries happen. At some point this season, both Happ and Park will be in the rotation at the same time.

I just hope Hamels makes 35 starts and Kendrick spends the whole season at Triple-A.

By the way, drinking mohitos with J.D. "Tits And Ass For Me" Durbin is my version of hell.

Park has been an absolute train wreck as a starter the past several years. Not even serviceable. Even last year, he didn't pitch well away from Dodgers Park (one of the best pitching parks in all of MLB).

There is no way he deserves 2 month in the rotation if he gives up 2-3 more stinkers like he did in his first start.

As for comparing the struggles Hamels, Myers, or Moyer to Park, they are ridiculous and groundless. All of these those guys pitched at a very high level as a starter as recently as October and aren't signed for huge dollars.

Amaro's took a huge gamble in that his only real upgrade to the pitching staff was Park. It doesn't mean you should leave him in the rotation for 2 months to try and see if he can be a credible starter. If he gives the Phils 3 more below average/poor starts, he should be pulled from the rotation.

Even a dunce like me can admit that Feliz does not hit RHP.

However, that weakness is mitigated by his fine defense, the fact that he hits in the bottom of the order and his knack for getting big hits at important times.

Of course I guess World Series winning manager Charlie Manuel is also a dunce, seeing as how he agrees with me on Feliz and has yet to bow down to your far superior opinion on this.

Thank you MG. Derision for Park is not because he's 'Korean'. He deserves a short leash because he hasn't had a remotely effective year as a starter since we were all still attending games at Veterans Stadium.

That half-inning of silence in honor of Kalas is a beautiful idea. If only we could talk them into extending it to a half-season.

Anyone heard anything about them getting the game in tonight? It's been raining for two days straight.

I think if Drabek gets up to Reading this summer and continues to throw well, he will be considered a legit top 50 prospect. I also think his upside is higher than Carrasco's, and if I were forced to deal one of them right now for help at the major league level, I think I'd deal Carrasco.

From the last thread:
Clout Jack was correct that it was a sarcastic comment. I sometimes forget that sarcasm does not always come across as such when written. I guess that is the unintelligent poster in me.

MG, i'm with you. If Park absolutely bombs in his next start, i'd move on.

Details on the Harry tribute at CBP.

I love the last one....
Throughout the 2009 season, following every Phillies home run, Harry’s legendary “Outta Here!” home run call will be played over the PA system as the Liberty Bell lights up.

Didn't someone call this on a previous thread?

Jack: I think so, too. It starting to sound like Drabek has a higher ceilling than Carrasco.

Heck, if Savery pitches like he did the other night in Reading, we could be in for a real treat*

*Yes it was only one start

Murphy reporting Marson is in the lineup batting 8th. (on his Twitter)

on a side note, I really like getting my Phillies info via Twitter.

Savery is in better shape and is healthy this season, so hopefully it will be a big season.

Clout should stay away from this post, too much turmoil brewing in between the lines on this one.

I'm not worried about Happ being typecast as lefty out of the pen at all. There is no way our current starting 5 make every start for the rest of the year, so Happ will be the first one called on when one of our 5 can't go on a given day. The only way the Phillies would go with someone else over Happ is if he becomes a rock in the bullpen and they don't want to lose him from that role (Durbin in 2008).

Game has been called today? So says Murph...

Wes: You say Charlie won the WFC with Pedro Feliz starting vs. RHP, therefore starting Feliz vs. RHP is the right move.

Using your logic, you also must agree with this statement: Charlie won the WFC with So Taguchi as righty bat off the bench, therefore So Taguchi as righty bat off the bench is the right move.

We should've kept him, right?

Obviously So Taguchi was a pivotal cog in the WFC.

For the first time in a long time the Phils have some real talent in every level of the minors. We've got high ceiling starting pitching, catching, and outfielders on the way. Jason Donald is the only real prospect in the infield, unless you're a Freddy Galvis fan.


Charlie Manuel does fill out the lineup card every day. Yes Charlie chose to start Feliz against RHPs all year.

Charlie does not create the roster, that is the GMs duty. Charlie did not choose Taguchi to be his RH bat off the bench.

And the fact that Taguchi was very rarely used as the RH bat off the bench, tells me that Charlie was not exactly thrilled with having tafguchi as one of his choices.

RJ Swindle must have had his eephus pitch working today in a 3 inning save for Nashville. 9 up, 9 down, 7 strikeouts

It is pretty amusing that some of our resident geniuses think Park will be expelled from the rotation after one or two more starts. How long did Cholly stick with Eaton and KK before he yanked them?

Clout: Too long.

And for the record, I'm not sure Charlie WILL pull the string on Park after 4-5 bad starts. But I think he should.

Jack: Indeed. And that's how long he'll keep using Park if Park eventually flops.

Jayson Stark just reiterated (on 950) that he believes the Phillies never really intended to sign Park as a starter, but promised to give him a shot so he'd sign and they can put him in the 'pen.

Charlie will probably give him 4-5 starts to show whether he can handle it or now. As I said before, if he gets bombed again, I don't think I want to sit through a few more starts.

No game tonight. Watch the Flyers.

Just glad to see Drabek finally healthy. And, the results, while very early, look good. A few more dominant lines like today's (and last week's) and he will be in Reading sooner then we probably think.

I am sure Park will get a few more starts. With his ST performance, he deserves that. But, if you get to early May, and he is still not solid, it will be a easy call for Cholly and Ruben. That is the great thing about having viable options. If one guy doesn't get it done, then you move to the next guy.

So, now the rotation for SD, will be Hamels, Myers, Park and Moyer. And, the great thing about SD....they have no lefties in the pen.

JW: I'm starting to get a complex. Everytime I post,you start a new thread. Being a 1-finger typist, I'm not inclined to repost.

They're #5 starters for a reason. You don't drop the top of the rotation guys after a few bad outings. Your #5 guy you can drop in a heartbeat. Give him 3 or 4 starts and pull the plug if he doesn't do the job. That's the advantage of depth.

Goody..thats why copy and paste was invented. Ctrl+ x(copy)Ctrl +v paste !

Park is in a different situation than Eaton & KK were. Eaton was being paid a lot of money to be a starter & KK had tremendous success as a starter during his rookie year. Plus, we had no real backup plan for either one. Both were given a long leash, and rightfully so. Park, on the other hand, has had his greatest recent success (actually, his ONLY recennt success) in the bullpen & has been a disaster as a starter for the last 6 seasons. With a viable replacement waiting in the wings, he does not deserve a long leash and won't get one. If he's still getting lit up after about 4 starts, he'll be back in the bullpen.

Although I'm not optimistic about Park's prospects as a starter, I do think people are overreacting a bit to one terrible game. Coors is a brutal place to pitch and our entire starting rotation has been awful. If he has another terrible start his next time out, then I'll begin having serious doubts about his viability as a starter. But not yet.

JW: You say, "the fact is, when you’re 26 years old and lose out to Chan Ho Park in a rotation battle, you’ve reached a fork in the road." That is one way of looking at it. But on the other hand, whenever Happ has started at the major league level, he's done VERY well. With that being the case, there's no way he doesn't get another chance to produce. So I'd call it a traffic jam rather than a fork.

I liken Park's signing to that of Rod Barajas. Just no real need for it. Okay, it gives you a little depth. But if the guy's going to turn around and proclaim entitlement to a spot in the rotation...that doesn't sit well with me. You'd think a guy at that point in his career would understand that his chief asset and selling point was versatility.
They should have told him, look, here's a situation where you could end up starting, but we might also use you in the role you were in last year, where you were actually effective for the first time in years. And if that wasn't enough to please him, fine, let him take his sorry ass and mediocre arm somewhere else.

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet (apologies if it has), but Friday's Kalas tribute game will be televised on Comcast Network, not Comcast SportsNet (change due to Flyers playoff game).

Not good news for Philly-area Fios subscribers.

Happ's season might have a lot to do with the success of Jack Taschner. If Taschner works out OK, they'll have an easier time losing Happ to the rotation.

It was reported that if the game was played, Marson would have gotten the start.

Poor Lou.

Selfishly, I'm looking forward to seeing Hamels pitch when I go to Friday's game.

Jim: But good news for old farts like me that don't own a computer,a cell phone,or can afford CSN. I do get CN8.

No game being played? What's the deal? Bad weather?

You wait all winter for games that count and then they don't play! WTF, we're WFC?

Slightly OT, but the connections to Harry The K are interesting here, former local broadcaster Les Keiter passed away.

He called Big 5 games for 7 years. An item, on HK's resume as well.

He had spent his final years in Hawaii and was a broadcaster for the Hawaii Islanders, a post Harry the K also once held.

from --

According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times:

The San Francisco Giants are looking to unload the $44 million they still owe Aaron Rowand through 2012. The one problem? The Giants would have to be willing to pick up a big chunk of the deal to even get [White Sox GM Ken] Williams on the phone.

I'd venture to say the Giants would have to assume at least half of Rowand's contract to make it viable to the White Sox. The Sox were reportedly in on Rowand when he was a free agent in December of '07. Cowley also does a little speculating, suggesting the Sox should instead bring Washington's Willie Harris back to Chicago once he's healthy.


Any chance of the Phillies re-acquiring him as our right handed pinch hitter / defensive replacement?

If you are bored from the rainout like me,the Pads-Mutts are on ESPN2 now.

YO, new thread

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