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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nice to see Pedro being Pedro last night. I thought the Phillies hit a lot of balls hard last night that were right at fielders. They have to "hit um where they ain't" this afternoon.

An afternoon game will affect productivity in the workplace for members of this hallowed site. Got to be productive this morning. Ha ha ha!

Writing my thesis is proving to be difficult enough, with baseball to compete for my attention its not a fair fight.

On the other hand, its another day game for Cole.

All in all, none of the 2009 goings on should be surprising. We're playing exactly as we did last season; we either score double digits or > 3. Consistent ability to manufacture runs continues to be the Phillies greatest challenge.

With this lineup, Joe Blanton should not lose a game vs Looper after giving up three runs.

Here is my "East Fallowfield" imitation.

Record after 13 games:

2009: 6 - 7

2008: 6 - 7*

1980: 6 - 7*

I'm not worried about the Phillies' start this year.

(*denotes a WFC season.)

The Lidge note is interesting, but I can't quite understand it. If you've worked the same job for years, and thrown the same two pitches, why on earth would your form suddenly change?

chris, i think it's pretty easy to do something quirky and get into a bad habit in any sport. if you can't imagine doing this in baseball, think about hitting a shot in tennis or golf, or even bowling. why do even the best players play a few bad games/rounds in a row? it happens

Pitching and hitting are so reliable on mechanics that sometimes your natural ability isn't enough. Look at Rollins for a good hitting example. Obviously Rollins isn't going to hit sub .200 all year, his problem is currently in his swing mechanics that he needs to diagnose and fix.

Baseball America on Knapp's gem. Click on link in name.

Lidge needs to get back on the mound.

How did the Phils start out in 1981?

Phillies played incredible the first half of 81. They weren't the same after the strike.

Chris - Baseball is a game of constant adjustments. It is now just much easier to do with the ready availability of video in easy viewable formats. You can record something and instantly watch it back or have very detailed camera work on your mechanics.

Numbers really have revolutionized baseball both during the offseason (drafting and player moves) and in season more than most fans realize.

Knapp is an interesting case. Sure he throws a 96 mph fastball, but the success of that fastball will decrease as he moves up form low A ball. The important thing for Knapp to do is hone his command (keep a good K/BB ratio), and develop his offspeed pitches to keep players hitters off his fastball. Even though Knapp's name has come up lots this young season, this kid is light years away from the bigs. I think he is only 18??? I'm sure if the Phillies make a splash in the trade market Knapp will be a chip.

Ridiculous comment of the day:

“He could definitely hit 25,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “His defense is real good, and a prototype third baseman usually hits with power and drives in runs. When I look at (Feliz), I know what kind of potential he has. It’s just a matter of him getting consistent.”

Feliz might get close to 25 HRs but he is going to hit that many even if he plays in 155-160 G. As for the consistency, this guy has been in the league now for 10 years. To suggest that he will now find some kind of level of consistency at the plate is absurd.

He is what he is - a streaky hitter who you play alot when he is hot. Downside is that Dobbs isn't getting enough PT right now and it clearly shows in his PH appearances. His swing looks out of kilter and he is behind on fastballs and out in front of offspeed stuff. Extra time in batting cage helps a bit but he needs some PT to get his swing back into form.

We need another RHP in the bullpen. Clay Condrey shouldn't be pitching middle relief and we'll need another reliable setup guy down the stretch. Romero's reinstatement and Park's inevitable demotion should both help, but we could really use another RHP who can miss bats in 'pen.

I'd gladly revisit the Marson-for-Bard deal.

Any interest in Luis Vizcaino? The Cubs are releasing him to make room for Samardjia. He throws low 90s with a sharp slider. He's tough on RHP but LHP crush his splitter. Any takers?

Who do we cut to make room for him baxter? Is he better than the major league experienced guys we have at AAA?

@baxter -- the issue is not Condrey, who has been more than adequate in his role this year. But the issue is Durbin. Durbin is not having the same success as last year. And that's the real concern.

I actually trust Condrey more than I do Durbin.

Condrey WHIP 1.043 9K 1BB 7 2/3IP
Durbin WHIP 1.895 7K 7BB 6 1/3IP

Right now, CC is earning manuel's trust.

PLUG it up....
Interview with Jason Knapp over on my page today, if anyone wishes to take a look. Thanks.

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