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Friday, March 27, 2009


Coaste throws out a runner from his knees!

Where's davethom???

I'm looking forward to this book. It seems to be a definite step up from the slapped-together, cash-in-now books that have already been published about the WFC.

Dammit, you beat me to it Jason. I have an interview coming up with Stark on my blog too. Guess I'll have to ask some off-the-wall type questions so I'm not copying you.

Re: The Mayberry chat on last thread. Obviously there's some folks who have no clue as to the significance of an 18/3 K/BB ratio, in terms of projecting MLB regular season stats, especially as it applies to a player with a minor league career AVG of .255.

I LOVED the trade for Mayberry. Still do. But get real.

Bruntlett went 2 for 5 and raised his average to .350 so far this Spring.

And Rule 5 guy Mosebach got bombed again...

I am glad to see Bruntlett having a good spring. You to think that he was at least partly wondered about his job given the number of utility INFs the Phils signed this offseason.

If Bruntlett can rebound to hit .250 or .260 and keep his walk rate up so that he has a solid OBP, then Bruntlett has some value to this team even if he .SLG is around .300.

Phils really have given every opportunity to Mosebach this spring. Either there is something they really liked about him or they just aren't about what they have seen from Koplove/Majewski for the last spot in the pen. Probably a little of both.

They really have given him a chance to see if he can consistently harness his stuff, which is quite good at times. Ashame he hasn't.

I'm somewhat concerned about the state of the BP. We've been in every game so far in ST, but it's been the BP that's given up handfuls of runs late in the game.

I agree with clout. This guy would kill us in pinch hitting situations this year.

If Park does win the 5th starter spot, the middle relief looks like this:

Durbin/Eyre/Condrey with 2 other candidates from a mix of Happ, Koplove, Majewski, and a few others.

Most people seem to think the bullpen is deep and going to be a strength again to this team the first 2 months. I don't see it right now. If Park wins the 5th starter spot, the middle relief has the look of something that will be quite mediocre until Durbin is able to duplicate his very solid performance from last season. Otherwise, you really just have a bunch of guys back there who are interchangeable bullpen parts.

Madson has been good, and so has Eyre (aside from yesterday). Lidge and Durbin may be a bit behind schedule, but they have been fine in limited action. The others don't really concern me. The Condreys of the pen will fill their roles fine, we don't need them coming in and pumping 100mph fastballs with a sub 2 ERA. Bullpen really isn't an issue aside from the final spot or another lefty. No worries here.

A middling Double-A starter with an 88/69 K/BB ratio doesn't seem like a good use of a Rule 5 pick to me. I'd rather go after someone that possessed at least one asset, like the ability to miss bats, or speed, or high on base.

JW--nice find, Stark is a big timer nowadays, a great connection to have even if its just a one question interview once inawhile.

re: bullpen
Its pretty disturbing that Condrey will be one of the 'locks' in our pen to start the season.

I loved what he did for us last year, but for him to be one of the sure things is not very comforting.

Im feeling MUCH better about Werth after his last few weeks of mashing, including today off of Roy Oswalt who was the best USA pitcher in the WBC(which might not be saying much).

I was definitely among the group who were getting a bit worrisome when our lone RH power bat came to camp out of shape and most likely hungover. As long as he gets back to form, he can party it up all he wants in the offseason.

j: Agree with you about the use of a Rule 5 pick on Mosebach. I recall that, on the day of the dragt, a lot of us were scratching our heads about the pick. He may throw hard, but that hasn't translated into high strikeout totals at any level.

Maybe they like Mosebach a little and are throwing him so much that he'll stink it up and Angels will just say, Aw, you can keep him?

A RH power bat in th OF that parties too much, I can't remember the last time we had one of those!!!

EFF: I had that same thought a week ago and ripped for saying it. But thats exactly what I think they are doing.

I hope Utley goes to LF more this season. It seemed like he fell in love with the HR last season. I gues his constantly pulling the ball could be because of his hip problem.

He's beter off driving the ball in the gaps and getting doubles (as a few on here have mentioned) than trying to hit HRS

If anyone wants to relive the pain of 1993, MLB Network is showing "Baseball Seasons" right now and it's all about that glorious run. F' you, Joe Carter!


I was kinda kidding. Don't think any of our relievers are hurting for innings, probably.

Albert - We'll see. If Park wins the 5th starter spot and with Romero out for the first 2 months, the bullpen isn't going to be the same anchor it was pretty much all of last season.

Couple of guys including Condrey and Durbin are more likely to revert to their career numbers a bit (especially if you look at their peripheals) and the Phils' bullpen for whatever reason was ridiculously good at not allowing XHB last season.

Nearly everyone in the bullpen last year was way below their career norms in rate of XHB and HRs allowed including Lidge who only allowed 2 HRs in nearly 70 innings. Not saying he becomes a batting practice pitcher but much more likely Lidge gives up 5-6 HRs instead in a similar amount of innings pitched. Even 4 more solo shots would have raised Lidge's ERA to 2.50 last year.

The bullpen will still likely be at least decent because the backend guys are pretty solid/consistent (Madson/Lidge) as long as they are healthy. I am just not crazy about the middle relief especially the first 2 months if Park wins the 5th starter spot.

It's been said before, but Bruntlett's spot on this team is guaranteed. Who else can play SS?

My candidate for RH bat off the bench went 0-3 today. He also gave up 8 hits and 4 runs.

Goody - funny.

In re: Mosebach
Maybe they liked his FB and figured he'd get mashed in ST and, as a middling AA pitcher no one would want to give them $25K for him; and they could keep him.

(How's that for drink-the-kool-aid, unfoundedly optimistic, glass's mostly full, rose-colored everything thinking?)

I actually figured they really don't spend a lot of time scouting for their Rule 5 draft. They really don't have any extra roster space anyway.

I have no worries about the bullpen either. Backend is solid with Madson and Lidge. Last year we started with Lidge on the DL and Gordon. You cannot really look at Durbin's numbers as a starter and expect him to regress. He is a fastball/slider pitcher, much better suited to be in the pen. I would like to have enough lefty, but I think we are fine with Eyre and Happ until JC is off the restricted list. Condrey is your long guy. If our key concern is who replaces Rudy Seanez' role in the 6th inning, we are in good shape this year.

hey, clout -

Homers and RBIs tend to make people forget about K/BB ratios.

K's are a part of being a power hitter.

Results haven't followed Mosebach in Spring training, but you can understand why the Phils would take a chance on him. He throws a sinking fastball in the mid 90's with an inconsistent yet nasty slider. I like the thinking of taking a failed starter with a big arm and trying to make him a reliever. It seems to have worked with Durbin.

Doc -
Fopr a minor leaguer k/bb tells you what kind of strike zone and pitch judgment the kid possesses. In a regular season he would not be facing the AA/AAA pitchers who have struck him out way too easily so far. Nor would he face the varied collection of AA/AAA/AAAA guys, marginal middle relivers, and really good pitchers who are working on pitches and not quite at optimal level yet that he's seen in ST. If he is up at major league level, he'd be facing major league pitchers every day. I hazard to guess they would do better (at least initially) than the 3/18 posted by ST slop.

Please. He looks really good. He may turn out to be an amazing deal. His declining (as ST progresses) numbers show that Mayberry needs to spend some time honing his pitch/zone recognition.

Doc: "Homers and RBIs tend to make people forget about K/BB ratios. K's are a part of being a power hitter."

I don't disagree, but it depends on the ratio and it depends on the HRs and RBI.

How does this line look: .221/.260/.420

You be happy with that?

I think that's a FANTASTIC line, clout.

Back to reality though, Mayberry isnt ready for MLB pitching.

I also wonder if they are letting Mosebach get pounded so they might keep him. He does throw very hard afterall.

Breaking News: Phillies acquired Jack Taschner for Ronny Paulino, according to David Murphy at the Daily News

From Todd Zolecki, via Facebook: "Todd Zolecki is writing a story about the Phillies trading Ronny Paulino the Giants for lefty Jack Taschner. "

Paulino's gone for Taschner via MLBTradeRumors.


Well, if you look at it from the standpoint of trading Jamarillo for Taschner. Paulino is a talent who could put it together someday, but Taschner can help this team this year and Marson needed to be the next man up at catcher and have all the at bats at AAA.

Taschner? Eegads. Last year in 48IP he gave up 57 hits and 26 ER. His WHIP was 1.68.


Surprised at how quickly they gave up on Paulino, but this team needed another lefty.

Meant to say it's a big upgrade if you look at it as Jamarillo for Taschner. Looks like he was pretty unlikely with a high BABIP last year, so maybe his .279 BA vs. LHB is a bit of a misnomer. I have been fairly impressed with him watching him in the past, so I think he could be more helpful to the team than having a guy like Majewski in the pen.

And considering he's a lefty, his splits aren't that wide. He's equally ineffective at getting out lefties AND righties.

His splits:
vs. LHB 29H 21RBI 2BB .279AVG
vs. RHB 28H 15RBI 14BB .308AVG

He did have 23 SO vs. LHB vs. 16 against RHB, but...MEH.

I hope change of scenery Romero-izes him.

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