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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I hope Carraco pitches well. I hope all the 5 spot candidates pitch well.

I want Charlie and Rich to have a very tough decision.

Carrasco has less chance of getting the #5 spot, than Kendrick. They are'nt and were not ever going to start his clock this soon.

Apparently, Utley is playing in the minor league game as well. Can't keep that guy off of the field.

Hey all. Long time reader, but chicken poster. Down here in Clearwater Beach and wondering if anybody else is down. Is there a "Phillies" bar or location? Currently at the Quality w/ the IHOP inside on S. Gulfview Blvd

Werth with a HR today off of a AA pitcher.

Mayberry with another hit. Niced t see Dobbs get two and a couple of ribbies to go with them, and Stairs get on base twice.

Carrasco has a decent day (at least according to the boxscore againt a lineup that includes Berkman, Lee and Tejada. Doesn't look like he hurt himself any, but tommy is probably right. He has 2 things going against him: One, they don't want to start his clock, and two, they may feel he needs some work at AAA.

He would probably have to be lights-out-dominant in order to win the spot.

hh. Utley, despite winning the WFC, cannot be happy with the season he had last year.

That is one reason for optimism going into this season. Not just him, but no one, and I mean no one (uhhh....well, maybe Werth) seems to be taking this season for granted.

Jimmy has said he's not satisfied and still wants respect, so has Howard, and Utley doesn't need to say's completely apparent he wants to come back and have a big year. Take a look at the interview he did with Gammons on IMO his demeanor is very telling when he discusses his injury and how it affected him last season. It's pretty clear he was frustrated and is still hungry.

Toss in the fact that Hamels never seems to be satisfied, Myers is in a contract year, Blanton came to camp in good shape, Moyer looks like he'll be Moyer, and things could shape up nicely. Regardless of who wins the 5 spot they should have competent depth.

Barring an unforseen injury, the only question marks are the bottom end of the bullpen and the bench.

AWH: I hear you. Utley is such a gamer and I love that he's always raring to get out there and get better, but I just hope he doesn't rush anything. The thought of no Utley for any part of the season makes me very unhappy.

MLBTR is reporting the Pads have signed former Phillie Chris Snelling.

Burrell started in right today,later moving to left. Cholly loves versatility, maybe we could trade Jenkins and some dude for his RH bat off the bench.

AWH - There's more than one way to have a tough decision. Be careful what you wish for.

How do we find out how Utley did in minor league game?

How do we find out? Go to the zo zone:

"As far as physically, it still has some room for improvement," he said. "But it was nice to be out there. It was nice to try to get the feel of the game back. That's probably going to be the most difficult thing, is just to get that flow back. But as far as physically, it felt pretty good.

"No pain hitting. No pain fielding. I ran hard a couple times, and like I said, there are no problems there. It's good to know."

There's a pic there as well.

EFF: Thanks for the link. I agree with the poster there that Utley's legs look skinnier than Howard's arms with those high socks.

So incredibly stoked to have Utley back in action. He's like the ultimate warrior...the Utley Warrior.

Chris Snelling was signed by the Padres.

Carpenter's line looked good today (other than the HR):

4.0 3 1 1 0 4 1

Anyone down there that could report on whether he was facing ML hitting and how he actually looked?

From Comcast, on Chase F Utley:

"...he had his uniform pants properly bloused to jibe with the minor-league regulations on how much sock a player must show..."

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