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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Slip of the tongue. Burrell is 2-year, 16 million, 8 per. Not 8 years, 16 million, obviously.

Good interview overall. Honestly I was hoping to hear you burn him on something, but he never really put himself out there to be burned. Smart move.

Cairo. Blecchh. the replacement for So "What Was He There For Anyway?" Taguchi? Well, all things considered I'd rather (that Cairo) be in Philadelphia.

Still, I will never believe that Cairo really represents a RH BAT off the bench - more like a RH warm body.

What's the difference between Bruntlett and Cairo? Seriously, they are both the same player...why have two "versatile" guys that can't hit on your bench?

NEPP: Bruntlett is a slightly better fielder and has been a better hitter over the past 4 years (compare OPS+), but they are essentially the same guy. There are guys in Triple A who are better than either of them.

Ultimately I'd rather see Donald play the roll of reserve infielder. I wasn't that impressed with Bruntlett's glove, and he can't hit a lick. Cairo is basically a warm body with "experience." I don't see much of a benefit to having him on the roster. Playing time aside, I think its a plus to plug the kid into the mix.

On another note, has Mayberry shown that he has major league potential, or is he just getting his licks off of guys who will be bagging groceries in a month?


Coste, OK.

Stairs, OK.

Jenkins, .....ZZZZZZ



Oh well, 2 outta 5 ain't bad.

PHI - Re: Mayberry, it seems that he is regressing to his career minor league averages, and that his hot start was probably the result of seeing a lot of fastballs. Still encouraging to see that type of power and defense. Hopefully he will turn out to be useful after getting a etter handle on the strike zone.

Re: Donald - you would really rather see him sit on the bench everyday than go to AAA and learn 3rd and hopefully take over next year or work into a platoon later thi year?

Donald can stay in AAA until Feliz injures his know, IF Feliz goes down with a back injury at some point...I mean, I'm not saying its a definite but...

Yeah, if there's one thing this team needs, it's Miguel Cairo AND Eric Bruntlett on their bench. That will scare any opposing manager into not bringing in a LOOGY.

CY: Yes, I would rather see Donald on the bench than at AAA. Among the guys competing for the final roster spot, Donald is probably the only one who can actually help the team. The Phillies have a gaping need for a right-handed bat off the bench, and Miguel Cairo ain't it.

I'd rather see Donald on the bench as well. Learning how to hit major league pitching, I believe, is a more important aspect to his development at this point, than logging a lot of innings at third base.

He's proven he's got a good work ethic, so if/when the Phillies decide to give him a shot to earn the starting 3B job, there will of course will be a development curve, but the organization will give him all the support he needs and i believe Donald will work hard to solidify his defensive abilities.

What i see, is that if he develops into a solid major league hitter and becomes respectable at third, he's the everyday 3B in 2010. Now, if in 2010 it looks like he can't handle the position, but, because he'd been giving the opportunity in 09 and 10 to see and hit major league pitching and excels at that, it at least gives the Phils the ability to do a swap for a young corner infielder where the other team would need a young middle infielder, all other abilities being comparable. I'm sure the Phillies could find such a trade if Donald truly can't hack playing third base, or, he becomes the Utility man and we can say goodbye to the gnome in 11'.

You have options with young players like Donald, and he seems the most ready of all of our positional prospects to hit in the major leagues, on a regular basis. I say its time to find out, since figuring out 3B is only a year away, and i don't see us being able to accquire a good 3b via free agency in 10/11

I continue to believe that the club should be more flexible in terms of personnel relative to previous years due to the impact of the economy on teams and talent that continues to be on the market.

For instance, if the Phillies are still in contention at the trade deadline, they can poach talent off other clubs or simply jettison non-productive players and add free-agents whose incremental costs in this economy would probably be worth it. Not saying that the Phillies are immune to the economy; but thanks to them being WFC, they are less immune than other cities.

Plus, as many of you have pointed out, the Phillies window to set their legacy with the core group is 3 years.

Bottom line: With the exception of the team's core members, the FO should jettison players who aren't performing. This year, more than in years past, should weight short-term performance and not necessarily wait too long for players to "turn it around."

I agree that Donald would help off the bench more than any of the other otions. I would just rather him learn 3b for a month and not start his clock. Bring him up when he can take significant ABs from Feliz.

He hasn't had much tome to earn the position. While it is an easier position, the way the ball come off the bat at third is so much different that it takes some getting used to.

Any of these guys are better than Taguchi though. I mean, lets keep it in perspective.

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