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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Wow. JW and Eskin. Interesting pairing, to say the least.


Can't decide which is a bigger most favorite meets least favorite moment, JW on Eskin, or Obama on Leno. Love the exposure the site is getting though.

Wow, kudos to you, Jason. I think if I was within arm's reach of Eskin, I'd strangle the bleeper. Cholly made me love him when he got into it with him in 2007.

Reply from the previous thread:

CJ : Do you believe Mayberry is better defensively than Werth? We know for sure he's not nearly as good as Vic, who's one of the stronger defensive CF's in the league.

DOC : Mayberry is not better defensivley than Werth at the present time but he could become as good with more experience. Mayberry is strong and he has nice speed for a 6'6 man. On the subject of defense, Jason Ellison is fast and has a nice glove and strong arm. He also has a lot of potential as a hitter. I truly believe that the Phils have a nice crop of youngsters. In my experience, successful teams profit most when they are able to gradually work rookies into an already established lineup. This promotes continuity. Mayberry and Donald are the rookies who are ready to be worked into the system. Ellison and Marson need more time in the minors.

Stay well, Pal.

Kindly ask him not to get involved in any more fatal love triangles. Or slander anyone.

I can't wait to hear how he fills the dead air with drivel because he'll have absolutely NO IDEA what Jason is talking about when he starts talking about the current state of the Phils rotation, BP, bench, etc., etc.

Go get 'em, Jason! Please, for the love of God, stop him from talking about the Eagles for at least 30 minutes.

JW - Just don't mention the myriads of statistics in your Annual. Actual statistics are like kryptonite to the King especially if he disagrees with your point.

Jason: I'll give you a crisp $10 bill if you ask Eskin for his opinion on R.J. Swindle

MG: He'd never call a guy a moron who was sitting right in front of him, would he?

Additionally, ask him if Werth is still a "marginal major leaguer".

Well, crap--looks like Nova's playing the Bruins. My alma mater vs. Chase's.

Sorry, Chase. You're going down!

Doc: Jason Ellison is a 31-year old fringe major leaguer who hit .239 in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League last year. He's got a nice glove, but his best years as a hitter are a good 4 years behind him -- and they weren't very good.

Team USA plays Japan this weekend. This could get ugly. I don't think USA can keep up with these guys. We just don't have the pitching (well, we do--it's just that most of our best pitchers/relievers aren't participating).

Kick his ass sea bass.

I love how Eskin will not think twice about blasting bloggers but he has no problem having them on his show. Why? Because people will listen.

I'm sure this is more to discuss the Annual though so congrats on the exposure JW. Maybe I won't be listening to Eskin's show though as I can't stand 610 WIP anymore. 950 ESPN is by far superior when it comes to local programming.

****Jason Ellison is a 31-year old fringe major leaguer who hit .239 in the hitter-friendly Pacific Coast League last year. He's got a nice glove, but his best years as a hitter are a good 4 years behind him -- and they weren't very good.****

You beat me to this point...Ellison isn't a prospect, he's org filler.

Good luck with Eskin, Jason. I'll try to listen, but the firewall at work might not allow streaming.

And good luck to the Kutztown Cougars, who open their baseball season this afternoon against Reading.

You should ask Eskin if you can try on one of his lady fur coats, Jason.

Keep it simple for the King - he only plays a sports expert on the radio.

I played ball in highschool with a freshman pitcher at Kutztown. He has a lot of potential but really needed some polishing. I think he'll be good for Kutztown with some experience.

I'm with Kevin, I don't listen much to WIP anymore, especially Eskin. He's not particularly insightful or analytical - connected to certain people, yes - but insightful, no.

Listening to Eskin talk about baseball is like listening to George Will talk about baseball.

I'll listen to MacNow and Gargano every once in a while, but when I listen to sportstalk it's almost always 950 ESPN.

Besides, WIP is "all Eagles all the time".

Missanelli is much more sufferable than Eskin, and Jody Mac is the only guy in town who really knows baseball very well.

When I want baseball knowledge, there's much more available on the internet, and as I have posted here before.....

there are people who post on this blog who know far more about baseball and the Phillies - Jason, you're one of them - than any of the poseurs on WIP.

if you have any respect for yourself and your site, you will hunker down with a few bowls of chili, some crab cakes, broccoli, lots of chocolate and blow farts all over him.

Every player doesn't have to have an entire Hall of Fame career to be able to help a ball club. The careers of Dobbs and Werth were thought to be over before the Phils took a chance on them. Victorino was a Rule 5 pick twice. Mickey Morandini hit over .300 the first year he came up with the Phils. He was brought up as an emergency short-term fill-in from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre where he had been hitting in the low .200s and thought to be on his way out. I never said that Ellison was the next franschise player for the Phils. All that I'm saying is that he looked good in spring training, that his defense was sharp and that he had a few nice hits. He could become a 5th outfielder for the Phils or another major league team and he could find his niche and surprise. By the way, 31 today isn't what is used to be. Many players today have their best seasons after the age of 31. Stay well.

This is from a couple of threads ago, but I have to say it's the best oxymoron I've read on here in a while:

MG: "I am arguably the biggest anti-Myers fan on here"...

Doc - you said he needed more seasoning in the minors. His bat isn't likely to improve. The Chris Coste's of the world who break into the bigs in their mid thirtees and contribute are few and far between.

Doc, I'll let the others actually argue with you, but I think it is important to note that many players are streaky and can look very good for short periods of time.

While I have hope for Mayberry that Charlie and Milt's personal instruction will take hold and help him make it to the big club some day, what you have to remember is that Ellison is competing against 23 yr olds with similar skill sets and minor league track records.

In cases like that, teams almost always keep and promote the younger player, in hopes that there will be future improvement.

It's the same problem Chris Coste ran into after several years in the minors. If you look at his numbers he pretty much hit at every level of the minors, but by his late 20's had the same problem.

That's why it's so remarkable and unusual that Coste even made it to the show.

MG: "Actual statistics are like kryptonite to the King"...

MG, so true, so true.

That's because statistics are facts - records of actual performance - and if they conflict with Eskins world view or opinion he dismisses them or goes into denial.
BTW, are Eskin and the Gnome related?

If it wasn't for Rush Limbaugh then Howard Eskin would e the most obnoxious man on the radio.
Good Luck, Jason.

Doc: Jason Ellison is not Chris Coste. Coste hit at every level of the minors, but was never given a chance to play at the major league level. When he got his chance, he succeeded. Ellison has been given repeated chances at the major league level with 4 different teams, and he has failed every time.

Dobbs & Werth are also bad comparisons. Werth hit 16 homeruns in less than 300 ABs as a rookie before his career got derailed by injuries. Dobbs hit well at every level of the minors so his major league success really shouldn't be a surprise. Both these guys were in their late 20s, not 31, when they had their breakout seasons.

Ellison is organizational depth and nothing more. That said, he's the leading candidate to be this year's TJ Bohn -- the guy the Phillies call up in an emergency when all the fans want them to call up someone else. I expect he'll spend a week of 2 on the major league roster this year. But he's pretty terrible.

Bubba, Limbaugh is no match for Eskin, and is much more respectful to his callers.

Eskin is a Know Nothing who tries to be Mr. Know-It-All.


I may have been overly hash on Rush to compare him to Eskin.

I think we can agree that Howard Eskin is not on our favorites list.

Doc: It's strange. Someone took you to task for giving Mayberry starts and said he was only defensively better than Ibanez. You took great offense to that... and now are admitting that he's only better defensively than Ibanez. Weird.

Bubba, agreed.

I solved the problem - I simply don't listen to Eskin anymore.

As I wrote above, you learn nothing listening to him, so why bother.

"Ryan Madson’s changeup (as classified by MLBAM), thrown to same-handed hitters generated a swing and miss a whopping 36% of the time, about 5% higher than any other pitch by any other pitcher in 2008."

So when Tim McCarver said that Madsen had the best change-up on the Phillies, he was right. The stats back him up.

Most people blasted him, pointing out that Hamels has the best change-up on the team. But looks like ole Timmy was right.

People sure do love to hate McCarver, which does amuse me.

Mike Miss is apparently now pounding him in the Arbitron ratings, too. Hopefully Miss will keep his temper under check and won't choke out any producers and he can continue to embarrass the King.

Anyone out there had any luck finding the magazine on newsstands? If so, where? I think I recall seeing that CVS would stock it, but I haven't seen it at any of my area stores.

Doc: "Suffice it to say that Mayberry is a bona fide stud who has not struggled at any time during spring training."


Mayberry has a BB/K ratio of 3/16 in 55 PAs with probably 40% of them coming vs. minor league or fringe vet pitchers. He is also hitting .269 and has a career minor league BA of .255.

I guess it all depends on how you define "stud."

Doc: "Mickey Morandini hit over .300 the first year he came up with the Phils. He was brought up as an emergency short-term fill-in from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre where he had been hitting in the low .200s and thought to be on his way out."

Doc, you need to check this chit out before you post.

MM hit .241 the first year he played, not .300, and at the time he was recalled he was hitting .260, not the low .200s. He was also considered one of their top prospects.

Wes: Hold your horses!

It's possible Hamels' changeup is equally effective against lefties and righties while Madson's is just especially effective against righties.

OK, since I was a big fan of MICK-EEEEE MORAN-DEEEENNEEEEE I'll throw in that he was a 5th rounder with a slick glove great speed and a lot of doubt about his bat.

The Phils started him off in the Sally League, he hit .338, so they bumped him to Clearwater, he hit .302, so they jumped him to Reading and he hit .351.

The next year (1990) they put him at Scranton and he hit .260 with 16 SB and a league-leading 10 triples when he was recalled and spent the last 6 weeks of the season with the Phillies.

He hit .268/.338/.359 in an 11 year career with 6 seasons of double digit SBs and one of the better gloves in the NL.

Clout -

Having seen him play in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and having followed his career in the Wilkes-Barre papers, trust me when I tell you that his call-up to the Phils was a surprise to everyone, especially Morandini, who even admitted the fact in a number of TV interviews I saw. It was an emergency, overnight call-up meant to be short-term. I may be wrong about the end of season stats, but Morandini got a lot of publicity on TV and in the press by hitting for a higher average in his first few weeks with the Phils than he did at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. I'm glad you can pull up stats on your computer but I actually watched the guy play early in in his minor league career and in his first games as a Phil. Stay well.

Yo, new thread

Beerleaguer was on WIP all summer long last year and hopefully will be again.

Great Job Jason

Brian Startare

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