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Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have a new nickname for phlipper, mvptommy and mikes77. Henceforth they should collectively be referred to as:

"The Sir Alden Trio"

Park looked real good today.

We've got a rotation where 1-4 are locks, with two guys performing above-average in the quest for 5 (and a top prospect showing flashes).

Our lineup, while left-heavy, is almost unchanged from last year, plus two prospects who appear to be close to major league ready.

I'd say the Phillies have a degree of stability right now that most teams dream of.

Matt Stairs steals a base. I would have very much liked to see that. That'd be on the level with watching Howard leg out that triple he hit in a Red Sox game last year; I thought they were going to have to run out an oxygen tank and a mask to him.

AWH - Lighten up man.

Stairs has been feeling it the last couple of days. He took a big turn around first yesterday, was pretty bold with his lead off of third base in the same game, and was a barrel chested Willie McGee in today's game.

Rollins just went deep in the WBC...3-0 USA in the 2nd

WBC update, USA vs. Netherlands: J-Roll makes a sensational diving stop of a sharply-hit grounder up the middle to start a double play--almost a carbon copy of the division-clinching play last year. Then he hits a 2-run shot in the bottom half of the inning to give USA a 3-0 lead.

Rollins hits a triple in left-center, drives another run in.

RBI triple by J-Roll

jimmy having a big night

Rollins is having a great game in the WBC game tonight. 4 RBIs through 5 innings.

I am not looking forward to seeing Adam Dunn 18 times a year. What a steal by the Nats.

I'll go out on a limb and predict 40 HRs for Dunn this year.

Jeter is certainly not better than Rollins tonight.

Jeter hasn't been better than Rollins in a good 2 seasons...not to take anything away from a 1st ballot HoF...its just that he's getting older now.

Dang Lindstrom...

MG, all humor has an element of truth to it.

Matt Stairs stole a base? Only in Clearwater.

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