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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Again I say Meh. I realize they just traded someone they were obviously very down on to get him so it's no big risk...but his numbers aren't all that good and I'm in the camp who thinks our BP is going to suffer major regression this season. J.C., why are you such an idiot?

As I write this, Lidge just served up a 3-run bomb to a friggin' Pirate.

I know J touched on this before, but what is the deal with Lidge? It seems to me like a) he's not pitching much this spring and b) no one is really talking about it.

I know he missed all of last spring, though, and I'd say he had a good year regardless.
So maybe it doesn't matter either way.

Any chance Taschner starts the season in AAA?

Lidge hasn't looked great, but it is ST. It's hard to evaluate anyone in ST, considering Myers was lights out last spring and fell apart as soon as the season started.

I certainly hope Ryno's hot spring carries over into April--boy did he hit a monster shot today over that hideous wall in McKechnie Field.

Tim, he won't start there but may very well end up there.

I wouldn't read too much into this deal. It doesn't mean Happ will be 5th starter.

Regarding Correa, let me be perfectly clear. While he has way more long term value than Taschner, the Phils need short-term value and Correa has none. So while the Giants wound up getting more for Paulino than the Phillies (or the Pirates) did, it's irrelevant.

Taschner is a decent 12th pitcher and far superior to Condrey vs. LHP. Only downside: it's virtually certain that Beerleaguers will be hailing Taschner as an All-Star if he has 2 good outings in a row. It's also virtually certain that he won't last the year on the big league roster unless there are injuries.

clout - I'll be hailing Junior as a genius (and Dubee as a miracle worker) (and ourselves as extremely fortunate)if Taschner has two good outings in a row.

Giants Trade Paulino to the Marlins

In what may -- or may not -- have been a pre-arranged three-way-deal, the Giants this afternoon traded Ronny Paulino to the Florida Marlins for Class A righthander Hector Correa. See the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel story on the trade at the following link as the deal is not yet reported on,0,2096136.story

I figured when I saw that the Marlins had shipped catcher Brad Davis out yesterday, and catchers Mike Rabelo and Brett Hayes todaya, leaving minor leaguer/non-roster guy Miguel Fermin as the only other catcher in Marlins camp behind starter John Baker.

Marlins' President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest said about the deal, "I think there was maybe a deal to do [with the Phillies], but this other thing surfaced [Friday] afternoon and it worked better I think for all three teams. From our end with Correa in the deal it worked better for us." [meaning, I suppose, that the Marlins preferred to give up Correa to the Giants, than to part with whomever the Phillies were insisting upon from the Marlins].

clout-It will be even more certain if those 2 outings are in the last week of ST. That is the ultimate predictor of a players season,at least on BL.

Jason-I hate to nitpick and I know I make a lot of spelling errors myself,but then again,I'm not a writer. Break>brake

Paulino and his alleged attitude is a good fit for the Miami Marlins, a team full of unlikeables. Prediction: he rakes against the Phils (but no one else.)

Sophist: I thought the same exact thing.

I echo that sentiment...I fully expect Paulino to cost us at least 1 or 2 games this year.

I think it was a three way crap disposal trade to fill short term needs and look good to an ignorant public.

Question - Who hurts the Phils more this year - Jamarillo or Paulino? I go Paulino just for the fact that he will likely get more opportunities. Jamarillo will be lucky to see more than 5-6 ABs against the Phils this year. Paulino likely will get around 20 ABs against the Phils if he sticks all year as the backup C.

My bet is that either guy largely does a whole lot of nothing against the Phils just like Helms did last year.

The one ex-Phils that I want to see this year in Philly is Eaton during the June series at CBP. Given that Eaton will almost assuredly make the O's rotation and that McPhail has repeatedly said this spring training that he won't rush some of the more talent starting prospects the O's have this year, the prospects of this are probably better than average right now.

Eaton will no-hit the Phils if he sees us in the regular season. That will be the coup de grace of his career and personal crusade of f#*#ing over the Phillies on as many levels as he possibly could from his initial drafting to now.

After Feliz and Ruiz go yard,Eaton will plunk Myers,who will beat Eaton to a pulp.

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