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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


From the last thread: Heard on ESPN that Jeter is starting at short and Rollins is DHing tonight. Victorino starting at CF.

That makes sense as clearly Jeter is superior with the glove.

What idiocy. MLB expects us to be interested in these WBC games and then they bring in a manager who doesn't even try to win.

Derek "Past a Diving" Jeter just missed a DP ball that Rollins would have had easily to get Team USA out of the 6th without giving up a run...perhaps you put your best defensive SS in baseball/gold glover in the field instead of your aging star...especially when you have Rollins as a DH instead.

"That makes sense as clearly Jeter is superior with the glove."

That makes sense as clearly the Titanic is safer than walking.

That makes sense as clearly Tara Reid is smarter than Madame Curie.

That makes sense as clearly granite is a better mattress-stuffing than down.

That makes sense as clearly dry ice is warmer than a Jamaican beach.

That makes sense as clearly NEPP is less sarcastic than the sixth-grade teaching nun.

NEPP: Are you being facetious? Jeter is clearly superior 3 or 4 years ago; I'm not so sure about now.

Sorry, all day with a toddler turned off my verbal irony alarm...I'm with you now.

3 or 4 years ago Derek Jeter was one of the top 10 players in baseball...though he never deserved his gold gloves...his bat was amazing in his prime and his defense was good enough to be above average...that and a Yankees captainship garnered him a few GGs.

At this point right now, if you had to pick one to put in the field and one to DH, how do you possibly put Derek out there over Jimmy???

NEPP: You don't; not if you're a real manager and you want to win the game. Rollins just got 4 RBI's and made a few game saving plays in the game just the other night, but he uses Jeter why? Because he's got to get his "time" in and make everyone happy. This is why no one in the USA gives a sh*t about these games.

Except me, I guess. I'm pretty p*ssed off about the entire thing. Either we take it seriously or don't play at least that's how I feel.

I think the WBC is a complete waste a time as it is currently organized...have it in November the week after the WS ends and it would be great...guys would be stretched out, and the only guys that wouldn't participate would be guys in the playoffs due to overuse. I'd probably even care about it.

I agree that it should be in November or not at all.

And for the love of all things holy, please get Cuba some new uniforms. The red pants make me think of Long Duck Dong in Sixteen Candles (and yes, I realize that I am showing my age). And yes, I realize that I am being "girly" and complaining about a uniform, but they are hideous. Like the Minn Wild's home uni's...they look like GD Christmas trees.

shane is having a nice little game.

Feliciano? Come on boys, you can hit this guy.

Some good speed out of the DH spot...2 SB for Jimmy.

shane is brewing up trouble again. let the ball hit him then advance. so typical for him. love it.

Look at Shane doing anything to take third. Love it!

maybe they shouldnt have just let the ball roll into the infield

not sure if this was talked about, but if you are the manager do you DH Dunn and put Shane in RF and Granderson in CF and sit Jeter

or do you DH Jeter?

I think I would save jeter for P late in the game and take the speed and defensive upgrade in the OF.

I'd sit Jeter personally. I'd put the best defensive team I could put out there, especially in that HUGE OF. Granderson and Vic could cover the entire OF by themselves in some parks.

re: thoughts while watching WBC

The Putz-KRod combo at the back of the bullpen is going to secure a lot of wins for the mets this year. Both of those guys have high heat and nasty out pitches. Putz is at least the equal, if not better than K-Rod. I doubt they would do this, but they could rotate closers to not overuse either one, and not miss a beat.

Yeah, if they stay healthy that's a pretty good back end of a pen.

CY - If I were managing to win, I'd definitely DH Dunn. Put Vic in RF, Granderson in CF, Jeter in LF, Rollins at SS and sit DeRosa. But given that Jeter is captain of this team, that would be a total slap in the face.

This puts me in an awkward position--root against a Phillie so Team USA can get ahead or tie?

This PR-USA game is like a Mets-Phillies game.

I like Putz a touch better than Krod.

Imagine how much Phils Phans will hate Krod by the end of the year? He got an out in the 8th inning and celebrated like he won the WS. He may surpass Reyes over the next couple of years in hatred

but yea, nice 8-9 combo

can't believe they don't counter romero with a rhb

Honestly, who's the best CF between Granderson or Vic...I've never really watched Granderson play so I couldn't say...both are GGs and both are dynamic players.

McCann looked scared. Deer in headlights scared.

Oh, JC, how we'll miss you for the first 50 games.

JC just owned McCann. That was nasty.

I guess you can step on Jeter's toes. Would be nice to see the best team out there. OF of Vic and granderson would be nice.

Apparently, they are saying there's no depth on the USA roster where they could have countered with a RHB against JC.

So Team USA Bench = Phillies 09 Bench?

Yeah, only Ianetta left to PH. Can't really blame the manager there

NEPP - I would say Vic over Granderson, just on the strength of his arm. I would say they are comparable in other aspects. I haven't seen a ton of Granderson though.

With regard to RHB, yep, looks like what our bench is going to look like this year...

hh- i'm sorta rooting against Team USA so Rollins and Vic can get to ST. kind of shows my colors on WBC. that said, tonight's japan-korea matchup is must-see TV. Don't know if the japanese are throwing yu darvish out there, but that kid throws rocks. and the korean kid pitchers - if they didn't have military service, i would totally take a flier on some of them to see what they could do in the minors; a lot of them have excellent control, high heat with movement, and are really good at setting up hitters (e.g. they know how to pitch). i've also been surprised at the power the koreans have showed at the plate; they don't look all that tall, so it's amazing how much power they can generate. that said, adrian gonzalez looked tiny when the korean third baseman got to 1st on a single in the mexico-korea game the other day.

sophist - can't take out McCann, but i guess it is the 8th inning and they need that run.

CY- Hopefully, we'll end up loving KRod as much as we love BWags.

jeter is junk.

jeter stinks

Rollins makes that play. Jeter, WTF?

Past a diving Jeter!

TNA - What do you mean by "can't"?

If you mean, you like the matchup then:

McCann vs. Romero: 12 PA: .100/.250/.200

Romero against LHB: .212/.306/.285
Romero against RHB: .271/.379/.435

You have 4 outs and the tying run on second; use Ianetta.

Rollins makes that play.

meh, this wbc stuff was entertaining but ill be happy to see jroll and vic back in camp

Broxton looks like he's still suffering the after effects of being "Stairs-ed".

Sophist - I agree. But not in the WBC. They would never take the chance of having to forfeit the game if Ianetta gets hurt. They would rather lose. Which is what they are going to do.

It's amazing we're even comparing Granderson to Vic. Imagine invoking such a comparison a year would have been laughed at.

That said, I think Granderson is a more polished CF. Vic still takes some less-than-optimal paths to balls even though he has a cannon for an arm. Granderson also has a higher vertical and has HR-robbing ability.

re: WBC
thank you Jeter. Miami isn't too far from Clearwater; hope the boys get in tonight.

Matt Stairs is still wearing Broxton's beating heart on a chain around his neck...he's worn it every day since he ripped it out last Oct.

I wonder what BS excuses the "captan" has about another early exit?

and for that matter, why does PR have a team, they are all US citizens as PR is a US territory, they should be playing on our team.

CY - Suppose that's fair. And I guess you can't run Braun out there even though he wants to play and is dressed.

For the same reason they have an Olympic team...PR's just plain uppity.

NEPP - re: Granderson and Vic, are you just comparing them defensively?

Vic gets a hit off of Romero!! He's 3-4!

Sophist - i can't believe you just looked up the McCann-Romero matchup numbers in arguing against a managerial decision made in the WBC. btw, i agree that the matchup is bad for mccann and perhaps shouldn't have used the word "can't".

NEPP - you just made my night with that one

that question has baffled me with regards to the Olympics as well for years.

Yes, defensively...I was wondering who the better CF is...I haven't seen Granderson play enough to be a judge of it and I dont fully trust the myriad of defensive metrics out there.

Sophist - you certainly cant run him out there at catcher. Maybe in LF and Derosa to catcher. But they wouldn't do that to the Brewers franchise player.

Love that look Shane gave JC as he was running to 1st. Classic shane. He has made this game worth watching by himself

TNA - Agree on Granderson. I may like him more for CF but Vic for RF.

TNA - I'm on vacation. I don't have much else to do this late.

I don't mind seeing Romero fail against RHB for some reason. He's getting plenty of chances here. Hopefully Charlie is watching.

CY - I meant as a PH there for McCann. And then put Ianetta in for the 9th at C and leave your LF where he is.

come on capy, hit into the triple play!

Sophist - Sorry. That should have been obvious. Same problem though. Injury to Ianetta that can't be risked.

wow, Jeter is a bum

Jimmy vs JC WTW. This is great stuff. Come on Jroll!

That should say FTW. getting excited here.

Let's just pretend Roberts is Utley.

i would've thought JC would have enough sense not to throw inside on JRoll. guess not.

Oh, the drama!

Oh, come on. Let Romero face one more RHB.

didn't jroll publicly defend JC in Nov/Dec? wonder if that's playing a role here...

let's say that i am into this whole WBC thing and want USA to win.

i am terrified at the thought of DWright being at the plate with the game on the line.

wright chokes here. typical met.

So, this is pretty exciting.

It also makes me want real baseball even more.

Wright can hit a fly ball.

All Wright needs is a sac fly to tie it. Come on, DWright.

Wow, what a great game.

And it kinda freaks me out that I was cheering for David Wright.

So good.


I can't believe I just cheered for D Wright. I feel so dirty.


Can you imagine if Manuel left Romero in for all those batters as the PR coach just did? This place would be livid.

wow, that was by the skin of their teeth

they need better pitching on team USA


I am into the WBC. Meaningful baseball in March and matchups that can only occur in international play. And you can (sort of) root for a Met.

Would you really rather watch a spring training game???

stop it.

Tony: Apparently, they need better pitching on Team PR as well.

looks like the Beerleaguer reverse jinx is in midseason form.


doubleh - touche, well put sir

sir? ouch

CY: It's OK--he might not know I'm a chick. I take that as a compliment, actually. Most guys won't talk sports with women at all.

Tony - i don't know hh's real name, but i know her name isn't hugh hefner.

And now - for the marquee matchup of the night (for amateurish scouting purposes)

HH - you would get along with my wife very well. Only women I have met that knows more about sports than most men. You are right though, men usually just dismiss her. But when she rakes in fantasy baseball championships they eventually come around. Only problem is that she is a Yankee and Giants fan. We have some battles. The most recent one was why Jroll should have been playing SS ove Jeter. She took the loss on that one (graciously).

Wright with the game winning hit!

great ABs by Victorino and rollins

As a met fan it was real cool seeing Vic being the first guy out of the dugout to congratulate wright...weird but def cool

dr mets - I know, how about it? Met and Phils Phans unit, if only for a brief minute. Only in the WBC. People need to get on board. Have some pride in their country.

CY - have no problem rooting rollins and victorino during the WBC.

During the season not so much but for now its all about the U.S winning the title.

I agree with the above posters...why is Jeter starting over Rollins in an elimination game?

he's the "captain" and all but come on...Jeter has half the range and arm of rollins

I have no problem rooting for Wright. I actually dont mind him at all, especially during the WBC. Still can't root for Reyes or KRod (eventhough I bet on Venezuela). It would still be hard if they were playing for team USA. You are a level headed fan if you can root for Jroll and Vic, as I am sure they are 2 of the more hated Phils players (esp for Met fans)

Oh, I don't mind rooting for Wright, it just causes a bit of cognitive dissonance.

Sophist - Hah, I agree with you there, I couldn't believe they kept Romero in after Vic hit. Though, it seemed PR didn't have anyone warmed up, but angry things can be said about that decision as well.

And finally, I really hope they don't start Jeter at SS anymore over Rollins, given that wonderful outing he had today.

I can't believe no one has mentioned Victorino flashing a smile over to Romero while he was on his way to first when he realized it got through for a single. Great stuff.

I'm mixed on the WBC. On one hand, it is cool seeing some match ups and players on the same side that you normally wouldn't. I even enjoyed some of the minor leaguers vs. major leaguers match ups.

On the other hand, it is hard to take it seriously when the manager obviously isn't putting the best lineup to win out there and is making moves more to appease egos and get people at bats instead of winning. It also is hard taking it seriously in virtually empty stadiums. I mean if its a big event people should go? right?

However, the fans that do attend are pretty into it and the players seem pretty darn happy when they win so I guess it means something to them.

All in all, it is helping kill of the normally tedius month of March while we wait for the real games to being.

And Jeter stinks.

I wouldn't mind Myers starting on opening day. Not to sound superstitious, but we are 2-for-2 in winning the division when he starts opening day.

Len, you do sound superstitious. Are you rooting to lose another opener, too? Or, does it just need to be Myers on the mound? By my recollection (I looked it up), last guy to win an opener for us was Jon Lieber. Jon Lieber in an opener!? I'll take Myers, too.

Superstition has no place in when I wore my Phillies hat all day on playoff game days but wouldn't wear it during the actual game as that is clearly bad luck...hey IT WORKED and YOU'RE WELCOME.

Doubleh - accept my apologies, I haven't been active posting in a while, so a bit outta touch

Len - I did mention Vic's look that he gave Romero. That was a great shot. The Korea / Japan game seemed to have a lot of people attending and everyone was really fired up. Too bad I couldn't make it through that one.

Glad Team USA came back last night, I'd hate for them to be eliminated by a United States owned territory.

Can anyone direct me the way towards one of the green BP jerseys they wore yesterday? my mom is irish and would love to wear something like that to the games.

What a surprise, its a big game on national TV and Victorino puts in a 3-4 night and starts off the big inning.

Apparently Andruw Jones is gonna get beat out of the final OF spot on the Rangers by former Phillie Marlon Byrd.

So, you can pretty much cross his name off for having any type of future.

Jones spring stats: .258 AVG but 14 K in 31 AB and no defensive ability anymore from the article on

I loved Doubleh's "I can't believe I just cheered for D Wright. I feel so dirty." comment. Classic BL comment.

I can't wait for Vic and JRoll to return to the Phillies squad and start hammering on the opposition.

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