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Monday, March 23, 2009


An ERA of 12 wouldn't be so ridiculous if they were playing slo-pitch softball.

I give Manuel credit, he did far less boneheaded moves last season than in seasons past.

On Bisenius- I once thought he had closer potential or at least quality setup man stuff. Oh how he has fallen.

Very good stuff JW. Manuel was so frustrating early on. If the improvement was largley due to Williams, then losing him will be more harmful than expected.

Although it is great to hear that they've added a numbers guy in the dugout, I automatically foresee Manuel's addages about hitting season and old timer's experience conflicting with many of Mackanin's advice/suggestions. I just have a hard time seeing those two seeing eye to eye very often. And Manuel is the manager who just won a WFC, so who do you think will win those arguments, regardless of who is right or wrong?

Eh, that might be looking at it a bit too generally, but couldn't help that scenario from immediately popping up in my head.

phaithful, Charlie is the Manager. The decision will always be his.

Mackanin, as he himself indicates, will "bounce ideas off" Charlie and "offer another suggestion".

There will be no "winning the argument", as I think Mackanin understands his role.

I also believe it highly unlikely you will here about any disagreements between the two. One, I find it hard to believe there weren't disagreements between Williams and Charlie - which we never heard about, and two, the Phillies as an organization value consensus and team players.

That should say - "hear" about any disagreements.

Also, while Williams deserves credit for his help in the dugout and other areas, remember that Charlie was an AL manager before taking the helm in Philly.

I would think Charlie deserves some credit for learning over the last couple of years, albeit on the job.

Carson, I honestly have never seen Bisenius pitch.

I wonder what caused the regression or plateau? Wasn't he hurt a little the last couple of seasons?

Anyone check out BR's new Beta site? They've added some real cool new stats. Just go to the site and click their link for their Beta.

They have a ratio batting table with pretty much %s of all batter outcomes, and then a situational hitting table with all types of key situations like 3rd < 2 out and such, and then a pitch summary table, where it shows you often they get into certain counts, strikes swinging vs looking, etc.

Just on first look so far, but some pretty nice stuff.

In response to many posters belief that the Phillies' 25th man is not yet on the roster, the following is a link to MLBTR's Tim Dierkes' partial list of players in MLB camps who are out of options:

Out of Options List

I will let you form your own opinions as to who might be a good fit for the Phillies.

It was frustrating for awhile. Not only did he not know what it was, but I highly doubt he could even pronounce the phrase "double switch".

Was Mackanin Dusty's bench coach? Cos, if so and you want a sense of his effect on veteran coaches just take a look at the lineups the Reds ran out for most of the season. Not pretty (Corey Patterson). That of course doesn't tell the whole story but it's a start.

One of my favorite "name" players, Boof Bonzer, is out of options according to AWH's list. A lot of no names on that list.

It will be good to get Rollins and Vic back on the team. They did us proud. JRoll was smokin' hot!

On the radio this morning, they were talking about expected flooding in North Dakota and they mentioned Fargo. My BL attuned mind made me think of one of my favorite female BLers...phargo. I hope you will be alright. Now these Houston commentators asked the rhetorical question of: "Why would anyone live in North Dakota?" Phargo, please respond.

Keppinger can play every infield position and has limited experience in the OF. He has a career .918 OPS against LHP. Reds are listening for offers, and he's out of options.

phaithful, thanks for the 'heads up' on the BR beta sight.

I just took a look. In surfing through NL 2008 season splits, I noticed an interesting anecdote:

The OPS for RH batters vs. LHP was identical to the OPS for LH batters vs. RHP: .777 OPS

Also, LHB had a lower OPS, .695 vs. LHP, than RHB had vs. RHP, .722.

Great Picture , JW.
Signature on the gut is classic!

I like the over/under .500 Win% column in the standings. The Cincinnati Reds played the hardest schedule in baseball, whoda thought. Also showed that the Phils played more .500+ teams than the Mets, but had a losing record vs. them while the Mets did not. So you could say that the Phils took the East by beating up better on the bad teams over the course of the season than their NY rivals.

vs. >.500
PHI: 43-46 (89 g)
NYM: 46-38 (84 g)

vs. < .500
PHI: 49-24 (73 g)
NYM: 43-35 (78 g)

phaithful, there must be a telepathic connection.

I was looking at the exact same thing.

It will be interesting to see how the schedule plays into the final standings this season. especially interleague play.

If I recall, the Bravos had it easier in interleague last season than the Mets or Phillies.

awh: weren't you the one who posted a big breakdown of each team's 2008 schedule and came up with 5-6 games that the Phils played that were superior to who the Mets were playing? I think it was about a week ago.

If so, you were pretty dead on, as it shows 5 game difference.

It wasn't me, but I remember the post.

We can talk all we want about the makeup of the 25 man roster, but the schedule matters as well.

Of course, whether the Phillies beat a team has something to do with whether that team is < or >.500.

To wit, the Bravos played 102 games against >.500 teams, but the fact that they lost 90 games may have contributed to some of those teams being above .500. They were, however, a combined 16 games under .500 against just the Phillies (4-14) and the Nats (6-12), so they were only 2 games under against the rest of their schedule.

--In response to many posters belief that the Phillies' 25th man is not yet on the roster, the following is a link to MLBTR's Tim Dierkes' partial list of players in MLB camps who are out of options--

Dallas McPherson-3B
Cody Ross-RHH OF
Marlon Byrd-RHH OF

I posted the schedule differences. Does that stat take into account the record when you play them or the record at the end of the season?

Marlon Byrd is already penciled in as the Rangers 4th OF...he's not going anywhere.

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