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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Couldn't believe Stairs made that catch. Mayberry is a speciman, but his career numbers (and, increasingly, his ST no.) tell the truth. It's unlikely he'll be anything more than a .250/.310/.410 player. Replacement level power player. But maybe he's the best of what's available. Would love to see him succeed just don't find it likely.

Bruntlett looks like a wild man.

And Mayberry's projections are right around .230/.290/.410. After seeing him in person I definitely see why people love the guy (two of my traveling companions who had no knowledge of him before today do).

Love that picture.

Gotta agree with curt's comment from last thread. The Phillies 25th player this season is not yet on the roster.

I'd love to see KK succeed but that lineup the Twins threw out there today was hardly their regular one. No Morneau, no Mauer, no
Young, no Kubel.

Dear Dr. Ruth:
My wife,a former Playboy model,made love to me 183 times 2 years ago. Last year we made love 262 times and are on pace for over 300 times this year. I am worried about the "Verducci Effect". Should I save myself for later in life,or should I enjoy it while I'm still young? Please reply by April 5th.
Cole from Philly


I read that headline, then through the fog of it being after 1am I had to read it a second time. The I laughed out loud and said, "Bruntlett?"

Oh cheese and whiskers...

So far, in one season, I've seen Bruntlett homer in person and in the World F'in Series. Why shouldn't he hit one in spring training too?

I worry about Bruntlett using up a dinger in ST; is there a Verducci effect for Gnomers?

Baseball Reference similar batters to Brunlett:

Lou Collier (983)
Bill Pecota (978)
Tim Bogar (974)
Jose Molina (970)
Charley Lau (970)
Ray Mueller (966)
Ollie Bejma (966)
Steve Dillard (965)
Art Howe (965)
Joe Koppe (964)

I love and hate spring training at the same time. Every little boo-boo gets reported which causes us to go into a tizzy. April 5th can't come soon enough.

There is a newer thread...

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