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Monday, March 23, 2009


JW, tough choices. That's what I hoped for at the start of camp.

clout, on the previous thread did you mean Kurt Suzuki and not Mac Suzuki when you were making a Marson projection?

Hey everybody, been a while. Can somebody provide me with a link for ST stats? Curious to see how Paulino and Coste compare.

rjm09: Take into account that Coste was hampered by injury, these are their stats:

Paulino: 5 for 27, .185 AVG 2b, 1 HR, 2 rbi & 11 K; OBP: .267; SLG: .333

Coste: 1 for 14, 1 rbi, 5 K; OBP: .235; SLG: .071

I am a big fan going back to the fifties,but have not seen many games in person. The last,from 4 rows behind the 3B dugout at the Vet. Shill threw a 1-hitter,a homer by Bobby Bonilla. Can anyone tell me the year?

Exciting game so far between Korea and Japan. Pulling for Korea because of Chan Ho.

Coste probably gets the nod because of his offensive production and the fact that Paulino has looked woeful at the plate/behind it.

Last point - Coste gets the likely nod because he was injured/offensive production the past 2 seasons. Paulino has arguably been one of the biggest disappointments in camp so far. Ruiz is going to be the everyday starter out of camp anyways.

WBC - It is really enjoyable to watch Korea/Japan play very fundamentally sound baseball and be able to execute the small things well including bunting and hitting to advance runners. Pitching hasn't been too shabby either.

The beating of the plastic sticks though is incredibly annoying.

this game is intense

Geebus, you can't stop Ichiro.

WBC game tonight was as just about as good any you would see in the playoffs in Oct. Crowd was certainly much more boisterous and lively too than you would expect from the usually fickle Dodgers fans.

Yo, new thread

The timing of this move makes sense. It will be good to see Donald work more on third base in the minors. Jimmy Rollins time with the USA team and the recovery period for Pedro Feliz allowed Donald to get a lot of at bats and time on the field this spring. While I missed seeing Rollins and Shane Victorino in the early spring training games, it was good for the Phillies that they were able to get a better sense of the immediate benefits of John Mayberry Jr. and Donald.

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