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Monday, March 30, 2009


Watching Feliz it's obvious he's a fine defensive 3rd baseman. Problem is his stick. If he were only able to be a bit more productive so many people wouldn't be so down on him (ahem- Clout!).

It is just a matter of time before ESPN announces it is building a ballpark.

They will formally rename the town the District of Bristol - the Capital of Sports in addition to the World Wide Leader.

This will be the beginning of the end and books will be written similar to those about the rise and fall of Rome.

Good riddance.

Woohoo! Defensive metrics!

(I bet Beltre doesn't frighten hitters, though.)

Well, now I'm in a quandary. In the last thread mikes77phillies said the defensive metrics showed that "Ibanez actually had a very good RangeF for LF."

Yet ESPN's metrics say he's terrible, worse than Burrell.

My opinion: Both are wrong.

Feliz is a valuable player as the starting thirdbaseman vs. LHP and 7th inning defensive replacement vs. RHP. If he's used properly, everything else being equal, the Phillies will win more games this season.

Utley is indeed underarted, probably because he was a mediocre fielder when he first came up.

I'd say right now his range is second only to Brandon Phillips (and maybe Orlando Hudson) in the NL and in terms of sure-handedness, he's second only to Phillips and Freddy Sanchez.

Combine those two and you can make a strong case that Uts is among the top 3 defensive secondbasemen in the NL.

I don't know Andy, he looks pretty scary to me.

'scuse me, don't Scott Rolen and Ryan Zimmermann play third base? No scout picks Feliz (or Beltre) over those two. And David Wright has much better range and mobility. Feliz is very good defensively, but that's sheer hyperbole.

Abreu? Who cares about a clank every once in a while (other than a few Venezuelans with no sense of humor). Heck, with the numbers he puts up, he shouldn't even be asked to chase balls around the outfield.

MG(and maybe others): You started off saying that projecting Ibanez to increase his HRs because of CBP is not accurate to do, but then your next argument is that his SLG will drop because CBP is harder to hit doubles in. Pretty much giving him the worst of both worlds.

Here are ESPN Park Factors...which I admit aren't bulletproof by any means

2008 --- HR --- 2B ---

Cbank -- 1.022 - .957
Safeco -- .900 - .921

2007 --- HR --- 2B ---

Cbank --- .872 - .512
Safeco - 1.002 - .935

2006 --- HR --- 2B ---

Cbank -- 1.201 -- 1.029
Safeco -- .888 --- .913

2005 --- HR --- 2B ---

Cbank -- 1.297 -- 1.109
Safeco -- .839 --- .965

2007 obviosuly looks pretty f'd up, but the other three years tells the same story CBP is a much more HR friendly park and still a better doubles park at the same time.

So to cite ballparks as why Ibanez SLG will drop doesn't look to be a good argument at all, and actually ahouls be the exact opposite.

I think Phillies Annual said Utley has the best range of any player at any position?

What the hell happened in '07?

thats gotta be a typo by ESPN or we had some strange happenings that I don't recall

Tony: Definitely a typo. For the Cubs to be more than twice the hitters park than every single park in the league is ridiculous.

2007 Park Factors

Whatever data mistake they made in 2007, it definitely is most involved with CBP! .534 in total Offense?! Haha, while in 2007 the Phils had one of the best offenses and worst pitching staffs in the league.

I know Ibanez is a gap to gap hitter, but doe he have power to left? Someone know off hand how many HRs he hit to left last year?

ESPN The Magazine: Sports Illustrated For Kids For Adults

Ibanez hit 2 opposite field HRs to left, 5 up the middle, and 16 to right.

In terms of hits, he hit 20 to left, 105 up the middle, and 61 to right.

re: Ibanez HR location

2006 - 33 Total
LF: 3
CF: 11
RF: 19

2007 - 21 Total
LF: 6
CF: 4
RF: 9
* two were N/A

2008 - 23 Total
LF: 2
CF: 3
RF: 18

2008 chart was extremely bunched as the numbers show, but the years prior were very spread out.

From the first of the articles I posted a few minutes ago, there's this excerpt:

"They are still sorting through what means what in the land of defensive stats. There are some fierce and interesting arguments from all sides -- like whether Chase Utley of the Phillies is a brilliant strategist, or just benefitting from an extended shift towards first base to cover for Ryan Howard. This story had no time to get into any of that. The Utley argument would take up an entire magazine article."

"I think Phillies Annual said Utley has the best range of any player at any position?"
Posted by: Albert

And they probably didn't even mention his abilities to change water into wine and heal the sick with a touch of his hand.

The river is going down but things are still on alert and the town is quiet- most things are closed to keep the streets open for emergency response. Plus we are getting a blizzard tonight. Still, so far I am feeling a whole lot of gratitude.

Click my name to see pictures I took in my neighborhood yesterday.

Marcus Giles released. Mayberry sent down. As of right now, Cairo is the RH bat.

Right field at CBP doesn't play like left does, so I don't expect Ibanez's HR's numbers to go up that much. If he hit 30 I would be VERY surprised.

I agree, I do not see Ibanez turning into a HR machine after two seasons of low 20 production. I just wanted to point out that it is unfair to make predictions that his SLG will drop BEACUSE OF CBP. If it does drop, I can't see how the ballpark could be to blame.

Phargo- Good news.

I also don't see his SLG dropping, however I really don't see Ibanez as a 30 100 guy for us. I just hope his "consistency" is as good as advertised. Who knows...

Well, we knew Carassco was not going to make the team, but Mayberry is a bit of a surprise, or at least, a guy whose future was somewhat uncertain. Probably best for him to play full time in AAA, but that last bench spot is looking less and less exciting.

Majewski and Ozuna also not on the major league roster according to Jayson Stark.

Zolecki says Ozuna is, and doesnt mention Majewski.

I read on MLBTR that the Tigers are offering Marcus Thames and Ryan Raburn for a reliever.

Giving up Majewski would probably onyl get Raburn back, and the real fit for the Phils would be Thames, a high SLG RH OF Bat. Not sure what else the Phils could afford to give up to get Thames from the Tigers, as it looks like they want a reliever right now with Zumaya out.

Today, I get to hear the Houston radio broadcast of today's game. On Friday, I heard innings 2 through 8 while driving from Houston to New Orleans. The detail that Houston announcers gave to the Phillies during Friday's game was minimal. All I heard was how great the Houston fielder's were. I was lucky to hear who was pitching to the Houston batters. I guess its ST rules. They are better during the regular season.

Chan Ho Park starts. I'm starting to believe if he does good here, he'll be the fifth starter and Happ will land in the pig slop.

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