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Friday, March 27, 2009


Taschner's career numbers are ugly. His numbers against LHB aren't even pretty. Let's hope this is lightening in a bottle for 50 games. Surprised at how quickly they gave up on Paulino.

Although his numbers against LHB were much better last year, holding them to an on base below .330 and a SLG below .400.

Repost from last thread:

And considering he's a lefty, his splits aren't that wide. He's equally ineffective at getting out lefties AND righties.

His splits:
vs. LHB 29H 21RBI 2BB .279AVG
vs. RHB 28H 15RBI 14BB .308AVG

He did have 23 SO vs. LHB vs. 16 against RHB, but...MEH.

I hope change of scenery Romero-izes him.

in any case JT is better than the people currently competing for the 12th pitchers spot. Majewski was not impressive. Would still have preferred Ohman. Would have given them a reliable arm and a nice trade chip to shore up weaknesses late spring.

Sophist: I am surprised, too. I think he must really seem like a lost cause because even Charlie called him out in the paper, which is surprising.

I agree that JT is better than what we're throwing out there currently, but when you're in "talks" for Beimel and Ohman and then you get Taschner...well, it's just such a let-down.

Got home to see that the Phils picked up "Trashner" er Taschner. Guess the end of the Ronnie Paulino era came real quick.

Few thoughts on Taschner after seeing him past the past few years in SF:

- The guy one was of the few players that really got crap from the relatively passive Giants' fans although supposedly was a very friendly guy with fans & generous about signing autographs.

- Taschner is your classic nibbler. Maddening to watch him pitch at times especially when he needs to go after a hitter to get an out with runners on.

- Basically a fastball/slider guy who can gun it up to 92 or 93 from what I remember but with highly erratic control. Easily can walk a guy or two in a row.

- Isn't that effective against lefties because his changeup stinks and he can't throw it for strikes consistently.

- Remember him usually getting shelled on the road and the numbers bear it out. His career numbers away from AT&T Park are horrendous.

Verdict: Basically a stop-gap measure until Romero rejoins the team in early June. Maybe Taschner sticks if the Phils have some injuries in their pen but I would be surprised to see him up on the MLB roster by the ASB.


- Isn't that effective against lefties because his "slider" stinks and he can't throw it for strikes consistently. Seemed to overthrow it a bunch of times.

His changeup isn't much to write home about either. Basically doesn't have a good offspeed pitch although he can gas it up when needed.

The Phillies were also linked to Jack Taschner last July and I distinctly recall writing a post at that time in which I declared it an absolute 100% certainty that Jack Taschner would someday be a Phillie. I was searching the archives today & couldn't find the exact post, but I did find this comment that comes pretty close. I wrote it on 7-31 (the last day before the trading deadline):

"This entire day is just one long build-up to the announcement of the Jack Taschner to the Phillies trade."

The Taschner post was actually just 1 of about 50 posts I wrote on 7-31. The other 49 all had to do with how idiotic we were for acquiring Joe Blanton. So I guess I batted 1 for 50 that day. With a batting average like that, I could be the Phillies' starting third baseman if only I could play good defense.

Best case scenario is that Taschner catches lightning in a bottle and has a career year for us - the way Aaron Fultz, another mediocre left-handed ex-Giant, did for us in 2006. Of course, even when he stunk, Fultz always had good numbers against left-handers, whereas Taschner does not.

This trade doesn't do anything for me. Honestly, I think havnig Paulino at AA would be of more use to the Phillies than Jack Taschner is likely to be. I'd rather give the 7th bullpen spot to Koplove.

Hard to criticize this trade though. No other lefty in camp showed anything and the Phils realized that having another lefty arm as a stop gap until Romero gets back in June. If Taschner can give the Phils a league average performance (4.25-4.50 ERA over about 20 innings) the first 2 months of the year that trade will have worked out.

Paulino had to go if he wasn't going to win the backup spot as the Phils want Marson to get a ton of PT in Allentown. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me in the least now if Marson sees a decent chunk action with the team including a Sept. 1 callup when rosters expand.

Still hoping that Happ gets the 5th starter spot and Park ends up in bullpen. A middle relief of Durbin/Eyre/Park/Condrey/Taschner is better than a proposed Durbin/Eyre/Condrey/ and a mix of Happ, Majewski, Koplove for the final 2 spots.

Now the last tinkering move is to get another right-handed bat for the bench to round out a bench quintet of Coste, Dobbs, Bruntlett, Jenkins and a right-handed bat.

"Now the last tinkering move is to get another right-handed bat for the bench to round out a bench quintet of Coste, Dobbs, Bruntlett, Jenkins and a right-handed bat."

Yes. Trade Jenkins for that right-handed bat, and keep Stairs (who is much more valuable as a pinch-hitter) and you have your roster. Got to be a equally high-priced right-handed bat out there, to help with the price-tag for Jenkins.

Can't lose Stairs. He's a homerun waiting to happen, in the late innings.

Hope some of these veteran bench guys (Majewski, Koplove, Giles, Ozuna) take a AAA contract, and go to Lehigh Valley. I still think, at some point this year, Majewski in particular, can help this team.

I don't care for this trade, but we basically traded Jason Jaramillo for Jack Taschner so it isn't that bad.

"there has to be an equally high-priced RH bat out there to help with the price tag for Jenkins"
There is. His name is Austin Kerns.

Glad to see the trade for Taschner. Good news for Paulino. More important, good news for Happ. Indicates they are'nt going to put Happ in the Bull-pen. I'm rooting for Happ to get the 5th starters spot. He has done all he can in the minors. Just had the misfortune to get hurt in 2007, his year to come up.

The Giants just flipped him to the Marlins. So all of "Paulino's Bambinos" will still get to see a lot of him.

2009 Bull-pen (50 games): Lidge, Madson, Eyre, Park, Taschner, Durbin, Condrey.
2008 Bull-pen (pre sept): Lidge, Madson, Romero, Durbin, Eyre, Seanez, Condrey.

Phillies lose on the Eyre for Romero. They lose on Taschner for Eyre. Gain on Park for Durbin. Gain on Durbin for Seanez. Hopefully Park's new Change-up can help neutralize Lefties until Romero gets back.

Last thought on Taschner:

He isn't exactly a cheap option since he is signed for $835k this year. Phils traded Paulino's $430k so Taschner basically bumped up their payroll by $400k this year.

I guess the Phils think that Ohman still likely won't settle for anything less than $1.5M as a base with some decent incentive upside potential that would make the contract potentially worth at least $2M (and likely notion that he would get a couple extra bucks from any playoff shares money).

I would still rather have the Phils tried to move both Stairs and Paulino's contracts in attempt to make a viable offer to Ohman around $1.5M with some incentive potential. Oh well.

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I won't complain about the trade since it fulfilled my prediction that the Phils 25th man wasn't on the team yet. Now he is.

But it's worth noting that the Giants dealt Ronny Paulino for Hector Correa, an above average prospect.

Correa, 21, is a RHP who throws mid-90s and has better control than Mosebach. He's also got a good changeup, but no other pitches.

He's at least 3 years away from The Show because he lost last year to shoulder problems. But he will eventually have a better career than Jack Taschner, who's your classic 12th or 13th pitcher.

Taschner will not last the season on this team unless there's a total pitching collapse.

MG: The Phils lack of interest in Ohman may be this: they didn't want a true LOOGY, since they already have that in Eyre, but were looking for a lefty with balance, albeit in this case a bad one. This way, Taschner becomes the guy to bring in and pitch a full 6th inning, while Eyre is strictly a weapon against a dangerous LH hitter when needed late in the game. Keep in mind, bad as Taschner is vs. LH hitters he's not nearly as bad as Condrey.

I'm not sure. Ugh or meh?

I'm going with the former. I think this trade demonstrates that Ronnie Paulino is, indeed, uncoachable and going nowhere.

The only thing worse would've been getting traded for Eaton.

Correa throws in the low 90's since his injury. A post injury RH pitcher who's only secondary pitch is a Change-up, is not that valuable. The Phillies don't need that. He is a HiA pitcher and the Phillies already have Stutes, Worely, Cisco, Sampson and Drabek as RH ready for Clearwater. The Giants just took the guy to create roster space.

He'll be outta here by game 51.

mikes77: "The Giants just took the guy to create roster space."

Huh? That's a pretty ignorant statement even for you. Correa may be throwing low 90s in ST, but he has yet to pitch in a regular season game since his injury so you have no clue what speed he'll be throwing ponce he's ready. There's no reason to think he won't return to mid-90s.

Correa is an above average prospect, superior to Sampson and on par with Worley, Stutes etc. Drabek, of course, is a cut above all of them.

mikes: I just noticed your inclusion of Cisco on your list. I'm assuming that's a joke. Cisco's an OK college pitcher, but he's a 36th round draft pick with good control and average stuff. He isn't remotely the prospect Correa is.

BA ranked Correa, a 4th rounder, as the 22nd best prospect on the Marlins post-injury (13th pre-injury) and Cisco as 29th on the Phils.

"Correa is an above average prospect... Superior to Sampson".
Clout, that is a very ignorant comment even coming from you.
Correa was the Marlins 25th ranked prospect, coming off injury and in HiA. He is close to becoming fringe. The Giants can use him more than the Phillies. The Giants dont have RH pitching in the low minors. The Phillies are overloaded with RH prospects better than him.

Pretty much tells you that Paulino is completely worthless and the Phillies quickly realized it...he must be quite the character.

Taschner is an okay 12th guy in the pen...nothing more.

Clout -

From the last thread -

I watched Mayberry hit very closely in spring training and I can tell you that he is much better than the minor league numbers he posted for the Rangers. He gets the bat on the ball with surprising regularity and he knows how to watch a pitch. The times I saw him strike out were times he appeared to be looking for a pitch he could take yard. I saw him strike out once with the bags loaded and he clearly was looking for a pitch he never got. He'll learn how to protect the plate with two strikes, and when he does, his K/BB will come into line.

The numbers he posted in the minors with the Rangers and the fact the Rangers actually let him go, tells me he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It may have been the scenery in Texas, his relationship with his hitting coaches or any of a number of other valid reasons why he never played to potential in the Rangers organization. I think you are going to see an entirely different player now that cheese steaks are replacing tacos.

Having a father who was an accomplished hitter in the bigs may also be a big part of this story. The hitting coaches in the Rangers organization may have been trying to change things his father taught him. The hitting instruction of Charlie Manuel and Milt Thompson may be complementing what Mayberry's dad taught rather than trying to change it, and the end result may be a confident player rather than a frustrated or skeptical one.

You sound like a guy who understands baseball and enjoys the game. Believe me when I tell you that John Mayberry Jr. is about to increase your enjoyment of the game.

Stay well, Pal.

Jaramillo won the job as the backup catcher on the Pirates so obviously the trade worked out well for him.

clout - A lot of folks buzz a bit about Cisco. I think it's a small sample size thing. (Good stats over a few games.) Plus, as a child of a major league pitching coach he "has to be good." It's clearly too early to assume he'll be the huge star so many think. It's understandable, given the buzziness of his name that he'd end up on an offhand list like that of mikes. (He wouldn't make mine. He'd make the wait and see list, in the same crowd as, say, Schwimer.)

In re: Taschner
The bright, rosy, pink-tinged glasses side is that his stats follow the pattern of Trever Miller, who did well a couple years after becoming solely a releiver at about the same age that Jackie did. The less "kool-aid" news, of course, is that Taschner isn't even Trever Miller.

In re: Jenkins or Stairs?
I have been rethinking the whole thing. On one hand, Stairs has doe well HERE. On the other hand, Jenkins is younger, faster, plays better defense, has better career offensive numbers and, importantly, will be harder to move in a trade. Moreover, if they absorb a salary, it's easier to swallow $1 MM than $6 or $8 or $Whatever M.

I just hope that when Mett goes, there's something more for him than Fuschia (a notably brighter and less realistic color than Rose) Considerations.

Gosh. I hoped to post "as the Matt goes." I certainly hope that Stairs doesn't go to NYM. He'd be the kinda guy that absolutely kills us.

This is another lefty in the 'pen, that's all. That's all they need him to be and for only 50 games. He'll probably be gone when Romero returns. Giving up Paulino is not a heavy price.

Incidentally, Jack Taschner's number 10 comparable on b-ref?

VIC DARENSBOURG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{Suddenly it feels like Spring!}

I like the Phils getting Taschner, a left-handed reliever, from the Giants for Paulino a lot more that I like the Phils settling for, Andino, a utility player who is hitting .206, from the Marlins. Like many other players who get traded to better teams, Taschner may surprise and help the Phils. This trade tells me that the Phils are planning to go with Happ ad their 5th starter and Park as their long reliever.

The fact that Manuel and Thompson have taken such an interest in Mayberry and have worked with his hitting so long also tells me that they are pulling for him to stay with the Phils rather than sending him down to Allentown. The Phils front office trying to move Jenkins, even at a financial loss, supports this notion.

If the Phils really didn't think Mayberry could help them this year, there are plenty of unemployed right-handed hitters they could have contacted. I'd pay Frank Thomas $1 million to do nothing but pinch hit.

Stay well.

I see that Bernie Williams, 40, is contemplating a comeback. Right-handed bat off the bench?

Is the Taschner signing a signal that Happ has made the rotation and Park is in the pen? Or Happ is headed to AAA? I would much rather have Park and Taschner in the pen, than Happ and Majewski.

To be clear - I'd rather have Park and Taschner in the bullpen over Happ and whoever the last guy is, Majewski or some other pitcher. The point is, it seems like this acquisition might be tied to Happ's fate at the start of the season, one way or another.

I'm not sure which is a funnier joke. "comeback" or "rhb." Please advise.

Happ got hit pretty hard in a minor league game today.

Here is a long-time Phillies fan thought. Maybe Taschner finds out that the Phillies "pitching mentor" is a guru, who can help him extend his career with a better "out" pitch. See if he seeks out Jamie Moyer.

Holy cow, how on earth did Bernie Williams get to be 40 years old?

Not surprised to hear about Happ; I like him but he doesn't seem like he's the model of consistency at this point. It will be interesting to see if he settles down or not.

Still dry here; dikes at 43 feet with constant monitoring. Some houses have been lost outside the city but in Fargo and Moorhead, MN things are steady. The river level has actually dropped a little bit this morning (perhaps due to the cold). The Mayor is looking a bit less haggard today and has suggested that we save water by taking showers together.:) Right now it's watch, wait, and hope.

"I'm not sure which is a funnier joke. 'comeback' or 'rhb.'"

Here's a joke that's even funnier than either of those: Miguel Cairo as the right-handed bat off the bench.

Happ's line: 5.1 IP, 6 hits, 5 ER, 2 walks, 4 Ks. In that same minor league game, Pedro Feliz went 0 for 6.

You forgot to put quote marks around rhb in the cairo post. Please check your editing more carefully.

Good to hear from you. Sound like, in the immediate case, it's good to be the frozen North. We'll keep thinkin' of ya. Oh, and sorry about Happ's bad (non-hair) day.

Phargo: Thanks for the update. Hang in and God bless.

Andy's "I'm not sure. Ugh or meh?" seems like the best summation. Too bad about Paulino, though -- he got my hopes up with the good winter ball performance.

On the Jenkins vs. Stairs question, Andy's sales job for Jenkins should be the approach the Phils take in trying to peddle him for someone else's bad contract. Austin Kearns for him? I'd make that trade. He's due $8 million this year with a club option/cheap buyout for next, pretty much the same as Jenkins. Only problem is that Washington's list of outfielders is almost as deep as the Red River of the North right now.

"in any case JT is better than the people currently competing for the 12th pitchers spot."

Thats spot on, and they gave up a guy they didn't even like to get him. Ohman would of course have been better, but this isn't a bad move at all.

It's too bad we couldn't have traded Paulino for Hector Correa.

I guess this means the Marson trade rumors are dead.

Damn, I already bought a Paulino jersey. I wanted to be the first with one.

Traschner will be the mop up guy. He won't face an important batter in the first 50 games. I wonder if this means Happ is in the rotation.

I like the idea of Kearns for Jenkins. What about Gary Matthews Jr? There is some defense for you.

By the way, Jarmillo is looking like the second coming of Benito Santiago against his former team today.

Alby - I'm not a big Kearns fan, but I agree. He would be more useful for the Phils than Jenkins or Stairs. You're also right, however, about WSN. Now that they have Dunn, they will not look to add any OFs.

philsphan - The Phils probably could have done the Paulino for Correa thing; but remember Junior was interested in obtaining a shovel-ready LHRP.

Shovel-ready. Good one.

I see no real problem going into the season with the spots in the back end of the bullpen still up for grabs.

We all talk like guys are locked into certain innings, but what really happens is that your closer, set-up and 7th-inning guys get used in wins, the last 4 guys in losses -- or, rather, games in which you fall behind early and the pitcher is only going 4 or 5 IP. The guys who emerge as important, as Durbin did last season, are those who throw a lot of 2-inning shutout appearances in that fell-behind role.

That's where many of us want Park. I think (hope?) that's where he'll end up, even if he starts the season as the 5th starter. I don't think it's that important to have the bottom-end pecking order set from Game One. It seems to require shuffling on every team every year anyway.

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