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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I may be mistaken, but isn't doubleh also female?

Yes - Geez. Sorry about that doubleh. Will need to change the phrasing.

Impressively deep, but stayed in the park? Box score says he went 1-4 with walk. We're impressed with long outs?

RE Mosebach:
Does it make sense to be putting him in a position to fail now so that when he doesn't make the team and he is offered back to the Angels that they don't want him? If the Phils like his 97MPH fastball like someone said earlier could this be why they keep sending him out? Would this even work?
Or am I just crazy for thinking it?

Rule 5 Rules:

Eligibility: A player not on a team's Major League 40-man roster is eligible for the Rule 5 draft if: the player was 18 or younger when he first signed a pro contract and this is the fourth Rule 5 draft since he signed, OR if he was 19 or older when he first signed a pro contract and this is the third Rule 5 draft since he signed.

A player drafted onto a Major League roster in the Rule 5 draft must remain in the majors (on the 25-man active roster or the DL) for all of the subsequent season, or the drafting club must attempt to return him to his original club. However, since a returned Rule 5 player must first be placed on outright waivers, a third club could claim the player off waivers. But of course, that club would then also have to keep him in the majors all season, or offer him back to his original club.

Occasionally, the drafting club will work out a trade with the player's original team, allowing the drafting club to retain the player but send him to the minors.

"I think maybe Charlie Manuel lost a few lbs over the winter, too."

Gosh. I hope it doesn't effect, you know, the "Gut." (I mean, some kinds of weight loss are simply not acceptable.)

Just posted on mlb trade rumors:

"Will Ohman seeks a one-year, $1.75MM deal with easily-reachable incentives for another million...the Phillies and Marlins have interest at a lesser price. Stark has also heard the Phils connected to Giants lefty Jack Taschner.

Shawn Camp, Geoff Geary, John Buck, and Geoff Jenkins are currently available. The Phillies would eat almost all of the $8MM owed to Jenkins."

So much for the ideas that the Phils are unwilling to get rid of Jenkins because of his price tag or their plans to ship Mayberry back to the minors regardless of his preformance in spring training.

Paulino, with or without a minor league reliever, to the Giants for left-hander Jack Taschner may be on the Phils' mind. They very well may have acquired Paulino for such a scenario.

It's amazing how many big contracts the Phils have eaten in recent years for the benefit of other teams. Thome, Eaton, and now possibly, Jenkins are the ones that may be talked about for years to come.

Stay well.

Stay well.

Struck me as awfully low. Admittedly, the front office doesn’t deserve the highest marks, but Amaro’s been fine so far – even better than fine considering some of the contracts he gave to the in-house arb eligible players.

Regardless, a B- – one spot ahead of the Mariners – for the defending world champs, a team that hasn’t won fewer than 85 games in the last six seasons, and looks primed to defend their NL East title, is too low.

One more fangraphs tidbit I thought you fellers might like:

Sorting that data by the percentage of pitches swung on and missed, I encountered right at the top, an amazing number. Ryan Madson’s changeup (as classified by MLBAM), thrown to same-handed hitters generated a swing and miss a whopping 36% of the time, about 5% higher than any other pitch by any other pitcher in 2008.

Doc - Makes me think the Phils, as they should, recognize that keeping Mayberry as the "fifth outfielder" won't do anybody any good. I guess if they get rid of Jenkins, they can assure themselves of a little more playing time.

I still think Geoff could turn it around, with a few more ABs, but I don't see how that's possible. I'd love to get something back for him at this point.

(Also, still flabbergasts me how willing this organization has become to eat money. I don't like the bad contracts, but I LOVE this knowing of when to cut the cord, regardless of cost.)

Jason, I made the same mistake a few threads back and called her sir

"So much for the ideas that the Phils are unwilling to get rid of Jenkins because of his price tag."

Umm . . . it's not that Jenkins' price tag makes the Phillies unwilling to get rid of him. It's that his price tag makes them UNABLE to get rid of him. I'm sure the Phillies would love nothing more than to dump Jenkins. They have reportedly been trying to do it all winter.

Wait a minute. I don't remember clout saying that there were enough stalls for the ladies at Roger Dean Stadium.

I've been called worse. Maybe it's my potty mouth that makes you all think I'm a dude.

Whatevs. It's cool. Villanova better get their proverbial sh*t together, though...this is ridiculous. So many turnovers and suspect D.

So we now know that, when he isn't writing pithy posts on Beerleaguer, clout is busy checking out the ladies room at Roger Dean Stadium. How else would he know about the number of stalls there are?

Doubleh, it think its more the anonymity of the internet, and the sheer probability of this being a sports centric site. Most of the woman in my family and my fiancee all have some "coarse language" so I doubt that's it.

pitch f/x data is really cool stuff. It is going to really change the game in several ways including advance scouting reports on opposing players, hitting strategy, and pitcher development and evaluation.

Just need a few more years (data points) though in order use some statistical techniques to start to draw some really definitive conclusions about broader points.

king myno -

Manuel likes to give his outfielders a rest, especially when they're nursing minor injuries. It wouldn't take a lot of doing to give Victorino, Werth and Ibanez one day rest each week and give those 3 starts to Mayberry. With the starts and frequent pinch hitting opportunities, Mayberry will gain more experience and help the Phils more in Phillie than he will in Allentown.

I like Geoff Jenkins but he's had his chance and both the Phils and Jenkins need to move on. The Phils have evidently made the decision to trade Jenkins and keep Mayberry and Stairs, which I totally agree with. The Phils may have to eat a lot, but not all, of Jenkins' salary. Given the opportunity to have Mayberry, who can hit both right-handed and left-handed pitching, in the lineup more often than Jenkins, who can only hit right-handers, coughing up some salary in a Jenkins trade seems suddenly acceptable.

Stay well.

Stay well.

Even if the Phils are willing to pick up his half of his remaining contract ($4M), I can't imagine a team out there is going to be willing to spend $4M on a corner OF whose power is in doubt/likely ceiling this year is .740-.750 OPS.

There are better ways to spend $4M. Hell, any team that does think they have some spare money is going to be better off waiting to see if some teams get desperate to unload some player contracts this summer due to financial reasons.

doc: You keep making this assertion about the Phillies having decided to trade Jenkins. There have been several articles over the course of the off-season, which make clear that they have been trying to trade him for months. But, even if they ate $3.5M of his $6.5M salary, there would still be no takers. In fact, even if they ate $5M, there might still be no takers.
If Jenkins is traded before opening day, I will be astonished.

Jenkins was hopefully the last over-the-hill-who-never-had-much-of-a-hill-anyway vet hired and grossly overpaid by this team. Bringing in overpriced stiffs was understandable when this franchise was the definition of mediocrity, but Phil. is now a destination of choice. No more of the Helms, Eatons etc etc

If Jenkins is dealt before opening day, the Phils will be eating at least $6M of his salary.

Starting Mayberry 3x a week on a constant basis in lieu of taking away ABs from Werth, Ibanez, or Vic makes zero sense. Plus, Mayberry is only likely a better defensive player than one player (Ibanez).

These ridiculous notions about Mayberry being some kind of bonafide stud prospect who needs playing time with the Phils need to stop. He has struggled the last couple of days as more teams are starting to leave their regular starting pitchers work later in games.

To be fair, Monday should be Clout Day. Last year we had played 22 games by Clout Day. We'll hit that number on Monday.

Then, on Monday, we can start talking about Mayberry as a bonafide stud prospect!!!!

MG: Couldn't agree more about Mayberry. I have trouble recalling any recent Phillies prospect who generated as much hype with as little justification for that hype. Mayberry has 1,899 minor league plate appearances which say he's a one-trick pony and he doesn't even peform that one trick particularly well.

Mayberry certainly has the physical tools to be a good player if he can ever learn how to use those tools. But, he's already 25, so if it doesn't happen in the next year or two, it isn't likely to ever happen. And the major league roster is not the place for a player whose sole attribute is potential.

"We're impressed with long outs?"

What can I say? The other fans dug JD today, and I did, too. Maybe long outs are less depressing than strikeouts, or maybe it was a side effect of beer and sunshine. Hard to say why, but yeah I guess in Spring Training when your pitcher is on and the sun is (finally) shining, a long out from a young player can give folks hope that maybe next time it will go all the way...

I think Mayberry might be the anti-Joe Blanton. To me, Joe Blanton just doesn't look like a major-league pitcher, but he sure has been getting the job done.

I never saw Mayberry before today, and he sure looks like he should be great- but it's not happening. I was a bit surprised at the crowd enthusiasm when he came in today, since I have never heard great things about him here.

Mayberry is the current flavor of the month...he's not a A level prospect.

MG : Starting Mayberry 3x a week on a constant basis in lieu of taking away ABs from Werth, Ibanez, or Vic makes zero sense.

DOC : Mayberry or no Mayberry, Manuel is going to rest his starting outfielders just as he always has in the past. What's more, his outfielders are going to slump and get injured and tired just as they have in the past. Mayberry or no Mayberry, ABs are going to get taken away from the starting outfielders. For my money, I'd rather see those ABs going to Mayberry than Jenkins or Bruntlett.

MG : Plus, Mayberry is only likely a better defensive player than one player (Ibanez).

DOC : You obviously have never seen Mayberry play before. Granted, he is not Shane Victorino, but he is a young, athletic and motivated outfielder who knows how to think the position and track down fly balls and grounders. He also has a strong and accurate arm. Claiming that he is only likely a better defensive player than Ibanez holds as much credibility as everyone who criticized Ibanez without ever having seen him play. By the way, If Mayberry is better than Ibanez, then he is an above-average defensive outfielder. Ibanez is nowhere near the defensive or base path liability somwe members of this board made him out to be.

MG : These ridiculous notions about Mayberry being some kind of bonafide stud prospect who needs playing time with the Phils need to stop. He has struggled the last couple of days as more teams are starting to leave their regular starting pitchers work later in games.

DOC : Once again, look both ways before you cross a street. If you saw him play any games in spring training, you'd realize that his outs are more exciting to watch than many players' hits. Also, many of his hits and outs missed becoming homeruns by inches. He is not struggling. His BA has gone down this past week because he is not playing as regular as he did at the beginning of spring training. This is not uncommon when a coaching staff has already seen all they have to see in a player and throws more ABs in the direction of other players they are still trying to evaluate. Mayberry started every game I saw him play in spring training which meant that he saw the teams' best pitchers before being taken out of the games. I saw him hit left-handed pitching and right-handed pitching with amazing power. Don't forget that Mayberry has become a personal project of Charlie Manuel and Milt Thompson who have been changing his mechanics throughout spring training. They've been trying to get Mayberry to get out in front of more pitches. Using newly learned mechanics during games can obviously affect a BA. Suffice it to say that Mayberry is a bona fide stud who has not struggled at any time during spring training. When you finally get around to actually seeing Mayberry play, you'll see that the notions spectators have about him are not ridiculous. He's the real deal and the Phils are lucky to have him.

Stay well.

Doc: Do you believe Mayberry is better defensively than Werth? We know for sure he's not nearly as good as Vic, who's one of the stronger defensive CF's in the league.

Doc: "Suffice it to say that Mayberry is a bona fide stud who has not struggled at any time during spring training."


Mayberry has a BB/K ratio of 3/16 in 55 PAs with probably 40% of them coming vs. minor league or washed up pitchers. He is also hitting .269 and has a career minor league BA of .255.

I guess it all depends on how you define "stud."

Yo, new thread.

This post certainly draw in a lot of comments from your readers. Congratulations, you have a wide base of sports enthusiasts here. Keep up the good work! :)

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