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Monday, March 16, 2009


I see absolutely no reason why Kendrick should make the roster, or that he should even be considered for a call up without a significant period of time during which he proves he can pitch in the major leagues. Frankly, even if he mows through the International League, I'd still let him pitch the entire 2009 season for the Iron Pigs.

That being said, unless he is a key element in a trade that brings something special to the Phils like Roy Halladay (which I don't see happening in my wildest dreams), I see no point in trading him. It's not like he's taking up valuable roster space on the Iron Pigs. Then, if he earns a spot on the 2010 roster, terrific. If not, no harm, no foul.

Damn. I would like to make Clout Day at McFadden's for a beer but have prior obligation. Maybe a game at some point later this season at McFadden's instead.

That picture of Cole is a riot. Was that from an interview today? Or should we just insert our own dialogue? I'm thinking something like Martin Short on 60 Minutes denying that his company's fake puke causes horrible burns. I"m not being defensive!

I love teh Roy Halladay speculation, too. I wish we had the pieces to land him. I don't want to just compete for teh division. I prefer to annihilate the competition, if possible.

I can't make teh mcfadden's thing. Feel free to use my nametag, though. Let me know if I offend.

Cole's Doc Ellis photo

Looking back, it's hard to believe that the Phillies had Kyle Kendrick and Adam Eaton as their 4th and 5th starters for more than half a season and still won a championship. And to think, there were people that killed the Phillies for trading Cardenas for Joe Blanton.
Thank goodness for the Joe Blanton and JA Happ.

please,'s surely 'sweated'.

I'm hoping this Cole thing is nothing major and no time is lost, just some spring training innings.

Like I said yesterday, I appreciate all KK has done for this team, but right now he's not ready to help the Phils.

Happy St. Patty's Day to all!

Park may be making the KK conversation moot, anyway.

Park and Happ may also very well be in the starting rotation come opening day. That doesn't sit well with me.

Don't call it a comeback!

KK's new BL theme song when he's tallying up 6IP 3ER starts down the stretch!

In re: the photo
Night of the Living Hamels; photoshop in a couple fangs and it'd be all the proof we needed.

In re: Kendrick
Last thread I mispoke. In his 50ish starts, he has just 17 better than that strange and arbitrary 6 IP 3 ER quality start thing; he has 9 of exactly that number (6 and 3) (because that's the kinda guy he is); and he has 23 starts worse than "quality starts" (which can mean he didn't go 6, gave up more than 3, or both). There was also one start where he pitched one inning, gave up no ERs but exited early. I'm trying to remember why that was but my half century old gray matter cannot recapture the moment.

So there it is 17-26 quality starts; 23 not so quality. To me that says: "good guy to have stashed at AAA, especially at age 24."

It does not say, "good guy to base your future rotation hopes on."

The one (and gosh, I am reaching so far I should be force fed my own kool-aid) silver lining to the Cole cloud is that maybe it will encourage Ruben to actually acquire another major league left handed reliever.

JW: Glad you mentioned the 262 1/3 IP Hamels threw last season, a season in which more than a dozen posters here ridiculed him as being a wimp.

As of Monday, 9 am:

Player OPS; HR; SB; BB; K
Mayberry .862; 3; 1; 2; 14

Donald .832; 2; 2; 7; 7

Golson 1.027; 1; 0; 1; 6

clout - Sorry to hear about Tuffy. Maybe next year, right?

Andy: Yes, there's always next year.

Andy, without looking, I'd guess teh one inning appearance was a rain delay.

Anyone read that Dykstra article in GQ?

I believe the basic premise of the story about how he probably blows off a bunch of debts because he thniks he is too big time, but its so obvious the writer is just there to bash him. All of the random stories he throws in there about him being sexist and racist hardly even tie in to the article.

I'd be pretty pist too if he scammed me out fo a paycheck too so i guess i can't blame the guy, but I'm surprised GQ or anyone would run that type of story so distortedly angled to discredit someone.

Hugh - Thanks. That makes sense.

For the record, I ridiculed Hamels as being a wimp in 2007, not last year. And while I'm not about to do that again (after all, there's a big difference about shutting yourself down for 'precautionary reasons' in March than in a late-season pennant race), I think it's fair to say that this incident is reminding people that more seasons than not are going to involve things like this so long as Hamels is around. Great pitcher when he's sound, but you have to think that full, injury-free seasons from him are going to be the exception rather than the norm.

phaithful - I read the article. On the one (and most important) hand, I don't really have any firsthand knowledge to base a good opinion on. OTOH - I have read Dykstra's column a couple times and, actually, all the stuff the guy alleges seems to fit with the personality displayed in Dykstra's words.

IOW - I cannot really say that the allegations are true; but I won't be terribly shocked if they are.

****JW: Glad you mentioned the 262 1/3 IP Hamels threw last season, a season in which more than a dozen posters here ridiculed him as being a wimp.****

Most likely those are the posters that listen to WIP on a regular basis. What a joke. FTR, I was an ardent defender of Hamels all last season...I also defended the Vic/Rowand decision from the moment it was made too despite being ridiculed by many both here and in other places.

I admit when I'm wrong (thankfully, it doesn't happen too often) and I was wrong to accuse Hamels as a "wimp". I didn't use that exact term, but I implied in last summer.

Not only did he pitch the most innings, he threw the most pitches too.

Not that it means anything, but Golson only has 22 Abs this spring. Donald and Mayberry lead the team in ABs with 44 and 43. Golson's OPS has stayed high because he is'nt playing.

C'mon, Carson; don't beat yourself up. I'm sure you were thinking of this guy when you made your comments.

Carson: You were hardly alone. Numerous posters attacked Hamels for wanting a chiropractor and then attacked him again when he said he didn't think it was a good idea to pitch on short rest.

I have a masochist's taste for WIP. I remember Mark Ellis last September claiming, after Cole had postponed a start or something, that he'd rather have Myers starting game 1 (and thus game 5) of a playoff series because, unlike Cole, Myers was a "gamer" or "pitbull" or somesuch. (Representing an instance in which Myers' much discussed mental state was construed as a positive).

Hopefully this crisis will at least have the effect of tempering the meat-heads who would sacrifice young arms in order to satisfy vague conceptions of baseball manliness.

Of course, it's easy to claim "I was right." I was glad throughout all of last season that Cole led or nearly led the league in innings pitched. Soothed my own doubts and gave me a useful factoid to employ against his detractors.

I didn't anticipate adverse consequences and even now I can't really see how things could have been done differently.

NEPP - Isn't remarkable how some people are quick to remember - and eager to point out - the mistakes of others, but never their own? As you note, the "Vic/Rowand decision" is one a whole lot of posters got wrong - certainly a whole lot more than the "Hamels wimp" issue. (I actually don't even remember a "Hamels wimp" issue, but that may be because I'm not around much of the time.)

My earliest memory of this board is endless posts ridiculing every player transaction made by Gillick. I'm talking thousands of posts on the subject over many many months. It seemed we were doomed to lose 100 games per season forever under the old fool, as he kept dealing valuable big leaguers and promising minor leaguers for one piece of trash after another, while signing an endless stream of castoffs.

And then, all of a sudden we were winners. Naturally, the Gillick bashers immediately said "geez, I was wrong. Gillick knows how to build a winning team, and I'm basically clueless." You do remember these posts, no?

The best baseball teams only win 60% of the time, and the best hitters hit only 30% of the time, which is why even the best of the best show a lot of humility.

Whoever said Hamels was a wimp was obviously talking about how much of a little wuss he sounds like when he talks and the 8yr girl haircut that he rocks from time to time.

Definitely comes off as some type of bratty pansy boy, but g'damn can he pitch, so he's Ok in my book.

JW: See you at 7.

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