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Tuesday, March 24, 2009



What was his WHIP last year again?

I thought Schneider was hurt to start the season? Then again, I don't devote too much of my attention to 2nd rate ball clubs, so I could be wrong.

Wow, and we thought the Philly bench needed some upgrading.....

Looks like an 85 win team. Possible WC contender, no more.

Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Santana, and K-Rod will do what they always do. The key to the Mets will be the starting pitching & Carlos Delgado. Delgado had a big 2nd half last year, but his numbers had been in decline for the 2 1/2 seasons before that and he'll turn 37 this season. And the pitching has lots of question marks. Was Pelfrey's second half a breakthrough or a fluke? Cain Maine come back from his injury? Can Livan bounce back (don't discount the possibility; he has been written off several times before). Plus, the Mets have their own version of Brett Myers in Oliver Perez. Great one game, horrible the next.

If everything breaks right for the Mets, I could see them win 95 games. If it all goes wrong, I could see them being little better than a .500 team.

Weak bench. Less than dominant rotation. Possibly strong bullpen. Very good line-up. They will score a lot of runs this year. Every fifth day they'll be extremely tough to beat.

It's intersting, however, that while the Phils are struggling to find a LOOGY and a RHB off the bench, they still need to fill (with viable options) second base and a rotation spot.

In re: Livan
I know he's had a great Spring. But really. Just learning a sinker makes him better than the last couple years?

The problem with the Mets team last year looks like it is going to be their problem this year: depth. That bullpen doesn't look very much improved compared to the one that started 2008 even with the addition of Putz and KRod.

The Mets would be bettered served putting a tee at homeplate, rather than using the most hittable pitcher ever in Livan Hernandez.

I do think the Mets' bullpen could be better than last year. It depends on how well some of the youngest members develop. Stokes can be good. O'Day could be excellent.

I missed the discussion regarding Baker. Isn't 12 home runs in 299 at bats a lot for a utility player?

Player Avg. OBP SLG
Dobbs .276 .320 .434
Baker .262 .319 .468

I like having KK in Allentown in case of multiple injuries, but Baker like a good pickup to me.

the Mets are who we thought they were

baxter - That's like a koan.

What is the sound of one Met whiffing?

your missing one pitcher on that roster. It's only a 24 man team right there.

"Livan Hernandez... The most hittable pitcher ever"
FWIW, Jimmy Rollins calls Livan the toughest pitcher he has faced.

Jimmy Rollins=Obsessed with mets
Cole Hamels=Obsessed with mets
Philly Blogs=Obsessed with mets

I can smell the jealousy all the way from NY..Sad how even winning a championship cant stop the obsession. I guess I would be jealous also if I had to live in Philly, PA. God that has to suck. Second rate city, second rate fans.

Despite our recent success, we still need to play the games in 2009 and the Muts need to be taken with respect. I think the Phils will prevail again this year, but the Muts will be right there nipping and barking at our heels all season long.

NaPF -
Time I spend on Mets' blogs: 0

Time you have just spent here: too much.


Go home.

Thsuccess of the Mets' season will, IMHO, be determined by the performace of their 2-5 starters, and the front end of their bullpen.

Lineup is good....Santana should be Santana....KRod and Putz should be tough.....but it's the bridge in the pen to get to them that will matter.....and the other guys in the rotation............

Pelfrey's periferals haven't been much better than KK's the last couple of years....Maine is coming off of surgery.....and as b_a_p points out, Perez can look like Sandy Koufax one start and Adam Eaton the next.....

Oh, and I agree with Preacher.......the bench ain't all that

Using the AWH +/-5 system to predict wins this looks like and 86 win team with 91 being the high side and 81 being the low......

NaPF, since when does evaluating the comptetion within the division constitute and jealosy or obsession?

I guess if you want to think we're jealous of the way the Mets finished the last 2 seasons you're entitled.

Today's lineup per Lauber:

SS Jimmy Rollins
CF Shane Victorino
2B Chase Utley
1B Ryan Howard
RF Jayson Werth
LF Raul Ibanez
3B Pedro Feliz
DH Chris Coste
C Carlos Ruiz

Jimmy and Vic are back.

Pure speculation on my part, but I read Coste DH'ing as Charlie saying: "Show me you can still swing the stick and the roster spot is yours".

In re: that Mets bench

With Anderson, Tatis and Cora, at least their, um, versatile.

AWH - I kinda agree about the Coste DH thing.

I believe that's the everyday line-up otherwise, right?

Barring injury, I think Coste is a lock to make the team right now. Charlie wants to give him ABs since he missed so much time in the beginning of spring training.

You're missing one pitcher, as has been said. As of now, it looks like Bobby Parnell to win it.

And I don't see what the issue is with the Mets bench.

Parnell. Thanks.

Mets lack of depth will be a problem.
I wonder if Livan will bat #7 in the lineup when he pitches. Wonder if he plays any 2nd base?

"Today's lineup per Lauber:

SS Jimmy Rollins
CF Shane Victorino
2B Chase Utley
1B Ryan Howard
RF Jayson Werth
LF Raul Ibanez
3B Pedro Feliz
DH Chris Coste
C Carlos Ruiz"

Now that's more like it! Opening Day seems a little closer with a lineup like that.

OT: Does anyone know if Romero still occupies a spot on the 40 man roster when he is on the restricted list ? Phils may need some flexibility if they chose to add a non roster invitee to the active roster (Majewski, Koplove, Cairo, Giles etc...)

I just really read the sub-heading. ("Like the French and Jerry Lewis, or the Germans and David Hasselhoff,") It made me think things like:

Like a four-year-old and booster shots,

Like Fresh Kills and smelly plastic bags,

Like Major League hitters and Adam Eaton "fastballs,"

Like Alex Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez,

Like Jon Leiber and donuts,

And so on. (I can never get enough of that stuff.)

Who is in the lead for the backup catcher spot?

Neutralize Putz and especially K-Rod by getting to the 7th with a lead. As for the rest of the 'pen, we'll have to wait till August for the annual meltdown.

I saw on MLBTR that the Tigers have made Marcus Thames available and might be looking for a backup catcher in return. Thames has a salary in excess of $2M this year so I can't really see the Phillies going after him. Plus he isn't versatile. He'd be a nice addition, though.

I thought Rollins said Toma Ohka was the toughest pitcher he ever faced; saw him say that in an interview anyway.

Serious question for you guys, is Chan Ho Park still slated as your 5th starter or has that been changed?

Obviously Livan is no Cy Young (unless we're talking about whose dominate at the buffet table) but as a 5th starter, the mets could do worse.

The Mets success will definitely rest on starters 2-5, but that's not exactly going out on a limb (that's probably true for us).

#2: Perez and Myers, both headcases, both huge question marks when it comes to consistency. Perez was very good in 2004 and 2007, but very bad in 2005 and 2006 before being merely average last season. Myers is hoping to return to his pre-closer form from 2005 and 2006.

#3: Pelfrey and Moyer, can either repeat last year's success. Pelfrey because he's young and his peripherals suggest a possibility of regression. Moyer because, well, he's ancient.

#4: Maine and Blanton, who will we get? Maine got injured in August of last year and his terrible spring suggests there may be more wrong there than the Mets think. Blanton is 4-0 in red pinstripes, but he had 9 NDs for a reason.

#5: Hernandez/Niese and Park/Happ, your guess is as good as mine. Hernandez was TERRIBLE last year and only slightly better than that the two previous years. Park hasn't had success as a starter since 2001. Niese and Happ are both young unknowns (although Happ has had more major league success so far).

I think I’d put Pelfrey as the Mets #2 guy, not Perez, but that’s just me.

I think Myers is, in a contract year, due to have a good season for you guys, but I think that Pelfrey is set for a breakout as well. Pelf looks sharp, using both sides of the plate, keeping the ball down. I think Warthen has done him well.

As for the annual meltdown of the Mets BP, I think that Hernandez will go a long way to helping the ‘pen as he will probably throw 180 innings. Granted, he’ll have a 5 ERA doing it, but I think it’s better to have the consistency than running Figueroa, Knight, etc. out there.

I know its ST but I love to see Werth in the 5 hole.

That lineup makes opening day seem a whole lot closer.

Somehow I don't think Cole is obsessed with the Mets.

JRoll just likes stick'n to 'em.

And the blogs appreciate the drama of it all.

So, now you know.

P.S. Being from Philly also means not being jealous of any other cities' cuisine, as ours is simply the best.

"P.S. Being from Philly also means not being jealous of any other cities' cuisine, as ours is simply the best."

Congrats on the cheesesteak.

NYC has much better food for basically everything else.

So since you Philly fans have your World Series championship, how are you feeling? Content? Hungry for more? Will you guys be po'd if you don't win again? If the Mets manage to win the World Series will you have terrible resentment? Just curious what your take is on the upcoming PHilly season

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