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Sunday, February 01, 2009


If Amaro landed Ohman, I would consider this offseason a good start for him as GM.

Here's Feliz' game at SS:

a comeback win over the Rockies--a Burrell double to beat Manny Corpas.

I'm surprised the Phils are targeting Ohman.

Surprised too but after looking at the numbers it makes sense to make a run at Ohman. Never can have enough decent bullpen options and Romero's suspension is nearly a 1/3 of the season too. Not like a 15-game deal. Figure it is probably the main reason the Phils are kicking the tires on Ohman.

I'm not at all surprised Ohman is being targeted.

The Phillies won the whole shooting match last season because of one primary reason:

The Bullpen.

As I posted on another thread, 3/5 of the rotation was demoted because of ineffectiveness at one point or another last season.

The offense was spotty in the second half.

If we know this then the FO does too, and adding another quality BP arm to the mix is not going to hurt.

I'll stick my neck out and predict the bullpen throws at least as many innings in 2009 as they did last season.

Ohman would mean they couldn't afford to pick up a righthanded bat off the bench. Looks like they would carry three catchers and use Coste in that role.

Eyre out of the pen as the primary LOOGY for a few months does not instill confidence. It certainly makes sense for that reason. And Ohman may be a superior LOOGY to Romero anyway (he simply makes more outs) and has solid no. againt RHB. But it's surprising for other reasons: the Howard arbitration, the significant money already spent on Romero, the remaining lack of a bench RHB (Coste doesn't make any sense.)

I wonder what's in the works on the latter issue.

If reports are true that we have $3 million available in the budget now, before Howard's arbitration case is heard, then that might mean that we actually have $7 million left* to spend if the Phillies' number is picked. Of course we still need a RH bat to come off the bench. Still, getting Ohman should be doable for $3 million or less.

* Not including any money they might regain from dealing/releasing/another team picking up Eaton, Stairs, or Jenkins.

Sophist, coste has some value as a backup. If you recall, the rumor was that the Red Sox wanted him included in a Burrell/Ramirez swap that they proposed.

Coste and Condrey have similar profiles in this regard:

They may not stick this season on the team that's the defending WFC, but they are better than a lot of players in the same roles on other teams.

Take a look around. Condrey has posted better numbers since being called up by the Phillies than about half of the 7th BP arms in MLB. He's not great, but he's better than they are.

Coste is a backup catcher with a lifetime .288 BA and a 99 OPS+. That's better than a lot of MLB backups.

If the Phillies can't use them, they'll land somewhere.

Dull: Very, very few teams carry 3 catchers. It is extremely unlikely the Phillies will.

Sports Illustrated's #2 thing to look forward to during the 2009 season- "Milestones

In 2009, we'll almost certainly see Randy Johnson get to 300 wins (needed: five more), Gary Sheffield get to 500 homers (needed: one more), and Tony La Russa join Connie Mack and John McGraw as the only managers to win 2,500 games (needed: 39 more). As well, Carlos Delgado needs 31 home runs to get to 500, and Alex Rodriguez needs 47 to get to 600. Need more? Mariano Rivera is 18 saves away from 500, and if Ichiro notches 200 safeties then he'll break Wee Willie Keeler's record of eight straight 200-hit seasons. If you're into going negative, then know that the Pirates, with their 82nd loss, will set the record for most consecutive losing seasons. They're tied with the 1933-48 Phillies with 16 straight losing campaigns."

*Wow, baseball in PA has sure been shitty at times.

AWH - While I agree totally that Coste is better than most teams' back-up catchers, the Phils may have sealed his fate by signing Paulino, who has, to this point, absolutely raked LHP. That quality alone would get him into many games, since the line-up has tilted the other way.

I simply do not believe they will carry davthom's heart-throb into the season.

Carson: Kinda gives some of us a reason to care about Pirates' games - just not in a very positive way.

AWH - the reasons stated by clout and Andy are what I had in mind when he said Coste doesn't seem to be an option. As much as I'd love this team to have a career .316/.361/.503 hitter against LHP to PH, Coste can only play C and 1B. I hope you're right re his value to other teams because he's likely to be dealt. Paulino is a career .355/.417/.498 hitter against LHP (a slip last year but .407/.462/.593 in 07).

When trolls try to taunt us with '10,000 losses' you think about those decades of horrible Phils baseball before most of us were born. Really haven't had it so bad when you compare us to the Pirates or other such teams over the last 15 years or so.

I'm not sure he can still play it adequately defensively, but as recently as the 2005 season in Scranton, Coste played 93 games at 3B. He could be a RH corner infielder off the bench, not much different than Nomar or other names mentioned for that last spot on the bench (although I guess Nomar can still play some SS). I doubt that Coste would make the team to be the 3rd catcher, but you shouldn't totally discount his making the team.

It is going to be a VERY busy three weeks heading into the first part of ST. There are going to be some great "deals" out there for teams and some unhappy players getting contracts they'd never dream about, and not in a good way. There are bargins to be had and a smart GM that makes the right moves the next few weeks can help his team immensely. I think the Giants are a team nobody's thinking of that could go over the top with some nice moves in the next few weeks. With excellent young pitching and a motivated Randy Johnson, adding Manny and a couple of legit, cheap BP arms that are out there puts them right there with the Dodgers and DBacks IMO.

As for the Phils, I'm still on the Wigginton bandwagon, but you have to think he's going somewhere to play everday.Ohman would be nice out of the pen. Actually, know who I'd like to see off the bench who figures to play pretty much the same role (maybe more PT there) in Texas? Marlon Byrd. Just settled his arb case for 3M. Would Kyle Kendrick be too much for him, assuming he has a decent spring?

Ohman both would fill a need for the duration of Romero's suspension, and would give Amaro a nice little trading niche after J.C.'s return. Think about how many contenders or sorta-contenders are looking for a decent lefty reliever in the two months before the deadline: we'd have two such guys, presumably both on short-term deals, plus Romero if for some reason they wanted to deal him and maybe get something more back than a B prospect.

For those of you who can't get enough of Harry Kalas, he's on my teevee as I write, announcing the puppy bowl.

Jim F: That's a point that our old friend DaveM used to make, but Cholly never played him at 3B once or even in an emergency. I have to think that Cholly saw him in ST and concluded he couldn't play there. You may recall as well that when Cholly sat Howard he didn't replace him with Coste. He used Bruntlett and Utley.

pblunts: I want no part of Marlon Byrd. You're right about the Giants, though. Add Manny to that team and it becomes very interesting, especially if Sandoval is the real deal.

Their lineup would be:

Plus a rotation of Lincecum, Cain, Big Unit, Sanchez, Zito.

clout: The reason he was never inserted at 1B to replace Howard is because he was the backup catcher. They would never use him as a defensive replacement at 1B in case of an injury to Ruiz. I don't doubt that Coste probably won't make the team, but I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility.

Jim F: "They would never use him as a defensive replacement at 1B in case of an injury to Ruiz."

Why not? If Ruiz gets hurt you just switch Coste to C and play Bruntlett at 1B.

I think the most likely scenario with Coste is he gets traded in ST after some other team has a catcher go down with an injury. He's perfectly acceptable as a backup catcher/pinch hitter.

I've been out of the loop lately so I apologize if this has been covered but do they still have Jamarillo? I'd think it would be smart to move him before he spends a season as Marson's caddy. Not that he has much value, but it will be less if he's a AAA backup.

Giants are only a legit contender if Zito rebounds in a big way and they acquire a bat of Manny's caliber. They just don't have enough offense otherwise because they still have a mediocre bullpen (even with the acquisitions this offseason) and an average defense.

Prediction: If Benji Molina is batting behind Manny Ramirez for a full season, Manny obliterates the single-season walk (and IBB) record.

Jeltzie: Jaramillo went to Pitts. in the Paulino deal.

clout: because Charlie's not that smart... :) Look, Bruntlett probably is a better defensive 1B, so he would have gotten the call as a late inning defensive replacement to replace Howard, which is the only reason Ryan would come out. They would never have brought Howard out for the better alternative offensively at 1B, which would have been Coste. That doesn't mean Coste can't play 1B. Also, Coste had a spot on the bench in 2006 and 2007 even though they had other backup catchers in Sal Fasano and Rod Barajas. Like I said, I would bet that Coste probably doesn't make the team, I'm just saying it's not impossible.

Jeltzie: Benji drove in 95 runs last season with a very weak lineup.

Thanks for refreshing my memory about Jamarillo, clout.

If I remember correctly, Coste was catching at the time Chooch was playing 3B. Cholly could have switched them out if he had any confidence at all in Coste to handle 3B.

Although I really don't see the logic in not using a guy who logged thousands of innings at that spot in the minors instead of Chooch who's basically exclusively a catcher.

clout: Point taken on Molina, he had a very good offensive season (possibly his best ever) for a punchless team last year.

But if I'm an opposing manager there's no way I'd think twice about putting Manny on and putting the pressure on Benji.

Clout: Three catchers. If that's the eqivilant for some people to getting laid.

I'm her housekeeper, for god's sake. The least she could do is buy me a pony. Oscar de la Renta? Please!

"Their lineup would be:"

No Fred Lewis?

oh wait manny, duh...

If getting Ohman means we can't afford a RH bat, why not keep Coste as back-up C & Paulino as RH bat.

Goody, they would still be playing with 3 catchers. The roster is limited enough as is. Paulino has never played a position besides catcher in MLB.

mw was me

Were that to happen I'd rather have Paulino spelling Ruiz.

Bengie Molina had a great year (for a catcher) and he anchored my fantasy team...

Why are we talking about the Giants again?

Coste is gonna be here in 09...Paulino's signing and splits make that pretty clear...along with his complete lack of any playing time in the final 2 months.

Ohman would be a great signing as our bullpen would be even better than it already is. If we were willing to burn a 2nd round pick, Juan Cruz would be a HUGE signing and give us the best 'Pen in the league...but that likely won't happen.

Rumor has Bobby Abreu willing to take a 1 year, $7 million deal...who would have imagined that 3 months ago? And not to restart that argument, but who would you honestly rather have in LF and in the lineup? Raul Ibanez or Bobby Abreu? Personally as much as I bitched about Bobby when he was here, I'd much MUCH rather have him in that lineup even if he is another lefty...with him ONLY having a .372 career OBP against LHP.

Oh, and meaningless of meaningless stats, Abreu posted a reverse split last season with a .315 AVG against LHP (with a corresponding .356 BABIP of course) so CLEARLY he is great against leftys...just like Ibanez, right?

Wow, the Abreu trade/Ibanez vs. Burrell debate has officially been combined into one.

Aww, J Weasel. Censoring my comments again? Don't feel bad, just step your game up.

skeeter: May God help us all.

I figured it would be easier if we just combined both great debates...

FTR, I'd rather have Abreu in LF in 09 rather than Ibanez.

NEPP: Abreu is 3 years younger than Ibanez. Power-wise and on defense, they're pretty much the same player these days.

Key difference besides age: Abreu takes walks and still steals bases. Ibanez does neither. It would be pretty amusing if Abreu gets $7M for one year while Ibanez is getting $31M for 3 years.

my guess is that phils suck=this troll, who oftens signs his posts "anon" when not ripping off others' names:

"utley_fan: I suppose the whole ip address thing might matter if I didn't sign on from about a dozen different computers between public wifi, home, campus, etc.

So far, I've used about a half dozen names, but I only use one from my house for about the past year (give or take a month).

Look on the bright side. I haven't shared the URL with other boards. Some of those guys get a kick out of flooding a board and "owning" it. With the ease in cloning usernames around here and the number of obnoxious members, I'm sure that it would be a fun project.

Posted by: clout | Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 11:02 PM"

This site is frickin hilarious. Seriously now people.

Let me get this straight without seeing ibanez play a single out for the phillies you want him gone and abreu back after watching him butcher the outfield for years. You wanted burrell to stay when its obvious he is no longer capable of playing outfield in the national league anymore.what's next, oh I got it, clout and company are going to want feliz to be traded and let's bring david bell out of retirement!!!!!

Come on seriously, is this site really a comedy blog?

****NEPP: Abreu is 3 years younger than Ibanez. Power-wise and on defense, they're pretty much the same player these days. ****

I like that Abreu gets on base alot...its his greatest strength.

to MVPTommy: Abreu was a butcher??? I'll freely admit that the GG award is a joke but he wasn't a butcher. You've got major issues if you are trying to say that...unless of course someone is "faking" your posts again?

Nepp: someone faked one post and really I don't mind because I don't take this site as being baseball gold. So people can post under me all they want.

Abreu had the worst angle on balls I have ever seen, never wanted to make plays against the walls like victorino and werth do, also doesn't have the best arm. Those 3 things combined in my eyes is a butcher.

The only reason abreu "looks" good is because his error numbers are down, mainly because his conservative style which I stated above.

Also, with ibanez your lineup strikeouts will decline so I am not worried about their run production in the least, which is why I am puzzled by all the negativity towards ibanez, yet positivity towards abreu???

Also, people are now mad over money? What if amaro had waited and all the type A guys got taken up, man, this site would be carrying pitchforks. Can't anyone ever just be content?

Clout, Abreu's power numbers have been terrible the past 3 years....and he plays in the greatest stadium of ever for power hitting lefties in a great lineup.

Abreu had all of 9 more walks than Ibanez last year.....I think Raul's plate discipline is underrated.

Oh wait I just realized why he is a BLer favorite. Because he has 200 plus Homers, 1000 plus career rbi's and career BA pushing .300. Nevermind that he stikes out a lot, his power is inconsistent, this lineup doesn't need another power hitter aka guy that strikeouts too much and he hits into a lot of double plays.

BLer motto: if he hits homeruns and walks who cares about anything else relevant.

>I'm still on the Wigginton bandwagon, but
>you have to think he's going somewhere to
>play everday.

Who says he wouldnt play everyday? Wigginton is versatile enough that Uncle Cholly can sub him in for just about everyone, and to spell people.

Ole Cholly is almost like a little league coach: everybody plays, everyday.

skeeter: Fortunately, there are statistics that show whether you are right or wrong. And they show you are -- wrong on walks, but closer to right on power.

Abreu had an OB of .371, Ibanez .358. That's a significant difference. Raw walk totals are meaningless since Ibanez had more plate appearances. So you need to look at walks per PA or OB. Abreu tops him in both.

Power numbers are measured by SLG. Abreu's SLG the past 3 years: .507, .445, .471.
Ibanez SLG past 3 years: .516, .480, .479. That's not a big diff (except in the middle year) but Ibanez gets the edge. Of course, as noted above, Abreu steals bases and Ibanez doesn't. So clear edge to Abreu in OB, SBs and age (by 3 years) and slight edge
to Ibanez in power.


Sorry to interrupt but, G*D Damn, the Stillers have won 6 super bowls. AS a resident, I am happy that my 2 year old can say "super bowl!". As a fan of the green (kelly7 and midnight) I can honestly and with great bias say that the Eagles have been better than the STellers for a large portion of the last 10 years. Still, winners are winners and losers are . ..... very fortunate that the Phillies are so f*)(&king good. They/ we are fortunate to have won 2 super bowls. I don't like to agree with Phil Sheridan, but I do on this one. The gods just haven't smiled on the eagles. Pittsburgh is blessed.

"I can honestly and with great bias say that the Eagles have been better than the STellers for a large portion of the last 10 years. "

Eagles were a better team in the early part of this decade, but have been a .500 team since 2005. Check out the Steelers defensive ranks and record since that time. You have a steady, tough to sack quarterback with accuracy and a great arm, and a top 3 defense (which no one can run against) and you'll get a chance to win some super bowls.

Agreed - Roethlisberger keeps them in every game. Not a great QB but a great finisher.

steve: ruiz is a converted infielder, 2nd baseman i believe. He still takes ground balls there in spring training and at practice, read about it last year.

Ruiz was a second basemen in Panama.

Not to continue this football discussion, but Roethlisberger is a great QB.

****"I can honestly and with great bias say that the Eagles have been better than the STellers for a large portion of the last 10 years. "****

And they have the SB trophies to prove it...oh wait.

to MVPTommy: I stand by my previous statement. You've got major issues. It's unbelievable that you could value an egg salad sandwich over 45+ HR per season. Absurd.

****to MVPTommy: I stand by my previous statement. You've got major issues. It's unbelievable that you could value an egg salad sandwich over 45+ HR per season. Absurd.****

Just to reference, this post was not me. Somebody is having fun with us again. "egg salad sandwich"??? Be serious moron.

The one and only New England Phillies Phan (NEPP)...Dumbass.

Yo, new thread

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