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Saturday, February 14, 2009




Thank God!


Now we don't have to talk about the Abreu trade, Feliz's offense, Feliz's defense, or the comparison between Ibanez and Burrell.

We don't have to; but we will of course.

Happy Pitchers & Catchers Day everyone!

Leeeeeeettttttt's get ready for some GLORIFIED JOGGING AND STRECTCHINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

Just got back from getting my picture taken with the World Series trophy...sweet! Got to meet a few ball girls too...also sweet!

Click Here, for my reaction to Adam Eaton's comments yesterday. Thanks for allowing me the link Jason.

Just read the Mets are set to sign Livan Hernandez...hello blowouts!

Romero unaware of MLB drug hotline:

Doesn't sound to good. He doesn't say he was never told about it, but that it may have been too early in the morning to remember.

He also claims that a lot of his "superstar" friends are unaware of the hotline also.

IMO there's really no excuse for that. If the fans know about it, there's really no excuse for you not knowing.

Hence his suspension for negligence, his failure to take precautions that reasonable players are expected to take. Had he called the hotline, he wouldn't have been suspended for negligence.

Players were informed of the hotline and general rules regarding supplements in spring training and afterwards (by posters in the clubhouse) by the union. The only question is whether they were sufficiently informed to be held negligent. It's not clear. You'd think after the union meeting in spring training, they'd have the players sign something acknowledging what they just went over.

I have a hard time believing Romero that the union led them to believe over-the-counters required no precautions. The player is responsible to live up to everything in his labor agreement.

Yes, spring is in the air.

I like Romero and it's best he takes the high road and keeps his comments short. The "I was too sleepy" excuse ranks up there with " the dog ate my homework."

Carson, nice rant. I enjoyed tat a lot. Sometimes it's nice to hear someone actually say (or type into a blog) all the stuff you're thinking. Thanks.

In re: Eaton
Since this is the reporting day for pitchers and catchers, do we know what day he's supposed to show up?
{Probably next week sometime, right?}

I don't rant much any more...don't really have much of a reason to, but Eaton gave me plenty to work with the other day. I believe a "no-talent ass-clown" remark is in need right about now.

According to David Murphy from Myers lost 30 lbs and Scott Eyre lost 10 lbs as well. Who knows if this makes any difference, but I like it.

Another year, another member of Team Heimlich to try a pale echo of JRoll...

Asked if he paid attention to the Phillies' winter chatter, Rodriguez replied that he had not.

"Whatever happened is in the past. You have to move forward," he said. "Whatever they did last year, they already got paid. Whatever they did, I have all the respect in the world. They worked hard and they deserve it. This is a different year and different ballclubs now. I don't want to make any controversy, but with me and (J.J.) Putz and the additions in the bullpen, I feel like now we are the team to beat."

Carson: I am nominating your Adam Eaton rant for the Pulitzer Prize, and possibly even the Nobel Prize in Literature. Even Shakespeare never wrote anything as eloquent as "Ticks carrying Lime Disease hold more value than this shitbomb."

Myers lost 30 pounds?

I hope that won't take away from his power at the plate...

Thanks B_A_P, but I'll take a pack or Oreos and a case of High Life longnecks instead of the Nobel.

High Life longnecks? Not long before you are reduced to drinking Keystone pounder cans or something even worse.

Maybe you can bloodstripes to send you a few oilcans.

As long as Livan's deal does not stipulate that Eric Gregg must call balls and strikes when he pitches, we should be okay.

Carson - sophomoric and absolutely appropriate. Can I buy you a shot of Maker's with that High Life?

MG: Now don't go knocking Keystone. I still wax nostalgic over the "specially lined can" that they came up with when I was in college. Supposedly the special lining provided "keg taste in a can." Defintely one of the all-time most ridiculous marketing ploys.

Mr. J. Weitzel thank you very much for putting all the time into this site.

Carson, excellent rant.

Carson...sophomoric??? I must be, too! I loved it.

We all have our favorite players and ones we dislike. Eaton Crap was in a class by himself. Not only don't we not like him...we despise him. We want him gone. We wish him no success...ever.

Great quote from Cholly in Jason Stark's ESPN article:

"Today's [speech] wasn't very prepared," he said. "The next one I'll try to prepare. But usually when I do prepare, I'll look down and I can't find where I'm at, so I'll start making it up."

Its just not right that every article about the Mets starts out something>like this:

"New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel is pondering the idea of dropping his speedy shortstop from the leadoff spot, one of several tweaks that could be on tap for a team coming off consecutive September collapses.

I take "sophomoric" as a compliment, that's part of my shtick.

High Life longneck bottles are great. Can be bought for about $12-14 a case and tasty for cheap beer. Now, if we're going high class then I dig many brews. ABC Brewery has a kick-ass stout straight from the cask here in Harrisburg. There's plenty of other fine breweries around PA too- Weyerbacher, Troegs, Erie Brewing Company, Lancaster Brewing Company, Weitzel's favorite Lion Brewing Co., and many others.

Mr. Machete, Uggie Urbina, is celebrating his birthday today in a Venezuelan prison.

Bear with me on this thought, because it begins with some "if I were a GM" thinking (which I know absolutely infuriates some of y'all) but trust that this goes somewhere.

I was ruminating about a trade to do something about 3B and a RHB. I thought - there's SDP with so many 3B prospects, that it's been stashing one in LF. But they're short of young SP. (Or I thought they were at the time; now they've announced that their pitching is "set." (tee-hee))

So I thought why couldn't a package be worked out with, like, Kendrick and Happ, say, to get Chase Headley. He's a RHB, plays 3B, but has also played LF and 2B. He acts as back-up for Pete Happy this year, with token appearances in LF against LHP; then he's ready next year to take over.

Okay. That's what I was thinking. Initially. Then I said to myself - would the Phillies do something like that? It was at that moment that I had a very, very minor epiphany about payroll and the line-up. They would never make that deal. Not because Headley would cost a lot of money. He’s still young enough that he’s getting minimum. It’s because they think, I realized, in terms of actual job vacancies which need to be filled with pieces. They have a 3B. They have a LF. The job positions are filled, so there’s absolutely no reason to be trying to fill them. They would never consider acquiring someone as a bench person to grow into being a regular position player. (Those kind of people are “supposed to” come from your own minor league system.) (Which also may be why Gio Gonzalez was so easy for them to toss into the Floyd trade – he wasn’t one of ours; but I digress.)

They would never consider acquiring someone as a bench person to grow into being a regular position player. For a “bench player” you go out and get, you may guess this, a “bench player,” who is only good at being a “bench player.” No Aaron Miles, or DeRosa, or even Grudzielanek, to replace Bruntlett, because those guys could start with some clubs – which means they are “starters,” and Bruntlett is a “Utility Player.” So Taguchi was fine, because he filled that spot – the speedy, “defensive” OF off the bench. (When Jenkins proved to be ineffective, Stairs was acquired.) The point is that, since they perceive the need to be a RHB off the bench, they would never acquire someone like Headley to fill that role this year, with an eye toward a larger role next year.
It also makes me think that, if Detroit feels that they have too many OFs, we may end up with Marcus Thames on the bench. Not only is he RH, and “straight” OF, but he is basically a “bench player.”

The disconnect in the way of thinking I am describing, with that of most poster’s here, is that we think of improving the team by getting better players. Instead, the FO may think more in terms of making sure that there are the right kinds of employees hired to fill out a proper roster, and then trust that the players and coaches will be adequate to win. Because of the talent that was bestowed upon the Phillies by unseen forces, the people filling the various job positions are, in a few instances, outstanding. And a few of those acquired from elsewhere have worked out. But really, all they wanted from Blanton was an innings eater. All they wanted from Moyer was to fill the void of Corey Lidle (role: veteran junkball pitcher?). All they wanted from Feliz was to be “a” third baseman. All they want from Ibanez is to be a (middle of the order) left-fielder.

As long as a player fits a specific role, and it’s one where there’s a vacancy, the Phils may actually be interested. But something like a Kendrick and Happ (and dude?) for Headley would never happen. Which is okay, I guess. It would have made the infield way too confusing.

Not likely San Diego would go for such a deal but, you're on teh right track thinking the Phils are looking to move a pitcher or two with the way the rotation is shaping up this Spring.

If we're drinking PA brews, Penn Pilsener is absolutely the best and Stoudt's is pretty good. Also, Southampton's Altbier out of Wilkes-Barre is pretty good drinking.

Hugh M, I must disagree. I don't think they're looking to move any pitching except Eaton.

Happ, KK and Park will battle for the #5 (I think they'll "let" Carrasco compete, but IMO they think he needs more seasoning), and if Happ or KK win the job, Park goes to the pen and either Happ of KK goes to AAA.

Why? Because the Phillies were fortunate last year in that they made it further into the season than any team without losing a starter to injury.

Actually, none of the starters got injured, they just became ineffective, necessitating the trade for Blanton.

Good, or even league average, pitching is at such a premium right now, especially with the injury risk, they would be remiss to trade any of those guys.

And, besides, what would you want in return.

RF - no
CF - no
LF - no
3B - no
SS - no
2B - no
1B - no
C - who's available that's better than Chooch, and would be enough of an upgrade to sacrifice young pitching talent.

The only young guy who might get traded is KK, and that's only if they think he's lost it and try to get something for him before the rest of MLB figures it out.

Also, the wild cards in the Phillies pitching depth are the guys coming off injuries and surgery:


Who knows if they'll ever be able to contribute again.

But the point of mentioning the injuries is that the Phils have been very fortunate the last couple of years.

But still, the depth is needed.

Andy: "Then I said to myself - would the Phillies do something like that?"

The correct question is: "Would the Padres do something like that?"

And the correct answer is: "Not on Planet Earth."

Headley is one of the better hitting prospects in all of baseball. If Rube called Kevin Towers with that proposal, Towers would drop the phone and fall out of his chair laughing.

AWH - Your list is kinda what I was getting at. We have someone at every position, so there's nobody to trade for. Unless you're looking for a RH bat off the bench - but that's what you need, not a position guy who can be the bat off the bench. That's why Nomar and other IFs got mentioned. They do not see a need for a "RH OF," they see a need for a "RH bench guy."

Just a theory.

clout - Yeah. I know that. That's why I didn't even go there. I was just talking about the realization that they view the team in terms of positions to be filled, not necessarily in terms of talent which might be acquired. (They do, I know, evaluate talent, but seem to be concerned to a lesser degree, it seems, with talent than with filling up the slots.) My theory states that Ruben would never even ask about Headley because we don't need a 3B, cause we have one (in theory at least).

In re: Headley, of course, if they were serious about him as a player, they would get him to 3B where his bat plays better. Instead, they have DH Kouzmanoff emplanted in the ground there. And several decent 3B prospects in the wings. Meanwhile, who are their 3 - 5 SPs? I think Towers might go " No. Not really." But I don't think he'd fall on the ground.

AWH - I don't disagree with you. I phrased it incorrectly because I think the Phils first choice is to hold onto that depth. With that said, I think it is likely that other teams are likely to inquire as to which of the potential 5th starters the Phillies would part with and what their price is.

Hugh, agreed. I would wager Amaro has already fielded a TON of calls inquiring about the Phils SP "depth". My guess is that he would have to be blown away by an offer to even consider it at this point.

The fact is, even without losing a SP to injury last season, they still needed extra starters to fill in, as Happ stepped up and Blanton was acquired.

I don't know for sure, but I doubt any team the last 20 years has gone through a season only getting starts from the 5 guys they broke camp with.

It's highly unlikely the 2009 Phillies will be any different.

Andy: Baek is their #3 although he's more like a #5. The thing about KK and Happ is they are far from sure things. The Pads will get their #4 and 5 starters out of a bunch of prospects/injury recovery guys: Justin Hampson, Mark Prior, Kevin Correia, Wade LeBlanc, Josh Greer and Will Inman.

Are KK and Happ better than that bunch? Well, LeBlanc is a Happ clone (although 2 years younger and likely 2 years before he can match Happ's results), Hampson has more upside than KK and if Correia and Prior are healthy it's all moot anyway.

That said, AWH makes a great point about the need for rotation depth and KK and Happ are 2009's depth.

The need for SP depth was underscored by Omar Minaya, as he recently signed Livan Hernandez.

The idea that depth is important didn't originate with me.

Completely off-topic, but I post this just to annoy mvpdummyd -- the money graf of a rip job on Amaro for the Ibanez signing:

The Ibanez signing was criticized at the time—rightfully so. However, after seeing what [Abreu, Burrell and Dunn] received in a depressed market, the Phillies’ decision seems even more foolish. Ibanez is arguably the least productive player out of the four. He is a poor defender who is not an upgrade defensively over Burrell, who is also younger and less likely to fall off the map offensively. Plus, he cost a draft pick, is a major decline candidate and was overpaid (he was given the longest and most lucrative deal on an annual basis) relative to the market.

The entire piece can be found at

We don't need more pitching depth! We have Ada...

Okay. No need to go there.

Alby: I am in a good mood after the flyers destroyed the rangers today. So the only follow up to saying I am dumb and stating that burrell, abreu and dunn( which for the record will be playing 1st for the nats, so he wouldn't have fit with us anyway) will be more productive is talk to me during the year.

I am saying now that burrell will be a flop in tampa, abreu will be ok in anaheim but will have to split time with their million other outfielders so his numbers will be down as hollow as they are already. And Dunn as I said is playing 1st now most the time for the nats so he is irrevelant.

Francisco Rodriguez and his big dumb mouth- "Whatever they did last year, they already got paid. Whatever they did, I have all the respect in the world. They worked hard and they deserve it. This is a different year and different ballclubs now. I don't want to make any controversy, but with me and (J.J.) Putz and the additions in the bullpen, I feel like now we are the team to beat."


"Ibanez is arguably the least productive player out of the four. He is a poor defender who is not an upgrade defensively over Burrell,"

Ugh. Man, go root for Tampa bay. Get over it. Burrell is gone.

Burrell and Dunn are rated the worst defensive LF in baseball the last 3-4 years. Along with Ramirez, Cust and Bay being worst than Ibanez.
Ibanez is better defensively than Burrell and Dunn. And his OPS+ was 124 to Burrell's 125.
Blame Burrell for overpricing himself to the Phillies, then having to scramble when they would'nt cave. Gillick said as much, the other day.

mvytommy: I'm bored or I would normally ignore you, but, out of curiousity, what are "hollow numbers"? Before you answer remember the facts that directly contradicted your last few declarations on this subject.

Mike; I am with you. I still find it funny how everyone is on burrell's jock all of a sudden. Sometimes I really feel like it is the twilight zone, after bashing him for years.

Carson is cute when he's cranky.

The Fargo Forum had a story today (AP, I'm thinking) about travelling to Spring Training. It mentioned that the best 629 seats in the new Yankees ST facility cost $90 per seat! That includes a $20 food voucher, as if that helps.

The article mentioned a bunch of teams moving to Arizona; I hope the Phils don't do that.

"But something like a Kendrick and Happ (and dude?) for Headley would never happen. Which is okay, I guess. It would have made the infield way too confusing."


It will defintely be interesting to see which of the corner free agents has the best season in 2009, as well as what the market will reflect in 2010. Will Booby get more than $5mil next year? It will depend on his 09 numbers, but a lot on the market too.

Dont forget Milton Bradley in with this crowd as well, who got pretty much the exact deal as Ibanez.

Mike77-"Burrell and Dunn are rated the worst defensive LF in baseball the last 3-4 years."

Yeah and both guys likely won't be playing in LF next year as Burrell is a DH and Dunn is at 1B. Plus, Abreu is going to primarily play LF instead of RF for the Angels too.

Phargo- should I take that as a compliment?

Yes, it was definitely intended that way.

phils sign micguel cairo.

So did anyone see that we just signed the late great Miguel Cairo?

A minor league deal for the 34 year old who can play all 4 infield positions and both corner OF positions...and he's righthanded. Chris Coste just saw the odds get a bit higher against him making the 25 man roster.

LOL...beat me.

phils sign miguel cairo.

Cairo pretty much sucks and he doesn't get on base. He's a slightly older version of Eric Bruntlett. He doesn't have any power, doesnt walk, but he does play okay defense at 6 positions. We're already paying Bruntlett $1 million to do that...pure AAA filler signing IMHO.

He's 34 years old, has played in the majors for 13 seasons for the Blue Jays, Cubs, Mariners, Devil Rays, Cardinals, Yankees, and Mets. Career line: .266/.315/.357, while playing 1st, 2nd, SS, 3rd, and some outfield. Doubtful he makes the team, but is a nice guy to have at Lehigh Valley.

Lehigh should have a decent club this year...definitely better than last year. He's a nice "emergency callup" kinda guy that allows you to not have to burn an option on a real prospect...makes it less likely to see Donald called up if he doesn't make the 25 man out of camp.

Cairo had decent numbers against LHP last year (.270/.356/.382), although .290/.337/.398 for this career and .269/.335/.366 in the last 3 years.

I suppose having Cairo, Giles, and Donald battling for 2B if Utley isn't ready is better than having just Giles and Donald. I wonder if Feliz had a set-back.

Really though? Another Mariner? I'm almost surprised we haven't been in on the Junior Griffey talks. I guess their last team has to be the Mariners to be in consideration for the Phils. I wonder if Mariner fans have recognized this trend yet.

NEPP said, "Cairo pretty much sucks and he doesn't get on base. He's a slightly older version of Eric Bruntlett.

M Cairo: 2008 OPS+ 75
Bruntlett: 2008 OPS+ 55

Since Cairo can play pretty much every defensive position that Bruntlett can, I say he might be better.

It should be quickly noted that, as bad as Bruntlett was in the later parts of last year, he hit .269/.358/.396 against LHP (basically identical to Cairo), and his 3-year split sits at .271/.369.353. Cairo is more or less a Bruntlett clone, only Bruntlett seems less likely to make an out when it matters at this point.

Yeah, what Sophist said.

Not sure if this was discussed on a previous thread - but Jerry Manuel is considering dropping Reyes out of the lead-off spot. Castillo would lead off. Seems like a rather foolish move to me. Thoughts?

mikes77: Bay is a worse fielder than Ibanez? Is this another one of your "feelings"?

"Not sure if this was discussed on a previous thread - but Jerry Manuel is considering dropping Reyes out of the lead-off spot."

Why would that have been discussed on a Phillies thread? They're barely talking about it on the FAN in New York.

Castillo would lead off.

BENTZ - We are now approaching a critical moment on Beerleaguer. It is possible that somebody who knows Jerry M. might see this site and whisper frantically in his ear. Please do not try to disabuse him from batting Castillo first! The Phils can use every advantage the opponent's brilliant manager gives them.

As someone who lives in the NY Yankees market, I have an important contribution to the Miguel Cairo pick-up:


Bill Almon (954)
Joe Girardi (950)
Bill Spiers (942)
Marlon Anderson (939)
Ricky Gutierrez (936)
Phil Masi (936)
Bobby Adams (936)
Cy Perkins (934)
Craig Counsell (933)
Billy Cox (933)
Lou Collier (983)
Bill Pecota (978)
Tim Bogar (974)
Jose Molina (970)
Charley Lau (970)
Ray Mueller (966)
Ollie Bejma (966)
Steve Dillard (965)
Art Howe (965)
Joe Koppe (964)

The first list is b-ref's comparables for Miguel Cairo. The second is for Eric Bruntlett. Even Adam Eaton would thrive is he had to pitch to the best ball club assembled out of that cumulative list.


Okay. "Thrive" is too strong a word. How about "be barely mediocre."

Actually, what just occurred to me about both those "comparables" lists. At least three of the players on each list are "defensive" catchers.

Cairo is just pure depth filler and his only chance of making this team is if Feliz or Dobbs would open the season on the DL. Still, I have to think the Phils have doubts about Utley starting the season with the Phils and Feliz's overall health.

Too bad they didn't sign Aurilia because he would have been a better insurance option.

Rich Dubee on Kyle Kendrick, the "frontrunner" for the 5th starter spot (although clout insists it's Chan Ho Park's to lose ;-):

"For me, he's the leading guy going in because of what he's done for two years," pitching coach Rich Dubee said Sunday. "That doesn't mean my eyes are closed to the other candidates by any means. Kyle's going to have to show he can command his slider, he's willing to use the changeup and that he can get left-handed hitters out better."

Cairo is a career .285 pinch-hitter. If the Phillies had'nt foolishly renewed Bruntlett for 1 million, Miguel Cairo could take his spot. Since he already got the money and earned some of Cholly's trust, Cairo has no chance.

I have a burning question for JW:

Chocolate and Cheese OR White Pepper?

Tommy and Mike: Glad to see it riled you. It's just the opinion of some guy who blogs, but then again, it's some guy who blogs who caught the eye of Rob Neyer. But hey, you two probably think you're superior to him, too, because, well -- go ahead and fill in the blanks for us. Tell us again what geniuses you are.


Posted by: GM-Carson

Carson, I LMAO!!!!!

Don't you fell that way about all the Mets?
No wonder we call them the steMs.
" If the Phillies had'nt foolishly renewed Bruntlett for 1 million"

mikey, mikey, what's with this criticism of the Phillies FO?

You and tommy boy have your noses so far up Junior's butt we don't know where he ends and you begin.

"You and tommy boy have your noses so far up Junior's butt we don't know where he ends and you begin."

What's with the "we" in that statement. Your not your own man. State your opinion as an individual, and stop going along with the group think, little man.

Cairo is pure filler at best. Nothing more and nothing less. Resigning Bruntlett for $1M was probably a poor move but to insist that Cairo would be a surefire upgrade is a real stretch too.

Its just a minor league signing for organizational depth. Nothing more. Not like the Phils had a ton of talented players last year at Allentown or a bunch of promising younger infield prospects either right now besides Donald.

Nice try, mikey, but the "we" is a lot of people here not named tommy or mikey.

"but to insist that Cairo would be a surefire upgrade is a real stretch too."

Never insisted that he would be surefire upgrade. Said he "might be better than.." and "could(not would) take his spot."

Fair enough. Frankly I could care less about the Cairo signing. It doesn't upgrade the team in any way or likely impact the team in a meaningful way.

Either way, one of the area that this minor league system is almost completely devoid of legit prospects is the infield. Luckily JRoll/Utley/Howard are locked up for the next 3 years but it would be nice if the Phils could find somebody to fill 3B (Donald, Mattair?, etc) in the next year or two.

Cairo might've been an upgrade over Bruntlett 3 years ago, but no more. He's 35 years old and a below average fielder everywhere (yes, worse than Bruntlett defensively.)

On offense, his OPS+ past 3 years is 75, 66, 55.
Bruntlett, who had a career bad year last season is: 55, 67, 80.

Not much diff on offense, but Bruntlett is 5 years younger and better with the glove. Only an idiot would suggest Cairo is an upgrade.

MG: Mattair?

clout- Mattair is Travis Mattair, a 3B prospect at Lakewood, where he was .321/ .328/.649.

Clout - Yeah 2 years is probably too soon on Mattair even if he ever even gets a crack at MLB.

Looking at his numbers, I have to figure the Phils will think if he doesn't do something more offensively this year at Lakewood that they will privately begin to think that he is a bust (just like with Golson even though the Phils did promote him to Clearwater during his 3rd year in the minors even though there was no justification for it).

B-Mac: You've got him confused with someone else. Mattair was .254/.321/.328 at Lakewood, which is why I said "Mattair?"

MG: Mattair is another one of their toolsy picks, but he's only 20 so they'll give him a couple more shots.

His big problem is he's showing no power at all, which is a big handicap for a thirdbaseman. If this were 1980 he could be in line for the John Vukovich spot.

Mattair's OPS was .649 last year, not his SLG. That would be interesting. 4/1 SO/BB ratio, 164 H, 39 for extra bases. Also looks like he committed 26 errors in 129 games.

B-Mac: Oh, sorry, I see what you did, you dropped the AVG and just posted OB/SLG/OPS. That's the guy.

One last thought on the Castro signing:

Pretty apparent that the Phils don't want Donald to break camp with them even if he likely has a decent spring training. Guess they figure if their is a worst case scenario and that Utley can't start Opening Day that they stop gap with Bruntlett and either Cairo/Giles as the backup INF.

Donald frankly would be much better off starting season at Allentown and playing everyday at 3B. He might be disappointed a bit especially if he hits well but my bet is that at some point this year before Sept he gets called up to play 3B. I have serious doubts that Feliz will stay healthy and productive with the back issue and Dobbs always seems to be affected by minor ailments too that limit his ability to start sometimes too.

sophist: Yeah, the problems aren't limited to his bat.

Although he does have a good arm and range, so the accuracy should improve with time.

What are the chances that Donald is the 2010 opening day starter at 3B?

Frankly I am kind of surprised the Phils haven't signed another veteran OF yet to a minor league deal. Specifically a guy who can be called up and spot start in CF if Vic goes down.

I guess the Phils are going to be content to with the 2 OF reserves of Stairs and Jenkins.

Sophist - I would say the chances are very good unless Donald turns out to be an absolute butcher at 3B this year at Allentown.

Even if Donald is just average defensively, his bat will more than likely make up for as the Phils' offensively have gotten some of the worst production in all of MLB the last three years out of 3B with an OPS of .695 (27th), .688 (t-27th), .684 (29th).

Even an OPS of say .750 or so for Donald (which is asking alot if he hit for a decent AVG next of .270-.280) would be notable improvement for the Phils.

Likely counting on him to a low-cost alternative and the Phils can take the extra $4M in savings from Feliz and apply to it starting pitching where the Phils are going to have a couple of spots to fill next offseason.

Ridiculous to assume that Donald could give the Phils something like .275/.340/.410 at 3B next year starting 130 G or so?

Did post the wrong numbers, I apologize. His average is nothing special and I personally think he's not a great prospect. Cody Overbeck may be the better third base prospect behind Donald anyways, he has more power and seems to hit with a similar average. I think Donald's ability to start in 2010 comes down to hid defense. The Phillies don't need power from third base, but they do need a consistent average and defense. If he could hit .280 and provide solid defense, he would be a solid addition to the team.

In regards to 2010 though, I have been wondering about the outfield. I think there is a good chance Michael Taylor could be ready to go by then. The presumed outfield for the next two years of course is Vic, Werth, and Ibanez. With Ibanez being 40 and playing subpar defense. He would seem to be perfect for a right handed platoon. I am wondering what kind of production Taylor would have this year to convince the front office to start his service time to platoon with their $30 million dollar prize Ibanez. I think that if Taylor can hit something like .310 with 25+ home runs between AA and AAA, they will have to give serious consideration to putting him on the big club.

B-Mac: If Taylor has another big year, I'd love to see him in the OF in 2010. But, as long as Ibanez is making $10M per year, I have a hard time imagining the Phillies making him into a platoon player. My original thought was that the Phils might trade Howard after 2009 and move Ibanez to first. That is still plausible, although it seems somewhat less likely now that the team has cost certainty with Howard for 2010 and 2011. If Taylor's ready to start by 2010, I could see the Phillies looking to trade Jayson Werth.

"If Taylor's ready to start by 2010, I could see the Phillies looking to trade Jayson Werth."

Exactly. Taylor is being groomed as Werths replacement. Hence, the two year contract.

Doubt the front office feels he'll be ready on opening day 2010 though. I've heard they are going to start Taylor in Clearwater again and move him to Reading when the weather warms up. That would put him at AAA lehigh to start 2010.

Yo, new thread

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