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Monday, February 16, 2009


They should give Donald a TON of reps at 3B in ST...dont waste it on Bruntlett/Giles/Cairo/etc etc...give the young guy a shot, darnit.

For those who hate Pedro's offense at third, wait til you get a taste of Miguel Cairo's offense at third.

Yeah, that would be bad...can we PLEASE try J. Donald first.

Looking at Myers on TV, boy, he shed some pounds. Hopefully he is right and the mental aspect of his game will allow him to pitch like we know he can.

On Feliz, as much crap as he gets, it would really hurt if he were to miss some time considering we are already lefty-loaded (I'm assuming that Cholly would not start Dobbs against LHP even with Feliz out), so yeah, I second NEPP, bring on Jason Donald please. Or Nomar.

Here's where Beerleaguer misses Pat Burrell. Right about now would be the time for the token "You know ... Pat Burrell played third at Miami" comment.

Win or lose, I'd rather watch Jason Donald get some April at bats than Cairo/Ozuna/Giles/Bruntlett. Either sign Nomar or let us see the kid hit.

How 'bout this instead: "Chris Coste played third in the minors."

Health concerns with Feliz? Shocking!

Two long-standing traditions with the Phils on this story:

1. No news for a lengthy period on an injured player is almost always bad
2. Glossing over a player's health status with general vagueness.

Yes, I know other teams do this all the time too but the Phils are generally right there with the best of them and other teams are more open about the health status of their players with their fan base including the A's.

Whatever you think about Feliz, the Phils would clearly be hurting at 3B without him for a lengthy period.

A platoon of Cairo (Ozuna)/Bruntlett/Dobbs would arugably be the worst offensively in the entire league and would certainly be one of the worst defensively too. I would suddenly long for the trio of Helms/Dobbs/Nunez of 2007.

I am willing to bet that Donald gets a crack at 3B this year sooner than later as the position will be the biggest weakness on the team if Feliz is out for a prolonged period.

I'd rather NOT see Coste at 3B. He hasn't seen any action at 3B in several years...and never at the MLB level.

Here is a food for thought if Utley and Feliz open the season on the DL:

The bottom of the lineup would likely include Bruntlett, Ruiz, and Cairo (Ozuna) against RHP. That folks would be pretty brutal.

That folks would translate into a losing April.

You know Chooch played third for an inning last year.

JW: I know you were writing an article on the Phillies for some magazine upcoming (something with top moments of last year). Did that ever come out or is it still upcoming?

Also, how does, "Miguel Cairo signs a minor league contract," = him getting a spot on the 25 man roster.

It's really silly sometimes how people jump to conclusions.

NEPP - I doubt that both Utley and Feliz both oepn the season on the DL but it isn't a highly unlikely possibility either.

One thing that Amaro didn't do this offseason was upgrade the utility INF position. Kind of disappointing considering the Phils could have had some money to spend without resigning Bruntlett for meaningful dollars Could come back to bite the Phils a bit.

Forgot who said it the other day but they mentioned that in years past veterans like Giles, Ozuna, and Cairo wouldn't have come to the Phils because of their losing ways. I beg to differ.

These are exactly the types of guys who were at the end of their rope that Lee Thomas would always bring into camp to kick the tires on to round out the last spots on the roster.

Truth - If Feliz opens the season on the DL, there is a decent chance that either Cairo or Ozuna opens the season with the Phils as the team is currently constructed. If Utley and Feliz both open the season on the DL, then it is a near certainty.

MG: By all accounts right now it sounds like Utley will be ready to go for opening day. With Dobbs and Bruntlett I think third would be covered with Feliz out.

With Utley maybe out my guess is Giles will win the spot over Cairo.

I think Cairo is the last option for the team in the majors.

Details on that this week.

JW: Good to hear. I can't wait to read your recap of 2008 and look ahead to 2009 for our WFC's

odds the Phils pick up Feliz's $.5M option for 2010? high.

no conversation on BL (as far as I've seen) about Moyer's comments? a friend told me about them, and I did not know what he was talking about.

sorry. by "pick out" his option, I mean buy out his contract.

I bet that its already been all but decided to buy out Feliz' 2010 option.

Has Donald played an inning of 3rd base anywhere other than fall league? Platooning Cairo and Dobbs at 3rd for a month is'nt the end of the world.

If Utley and Feliz are both out at the start and the subs are some combination of Ozuna, Cairo and Bruntlett, we will need to dub the second part of the line-up the (a la Carson) "NTAC brigade."

NEPP -- Whatever your definition is -- of the word "several" -- the fact is that Chris Coste was the AAA International League's All-Star third baseman for the 2005 season -- for the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Barons. Those who watched Coste serve as the team's starting third baseman all year said that Coste made numerous fine plays at third base. I have seen some on this blog talk about Coste's alleged lack of range at third -- but Coste -- who began his professional baseball career as an infielder (a second baseman) -- not as a catcher -- is likely far better as a third baseman than most here give him credit for. And Coste does play a good defensive first base.

MG: One slight adjustment in your otherwise accurate post: A Bruntlett or Ozuna/Dobbs platoon would be an upgrade on offense over Feliz playing everyday because Dobbs would start 66% of the games.

Bruntlett career OPS vs. LH: .754
Ozuna career OPS vs. LH: .740
Dobbs career OPS vs. RH: .766

Feliz OPS vs. LH .758
Feliz OPS vs. RH .704

Obviously, the ideal solution would be a Feliz/Dobbs platoon, but that will never happen.

So, you'd be in favor of putting our lead-footed 36 year old catcher at the Hot Corner...interesting.

"How does, "Miguel Cairo signs a minor league contract," = him getting a spot on the 25 man roster.

It's really silly sometimes how people jump to conclusions."

I sincerely hope you were knocking on wood when you typed this.

"P.S. That first full year was with the Phillies, who claimed him on waivers from the Braves. After winning 15 games that year (1999), he was bad in 2000 and they took NEPP's advice and traded him: for Jose Santiago.

Santiago was OK for a half year for the Phils. Byrd went on to win 17 games for the Royals and later put up 15, 12, 10 and 11 win seasons as a 4th and 5th starter. His career ERA is 4.38.

Posted by: clout"

clout, we had discussed that trade last season. It ranks up there as one of the Phillies' worst.
Feliz progressing slowly is no surprise. MG summarized it accurately in his 8:54pm post.
Lastly, CJ, that was a very interesting link about K/100 pitches. It kind of makes me wonder about all of the debate surrounding K/9 IP.

I think I agree with most to give Donald a good shot at 3rd. I think Feliz is 90 percent gone after this year IF his offense isn't better.

Also, I saw a post regarding Moyer. And I agree with the old timer. A rod is a disgrace. He is only sorry now because he got caught.

Also, for all you burrell lovers. Last night I saw a piece on him in Tampa's ST and he looks miserable. I almost feel bad for him. I bet he wishes he took that 2 year offer Amaro made him.

NEPP, last I checked Feliz was a 32 year old lead footed third baseman, hence all the debate about his range several threads ago.

Actually, while there might be better options defensively, if Coste can at least field cleanly what he gets to, then maybe the Phils should consider it.

They probably will not, though.

In any event, I still hope they're able to sign Nomar.

tommy, on ARod we agree.

It's not surprising, though.

With the amount of money that players make today, it;s no wonder they lose any moral compass.

I said it as a joke several weeks ago - after Ibanez signed and before Burrell signed. But now I wonder if both sides wouldn't be happier if the Phillies re-signed Burrell to be their 4th outfielder / righthanded pinch hitter. It would have never happened then, but could it have happened today if Burrell was still a FA?

tommy, according to Gillick (on Lauber's blog) no offer was ever made to Burrell.

When they approached PB and his agent about what they were looking for, upon hearing PB's response, they never even bothered making an offer.

At least that's what Gillick told Lauber.

It seems like the Phils will get all RHPs from the Braves, and at most 1 LHP from the Rockies with Francis out until May, so they should be fine with Dobbs and occasionally Bruntlett for at least the first couple of weeks. Although I too would love to see Donald get a shot at some PT.

If the Phils go with 12 pitchers out of camp, these positions are already set:

C Ruiz
1B Howard
2B Utley
3B Dobbs
3B Feliz
SS Rollins
Util Bruntlett
OF Ibanez
OF Victorino
OF Werth
OF Jenkins

That leaves only 2 roster spots and you have to figure that Stairs and Coste/Paulino are the primary contenders. If they do go with 3 C as Cholly suggested today, that means that are likely only would carry 11 pitchers or that Utley or Feliz would open the season on the DL.

If I'm Chris Coste I'm taking lots of reps at 3B to increase my value. The writing is on the wall for him as a catcher.

Gudel is an underrated reporter. She always does a good job and has a good rapport with the players. Myers came off the best he probably ever has in that interview. He showed a lot of maturity in admitting the faults of his approach to last year and how he corrected them this year. I also liked how he answered the contract year question.

Good stuff all around. I'm not too worried about third base. We are above league average everywhere else. As long as we get some good defense we'll be ok.

No one's installing Coste at 3B forever. If he's not as good as Bruntlett there defensively, Bruntlett plays when Moyer and Hamels pitch and you can trade some defense for righthanded hitting three times a week, for five or six weeks, while preserving Dobbs' value as a PH.

I suppose they could put Ruiz there too. He has more major league experience at 3B than Coste. :|

Dobbs is still on the team, no? Cairo's played 122 games at third, right? Why are we even talking about Coste at third?

Tray, we're talking about it because there's nothing more to talk about.

Like I posted a couple of threads ago:

It still is better than Metsblog, where all winter they've had a variety silly posts, including countless ones about the destruction of Shea.

It's been much more interesting over here.

Besides, the roster is pretty much set except:

5th starter
One bench spot
one bullpen spot

Hey, Charlie should try Coste out at third just to keep his own interest up, and just to give us baseball addicts something to talk and post about.

We're also talking about it because Coste is better offensively than Cairo. I think if there was a Coste/Dobbs platoon it would be my favorite in the history of baseball.

JW, I normally don't do this, and I hope you leave the link, but Carson has an excellent thread up on "We Should be GMs".

Worth the read:


AWH - Thanks for reminding me to check out Carson. I love that video with Myers. He truly captures the idea of "reality check" in a relatively quick and effective quote.

Thanks for the plug AWH, and thanks for allowing the link Weitzel...good man you are.

Carson, my pleasure.

Alert Azkaban, davthom73 is loose...

We all seem to acknowledge that 3B defense will suffer without Feliz. If that's the case, Dobbs makes more sense than ever, because he's the only option who represents an offensive upgrade (at least against RHP).

So if you're an opposing manager with a lead in the late innings facing a lineup with Dobbs, your LOOGY becomes a LFOGY.

This does not seem like all that big a deal to me as long as Manuel just plays Dobbs against every right handed pitcher until Feliz comes back. The defense takes a bit of a hit (but they can always sub in Bruntlett or Cairo late in games) but the offense actually gets a boost.

I agree that Donald should get some serious reps at 3rd this spring as that is probably where he projects to play for this team ultimately anyway (in 2010).

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