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Monday, February 16, 2009


I know I'm putting entirely too much energy and stock into these kind of guys, but I absolutely love the amount and type of players Amaro has signed to minor league contracts this offseason. Gives MLB experience, insurance, and likely a very competitive team at Lehigh Valley.

GM - so you think all these signing are strictly for minor leaguers?

No, but I think most of them will be in the minors for the majority of the season. Cairo, Giles, Koplove, Majewski, and some others will certainly see time with the Phils, but the truth is that the Phils roster is already stocked.

It was a good signing. Cairo had fewer errors, a higher field pct, better Range Factors and a better OPS+ than Bruntlett last year. He could on the big team if needed.

I was surprised to hear Dubee's comments about the 5th spot that its pretty much Kendrick's to lose.

Pretty interesting since Kendrick was yanked from the rotation less than 8 months ago and never returned.

I wonder how ChoPark is reacting, since most of the talk from the organization has continued to imply that he has just as good of a shot as anyone to start. Now Dubee says he wont keep his eyes closed, BUT Kendrick is the favorite - while he cites the well known need for KK to show he can throw his changeup to get lhb out.

Nice comments from Coste re: Marson..

"They throw around that 'can't-miss' tag a lot, but he's got every skill that a major-league star catcher has“- a Jason Varitek, Brian McCann, Russell Martin. Physically, he's got every tool. He can throw it, catch it, block it. Offensively, he can drive the ball. He's going to put himself in position to be an All-Star-type catcher for many years."

Also interesting to see Cholly say that it is possible or even likely that Coste, Paulino and Ruiz all break with the team.


Sounds about right from Coste. Stand up guy til the end. Shame that always doesnt translate to success.

CY - Watch and see how much time Coste gets at 1B and 3B in ST. If he gets a bunch, he may stick. And if he gets time in LF, you know. (Actually, what you know then is that Ruben Amaro is really davthom).

CY - That cannot be correct because I posted something about carrying all three catchers and Clout stated "zero chance".

I can't recall if Coste have ever been given a single inning of work at 3B in spring training. Maybe I'm wrong. Can't see any reps at third for Coste.

"Chan Ho's in great shape," Dubee said. "I think he's coming in to win the fifth spot. He's not pitching like a [Jamie] Moyer or a [Cole] Hamels where they're just getting their work in and getting built up. He's raring to go and show us what he's capable of doing.

This scares me a little. I have a really good feeling Chan Ho might come in and impress, then give up a few crucial games for us.

we've said the coste 3B thing for 2-3 years now, and it hasn't happened. don't hold your breath.

Cairo over Easley? Easley had 6HR 44RBI last year and can actually hit. I hate the Cairo signing.

SRO signs going up early for ST games in March. Just told that the Tiger, Cards, and the two Yanks games are already on the Berm only. But lots of tickets are available for the WBC fans for the exibition games with Team Canada and Team USA.

JB - Yes, I recall that clout statement. Also the Chan Ho Park 5th starter statement. I am keeping track of them until April 5th.

I still don't think they will carry 3 cathers, but it would be fun for that reason alone (Clout being wrong).

(Actually, what you know then is that Ruben Amaro is really davthom).

Hah- beat me to it- I was thinking maybe thephaithful is actually Davthom, what with that "stand up guy" line.

A friend of a coworker of my husband sold Coste a house in the lake country (Minnesota). I darn near know the guy, really.

Didn't Marson play the infield in high school? Maybe that prompted Cholly's Craig Biggio comparison. Biggio also hit for little-to-zero power.

Maybe this is all part of Cholly's long-term vision for the Phillies: Marson to 3rd when D'Arnaud is ready. Then Donald will move to short, of course.

How long until fans start pronouncing "Ibanez" like Ibanez guitars?

One thing all of these signings say to me is the FO has no interest in seeing its current prospects (Donald, Marson) in a Phillie uni any time soon.

Another thing is I can't imagine all of these vets lining up for a slight chance to play with us a few years ago.

I'm looking forward to a much better LV team this year.

Yeah, maybe they will also teach Howard how to catch so they have a lefty and a righty catcher.

Hey Baxter, since I have never "heard" the pronunciations of either version of "Ibanez", since I am living here in the hinterlands, can you give the phonetics of both? Thanks.

From the last thread: "Cody Overbeck may be the better third base prospect behind Donald anyways, he has more power and seems to hit with a similar average. "

Overbeck is a 3B in name only...he's a butcher in the field (no range, trouble with balls he gets too, etc)

Marson was a HS 2B before he broke his collarbone playing football (where he was a QB).

Yo, new thread

Raul Ibanez - E-Bon-Yez

Ibanez Guitars - I-Ba-Nez

Correct me if I'm wrong...

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