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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I remember being worried about the sluggish-ness of the bats in the WFS.

Jason, I think you'll get more preseason action this year because the Phillies are the WFC. We all have an insatiable curiosity for Phillies info. I'm pissed that you're not posting the boxscores! LOL! -)

I would like to see caricatures of some the Beerleaguer stars and the trolls.

two burning questions for JW:

1) Chocolate @ Cheese OR White Pepper?

2) When is Condrey going to pitch?

Glad to see Carasco and Happ came in to compete and pitch right away. Kendrick better get his arm "tired" and his sinker "down" early this year or he'll be where he belongs. AAA.

I for one am really excited about the 5th starter competition. And even though Carrasco probably won't win a spot, I hope him putting up a good spring can both give him experience and confidence and raise the other contenders to pitch better.

Apologies if this was brought up on another thread, but I don't like the ominous "he's not ready to play yet" quote from Amaro regarding Werth.

I think there's a little bit of overreaction to ftl john's "well spoken" comment.

Phillies who are not "well spoken" (i.e. they butcher grammer, pronunciation and syntax:

Burrell (ex-Phillie)

Phillies who are well spoken:

Mayberry (future Phillie?)

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I didn't think the comment was remotely racist.

Maybe it's because I actually pay attention to whether people are "well spoken", regardless of the color of their skin.

Oh, incidentally, I'll give Philasdelphians an example of two other people, one of whom is well spoken and another who is not:

Well spoken: Michael Nutter, current Mayor

Not well spoken: John Street, former Mayor

Any questions?

"...the place for dangerously obsessed fans."

Jason, I nominate the phrase above for inclusion in the BL header, right below the Buzz Bissinger quote.

Awsome.....and true.

Great to see CC and JA seemingly sharp. I hoping we see the same from KK.

It was, indeed, nice to see the pitchers bying for a big league job pitch well.

Maybe Majewski, a guy who has been under the radar on this blog all winter, turns out to be the dark horse that makes the cut until Romero returns, or maybe he even sticks around for the whole season if he can return to his pre-injury form.

pblunts, where and when did you hear Amaro's comment about Werth?

From MLBTradeRumors:

Ohman, 31, has deals on the table from the Pirates, Marlins and Padres, but is reportedly hoping the Phillies, Dodgers or Mets will come calling. He finished 4-1 with a 3.68 ERA last year for the Braves. "We're offering flexibility, too," said Ohman's agent, Page Odle. "We're hoping one of the playoff teams will want that shutdown lefty."

I wouldn't mind if Carrasco started the year in Philly, but I think Happ should be the one and Carrasco should be first in line for the inevitable injury to some starter. Not basing this off just this game, as it's how I've always felt. Not too high on Kendrick or Park. The problem with spring training competitions is that they rely greatly on small sample sizes, leaving then open to a lot of variation...

AWH: On the well-spoken issue (since you brought it up) the best post was this one:

I've never heard or read the phrase "well spoken" used about a white person, although that doesn't mean it's racist. More clueless than racist.

Posted by: utz | Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 06:32 PM

I have to say, he/she has a point.

AWH - "...the place for dangerously obsessed fans."

Nah. It should have something to do more with obscure or off-beat Phils' players/moves get disgusted or mentioned here. That is really what Beerleaguer is about.

Dave X: Even a stat guy like myself would say stats are meaningless in ST and I guarantee managers don't look at them. They look at who's throwing better, who's got command, who's got velocity, whose mechanics are sound etc. etc. I think it's likely Carrasco opens the season in Allentown, but if his command is there all spring and his mechanics sound, I do think Charlie will put him in the rotation if the others don't show the same stuff/command combination.

My bet, however, is he opens at AAA with a start in The Show no later than July 4, asssuming no health or command issues in AAA.

Always find it interesting to see fellows explain why some comment is not racist... Some how a phrase ending in "... no matter the color of the person's skin " comes soon after.

MG, I just pulled the quote from Jason's post above.

I claim no authorship credit whatsoever.

Almost everything can sound racist if you look hard enough for it.

I think everyone expectes a guy with the name "Raul Ibanez" to speak with a heavy latin accent, despite the fact that latinos are now(or soon will be, can't remember) the largest minority in this country (if that makse sense). has 1(one) opening for a Philadelphia Phillies 2009 Season Author Spot. As the 2009 Phillies Author you will have FULL control over every phillies post on this popular blog. Only superfans need apply, we need 1 true Philly Fan only...You post on the Internet anyway, it might as well be your very own blogging stage.

For those who are interested you must email with the Subject line "Lock In That Phillies Spot NOW!"

Remember, one spot only, please respond ASAP.

I know its Game 2 of ST but it was nice to see Carrasco dominate...reminded me of that Hamels game a few years back where he struck out the side against the Yankees.

I'm not generally one to cut someone a break for potentially racist comments.

And I respect the way that BLers routinely call people out for making racist comments.

And I even respect clout for his sensitivity to the issue (even though he's a weasel on every other issue).

But I think ya'll are going a bit overboard on this one.

People absolutely use the term "articulate" or "well-spoken" when talking about white people.

And the Biden analogy isn't relevant because Biden made specific reference to Obama's race. The BL comment wasn't "Ibanez is well-spoken for a Latino," or anything near that.

Latinos have been the "largest minority" since sometime around 2000-2001, I believe.

Apparently July, 2001

It was from David Murphy's blog and it was UC not Amaro with the quote. Murphy updated the blog since I posted that and it appears that UC was getting grilled about it. He reiterated that he's fine, nothing is wrong, but that he's "not ready." He stopped short of saying he is out of shape, but that's the way it reads. Still seems odd to me. Can he be in THAT bad of shape that he doesn't play in a couple games? Sounds fishy to me.

Interesting on Werth. If he doesn't start tomorrow, this will start generating alot more buzz.

BedBeard: Raul Ibanez was born in NYC and grew up in Miami.

Flipper: Master of the Obvious!

Didn't they already say that Werth isn't gonna play tomorrow.

I wonder what the hell is going on? If hes that much out of shape, he should be shot...especially after they just gave him a 2 year deal.

I did not hear or take the "well spoken" remark as racist. Considering how many baseball players begin their careers right out of high school, they all kind of have a reputation for being (hmmmmm...less well educated? Nahhh; let's be honest.) a bit dumb. Remember Nuke Laloosh getting coached on how to conduct an interview?

So when any baseball player comes off as educated it can be striking. But saying that Doug Glanville is well-spoken and, maybe even a little geeky might be more surprising because of his profession than because of perceptions about his ancestry.

I also don't think it's racist to think that Dutch Daulton is loony.

I've never heard or read the phrase "well spoken" used about a white person

Of James Hewitt, Princess Di's former boyfriend: "In 2006, he appeared on the BBC show Top Gear as a celebrity guest, achieving a lap time around the Top Gear test track in the Chevrolet Lacetti of 1:47.69. The presenters, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, failed to recognize him and he was thereafter referred to and added to the scoreboard as the "well-spoken man". "

Wikipedia article. I'm reconsidering. Doing the research to post a few more instances of the use of "well spoken" with notable Caucasians, I find, instead, numerous instances of racist usage. In fact, my little google exploration has led me to the inevitible conclusion that, although it is a phrase I would never think to use myself, it does have a serious connotation.

I stand corrected. Stating that Ibanez might be "well spoken" using those exact words, is not judicious and could easily be construed as racist.

Of course, what do I know? I'm just some dangerously obsessed fan.

Andy: Well said!

Even if the person who started this pc fest was displaying a form of prejudice with this phrase, this language police sh!t is just ridiculous.

Hugo: Well, not as ridiculous as someone who doesn't even have the guts to post his regular (and anonymous) screen name!

But I do support the idea of returning this discussion to baseball. How big a contract does Manny get? Time running out, no?

Maybe Werth is still hung over from the parade. Remember how he looked ?
It seems like there are too many Al Sharpton's here, looking to be easily offended and trying to read racism into every comment.

I was at the game today and I have a couple of notes:
1) The game started off with a Coast Guard air jump from 10,000 feet. 4 guys who are Green Berets parachuted down onto the field before the game started. It was cool, but I'm always afraid something will go terribly awry just once...and wouldn't that be a horrible way to start your ST season?
2) Ronnie Paulino is abso-friggin-lutely huge in person. He looks like he should play football not baseball. My husband said he wouldn't like to have a home plate collision with him, although I'm sure Vic isn't scared.
3) Speaking of Victorino, I did get his autograph! Pretty sweet.
4) Howard looked terrible in batting practice as well as in the game. His strike zone recognition is way off again. He was swinging at that crap 50 ft off the plate again. He looks thin, though.
5) Carrasco looked good--his pitches were pretty nasty--but it was only 2 innings. Happ was no slouch, though, and we already know he can handle the pressure of a big league situation. Should be an interesting race, but I'm with the majority in that I don't see Carlos starting the season with the team.
6) There are quite a few people that are rude about getting autographs. I mean, like, mean rude. They act like it's some sort of right and that the players owe them something simply because they are fans. If someone's signing, I'll gladly seek one out, but I'm sure as h*ll not yelling their names and getting po'd when I don't get one. Some of these people are borderline stalkers.

Oh, and BTW, how are the guys supposed to move on from the WFC when there are reminders EVERYWHERE about the championship? Everywhere you look down here there are references to it. Gotta. Move. On.

"Well, not as ridiculous as someone who doesn't even have the guts to post his regular (and anonymous) screen name!"

Posted by: clout

I second Mr. Black's sock-puppetry.

Hows this for crazy: Manny Ramirez rejected a 2-year, $45 mill contract, the 2nd year of which would have been a player option. Both sides are crazy here. The Dodgers for offering so much, when players like Abreu were available for 1/5th the price, and Ramirez for thinking someone is going to pay him more.

Looks like Manny picked the wrong year to quit sniffing glue .. ., er, to break a long-term contract.

With 10% of Spring Training completed I think I can firmly say: Carlos Carrasco at season's end will become the first person to win a Cy Young while pitching for a 60 win team.

To paraphrase H. L. Mencken:

In the United States, accusing someone of racism has come to be, like patriotism, a favorite device of persons wishing to feel morally superior.

Anyone who drops an "Airplane!" reference into Beerleaguer definitely wins my vote for Post of the Day.

If C. Carrasco continues to pitch like he has, then put him in the rotation somewhere. If that means that the others in the competition are bumped, well they can fill holes in the bullpen. Then again, some may not be able to do that and they can be sent down or let go. In either event, passing on Carrasco for the likes of a hail-marry (Park) seems a stretch, and will probably cost games. Go C.C.

BTW: I do like Park out of the pen. I like him a lot.

I dont think Cole is well spoken.

woah woah woah...I didn't mean the "well spoken" reference to be deemed as racist, stereotypical or prejudice. Someone is jumping waaaaay overboard here.

I heard the interview. Ibanez gave a "well-spoken" interview, and that's really it. He sounded articulate.

Can we please have the Slaydon-Bohn 5th bench spot as the flavor of the day argument again? I miss that.

I was kinda hoping (as mentioned and ignored a week or two ago) to maybe not see Manny at all this year. Is it possible?

I hope you can continue to give ST updates on players. A lot of viewers on this site live quite a distance from Philadelphia and only get a brief commentary on the game and very little about the individual players

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