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Monday, February 23, 2009


For those who missed it, we're up to 100 comments before the jump. I lobbied for more, but I'm grateful for 100.

I'm sure clout will be pleased to note that Kendrick is SN's projected 5th starter.

Posted by: paco | Monday, February 23, 2009 at 09:17 PM

Nah, I just want the best guy. I'm on record as saying I think Conlin is right about the job being Park's to lose, but I'm not rooting for him either.

From Last Thread- MG- I actually, legitimately believe Howard will have a great start this year and have an MVP season. I wouldn't underrate the focus he will have in Spring Training not worrying about his contract, and I think the better shape he got himself in will really help him stay more consistent throughout the season. If the offense produces in front of him and Werth can provide some decent protection, I am feeling .292/.453/.645 .

Clout; I disagree. I think as it is now it is Kendricks to lose for 2 reasons. He won twentysome games over 2 years and if he can get his changeup working this spring they will go with him. With that said Park will get his tryout but ultimately be more effective as a mid releiver. Finally with Happ, he will be our lefty in the pen at least until Romero comes back.

Then I see all heck breaking loose between kendrick, happ, carrasco fighting for the 5th spot if kendrick struggles the first 2 months.

B-Mac, if Ryan Howard hits .292, it's likely he'll hit at least 50 HRs again and drive in another 145+ runs.

It will also likely have a positive effect on the rest of the lineup.

Repeating will still boil down to the pitching.

"It seems like so long ago, but when I first started the site, the Phillies were regarded as a bunch of softies."

In fairness, they do call themselves ponies.

re: When the Phillies changed from soft to hardnosed.
The change did'nt occur on one incident. It occured as a result of about 5 differnt factors over a 3 year period.
1. Got rid of Bowa. Incompetant tactician, egomaniac, who suffers from little man's disease. Getting rid of him allowed veteran players to bloom into leaders.
2. Rowand ran into a wall. Forced the other players to up the effort, so as not be shown up . Changed the perception of the team to the fans.
3. Traded Bobby Abreu. Great talent, but too laid back, to lead the team. Rollins deferred to Abreu out of respect, but asserted himself after.
4. Howard won MVP. Gave team confidence that they were as talented as anybody. Rollins said 'he thought he was as good as Howard.' Utley goes w/o saying.
5. Cholly Manuel tried to attack Eskin. Was on the verge of being fired(at least by the media) for another slow start. Forced players and front office to stand behind him. Forced us v. them, that carried through most of 2007.

Mike77: Good list. You got everything I was going for in this thread.

Mike - very good list. I'd add that getting rid of Rolen was also influential. IMHO, he was a cry baby who had a negative influence on the rest of the team.

Just think, 30 years from now Dallas Green will still be here. He'll be about 105 then and be the senior advisor to veteran Manager Chris Coste.

Good one, Willy, and great post, JW. I'll always love Big D for what he did, but it is indeed high time for him to stop sticking his foot in his mouth and just appreciate that he gets paid 100 grand to wear Hawaiin shirts and call an office at CBP his own.

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