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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Excellent. Where do we order prints?

Baseball is back and I am loving it!

Nice effort on teh caricature. Inquirer says Blanton is getting the start today, though.

Blanton is slated to pitch, but Moyer will start, according to

great image. the toothpick in the mouth was a nice touch.

The enigmatic Jamie Moyer- great picture!

Perfect: Beerleaguer is starting off the season on the right track, with Jason's art.

Haha, now all he needs is a tobacco spitoon on the rubber next to him.

It's baseball!!!

Go Phillies!

I like Mona Jamie instead. Not sure why.


Anyone catch the Hewitt interview on Comcast?

"Three years, tops"

I remember when dnabb went 80yrds TD to TO in their first preseason game. It didnt matter much, but it was excellent foreshadowing for a great season to come.

So I'll be awaiting Ibanez to go yard in his first AB today to give us the sign.

Whats the over/under on runs scored in this game?

Usually the hitters are slower to adjust to the game speed pitching, right?

"Whats the over/under on runs scored in this game?"

If you're gambling on Grapefuit League games, you may have a problem.

Here, I'll try to help:

We're facing the Pirates bullpen I figure a conservative estimate would be the Phillies winning 43-2...our pitchers will be a tad rusty so I figure 2 runs is reasonable.

Generally, spring performance has been an opposite predictor of regular season performance. Guys who were great in spring last year include Chooch and Taguchi. And remember Rowand's terrible spring, in which most of us wanted him traded for Scott Linebrink or less?

Myers was dominant last spring...and had some minor "issues" the first few months if you'll all recall.

I second the print...I would definitely buy a copy of the Moyer Lisa.

Kendrick was brutal, then got it together, then fell apart.

Dear Steve Jeltz: I find myself stifling an overwhelming desire to boo somebody in red pinstripes, even though nobody has done anything wrong yet. Do you have a link for me?
Signed, Stymied by a WFC

Howard's springs have been pretty predictive. He led, or was among the leaders, in ST Homeruns and RBIs in 2006, and then in 07 and 08 struggled mightly, which bled into April and May.

but of course still ending up leading the majors once it was all said and done

Steve J. I have twenty bucks that says that site won't help him.


If you must boo someone, I'd send you in this direction:

Jeltzie, awesome link.... just awesone!!!

Steve J- Good link.

What do the Phils do if Eaton pitched great this spring and still no other team will take him?
Release him anyway would be my vote (and probably a consensus BeerLeaguer vote), but what would Ruben & Charlie do?

Very apropos that Eaton's "Career Highlights" begins with "Led all Phillies pitchers in AVG (.213), hits (13) and RBI (5)... " Kind of sums up his Phils career nicely.

Remember when Randy Johnson crushed that ball down the LF line vs. Eaton last year, i think that was a perfect way to symbolize the end of him pitching for the Phillies again. I remember driving over to a friend's house who lives about 5 minutes away and seeing the score change about 7 runs. What a bum.

You could sense Eaton was falling apart. It took all of two starts- that Arizona game was certainly the last straw.

Fan-freakin-tastic Moyer image. I may have to "borrow" that for a future post. I'm stoked for the preseason to's gonna be a good year.

JW - You working on building up enough art for an expo in the near future - "The Many and Future Faces of the Phils?"

I can't believe we're only 40 minutes from quasi-meaningful baseball! I've never been this excited for the first ST game.

Here's my preview of the NL East Outfields, along with a poll to vote on the best one at the end of the post.

Much appreciation to Mr. Weitzel for granting me permission to post this, a very generous soul to be sure.

Alby, hopefully Ryan Howard strikes out early in the game so you can satisfy your lust to boo somebody. Then you can start your bring back Pat Burrell chants.

when/where can I get my Moyer Lisa t-shirt and/or wall-size print?

and again regarding moyer lisa, has anyone contacted the Phila mural arts program yet? I'm thinking wherever that Dawn Staley ad used to be.

Crason: You think Maybin will hit for average this season?


He said he "can" hit for average, not that he would. Maybin's still a top prospect clout.

Scott Lauber: "Dobbs wants a chance to play everyday"

That could lead to trouble if Dobbs really wants to be the everyday 3B and they pass him over for someone like Donald...or a Bruntlett/Dobbs platoon where he's the lesser half of it.

Do the Mets have the worst OF in the NL East to start the season? I would say "Yes."

Guess my assumption is that Franceour rebounds a bit and that the platoon split of Anderson/Diaz is much more effective than Murphy/Tatis.

I think Francouer is a 4th outfielder at best...he was completely overrated during his rookie season because of that hot start, the SI cover, etc. He has no plate discipline whatsoever.

Is anyone else getting Rush Limbaugh through the MLB Audio WPHT feed?

tarheelphan or anybody else with the privilege of watching or listening to the game... may i kindly request sporadic updates from you on the game progress? my new employer has blocked any streaming audio, so i'm without updates and DYING FOR BASEBALL.

much obliged.

No RH bench bat? No LOOGY?


Here we go Jimmy

Rush Limbaugh was on before the Phillies broadcast started. Question: Is there a reason Jayson Werth did not make the trip today?

listening on XM.....will try my best at game notes

1st Inning

jimmy - pop out
vic - SO
Ibanez - ground out

They always leave a few regulars behind with these early away games. I think the idea is that if they aren't going to play its better for them to stay behind and get some work in at the complex.

So this guy's name is really "Bootcheck?" It sounds like something a Jarhead does before landing in an AAV.

Moyer gives up a base hit in the 1st. Everyone is worried about him this year now, right?

Depends, Jack. If he keeps McLouth in the park this early in the season it's a great sign.

nice inning by moyer...

ground out
fielders choice
ground out

2nd inning

Howard starting off strong with a SO - trade him now before his stock falls anymore!!!! Oh wait, maybe we are past that.

First K of the year for Howard! Nice.

my ahead of myself

2 walks

According to Metsblog, their 'starter' Sean Green (new reliever from Seattle) lasted only 4 pitches and left with apparent hand injury.

cue the "he got his money now he doesn't care" talk.

donald walks, bases loaded. Gnome up to take care of business

I can't believe how happy I am to be listening to baseball!

Gnome = GIDP

Gnome = GIDP

If he does that during the season, I swear I'm gonna get me one of these, and one of these.

Andy- better stock up!

moyer in 2nd

Walk - LA was amazed that ball 4 wasn't called a strike.
Ground out

Moyer done after 2?

skeeter: I would assume so. Blanton should get 2 now, and then bullpen guys to finish it out.


Rollins - bloop single
Vic - Ground out, close play
Ibanez - 1st RBI of 09!!!! Sign that guy for 3 years!!!!

Entire contract has now been justified!!! We should extend him for another 3 on top of it...keep him till he's 42.

That seals the deal then. If he can mash a RH RP with 31 major league innings under his belt, know what that means...

Actually, I was thinking more like we needed to come up with some sort of nickname. How can you not nickname someone who absolutely terrorizes mediocre, right-handed pitching throughout the National League?

Like, I dunno, El Zurdo or something.

Its amazing how much of a good mood i'm in. For lunch I drove a few minutes from work to a park, opened the driver door, ate a sandwich and listened to the phils on the radio. Its a pretty decent day out in Conshohocken/West philly area today - a bit brisk, but clear and sunny.

Hearing LA crack jokes, the sarcastic cheers for when a Pirates pitcher throws a strike, and the mention of +70ยบ weather has made today a good day.

what a brown-noser that Raul is... how can i hate that signing now?

Kentucky Joe - picking up right where he left off

2 straight singles, 1 run scored. Then...

threw about 80 pitches....eating innings

There are a lot of mediocre right handed pitchers in the NL. I hope the hitters are nicknamed "Phillies".

Go figure. The Phils get to use the DH, and then, when they want to see Slayden, they actually put him out in the field.

How about RIBanez.....pronounced "Rib-ban-yez" since he will be driving in runs for us all season (ribs) and you get the whole first initial combo with last name.

driving in runs for us all season

See. That's what one little ST hit can cause - unbridled optimism.

I still like "El Zurdo" better.

Never a doubt.

On the subject of NL East outfields, there's truly only one star and that's Beltran. Vic, Werth, Ibanez are quality, Dukes and Milledge are on the rise, and Garrett Anderson is a fossil, but over all it's the weakness of the division. The NL East has great infields, rotations, and bullpens, just not outfields, although the Phils outfield is the best in my opinion out of the 5 teams.

skeeter: nice. RIBz for short.

In that we are the only team with 3 quality OFs, I definitely agree.

Burrell in todays opener 0-1, struckout and 1 left on.

Ibanez is 1-2, RBI

Let the comparing begin!

Burrell in todays opener 0-1, struckout and 1 left on.

Ibanez is 1-2, RBI

Let the comparing begin!

having trouble keeping track right now...

Besinius pitching, mayberry and paulino in game, phils now down 2-1.

All of this while Wheels is playing golf.

Today is a good day. So happy to see baseball being played again.

Time to stop lurking then!

shelby ford with a 3 run shot off of Bisinius. thankfully this is February and not August

even the news of a 3 run homer off Bisenius can't dampen this day for me...

thanks for the updates! i'm actually headed out of the office now for a meeting. but i really appreciated it!

Once upon a time I thought Bisenius was our closer of the future....

I wouldn't be too worried about what hits Bisinius is giving up at Lehigh in August.

"NEPP: I wouldn't be too worried about what hits Bisinius is giving up at Lehigh in August"

My point being, if he was pitching in Philly in August, injuries became too great, season is over, and Beerleaguer is on suicide watch.

Now backto relaxing Feb baseball.

btw.....Buccos 8, Phils 1

Better to get blown out on the first game of the spring than the last game of the fall!

It's sunny in today Philly (though not always, despite what they say on FX Network).

The Phillies are on the radio.

I'm happy for now.

Anthony Hewitt with a nice battle of an at-bat... looking for positives here...and he strikes out. Well, can't win em all.

Skeeter - Nice work on Ribanez.

I am definately breaking that out at CBP in the regular season.

Ribanez fits the wish.

I see it didn't take the Bucs long to expose us.

The BP has reverted to form. And the sticks continue to fade. It's going to be a long long year.

I see Slayden got a hit. I could see Slayden becoming the guy who "turns heads" this spring. My favorite nugget from the live boxscore:

DP: (Donald-Furmaniak-Dobbs)

God bless spring training.

Donald starts a DP.

Gnome GIDPs.

Mayberry and Ribanez knock one in each.

Slayden gets 2 hits.

Phils lose a meaningless ST game.

Baseball's back.

It's still sunny in Philadelphia.

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