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Saturday, February 28, 2009


In addition to the Santana news, Mets also signed grizzled vet Ron Villone to a minor league deal. Villone may not be done, like Steve Kline when the Phils got him last season. Kline was clearly cooked.

Sophist mentioned the Villone thing on a previous thread, and I agree with him that it's a good low-risk signing. I'd still like to see the Phils ink an Ohman or a Beimel to an affordable one-year deal, but that's all contingent on their asking prices coming down, of course.

Also excited to see how Naylor fares today. He struggled in Clearwater before righting the ship a bit in August, and he'll need to make moves this year if he wants to stay a rotation candidate. Pitching well for the big club in spring training can only give him a confidence boost.

I would guess that Ohman and Beimel may find homes in New York or Atlanta this Spring.

As for Weitzel's last thread, a handful of games a year is more than I ever make. More like one or two. In fact, I haven't been to a game in Philly (that I can recall) since Mike Schmidt Night, which was probably 20 years ago.

Werth is scratched from the start with a sore shoulder.

Ugh, this is what a post-Harry broadcast would sound like. It's like two chimps squawking over a banana whenver they talk.

Burrell flies out to shallow right along the foul line. Got a solid ovation when he came to bat. Tipped his cap to the fans.

I totally miss the "Swing Batta Batta, Swing Batta Batta, Swing Batta...." open to the broadcast.

By the way I'm tracking the four 5th starter candidates on my site in a graph. It could be interesting to compare them head to head. Thank god I can officially say four now too.

@ Shay Roddy

what's the link to that piece?

I still don't understand the Phils' convoluted TV/radio broadcasting structure. Kalas, Wheels, LA, Franske, McCarthy, and Matthews is just too many cooks in the kitchen.

Pretty apparent again this season that the Phils really aren't sure about their contingency plans when Kalas retires in another year or two. Frankly I wish they would drop McCarthy (who is hands down the worst broadcaster the Phils' have had since Musser) but he isn't going anywhere with the 5-year deal he signed in 2008.

In fact, I may be one of the few here but I would take Wheels any day of the week over McCarthy. At least he knows the Phils' history down cold and actually can give you some decent insights on occasion. McCarthy just blathers on with little feel/timing.

John Mayberry jr is my hero.

Cholly says that he is Werth a few more days to get his legs and now Werth "tweaked his shoulder" while reaching for a ball in regular BP? More and more it sounds like he into camp physically unprepared to play.

Still pretty of time to get prepared for the season but I imagine this must have really irked Cholly. He has been real short/chippy when asked about so far.

some nice range there by donald


Agreed. I don't mind T-Mac. In the Mets games last year he was good because of his knowledge on both teams.

I love the radio broadcast. PERFECT. Franzke and LA are perfect.

MG, i totally agree with you on taking wheels over mcarthy

they also said burrell visited the phils clubhouse with elvis

ShayRoddy's site:


Real live baseball...THANK YOU MLB NETWORK!!!

I didn't get to see the home runs, pretty sweet by Mayberry and Howard?

Yeah I love the effort Werth put in this offseason. Nothing like "high impact" standing and reaching-for-a-ball injuries to make you a scratch when you're arguably the most important person in the lineup this year.

Thanks Jason.

Between Harrisburg and Reading what station can i catch the game on today?

Nice effort by Mayberry on that dive...ashame he missed by 3 feet.

Yeah I love the effort Werth put in this offseason. Nothing like 'high impact' standing & reaching-for-a-ball injuries when you are arguably the most important person in the lineup.

Thanks for coming into camp ready to play Jason.

Have to say Ryno is in great shape this early in the Spring...just beat out an infield single.

"Ryan, with your speed you should be hitting the ball on the ground..."

Howard beats it! Wow!

Svelte Ryan Howard with the infield single.

Mayberry's HR a line drive. Howard's may have been wind-aided some, but it's not like he's never hit a HR to LF before.

Nice K by Naylor.

naylor's curve on that K was reaaaaal nice

If he could consistently locate that pitch...that would be nice.

Future 3B Jason Donald!!!

NEPP, donald hasn't looked to bad in the field at third either, I'd like to see him get some throwing chances from deep third in this game.

What did Donald do now NEPP?

Got a nice base hit...

Tim, to left center with a runner on 2nd

Typical Kyle Kendrick. Gave up a Single, Double, Triple, HR, No Ks and only one earned run in 2.2 IP. With great run support. Kendrick is like a magic tonic for Phillies bats.

Nice. Thanks for the updates.

Donald is key. If they can replace Feliz with that salary next year and get production it just makes it easier to keep the team together.

Pretty poor play on a grounder at 3rd by Donald. Took it on an inbetween hop and then shorted the throw. He's gonna need to show he can pick it better than that to stick at 3rd.

Scott Lauber relays word that Pat Burrell will attend the ring ceremony then head up to Boston for a night game with the Rays...

that play by donald wasn't too bad

Wow-- we're all here talking about a Spring Training game... Brian Dawkins just left this city. No one who's seen this can ever tell me this is a Eagles town anymore. They lost their chance.

I know Dawkins is a big deal, but this is a Phillies blog, not an Eagles one. I'm sure the Eagles blogs are lighting up.

"that play by donald wasn't too bad"

Yeah, it was'nt the type of play that jumps out as terrible, but it's the type of play that a real Thirdbaseman charges and makes the out. He just needs some work to develope the instincts of a 3b.

On this blog, Condrey's perfect inning today is more important than Dawkins' departure. Unless you somehow make it relevant to Phillies baseball.

That's even understating it. What Andy Tracy ate for breakfast is of greater import to BL than Dawkins' departure.



I am really hoping Donald plays third all year in AA or AAA. If he hits, he will force them to put him there.

How nice of a story has Mayberry been so far? Could be a steal. They should give him some looks at 1st, especially if he's going to go north with the big club.

Dont get me wrong guys...

I love it!

Mayberry really wants to make this completely shows.

NEPP, is Mayberry this season's Chris Coste?

By that, I mean, is he going to hit .400+ in ST and get sent to AAA anyway?

I wonder how much Uncle Charlie has help JMay's swing?

Anyone see Morandini in the dugout after the game? I guess he was a special invite instructor or something.

I read that Morandini is a two-week special instructor. I didn't know he coaches at Pepperdine.

Didn't get a chance to catch the game today, though nice to see the bats wake up a bit.

For those who saw... how did Naylor look? I'm curious, as I've never had the opportunity to see him pitch, and it sounds like he looked good today.

Race for 5th starter...

Carrasco: 2.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 3 Ks
Happ : 2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 2 Ks
Kendrick: 2.2 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 Ks

Keep it up. Just say no to Chan Ho.

Naylor looks like a good pitcher. Didnt look nervous. Looks like he belonged. Got Ks to end innings where their could have been trouble. Ended the 3rd inning for Kendrick with a strikeout, when KK gave up a 2 out Triple.

I know this is a Phillies blog, and please don't misunderstand me, I am primarily a Phillies fan, but the Brian Dawkins situation does have implications for the Phils.

For years the Eagles were the proverbial one-eyed Jack operating in the land of the blind. They could operate with complete disregard to their fans feelings because the Phillies were so inept.

Obviously that has changed over the past two years. The Phillies have become, with apologies to Joe Banner, the "gold standard" in Philadelphia. I cannot believe the Phillies would have been so cavalier with a player of Brian Dawkins magnitude (look how they handled Jamie Moyer's contract situation and he isn't nearly as important to them as Dawkins was to the Eagles).

The Eagles are now massively losing the public relations war for the hearts and minds of the Philadelphia sports fans and what happened with Brian Dawkins just confirms that.

Cold dreary day so it was a god excuse to down the pub to get drunk and watch the Phils.
Kendrick still cant K jackasses and his apparance today will no dot trigger another ianae Kensrick argument amongst knob commentaotors. I did enjoy the game except that things will suc when Harry eventually passes away or retures. McCarhty and Wheels were enough to drive one to mute the volume. too bad the bar wouldnt do so.

How worried should we be about Werth's shoulder tweak?

"How worried should we be about Werth's shoulder tweak?"

Don't worry... We got big John Mayberry jr.

I would say "very worried". First he reports to camp out of shape and now he tweaked his shoulder...that's not a great start.

Naylor looked good (he projects as a 4/5 starter type if it all falls right. Remember that he's an Aussie when calculating his age and an Aussie, he's a good year behind a U.S. prospect.

Mayberry has impressed in the first couple games.

I thought Naylor looked good as well, but I think he looks like a good guy to develop into a bullpen option. He seems to be able to throw strikes, he definitely strikes guys out, and he doesn't have big splits, so he could be a full inning or two type guy. I would love to see the Phils develop another solid bullpen arm like they ended up doing with Madson. With a guy whose upside is #4 or 5 starter, and with Carrasco, Happ, Drabek, Savery, Knapp, etc. seemingly ahead of him, it seems to me like the best way to get a valuable contribution from him. I feel the same about Bastardo, and I hope Zagurski can make it back as well.

For the record, when Mayberry jr. Got traded here I was among the few others who said he could be really good and the baseball genius clout said that wouldn't happen. Mayberry is already shinning. I am telling you he is our bat off the bench.

In 10 Spring Training AB.

You are all trolls. Trolls Trolls Trolls.

That it rght. All you whinng fags have to stfu about WErtgh because you dont know shiz

mvptommy: Actually, my memory is that a lot of us said that Mayberry COULD be really good if he learns better strike zone management and improves his hitting skills. Most of us also looked at his minor league numbers -- you know, those meaningless facts & figures that a lot of us like to throw around just to look like we have some basis for our opinions -- and concluded that Mayberry's odds of ever being anything more than a bench player are relatively slim, but still a lot better than the odds of Greg Golson every being anything more than a bench player. So, yes, you were pretty much alone in declaring Mayberry a certain star. And now that he has conclusively proven himself to be precisely that, I suppose we all must acknowledge your superior baseball knowledge.

This Jayson Werth injury situation got me to wondering: does anyone know why Michael Taylor wasn't invited to spring training? I'm not suggesting that Taylor is ready, or proven enough, to be on the opening day roster. But if Werth's injury turned out to be an ongoing problem, and Taylor came out of the gate with a couple hot months at AA, I could see the Phillies jumping him straight to the majors. Put it this way. There are many players at spring training who have absolutely no chance of ever helping the major league team in 2009. Why not give some playing time to a guy who actually COULD help the major league team later this year?

Statement #1 "and concluded that Mayberry's odds of ever being anything more than a bench player are relatively slim,"

Statement #2 "But if Werth's injury turned out to be an ongoing problem, and Taylor came out of the gate with a couple hot months at AA, I could see the Phillies jumping him straight to the majors."

Now if Mayberry has already played at AAA, and Taylor has never played above A, why would they jump Taylor pass Mayberry and straight to the Major Leagues?

mikes77: Evidently you didn't read Statement No. 2, namely the part about Taylor playing a couple hot months at AA before being jumped to the majors. As for why they would jump him to the majors from AA, while leaving Mayberry in AAA . . . perhaps, because Taylor is, by all appearances, a lot better than Mayberry.

"perhaps, because Taylor is, by all appearances, a lot better than Mayberry"

Impressed that you've seen Taylor and can make that judgement.

Well BAP, I've read that they intend on leaving Taylor in Clearwater until the weather warms up. So the couple hot months in AA may not happen too soon.


Andruw Jones has struck out 8 times in his 1st 9 ABs. yikes.

Story of the night is Santana out indefinitely. Can anyone say trouble in metland if he has to have tommy john surgery? And that 7 year deal they gave him looks like dog poo. Paying 20 million a year for a 4th starter after the surgery if that's the course they take.

Getting all worried Werth 4 games into spring training (5 weeks before the start of the season) and fawning over Mayberry's 10 ABs largely against guys who won't even see the majors this season is crazy.

Let see where both stand in another 3 weeks.

MG, let's make the same deal re: Santana. Not to say these things aren't developing stories, but there's a fair amount of jumping to worst case/best case scenarios today (the first day of televised baseball coincidentally).

Sophist - Agreed. I was in NJ today and listening to the WFAN you would think that from Mets fans that the world was ending. If there is a story that comes out that says Santana is having exploratory surgery on his elbow, then Mets' fans should panic. Until then, it is still over a month until the start of the season.


what happened to all the old phillies blogs linked on your sidebar???????????

I figure if that type of surgery were announced that Metsblog would hit critical mass in about 12 seconds. I'm not gonna wish for it as it could come back to jinx us.

I am not going to wish for it eithier. BUT imagine if he is out what their rotation would magically look like.

Ollie, Livan, Neise, Maine( coming off injury) and Redding or Garcia as the 5th starter. Now that I can live with.

Also, everyone who is on the Taylor bandwagon over Mayberry lets compare numbers.

Taylor has 144 SO's,26 HR, 122 RBI's, .304 BA, .375 OBP, .492 SLU, .867 OPS and a outfield RFg of 1.40 over 2 seasons at A ball. AGE: 23

Mayberry Jr. has78 BB, 420 SO's, 82 HR, 257 RBI's, .255 BA, .330 OBP, .472 SLU, .802 OPS and outfield RFg of 1.80 over 4 seasons at AAA being his highest level. AGE: 25

Howard as a minor leaguer numbers has 247 BB, 585 SO's, 111 HR, 393 RBI's, .299 BA, .381 OBP, .548 SLU, .929 OPS 6 seasons at AAA being his highest level. AGE: 27

Mayberry reminds me of a Ryan Howard almost only as an outfielder as I have said all along. As their minor league numbers show. Although Mayberry isn't walked nearly as much as Howard was, thus the reason for Howards higher averages.

Finally, I went to a game that we won. Not that it matters, of course, but it's nice.

This ballpark is really sweet; definitely the nicest I've seen all week.

Burrell got a warm reception by everyone in the stadium (which was over 1/2 Rays fans, but that's understandable considering their ST ballpark is now a few hours south of here as opposed to St. Pete). They're all pretty much on the bandwagon now, but I saw a lot that were rocking both Phils and Rays gear which would be too confusing for me.

My husband likes Mayberry, too, but doesn't think he has a chance to make the team unless they get rid of Stairs. We need a RH bat for the bench.

Rollins hit a screaming foul ball down the third base line and it ended up in my section just inches from hitting me and my son (whom I was sheilding with my body). A guy caught it and gave my son the ball, which was really nice. He was a Phils' fan, too--about one of the only ones in our section. I've never been that close to a foul ball in the 50 or so games to which I have been.

They brought the G-D cowbells with them, too. Ugh. Wretched.

mvp - you must be joking. Let's just go year by year


22 - A - .268/.358/.479
22 - A - .280/.367/.469

23 - A+ - .230/.314/.496 // AA - .241/.307/.453
23 - A+ - .304/.374/.514 // AA - .297/.386/.647

24 - AA - .268/.322/.512 // AAA - .263/.316/.474
24 - AA - .297/.386/.647 /// AAA - .270/.362/.604

Besides their age 22 seasons, where's the similarity? At 25, Howard played 61 games at AAA and hit .371/.467/.690. He played 88 for the Phils hitting .288/.356/.567 with 22 HR. There is no reasonable comparison between Howard and Mayberry.

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