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Saturday, February 28, 2009


I think the Yankees new stadium will have "obstructed view bleacher seats" for 6 dollars when its built. Of course who knows what that means, maybe a bunch of seats where you can't see half the field lol.

Here is a link from some random blog site:

Bleacher seats for 6 dollars

It's actually 5 dollars, my bad.

Them make up the price with the concessions costs...and those $300 infield seats.

By the way, before anyone gets too excited about the report that Johan Santana is out indefinitely we should all remember the glee and internet hi-5s exchanged last winter in Mets-ville when Brad Lidge got hurt at the very start of his spring. Didn't end up hurting us very much, except in the wallets with all that WFC stuff we had to buy.

I'll be at the new Yankee Stadium for a Phillies game.

Fortunately, the tix will be free as I have a friend in NY who has season tix.

I agree, JW, that the Phils will draw, wspecially if #6 has a season like 2006.

If that happens and the pitching holds up, in August and September they'll be selling out just like last season, and tickets will be very expensive.

That, coupled with the way the Eagles are headed - don't expect them to be as good next season - and I suspect the Phillies will be "THE" ticket in town.

Some of the games I have tickets for (Red Sox, Mets) are already listed on StubHub for 6 times what I paid for them.

I don't feel like I'm taking glee in the Santana news, but, I think it is worthwhile to not. Especially, the progression of it. From just standard elbow soreness Santana gets every spring training, to a little more, now to possibly missing the opening day start.

Obviously, it could be nothing.

Phils had cheap ticket and availability while they played in the Vet. That ended with CBP opening in 2004. Since then, the Phils have generally been in the top 10 (usually around 6 or 7) most expensive average tickets in the majors. I would imagine with the massive ticket price increases this offseason that the Phils will likely be 6 or 7 again in average MLB ticket price.

Here's their average ticket price for the past 4 seasons

2008 - 11th
2007 - 7th
2006 - 5th
2005 - 4th

Article from last year but it is the most widely quoted source of ticket prices (just tickets)

2007 - $27.25 (7th in MLB) $22.69 was AVG price
2008 - $28.14 (11th in MLB) $25.40 was AVG price

With the massive ticket prices hikes this year (10-20% on most single ticket tickets), I am willing to bet the Phils are easily 5th or 6th again in average ticket prices in MLB.

NEPP - Same data. I do think people had a legit complaint the first 2 years at CBP that the Phils had one of the most expensive ticket prices in MLB but they didn't spend like it. That did change this year but I am dubious the Phils are going to continue to spend at quite such a high level in the future based upon what Amaro directly said this offseason but winning being a key.

If the Phils don't make the playoffs again this year, this team's payroll will be lower next offseason.

I cant complain. I got a six-pack plan over the holidays and have tix in various locations for the WS Ring Ceremony game, Cubs, Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox and Final Day for $148.00. Being that I bring a hoagie and
Wawa iced tea with me rather than spend for concessions and use my SEPTA transpass to get to games it really isnt a budget buster at all.


Thanks for all you do buddy. Your copy is always interesting and fresh and you don't ever "mail it in". Thanks for being a pro - in this changing sports reporting landscape, I believe your dedication to stay original and work hard is and will comtinue to be recognized. You are talented and as you said offer and facilitate "good company" as well.

Here's to BL and JW!

I love this line: "Lets face it: the Phillies are a marquee product, and will rule baseball this summer."

It brings back that feeling I had as a kid, from like 79-83 ... when you just knew we would roll.

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