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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Thank god we can claim Cooper and Fey and not Fallon.

Brian Mazone and Val Pascucci will be on that Italian roster.

And it's interesting how many players on the Australian roster play, or have played, for Phillies' affiliates.

David Boreanaz (the guy on the TV show "Bones") grew up in Philly and is a huge Philly sports fan. He even had a Flyers blog during the NHL playoffs last year. You probably have a good shot with him.

Also you have some semi-famous Philly sports phans in porn stars Gina Lynn and Marey Carey, should you want to go that route...

Dave Boreanaz's dad is Philly weatherman Dave Roberts, who's real name is David Thomas Boreanaz. Why do I know this? I was a Comm major.

For whatever reason, Jeff Anderson is wearing a Phillies visor for the DVD cover of Zack and Miri Make a Porno. He's from the shore area of Central Jersey (obviously being in Kevin Smith stuff) but they are usually Devils and Mets fans in that area. So I don't know.

Don't forget that Will Smith is a Phillies fan. I've also seen Tracy Morgan wearing Mike Schmidt jerseys before on SNL.

Does Will Smith even remember where Philadelphia is?

clout: that is surely a reason that we do not agree 100% of the time, aside from the fact that you're right 110% of time and all....

I'd rather see my team win a WS once every 10 years and be out of contention the rest, rather than never win a playoff series, but play competitive ball every year.

Maybe thats why you like Pat Burrell so much... because you value April wins the exact same as October wins.

If someone from the future told you that the Phillies would win 80+ games, but never a playoff series in next 25 years - you'd be more happy to learn that than if they told you they won two rings but sat in the cellar for a bunch of years inbetween?

I would enthusiastically endorse Beerleaguer, but I'm not sure that would help the cause much.

The Roots. Beerleagues NEEDs an endorsement from the Roots!

My friend's last name is Root. So essentially they are the Root's. They are big Phils Phans. And their first baby was born last year, which is the 1st championship in Philly any of us have seen.

I could probably get their kid to put a BL shirt on and get featured on Facebook.

M. Night Shyamalan is a Philly guy, he might be good for a blurb. Although the way his career is going, his endorsement might end up jinxing the blog. Or the team. Or it could turn out that the blog and the team are actually ghosts.

Bruce Willis is a South Jersey guy and very likely a Phillies fan. As is Kelly Ripa.

Dead Milkmen!

"I'd rather see my team win a WS once every 10 years and be out of contention the rest, rather than never win a playoff series, but play competitive ball every year."

The choice is a false one, as you construct it. To have a competitive ball-club is just that: to have a club that can reach the playoffs and compete for a World Series. There's no particular reason why some of the better A's teams couldn't have won a playoff series--it just so happens that they didn't. Of course, perhaps you could say, well the A's ought to have had some outstanding FA which would have put them over the top--but then, your stepping outside the bounds of valid critique. To repeat myself, Beane's method is conditioned by the very fact that highly-priced free agents are firmly out of his reach.

I think your beef is with the A's ownership, not with Beane.

Also, the Marlin's philosophy doesn't seem all that radically different from the A's's.

Jim Cramer? Chris Matthews? Noam Chomsky?
Rawls from the Wire? Beanie Sigel? Mumia Abu-Jamal?? that wouldn't be controversial

M. Night Shyamalan sees Dead Milkmen.

Klaus: I understand your point that all you can do is build a competitive team and put them in a position to succeed.

I'm speaking of how one would rate a franchise's acheivement. I would rate the Marlins higher than the A's. I would rate the phils,redsox,whitesox,angels,and other teams with rings this decade above the A's as well.

Tina Fey writes some nasty jokes about Pennsylvania on "30 Rock," so I'm not sure she'd be up for an endorsement. And lots of hip-hop artists wear Phillies caps, but only because of the connection to Phillie Blunt cigars (and we all know what they use them for).

I guess the mayor of Kutztown isn't a big enough celebrity to endorse Beerleaguer, huh?

I say we barage Will Smith. Maybe the Scientologists will let him endorse.

Kevin Bacon

Or get a shout out on national TV via Dwight Schrute.

Dont forget about Kevin Eubanks the guitarist for Jay leno's tonight show, is from philly and is a big philly sports fan, he sometimes is seen sporting all types of philly gear especially during any playoff appearances, might be able to get him to wear a beerleaguer shirt on the show and give a shout out!

I can't believe no one has mentioned Alycia Lane. Or Jocelyn Kirsch.

Terrence Howard, voice of the 2008 World Series DVD, currently lives in Lafayette Hill (and works out at my gym). He's a Chicago native, so I will have to inquire as to his phandom...

That's true, Eubanks is always wearing his Phillies gear.

"but only because of the connection to Phillie Blunt cigars (and we all know what they use them for)."

I'm pretty sure only Michael Phelps smokes weed, if that's what you mean. That's why the photograph was such a tremendous shock to the children.

I love this psuedo call-for-arms pitch you made on the blog today Jason, and I'm very interested to see if any celeb contacts you in regards to it.

Larry David. I have no idea where the hell the guy is from, but I like his positive attitude.

BP released their 2009 win projections

3rd place, just like last year. WFC2!

Larry David is a Mets fan.

I knew I always hated Larry David.

I like the Beanie Sigel suggestion.

Michael Phelps smokes weed? I hadn't heard that. Next thing you know A-Rod will admit to doing 'roids.

Larry David would be a perfect Phillie fan. So would Lewis Black.

Matt, in re: Kirsch

Didn't we have a whole thread's conversation about stealing other peoples' identities? Maybe she's exactly the spokesperson we need.

Somehow wouldn't it be great if we could get some of our military troops who are phillies fans serving over seas to sport Beerleaguer shirts or just a shout out to beerleaguer and the phillies and jason could post a photo or a Video, bigger and better than any Hollywood celebrity!

Actually, Jason, would accept someone pretending to be Jocelyn Kirsch?

Tina Fey when the Eagles went to the Super Bowl against the Pats had a>funny bit on the Weekend Update going head to head with Amy Poehler who is from "Burlington, New England".

@JW -- I guess its difficult having the only celebrity endorsement from a guy who went on national television with a vitriolic rant on blogs. (Although, at least he came around to see the distinction between the Snarky and the Semi-Serious). Although, this post could lean snarky. :)

Baxter who is the 2 ahead of the Phillies in wins?

Kutztown fan wrote "And lots of hip-hop artists wear Phillies caps, but only because of the connection to Phillie Blunt cigars (and we all know what they use them for)."

I'm pretty hip, but I don't know. Please explain.

Beerleaguer needs promo. Maybe we can have a way to email our Phillies fan friends to check out Beerleaguer. We can reveal our secret identities to our friends, or we can lie, and write that every comment with the byline of clout is really me!


The Mets and Braves are the two ahead of the Phightin's in the BP projections.

Don't really get it myself

MLBTR has Phils and Ohman in conversation. Ohman's agent is saying good things, like he really wants to be on a contender, even if just for a year. Dennys Reyes is interested too, but he is much more of a LOOGY.

The quote from Ruben on MLBTR is less than encouraging though, saying things like "there are RHPs who can get out LHBs." Condrey?

BP picks the Braves ahead of the Phils in 2009? Wow.

I ussed ta thinked dey was like smrat.

I don't think two championships in 100+ years takes away the heartbreaking label yet. I think the quote still fits.

I bet Stephen A Smith would give props.

Why did Rube say he'd only sign Ohman for an "extremely modest" salary? WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? Before making an insulting offer, don't tell the press its insulting!

In re: Baseball Prospectus

Really. On what basis do they pick the Braves even above the Marlins? Who's in the OF? Who's batting fourth? Who are their 3-4-5 SPs?

Phils must really stink to be worse than those guys.

i've also seen tina fey wearing a '1980 world champs' phillies shirt on snl. she always reps this town. and kutztown i really hope your first paragraph was meant to be sarcastic.

Where are the baseball prospectus projected standings? I (quickly) looked at their site, but I couldn't find them.

Nevermind - Found it via Deadspin

Yes, Michael, I was being sarcastic.

Lake Fred - Phillie blunts are hollowed out, then refilled with an "alternative" to tobacco. So wearing a Phillie's hat isn't automatically an endorsement of our baseball team.

You know what I find the worst about my past blunt escapades, is not so much that I was smoking an illegal drug, was that I actually allowed myself to touch something to my lips that was licked repeatedly by some guy to take the wrapping off and re-apply the wrapping..


Can't forget the Vice President is a Philly sports fan.

I think that counts as a kiss, khaiokien(insert Seinfeld line here).

Haha Very nice.

Kutztown, that's gross. I have smoked cheap cigars and inhalation is out of the question. You mean drugheads put their stuff in a hollowed out Philly blunts and inhale the whole smoke? Disgusting!

I'd be interested in knowing how accurate the BP projections are from year to year.

They certainly didn't project the 2 WS contestants last season.

Anyone out there have that info?

Also, in taking a look at BP's projected wins, I'd love to know how they do the computation of Runs Scored.

In taking a look at the projected line of the Phillies and Mets:

Mets: .264 BA, .339 OBP, .417 SLG, 833 RS
Phils: .264 BA, .337 OBP, .431 SLG, 837 RS
Does a .756 OPS vs. a .768 OPS, a .012 difference translate into only 4 runs?
Also, take a look at this article.

They have Ryan Howard projected to finish with 40 HRs and 110 RBIs.

Do they use the same individual player calculations for the fantasy projections and the team projections?

A little help? Someone?

Drugheads - haha nice.

I checked the BP projections, it lists the Mets as the best pitching staff in the NL, second to the Red Sox in the majors.

And the projections actually put the Phillies in a 1 game playoff vs the Braves. So although they might not look ideal, its still the playoffs!

Boy, the BP boys have the Nats finishing ahead of the Marlins.

If the Marlins pitching is healthy?

Where do they come up with this?

Kutztown, that's gross. I have smoked cheap cigars and inhalation is out of the question. You mean drugheads put their stuff in a hollowed out Philly blunts and inhale the whole smoke? Disgusting!

Posted by: Lake Fred | Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 01:30 PM


LF - Where have you been? Thought everyone knew that. It is mostly used with crappy herb.

LF, you're just not as tough (or stupid) as the brothers.

PECOTA is an odd beast to say the least. Those rankings demonstrate the dangers of overly relying on statistics and projection algorithms for such things.

That said, most "experts" don't even get it half right which is why they play the game. How many analysts had the Tigers winning the AL Central or even the WS at this time last year.

I stand by my predictions which netted 4 of 6 division winners correctly for 08 and 5 of 6 in 07. The Tigers were one I completely whiffed on as well...along with the DBacks.

Adrian Pasdar - Nathan Petrelli on Heroes - is a Philly guy and a huge sports fan. Saw him rep Eagles NFC Champs shirt on a TV show once.

Kevin Bacon has worn a Phils bb hat on more than one occasion in film. Unfortunately, one of his most recent films where he did so he played a child molester.

take away that "Mets are second in Runs Allowed in the majors" I didnt notice that PECOTA slobbered so much on the AL East, they have the entire division except the Os 715 and under RunsAllowed for the year.

"Can't forget the Vice President is a Philly sports fan."

And, chances are 50-50 he would actually do it...just to see the reaction of Obama flipping out on him.

BP has the Braves and Phils tied for 2nd and the Wild Card...

I used to have a link to last year's picks, but now it goes to the 09 picks, but here's a recap I posted elsewhere...

Got the Cubs division title right. Had the Mets as East champs, best record in the league.

Dodgers tied for 1st, close enough I guess.

Wild card playoff between Ariz/LA loser and the Braves.

Phils, Rays, White Sox picked 3rd. We were predicted to be 7 games off the pace.

Brewers finish close to tying for the wild card, but don't make the playoffs again.

In the AL, Yankees predicted to have the best record in baseball, Angels sneak in with only 85 wins.

Cleveland beats out both the aforementioned White Sox and also the Tigers, who, despite their 90 wins, lose out on the WC slot.

NEPP, what are your predictions?

I have none at this point...I tend to wait till mid-to-late March to make predictions as the Rosters aren't even set yet.

The Os have the 3rd best offense in the majors.. hmmm.

The O's should have a decent offense, but how do they figure 3rd best in the majors? They don't even have the 3rd best offense in their own division.

Saw that Tejada is pleading guilty for perjury for lyign about taking steriods. Is he facing jail time? Ed Wade will be a former GM of two teams real soon if he is gone for the year(s).

Looking at some of the numbers one the page makes me think Pecota's computers are on PEDs.


Frankly, I don't know how anyone can make predictions at this point. Manny Ramierez is still not signed. Wouldn't his presence make a serious difference in several teams' projections?

Note that PECOTA picks the D-Backs to outslug the Phils in 2009. Right.

IF the DBacks young guys all suddenly hit a groove in 09 its POSSIBLE...albeit not bloody likely. Feliz could also hit 50 HRs in 09...neither is likely to happen though.

Wow, here's a huge surprise:

Ex MLBPA boss Marvin Miller is ripping the steroid "witchhunt".

I never woulda guessed.

Andy, I noticed that too. Yeah, pitchers around MLB are going to have to be very carefull when pitching to that Dbacks lineup.

They predict Howard at .270/.374/.547 - but yet only give him 110 RBIs? PECOTA must really ding up jroll/vic/utley.

That line is a mix of his 07 and 08 seasons, but really lowers his RBIs.

06: .313/.425/.659 149 RBIs
07: .268/.392/.584 136 RBIs
08: .251/.339/.543 146 RBIs
09: .270/.374/.547 110 RBIs (PECOTA)

EF, your posting shows that Nostradumus does not work fo BP.

Back to Philly Blunts, using a mixed drink analogy. Mixed drinks are a result of the alcoholic portion being too rough to drink straight. Despite what they advertise, Seagram's Whiskey are blends of rotgut whiskies. When you add 7-Up, it becomes drinkable. So why do the drugheads mix their stuff with dog dirt smoking material like Phillies Blunts?

LF: philly blunts are cheap that's why. If they need a way to smoke the ganja and none other is available that's what they use.

Very amusing and informative discussion on here today. I didn't know many of the people mentioned today were Philly sports fans...good to know. I wish there was a database for such a thing.

Carson - I understand that such a database exists for Marlins fans...only it's written on index cards and updated by hand.

Carson: If only there were some people who posted here with the internet savvy that could create such a database?

LF - It allows you to smoke a large amount of crappy weed cheaply. Philly's are easy to crack open without breaking. It is much harder to crack open an expensive cigar and re-roll it. And if you mess up you are out the money. Putting crappy weed in a pipe makes even less sense that putting it in a blunt. Philly's burn slower.

Moving on...

Uh-oh. There goes my shot at the Joe Biden endorsement.

Wow. Sorry I derailed the baseball talk. That's what I get for living in a college town.

Back to Tejada... think this is the beginning or the end? There are still 103 "unknown" names on the list that included A-roid. Will they be outed as well?

I am still pondering why Oates appeared without Hall at the WS last year.

college or baseball: its still all about drugs

Am I to take that as a subtle hint to start a Phamous Phillies Phans Datebase?

Carson: I didn't think it was all that subtle...but I think it would be awesome to have one.

"why Oates appeared without Hall "

We cannot add this to this thread, phargo; a topic that big needs an entire edition of Beer Nuts!

Then again, how about separate (but equal) endorsements from Hall and Oates?

Doesn't Hall live in France or something? He's like an ex-pat at this point and doesn't associate himself with the states or Philly much.

He's from my hometown and his parents still live in the Coventry area. As do some of Troy Polamalu's family.

We all know how great a philly fan Bon Jovi is.... until he promises the city something and then backs out of it.

thephaithful: Yeah, he said the free concert is now contingent on what happens with the AFL...? What is that all about?

He brought the City a championship.

AWH: "In taking a look at the (BP) projected line of the Phillies and Mets:
Mets: .264 BA, .339 OBP, .417 SLG, 833 RS
Phils: .264 BA, .337 OBP, .431 SLG, 837 RS

Does a .756 OPS vs. a .768 OPS, a .012 difference translate into only 4 runs?"

2008 (real world)
Mets: .266 BA, .340 OBP, .420 SLG 799 RS
Phils: .255 BA, .332 OBP, .438 SLG 799 RS

In this case a .009 difference in OPS translated into zero runs.

AWH: Or if you prefer, although the Cardinals had an OPS .13 HIGHER than the Phils last season, they scored 20 FEWER runs.

pretty sure you see rappers wearing Phillies hats because P for Phillies is also P for Piru (Bloods).

not that weed isn't a good explanation as well

I've got it. Ryan Howard. No, not that Ryan Howard, the intern from the office. Perfect celebrity endorsement right there.

- Daryl Hall was scheduled to perform the national anthem prior to Game 5 of the World Series Monday night, but after he came down with the flu, he turned to his longtime friend and bandmate John Oates for a pinch-hit appearance, so to speak.

Let's not forget>Art Garfunkel. (in the tradition of the "other brother"). His favorite jacket is the one the Phillies gave him:

I come from New York yet I'm a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. Why? When I was growing up all my friends supported the 'big' teams, The Brooklyn Dodgers or the New York Yankees, but I wanted to be a bit different, which is why I ended up becoming a Phillies fan. I sang at their stadium before games and they gave me a beautiful jacket (£60). I wear it with pride.

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