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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


From last thread:

Haha - i forgot this stat....

In Werth's 532nd AB with the team, playing against the Padres Aug 16 2008 - he hit into his first DP ever in a Phillies uniform. He hit into another one late september (i remember that game vs the braves, couldn't believe the DP) to give him 2 GIDPs in 673 ABs with the Phils.

Just one of those little things that Werth seems to do well: play the ball well of the wall, steal third base, and avoiding the DP seem like specialties to his game (except for those playoff pickoffs of course).

Nice signing by Rube, and nice point about the prospects by Weitzel. That's the holistic organizational analysis that makes beerleaguer great.

Very good to see that the core of this team will have at least 2-3 years to win together again. That doesn't always happen.

It would seem that Phillies players, with one notable exception, are as worried about this economy as the man in the street. Even millionaire ballplayers are opting for the safe harbor of guaranteed money. In a strange way I find that somewhat disconcerting.

Hmmm...Howard is the only one yet to sign.

Greedy, business savvy, or delusional?

I don't get signing werth to a 2 year deal but ibanez to a 3 year. Even if raul plays his butt off this year and duplicates last season's stats, the signing still won't make sense to me. Taylor could be ready to contribute by September, and possibly start in 2010. Same could be said for Dom Brown. It would've made much more sense to sign Raul for 2 years and werth for 3 or more, despite his past injury troubles.

Durbin's $$$ are right smack in the middle of the number($1.95MM/$1.35MM) each side submitted. Looks like there are reasonable people involved.

Another year like he just had, and Durbin will see some really serious coin by MLB RP standards.

Good for Chad. Good for the Phils.

I'm starting to think that we're in the Twilight Zone.


Is this really the Phillies FO we have come to loathe and abuse?

Artist: That's a little hopeful regarding Taylor and Brown. Let's see what Taylor does in Double-A first. That's professional baseball's first real proving ground.

Hoping Taylor is ready by September is waaaay wishful thinking. Double-A is the true testing ground for prospects, and I for one would like to see him duplicate those numbers in Reading (he didn't exactly light things up in 07, so we're talking about a limited body of work). As for Ibanez, he's simply a better offensive player than Werth. Besides, who's to say J-Dub wanted to go three years?

Good work by Amaro, but I think some of these signings simply attest to feelings of goodwill about last season that remain throughout this organization. These players want to be here to make another couple of runs at the World Series, and are willing to settle for decent, but not exhorbitant, contracts in order to do it. Its refreshing, and a very good sign for the upcoming season as far as "intangibles" go.

JW, while we've been giving all the credit to Junior, let's not forget that he has a staff that obviously had a hand in avoiding the "minefield" that they were purportedly headed for.

They deserve some credit too.

I wouldn't be surprised if Junior's stature within MLB just got a boost.

timr, I also think it's a testament to how the clubhouse is run.

Players who have played here want to be here.

From the top down the credit goes to Chollie, his staff and the way the players themselves police the locker room.

I'm reminded of what Romero said about a month after he got to Philly. It was something along the lines of "I've had more fun since I've been here than I've had in years".

That has to be a factor.

All the more reason to keep the malcontents and potential problems out of the locker room.

Does anyone have a team salary total for 2009 (pending Howard's situation)?

I was thinking earlier this morning that Werth makes the most sense for a multi-year deal (considering his age, injury history, and family life - I think he has two kids.) I love the they locked him up; I only wish they had bargained a bit harder for a third year at a lower /yr figure. I have similar feelings as I had when I heard of the Jeff Carter deal this past off-season.

That will be a pretty plump number Artie, higher than I was expecting that is for sure, even if the Phils win vs. Howard.

The Artist Formerly known as Michael Bourn: (or is it Michael Bolton?)

The Phillies moved pretty quickly to land Ibanez. They wanted to make sure they had an adequate replacement for Burrell.

Still, they may have overpayed in both years and dollars.

I read Amaro's comments on the last couple of days, and (this is pure speculation and supposition and reading between the lines on my part) I got the feeling that if they could have signed Burrell for 2/$16MM instead of Ibanez they would have done that. Not only would they have saved money, but Burrell is, IMO a better fit for this lineup.

That would have given them more flexibility to bring in pitching this season - maybe Sheets....maybe Cruz, but I think the real problem those two pitchers are having is that with all the economic uncertainty out there, teams are very reluctant to give up high draft picks, which can obviously lead to very inexpensive players in the future.

JW, I know I'm nitpicking, but I think you meant to say "in actuality" as opposed to "in actually". In light of the signings and Amaro's avoiding possibly contentious arbitration hearings with several key players, I'm pleased with the way he's handled such a multitude of these types of situations. I think he's handled it the right way thus far and given his inexperience as GM I'd rather have another GM set the precedent for actually engaging in multiple arbitration hearings simultaneously.

Artie, go to sports section.

There is a writeup today on all the salaries and the projected payroll.

AWH: I'm with you.

you know who really sucks though, Ben Sheets. he's just terrible and i really really hope now that this franchise has a much clearer idea of what the payroll will look like that they don't go out and sign a bum like Sheets. that would just be terrible. awful. no good. very bad.

Give Rube credit for a great week of negotiation on his part.

There must be some secret formula out there known only to agents and management. Check out these 4 arb cases, for example:

Corey Hart: $3.8MM. Brewers: $2.7MM. Diff: $1.1MM.
Mike Jacobs: $3.8MM. Royals: $2.75MM. Diff: $1.05MM.
Paul Maholm: $3.8MM. Pirates: $2.65MM. Diff: $1.15MM.
Nate McLouth: $3.8MM. Pirates: $2.75MM. Diff: $1.05MM.

How quickly things change:

This was at the tail end of Tom Veducci's column yesterday, posted at 12:09 P.M.:

"Nice job by Phils rookie GM Ruben Amaro Jr., getting half of his 10 arbitration eligibles signed. But the hard work remains, and not just Ryan Howard. Also eligible are Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth and Joe Blanton. Even Chad Durbin presents a challenge. Here are the lowest ERAs last year by relief pitchers who threw at least 80 innings: J.P. Howell (2.22), Carlos Marmol (2.68), Durbin (2.87) and Ryan Madson (3.05)."

28 hours later every name but 'Howard' has disappeared from his list.

That tells me the Phillies had a plan and, for the first time in a long time, read the market right.

I predict that Ibanez takes a lot of balls at 1B in Clearwater.

curt: Maybe they deal Howard in an Abreu-type deal. You loved that one.

Trade R.Howard for T.Lincecum while you still can.

I'm in no way advocating this, but would the Phillies be able to cut Howard and owe him nothing?

clout - it was a salary dump, not a trade. I was OK with it then, and love the way it worked out.

My math could be fuzzy but I think the Phillies are right around 113.5 million give or take a million without Howard. (Thome counts as 3 million right?) So with Howard at 18 million we’re looking at about 131 million, and at 14 million about 127 million.

Someone might want to double check that though … here’s a great site for contacts … if Fangraphs trust them they work for me.

With a 130mm payroll, I guess the Phillies are done spending for the off-season. I think they will fill there last couple spots from the minors. John Mayberry gets the 5th OF spot by default. Dark horse Antonio Bastardo gets a LOOGY spot until JC Romero gets back. Bastardo goes out the window if the Phillies are dumb enough to give Chan Ho Park the 5th spot. JA Happ would get the Bullpen spot then.

I'm only for trading Howard if either (a) it's midseason, they won't renew his contract, and the season is going nowhere; or (b) the FO brings in the Marlins or Red Sox FO to handle the scouting, statistics, and the deal.

curt: "Worked out"? The Phillies won the World Series because they traded Abreu for C.J. Henry?

Barring injury, I still think we will see a spring training trade of Matt Stairs to an AL club for a RH bat.

We take back a little salary as Stairs is only die $1M this year and our bench is completed.

(Again, not saying I wouldn't rather keep Stairs and trade Jenkins --- just saying that this is what I believe is more likely)

clout: Yes, Abreu's departure gave Victorino a full time chance, which culminated in his slam against Sabathia and HUGE home run against the Dodgers in Game 4.

Much like David Bell's trade set off a chain of events that ended with us signing Pedro Feliz, who got the game-winning hit in the WS.

It's not our fault that you can't comprehend chaos theory.

clout - Boy are you wrong on that one! They won because they traded for Jesus Sanchez!

(I love how every move they've made in the past 5 years has led inexorably to the WFC - including the off-season pick-up of Vic Darensbourg.)

clout, LOL.

On another note, the list of FA starting pitchers still "available" - taken from the ESPN FA tracker - is pretty extensive:

Mario Alvarez
Tony Armas
Paul Byrd
Jairo Cuevas
Elmer Dessens
Scott Elarton
Josh Fogg
Freddy Garcia
Jon Garland
Tom Glavine
Charlie Haeger
Livan Hernandez
Orlando Hernandez
Chuck James
Jason Jennings
Braden Looper
Pedro Martinez
Mark Mulder
John Parrish
Odalis Perez
Oliver Perez
Andy Pettitte
Sidney Ponson
Kenny Rogers
Curt Schilling
Ben Sheets
Randy Wolf

Referenced in an article but missing from the list are:

Steve Trachsel
Jeff Weaver
Kip Wells
Mark Redman
Matt Belisle
Esteban Loaiza
Kris Benson

Relief pitchers still unsigned:

Luis Ayala
Joe Beimel
Ambiorix Burgos
Juan Cruz
Brendan Donnelly
Randy Flores
Keith Foulke
Eric Gagne
Tom Gordon
Eddie Guardado
Jason Isringhausen
Tyler Johnson
Jon Lieber
Aquilino Lopez
Brandon Lyon
Kent Mercker
Will Ohman
Dennys Reyes
Ricardo Rincon
Rudy Seanez
Brian Shouse
Russ Springer
Julian Tavarez
Mike Timlin
Ron Villone
Matt Wise
Jamey Wright

Some of these guys can still get people out, but there is a big game of "chicken" being played right now.

I'm starting to think that Mike Hampton was smart to sign early.

Fellow Blrs, who on the lists above, besides the obvious ones of Sheets and Cruz, would you hope the Phils sign?

Well I have been getting on the ownership more than anyone for not getting Lowe or spending some money, but they definitely spent the money they needed to in order to keep the core in tact except for the Ryan Howard case. I'm glad to see them buying out a year of free agency for Werth and Weitzel is right on with the prospects. It is a good deal for Werth too as he now has $10 million guaranteed and if he is able to put together a couple of more 20/20 seasons he'll be worth a lot more when he goes into free agency. Meanwhile, we have the WFC core in tact for the next 2-3 years and will keep those seasons fun and entertaining. Time to just enjoy this team and stop bitching cause it won't last forever.

AWH - Ohman or Beimel, maybe. An extra LHRP might be nice with JC out for 1/3 of the season.

Andy: I thought they won because they cut Pete LaForest. He was a cancer in the clubhouse.

Might kick the tires on Mulder or Looper, too; but MM is a major reclamation project at this point and Looper probably wants more than I'd wanna pay. He was a better RP than SP, IMO.

Brian G: Were you out of the country in 2006? Victorino got a chance because Aaron Rowand ran into a wall. Abreu was replaced by a platoon of Conine/Dellucci.

Isn't there anything you can do to keep yourself from looking like a smacked ass?

clout - See. You're only part right. They won because they traded for LaForest and then cut him.

"Meanwhile, we have the WFC core in tact for the next 2-3 years and will keep those seasons fun and entertaining. Time to just enjoy this team and stop bitching cause it won't last forever."

Seriously. This "trade Howard" nonsense is just that--nonsense. Worst comes to worst we've got him for two more seasons, then he signs somewhere else. Those two seasons are what matters, not the idea of trading him before he leaves. Those kinds of moves are for teams still working towards a championship, not teams defending one.

****curt: "Worked out"? The Phillies won the World Series because they traded Abreu for C.J. Henry?****

What? You can't follow that "logic"? Makes sense to me...


Dodgers sign Brad Ausmus?


AWH - I would go with Wolf. But I think he might end up getting about what Sheets will get. Which is nuts.

I have wanted Sheets the entire offseason (even more than Lowe etc) and still hope they get him. Doesn't look like it will happen.

If you sign a pitcher it has to be a serious upgrade from kendrick, Haap. Not too many on the list fit that bill.

Our pen is already expensive enough. Let someone step up or sign a leftover guy to a minor league deal to compete.

timr - well put re: howard trade talks.

timr, here's a great proposal, based on the fact that it's pitching that wins championships:

Trade Howard to [ ] for a bunch of MLB ready or almost ready prospects - you know......some dudes.

Use the $18MM he wants to sign Sheets, Juan Cruz and Sean Casey to replace Howard.

While Casey has no power, he does sport a .302 lifetime BA, makes decent contact, and doesn't strike out a lot.

The upgrade in the pitching would offset the loss of Howard, and the prospects we got would more than offset the loss of draft picks.

We're NOT trading Howard this year...or probably even next year.

Better yet, we could trade Howard for some dudes, and bring in Kevin Millar to replace him.

The BA would probably be close, and the loss of power wouldn't be nearly as dramatic as bringing in Casey. Also, it would solve the RH bat issue.

Yeah, that's it.....

Howard for some dudes
Sign Sheets Millar and Cruz! even rhymes. :)

Can't we just cut him outright and still get Millar???

If we trade Howard can we bring back Wilie Montanez. Used to love the way he caught pop ups and I love hot dogs too. 14-18 million saved along with it. It's win win!

You could probably fit Adam Dunn instead of Cruz and Casey and the deal would be one a lot of people would consider.

Here's a link to the projected Phillies payroll from

It still calls Durbin and Werth estimates, but pretty much nails them. They also don't mention Paulino who will either start in the minors, I guess, or replace Coste on the roster for about the same amount. Finally, they include the $3M payment due this year for Thome.

It puts the final salary total at $132M if Howard loses and $136M if Howard wins.

Amaro is in a no lose position. A three year contract with a team that is built to win for the next three years. The trick will be lining up the talent and replacing the in-place pieces with cheaper internal pieces and varied price external pieces to allow this team to compete in the long-term. The Mayberry trade, so far, and the way he has handled arbitration has me feeling sanguine about the front office team that he (Amaro) has assembled -- Proefrock, if I am not mistaken, is sort of the Joe Banner-type money and numbers guy.

Not to be overly rational here, but they could sign Adam Dunn to play 1B and use the savings to sign Ben Sheets, while trading Howard to the Bosox for whatever they'd give up -- hopefully two pitching prospects plus that 1B prospect they have.

Yeah, I know, nobody agrees. But it still wouldn't be a bad idea. Howard's value drops by the day, and -- not to be a pain in the ass about this -- he ain't all that great.

"two pitching prospects plus that 1B prospect"

Alby - If you were Boston, would you really make that trade? Why not just sign Dunn yourself, keep your pitchers and wait for your kid to mature?

Boston won't trade young pitching for Ryan Howard...Epstein isn't stupid enough for that. At least he won't give up any of their top shelf young pitching.

Alby: What are chances of Dunn having a better season than Howard next year? In the 3 years that Howard has been an everyday player, he's beaten Dunn in OPS+ every time. They are both the same age and both are donkeys in the field.

Trading Howard this spring would be foolish. You have a chance to win again this year (especially the NL East where even 89-90 wins likely remains the number that guarantees a division title) and you have to take advantage of that.

Things I am most amazed by - that the Phils are already going to spend over $26M this year alone on the bullpen.

This is a complete sea change from when Gillick came to town in 2006 and insisted that the Phils could have 2 (maybe 3) legit arms in the pen and fill out the remainder with Value Village typs/minor league arms and still have a good bullpen.

We do really have a pricey bullpen. I hope no one regresses.

It is a wonderful feeling to go into a season and not count on a Tom Gordon to have a good pen though.

If the Phils' payroll is going to be north of $130M on opening day, no one can call the FO cheap this offseason. Even revenues if increased, this is a substantial and meaningful increase in payroll that allowed Amaro to keep their championship team almost entirely intact.

Now you can make arguments that Amaro overpaid for Ibanez and Moyer or maybe made a foolish signing with Park but can't say the Phils didn't go out and spend some money this offseason or not increase the payroll.

BTY - I still can't believe the Phils owe $3M to the ChiSox for Thome's salary. Even if you look at what the players the Phils got in return, the ridiculous amount of money the Phils had to pay ($22 M) over half of the remaining contract/buyout to the ChiSox.

I think Park could be the darkhorse signing of the year...

On Thome: Just think, if we lose arbitration, we're essentially paying $21 million for 1B this best we're paying $17 million. At the time, we mostly thought it was a good year...Howard won an MVP, Rowand was an all-star GG winner, and Gonzalez was a top prospect. A couple years later...not so much.

We're looking at about a $30 million increase in payroll...that's probably about what the Phillies made in the playoffs not counting merchandize and increased revenue this year. Rube and the FO have definitely invested significantly in keeping the core together and replacing free agents. And hopefully, they'll keep this level next year when they have to replace Myers.

Off the books in 2010
Myers - $12 million
Eaton - $8 million
Jenkins - $7 million

So we should have $27 million or so to play with minus arbitration increases. Still, we should have plenty of cash to replace Myers, potentially Moyer (I have a BAD feeling about him in 09), and Feliz. Hopefully our internal options take care of Feliz and Moyer and we nab a big name pitcher.

Phils' didn't make the big splashy bullpen acquisitions like the Mets did but if you look the Phils did spend a decent chunk of change of a couple of relievers this offseason including Park, Eyre, Madson, and Condrey.

Going to be interesting to see which one performs better and likely will be the deciding factor in who wins the East unless one team's starting staff is plagued by injuries.

We have the better pen than the Mets...especially when it comes to depth. Theoretically Madson could cover for Lidge if he is down for a time. Madson had closer stuff in the 2nd half.

MG: The Thome trade was a bad one when considered by objective measures: i.e. value.

One thing that was interesting this offseason so far is that nearly everybody said that both NY teams would spend big-money and acquire a few notable FAs. Yanks certainly did but Mets have been surprisingly quiet. Even Putz was acquired via trade.

Not that I am complaining or that the Mets really haven't opened up their pocket books to sign a difference maker in LF or in the starting rotation.

Love the rivalry right now between the Mets-Phils because both teams are good/very good and filled with very interesting players yet both have several question marks going into next season and unlikely to win more than 90 games.

Thome signing in 2003 though really did jump start though the wider interest again in the Phils after their nadir in the late 1990s and helped to get CBP built. Guess the Phils' FO considered that $22M as part of investment costs of renewing wider interest in the Phils' again because this town was generally all Eagles, all the time during the early part of this decade.

They had already broken ground on CBP well before Thome was signed.

Still, Thome coming to Philly legitimized the Phillies as a top franchise again...and we can thank David Bell for signing to help get Thome to come here.

MG, NEPP: Totally agree on the Thome signing. Bad trade, though.

Cut the crap with trading Ryan Howard to the Red Sox. Lars Anderson (1b) immediately cancels that out (offensive minor league p.o.y. for the sox). He'll only be 22 this upcoming season and should be placed in AAA to start the season and make the Sox use Ortiz strictly as a DH from 2010 till his contract expires in 2011(or club option for 2012).

The only move I have even slightly disagreed on so far from Amaro was the Ibanez signing. I'm happy we have him don't get me wrong, but it's the heavy lefty lineup and age that worries me. What evens the deal out for me is Jaime Moyer must be glad to see another old friend and team leader on the roster. If I remember correctly I believe a Mariners teamate said Ibanez was holding that team together the entire season. Between Moyer and Ibanez I hope our younger prospects can play with these two classy and wise players to truly learn how baseball needs to be played.

Gillick handed over an easier roster to Amaro than Wade-Gillick so I expect Amaro to make these moves with ease (asides from Howards arbitration).

Also, despite the fact I do not post much I wouldn't mind trying to gauge some interest on an official Beer Leaguer game for which we all can try to attend.

What do you say Weitzel?

"The Thome trade was a bad one when considered by objective measures: i.e. value"

Clout: Bull. Thome was injured when traded -- or, rather, had not yet proved he was no longer injured. The fact that he came back to nearly his previous level makes the trade look bad now, but there was no guarantee that he would come back to the level at which he's playing now. Any other contention is revisionist history.

For those who think the Bosox wouldn't trade for Howard, get real. They're not in a situation where they can live through the growing pains of bringing up that kid and letting him struggle. There are two better offenses than theirs in the AL East. I think they'd leap at the chance to land an established power hitter, rather than hand the position to an unproven rookie.

As I've said elsewhere, I don't think the Phillies FO would do this -- they're wussies and would never take the chance. I, on the other hand, can just throw these things out there without losing my job over it. If I was putting together a Strat-o-Matic team, I'd give it a whirl.

"Also, despite the fact I do not post much I wouldn't mind trying to gauge some interest on an official Beer Leaguer game for which we all can try to attend."

Oh we could wear name tags!

I liked the suggestion last summer of Howard for Kershaw, Kemp and Loney. And then of course, Kemp or Vic + prospect X for Holliday.

Hey, I'd make the trade to the Bosox for next to nothing if the savings were there on signing Dunn.

Yes, I realize he is not Howard's equal in ability -- but he also seems to be a lot cheaper. If you can sign him for half what you'd pay Howard, he's better than half the player Howard is. Granted, he's been declining for a while -- but he's also been playing for lousy teams.

As I have said repeatedly, Howard's trade value is declining as we speak. He'll be worth less next year than he is now, and even less than that in his walk year. Ship his lame-fielding ass out now, while we might still get something for him.

Of course, that assumes he'd fetch anything in a trade at this point -- something I'm far from sure of.

I should say, I liked it at the time, without the foreknowledge of a WFCship

I agree with Alby re: Thome, Bosox (not advocating it, necessarily)*

*need a BL break from Lost. I thought I was confused before...

Alby: The issue wasn't WHY the Phils traded Thome. The issue was whether it was a good trade in the only rational way to gauge a trade and that's by value. Who got the better value in that trade?

Phillies payroll currently stands at $111 million. This includes $1m buyout for Gordon and .125m buyout for Taguchi. Phillies are done paying Thome's contract. They would have been on the hook for Thome's $3m buyout had White Sox exercised the buyout. Instead, White Sox picked up the option. Phillies owe $0 to Chicago. Payroll will rise to $125m or $129m based on Howard's arb case.

Maybe we could trade Ryan Howard for Pat Burrell. That might be a tough decision for Tampa Bay though. But it would give the Phillies a RH bat to protect Utley in the lineup. His OBP would make up for the 20 or so HRs a year that Howard hits. And Burrells avg w RISP would go up batting 4th instead of 5th... and then...

cem: "Phillies are done paying Thome's contract. They would have been on the hook for Thome's $3m buyout had White Sox exercised the buyout. Instead, White Sox picked up the option. Phillies owe $0 to Chicago."

That is contradicted by, which says the Phillies owe the $3M regardless of whether the Sox pick up his option. Do you have a source?

Clout at the moment of the Thome trade the Phillies easily won. Opens up a spot for Howard and receive Rowand + G. Gonzalez. Too bad Gillick felt the need to acquire Freddy Garcia's broken down arm. At the time a great trade. Now? I say it's leaning towards the Chi Sox.

And screw name tags Alby...we're beerleaguers, not flight stewardess'. I could recognize most of you by beerleaguer nickname alone. Like I said I don't post a lot, but read a lot of the comments made on this site.

Also, I only see Dunn signing a one or two year contract with options at best right now. He will wait for the economy to improve to sign a longer term contract. The entire worlds free agents regardless of what sport will be relying more on their/our government to turn the economy around vs. their agents scoring mega-deals.

Your normal astute analysis escapes you in the Thome case. Unlike the Abreu situation, the Phils had to trade Thome -- in this case to make room for Howard. Neither could play any other position in the NL.

Once the correct decision was made to move Thome, his no trade clause precluded a move anywhere besides the two Chicago teams. That was basically acknowledged by Thome and Gillick. Given Thome was hurt and given that there were only two teams he would waive his NTC to, the value the Phils got back from him was likely the best Gillick could do -- even as painful as the subsidy continues to be.

Your beef is with Wade for granting a No Trade Clause or with Howard for being so good as to force moving Thome, but not with the unequal value Gillick was able to squeeze out of a severely constrained situation.

"The issue wasn't WHY the Phils traded Thome. The issue was whether it was a good trade in the only rational way to gauge a trade and that's by value. Who got the better value in that trade?"

You're as wrong as you could possibly be. Thome's arm injury meant he could not play the field, and he there was no guarantee he would even be able to DH given his performance the year before the trade. The trade had EVERYTHING to do with that situation, even if Howard hadn't been waiting in the wings, which is why their return on Thome was so low -- they had to sell at his lowest market valuation. To ignore those realities is revisionist history, at best. You and I agree about most things, but you're being obtuse on this one.

The Thome trade was a bitter pill, but it was a product of circumstance as discussed. But now that Howard is so unaffordable, maybe we could trade him for Thome . . . AND some dudes.

"For those who think the Bosox wouldn't trade for Howard, get real. They're not in a situation where they can live through the growing pains of bringing up that kid and letting him struggle. There are two better offenses than theirs in the AL East. I think they'd leap at the chance to land an established power hitter, rather than hand the position to an unproven rookie."
Posted by: Alby | Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 09:37 PM

That's why there are these great things in baseball called roster expansions that happen September 1st. Anderson (also a lefty) has great power and drives the ball to both sides of the field. While his strikeout rate may seem a bit to high I am 100% positive they will see what he can do for a cheaper drafted prospect rather than trade for 1b/dh who will be commanding a large sum of dough on the fa market the following season(as would any club). They will give Lars Anderson a chance to prove himself before paying the grande dinero.

To bad Howard isn't more like Fielder's. Milwaukee's situation makes me jealous.

Jimmy Jam: Is that sarcasm?

Fielder and the Brewers are headed to their first arbitration hearing with figures of $6M and $8M. Not that far off Howard's first arbitration hearing of $7M and $10M.

No it's not. Fielder knows what Howard's first arbitration submission is/was and yet he still posted below the 10m mark (even 9m is reasonable). As an arbitrator I would vote in favor of Fielder at 10-9 now that Howard has and succeeded. Wouldn't you? How many players perform according to Howard's and Fielder's success. Maybe five?

On the Beerleaguer outing, make it a game against the mets & make nametags mandatory. The rest of the fans & the announcers will wonder why the biggest fights are between phils fans. Also Bruntlett or Felez bobblehead night would be a plus.

Is this something to be concerned about:

Look at #1 #2 and #11.

anybody else bugged by that ugly bulge on cholly's vaunted gut? looks like an umbilical hernia to me. why in god's name he doesn't have it repaired is beyond me.

Alby's posts in this thread are among the funniest i've ever read on this site.

Len39, nice, if disturbing, post.

If 'roto' and you are aware of that statistic, then I am sure the Phillies' FO is aware as well.

That is probably one of the reasons Chan Ho Park was signed, and Happ and Kendrick are being kept around - insurance.

Teams, quite simply, cannot have enough starting pitching depth.

You can argue that the lack of it cost the Yankees the playoffs last season, and the "surplus" the Phillies had (Happ stashed in AAA - they won all sour of his starts), was a big reason the Phils won the division again.

Len, keep us posted on the follow-up to that article. I's be interested to see the results of his anaysis.

Phil Sheridan has one of the most vacuously innane column he's ever written on the website.

How does sillyness like that make it past editors?

And they wonder why circulation is dropping?

According to Cots we DO NOT owe Thome any money this year...

According to, we owe $3 Million.

Unless the FO comes out with a statement, we will not know for sure if we owe him any money...perhaps someone should ask.


Your friend forgot to stroke a check to the IRS for $6mm plus. He better stay on that island for a while.

This is funny:

"The rest of the fans & the announcers will wonder why the biggest fights are between phils fans."

Kinda makes me think we should do it. It's a shame they don't have "Bat Day" any more. (Of course, then clout might not show up.)

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