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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Good moment.

After the 3rd or 4th pitch to Myers, I absolutely knew he was gonna walk against was a great feeling and the best PA of the playoffs.

As a Negadelphia Native, the reason I come to Beerleaguer and not to other Phillies' blogs is, partly, the negativity. Too many team-centric blogs read like the transcipts of pep rallies, unwilling to turn a critical eye on the hometown heroes. I appreciate that Beerleaguer has no sacred cows. I prefer hamburger.

on the night of october 17th, shortly after midnight, i tore the labrum in my right shoulder breaking down a pallet at work.

this meant that instead of having to go to work at 10pm every night during the rest of the playoffs, i got to watch every game at the local tap...and go to a parade on halloween.

it was worth it. and, in a plus for beerleaguer, i turned my physical therapist on to the site, and now him and his son are readers.

Apparently Andrew Jones will be released today. what a terrible signing.

He probably will end up back with the braves.

He really needs to be in the Al though, so someone can DH for him.


That was the moment I was thinking of too. I was at that game & I've never seen such enthusiasm for a plate appearance & euphoria over each ball and fouled off pitch. Everyone in the stands could just sense that something good was going to happen. We started to chant out the number of pitches thrown after each pitch. It was very fun to be a part of.

You guys gotta start a movement to change The Mutts Stadium from Citi Field to either (1)Bailout Park, (2)Taxpayer Field, or (3)Shitty Field. Where is the outrage that the US taxpayer is bailing out Citi who is then using that cash to committ to almost half a billion $'s to The Mets?

My favorite I called it moment came from the August 26 8-7 13 inning game against the Mets. I had a standing room ticket and spent my time wearily behind home plate as the Mets jumped to the 7-0 lead. In the bottom of the fifth trailing 7-1, I jokingly told my friend that Condrey would double and start the rally. Little did I know that my prediction would come right and the Phillies would score 4 runs that inning.

On other thing I called was that before the game had told my buddy that Moyer would allow 3 over 6 and that Pedro would give up five over five. Calling Pedro's outing and Moyer's reversed caused a great laugh after the game.

Late in the season I was at a buddies house watching with him and his kids when I called a crucial Pat Burrell homerun. The pitcher was someone I considered very lame and he fell behind the bat something like 2-0. It was clear as day what would happen next. I said this is the pitch that he takes out and boom it was way out. Unfortunately, I cant even remember who the opposing team was so I don't know who the pitcher was. Everybody in the room looked at me like I was Nostradomus, but sometimes you just know. The situation was crucial. He had to come in with something and we all know what The Bat can do with a predictable fat pitch. I wish I could say that I predicted everything that followed, but that would be a lie.

From PhillyNotes:

"Although the Phillies have kept tabs on free agent lefthander Eric Milton and free agent righthander Chad Cordero, neither appears to be a viable option at this point. Milton, who pitched for the Phillies in 2004, is recovering from elbow surgery. Cordero, who underwent shoulder surgery last year after saving 113 games for the Nationals from 2005-07, recently held a workout in California but isn't expected to be ready to play before the end of Phillies reliever J.C. Romero's 50-game suspension."

Eric Milton?!? Come on Rube!!! This is a good indication of what the FO has been up too for anyone who even thinks Sheets would ever be a possibility.

---I was instructed to meet my wife in the parking lot of her place of employment at 7 p.m., then we’d go to the party together. I’d miss everything.---

No wife would dictate that I would have to go to some 'event' and miss an important Phillies contest. There comes a time when you have to take charge and be a man. A real, real man. It's a good thing I read this board. Someone had to say this.

~guessing Jimmie J is single...or divorced~

The highlight of the season for me was July 22. I was in New York to take in a game at Yankee Stadium before it's end. Meanwhile, across town the Phils were taking on the Mets. I watched the scoreboard in frustration as the Phils dug themselves into a 5-1 hole. My brother, my dad, and I got on the subway expecting an inevitable loss. Then some sort of subterranean miracle took place. We emerged from the depths and my cell phone vibrated with voicemails from fellow Phanatics. The Phils decimated the bullpen putting up 6 runs in the bottom of the ninth. Santana's strong outing was negated; the game was a microcosm of why the Fightin's won the division. I donned my Phillies gear with pomp and pride as we made our way through Times Square and into Penn Station. Long live 2008.

Off the top of my head, I had two big moments, neither of which were I told you so and both of which highlight my cynicism.

i was in attendance for the Giants game at CBP in May where Rowand hit a HR in the top of the 10th, and Burrell answered, off a full count on AS Brian Wilson, in the bottom half with Utley on first. My emotional movement from despair, to shock, to celebration had me sleeping well that evening.

I was driving across the country with my dad during the Aug 26th game against the Mets. We had a laptop with a wireless card so listened to the game on the radio for awhile. The Phils went down early, which was bumming me out. I asked my dad if he had any interest in switching to another game for awhile, and he chastised me for giving up. Someone made a comment about how Pedro was due to give up a few runs eventually - a 5 run inning or something. Sure enough, the Phils slowly came back. By the time we arrived to our destination, Werth was scoring from first on a double by Eric Bruntlett (shocking). Vic tripled to RF to lead of the 13th. The Mets walked Werth and Bruntlett. Myers strikeout looking (I hadn't remembered that part). Coste stepped to the plate, having entered the game somewhere late. He was 3-3 at that point, and hit a solid FB to where no one was standing in CF.

At the beginning of the season, my boss insisted he could only tolerate me rooting for one team - Boston or Philly. I picked Philly. I told him that we would get in the PlayOffs and after defeating the Brewers, I felt that destiny had arrived.
Now, I turn my attention to the boys in green. Let's hear it!

August 15th against the Padres-
I love to watch Jamie Moyer pitch & stayed up to watch a West Coast game with Moyer vs.Maddux - expecting a great pitchers game.
and it sure was.One to zip for the Phils.Pitching lines below.

Philadelphia IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Moyer (W, 11-7) 7.0 3 0 0 2 2 0 3.64
Madson (H, 10) 0.2 1 0 0 0 0 0 3.16
Romero (H, 18) 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.27
Lidge (S, 29) 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2.15
Maddux (L, 6-9) 7.0 5 1 1 0 4 1 3.99
Hampson 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3.44
Adams 0.1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2.18
Ledezma 0.2 0 0 0 0 2 0 4.47
Hensley 1.0 0 0 0 1 3 0 4.19

That Maddux/Moyer game was great.

Nepp-Another reason to love that particular game is that Pat Burrell broke a scoreless tie in the seventh with a solo home run.

At least Rube brought one of my favorites back in '09.

The only regular-season game I attended was the Sunday matinee of the Brewers twin-bill that put the Phils in a wild-card tie and Ned Yost on the sidewalk. Late in the game, Phils had the go-ahead run on 2nd and Yost kept a right-hander in to face Burrell. He laces a single b/w short and third for the winning run. That was the moment I realized something special was happening.

re: the Phillis and arbitration..

"That team," one AL executive said, "is about to walk through a mine field."

That's why anyone who expected the Phillies to bring in big name free agents this off-season is dillusional and/or unreasonable.

For my 30th birthday I went to see the Phils play the Brewers in the second game of that crucial September series. I thought I was just going with my wife and parents, but upon showing up I was surprised to find 20 friends waiting for me in a party suite. Hamels was dealing, Rollins and Howard had big games, the Phils won, the Mets lost, and the rest is history. Best birthday ever. There's no "I called it" moment there, but it is definitely my favorite memory of the season.

There's another Phillies blog?

I'll go a little off route for an "i called it" game - it was when the Phils were hosting the Blue Jays and i was a part of a good 15 person group who came to tailgate for the game, it was a saturday game so we had plenty(too much) time to booze in the parking lot and i remember saying that worthless Rod Barajas would come back and beat the Phils... low and behold Rod bombs a grandslam in the beginning and another homerun late to seal the win. I saw it with my own eyes and i still had to check the boxscore like 3 times to make sure it actually happened.

Now that they're WFCs its much easier to talk about the 'humorous' losses earlier in the year.

July 22. My girlfriend has gotten me sick tickets for my birthday for Phils-Mets at Shea. Four seats. First row just past first base dugout. A new first row they've added three rows in front of the old first row.
Dull game, then 8th inning. Santana cruising, two outs, two strikes on Burrell. Only question at this point is if Santana will come out for the ninth. He's at 100 pitches. On 101st pitch, Pat pops one foul toward first. I think it's about l0 rows behind us and I start spinning around. Suddenly, the ball is coming right at me and Carlos Delgado has fallen into the stands on top of us. He knocks over some kid's helmet-cup sundae, misses the ball by a foot and we sort of push him back on to the field. He trots back to first and we can see chocolate ice cream on the butt of his uniform. Pat gets new life and doubles to left. Santana finishes the 8th but gets pulled after 105 pitches. As we know, Phils score six in ninth off four Mets relievers for unbelievable comeback. Plus as he heads off the field after bottom of the 8th, Ryan Howard flips me the ball. My buddy calls it one of l0 greatest nights of his life. I agree. It is one of the l0 greatest nights of his life.

~guessing Jimmie J is single...or divorced~

Nah, I just have total control of my domain. TOTAL control.

jimmie j: Haha nice, i'm with you on that. I will say this tho.. you have to pick your battles. You can only tell the girl how "big of game" it is so many times in one season. Its miracle I still had excuses left by time of the World Series.

i know its frowned upon, but gotta mention the Eagles... Figures they make a title run 3 months after i just burned through all of my "forgive me" lines for the Phils!

Jason, I want to applaud you for trying to be positive. I've tried to remain positive too this offseason, but have fallen guilty to the dark side of negativity. It's not that everything is hunky-dory for all-time, but we did win the World Series and it's ok to enjoy it the entire offseason and even through all of next season if the Phils remain in contention. Despite what we all might think of the job Amaro has done this offseason, this team still remains poised for another run at the NL East, and once you get into the playoffs anything is possible. Stay positive brother!

I actually have three "I called it" moments this year...

1. The Myers walk against Sabathia. Being in the park at thet time helped - lots of energy.
2. Jenkins double in Game 5, Part 2 to start things off towards the WFC. Again, being in the park inspired this prediction.
3. Aug 24 game against the Dodgers (game three of the CBP series). Arriving at the park, I mentioned that EVERY game I'd attended at CBP so far went into extra-innings with an eventual Phils win. Sure enough, it happened again. (Incidentally, that game was the first time I saw Blanton pitch as a Phillie, and his performance impressed. Also, that game was won on a Feliz 3 run homer.)

Jason, if you didn't see the Helvetica documentary yet, you're missing out! Your blog is too nicely designed for me to believe you don't care about typeface.

I called a lot of Ryan Howard strikeouts this year. Wait, stay positive...

Strange to say, the Brett Myers walk was the highlight of the season for me. I felt EXACTLY like NEPP did- after about 2 pitches, I said to myself- my god! he's going to get a walk! I do believe "the Walk" represents the apex of my entire career as a Phillies Phan.

In the annals of sports, along with immortal moments like "the miracle in the meadowlands" and "the shot heard round the world", there are named truly supreme moments- "the Catch", "the Play", and now, at least for me, there is "the Walk".

My favorite called moment was Aug. 24 vs. the Dodgers. I had taken my son for a college visit to VA Tech that day and we were in a hotel overnight. After dinner we switched on the Sunday night game. Feliz comes in as a pinchhitter to tie the game with 2 outs in the 9th and hits a 3 run walkoff in the 11th. Just as he came up I said to my son -- watch, Feliz is going to be the hero.

Not only have I seen "Helvetica," we own "Helvetica." Our typography-to-baseball DVD collection ratio is about even.


First of all, this is simply the best blog on the Fightins. No other source covers the team as good.
As far as a call it moment, watching the final game of the series, didn't everyone know that Pat the Bat was gonna deliver a big shot. He was more than due. Of course he launched the majestic double that would have been a triple if he was running, but we're trying to be positive here.
Keep up the great work.

Like chaz, I doubt my "called it" moments are all that positive.

I remember calling things like: Bruntlett substitutions, line-ups with Utley and Howard, pop-ups to second by Feliz with runners in scoring postion.

I do remember saying, after game three in LA, that the Phils were legitimate WS competitors.

My daughter Helen, however, gets the family award for "called it" moments. Right before Blanton's HR (when I said something like (explaining), "He'll probably make out, cause he's the pitcher."), she turned to me and asked, "What would you do if he hit a home run?" She found out.

Andy- Sounds like the home version of the much revered "BeerLeaguer Reverse Jinx".
Teach 'em while they're young.

JW's post was the equivalent of Jack Black coming into the music shop in High Fidelity and putting in Katrina and the Waves "Walking on Sunshine" and throwing the Belle and Sebastian "sad bastard music" to the floor. Bravo JW, bravo!

Jimmie J. - this isn't the 50s. Good luck with that whole "man of the house" complex. Usually leads to miserable wives and their husbands being oblivious to it.

Do you let her drive? Work? Or are you too controlling for that too? Being a man is a lot more than telling your wife what to do and not giving in to her.

breaking phils almost

Pablo Ozuna signed to a minor league deal..with an invite to camp.

Ah! Pablo Ozuna, one of the first Age-Gate culprits. Considered a super prospect, signed at age 16 out of the Dominican, made his big league debut at age 21 in 2000 and then...Ooops! He'd lied about his age. By 4 years!

Turned out he was not a prospect at all, just an old guy playing much younger competition. Fringe player at best.

Its always funny when guys like that come home and find their "submissive, little woman" wife getting tagteamed by the neighbor, best friend, random repair guy, brother, etc. Woman dont allow themselves to get treated like that.

Is there a limit on how many no hit middle infielders we can sign?

I know I had many "called it" moments (not all positve), but like a lot of old people, I have poor short-term memory. So i'm putting this year's in writing.
1. Mets win 93 games & NL east.
2. Phils win 90 games & wild card on last day.
3. Due to late-season pitching injuries, phils are forced to carry sept. call-up Adam Eaton on post-season roster.
4. Phils make it to WS against the yanks, who have won 106 games.
5. Game 7 at CBP(no dh) is an epic slugfest & tactical nightmare, causing cholly to use up the bullpen, the bench, and the rest of the SP to reach a 9 inning tie.
6. Enter Adam Eaton, the last man left, who throws 5 shutout innings & homers in the 14th off of CC, who is on in relief !
8. Beerleaguer goes into meltdown debating whether or not to resign Eaton.

"tagteamed by the ..."?


I attended the said game that JW described in his opening post. Going into the weekend series, I had not seen a Phillies win in person, 0 - 7. It was raining and traffic coming into the stadium complex was a mess. My father and I hustled into CBP and sat down just as Howard hit that three run home run into the Phillies bullpen. It was at that moment that I knew that I was finally about to see the Phillies win a big ballgame. Little did I know, I would also have the opportunity to see the Phillies take Game 1 of the NLCS and Game 4 of the World Series, both in person. I guess its really not about how you start, but rather how you finish.

Why I didn't call too many specific moments, it is amazing how many times the last two seasons that the kinds of daydreams the kid in you has (Hey, we sweep the Brewers we're right back in it-Or-Hey, the Mets could easily lose 8 of the next 11 games and we're in first) have come true.

Love reading this site and figure this is as good a time as any to jump in. Game four of the NLCS, Stairs announced to pinch hit. I'm on the phone with my brother, and I said "If Stairs squares up 97 here, it will go a long way." Five pitches later, bang, and the Dodgers were done. It's also the only thing I called correctly about the entire season.

I guess this contradicts the point of being positive, but I called about 9/10 of Howard's strikeouts before they happened.

Other than that, I can't say I was exactly Nostradamus back in March. My pre-season predictions were about as difficult to read back through as a seventh-grade journal. (I'll tell you, I think I'm finally done with picking the Braves to win the division.) I think the only great moment I saw coming was Zimmerman grounding into that DP in the division-clinching game. I had my camera rolling - I was ready for it. I wasn't about to film a crushing base hit.

I was at the first Met's Phil's sunday game at CBP and I brought my girlfriend. I was ripping on Pedro Feliz and she turns to me and says he is going to hit a homerun on the next pitch. So I loudly announce that if he does I will never say a bad word about him again. Guess what happened, now Feliz is her favorite player.

One that comes to mind - betting that the Phils would swing the bats really well on Memorial Day against the Rockies and at least equal their run total from the day before. Scored 15 against Houston and went on to score 20 runs that night against the Rockies (most since a game in 1999).

I've never posted before, though I am a long time reader. I have to post this because I'm too proud of it not to. I was at the August 26th 8-7 win over the Mets with a buddy of mine. Normally, I'm quick to turn cynical in matters Phillies related. But for whatever reason, when we got down 7-0, I felt all right. My friend wanted to leave, but I turned to him and said "We're staying and we're winning this game. I guarantee it." So yeah...that's my moment. What a wonderful, wonderful season.

Scene: WS Game 4. Upper Deck Right Field.
"Joey's going deep."

Two minutes later I'm covered with beer having been mobbed by everyone in my row.

Life cannot get any better...

I had some ridiculous calls in the post-season....

These two were called on the very pitch:
Howard's WS "opposite field" bomb.
Blanton's WS HR.

Several of Madson's Ks.
One of Feliz's RBI base hits.

And it's not like I was calling stuff out all the time. I made very few in-game calls, but they all panned out! It was unreal.
Just an unreal season really!

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Hey everyone. Longtime reader, first time poster. I love Beerleaguer and come here multiple times a day during the season.

I was at The Comeback Game on Aug. 26th against the Mets. A buddy of mine hooked my wife and I up with seats about 15 rows back behind third base.

Sitting behind us were a group of people about our age (30-ish) who were easily the best hecklers I have ever witnessed in my life. Some of the comments:

1) "Don't have a stroke on the way back to the Turnpike!" -- to an elderly Mets fan.

2) "You must have been hot 75 years ago, toots!" -- to his wife.

3) "Instead of a beer, could I please have a baked Alaska?" -- to the beer salesman.

Anyways, when we got down, a bunch of greaseball Mets fans in our section were gloating. The little crew we formed just unleashed on the guy. After things settled down, I said to one Mutts fan in particular something like: "We're winning this game. And you look like Scott Ian from Anthrax."

The Comeback promptly began the next half inning. The stadium was just absolutely electric during The Comeback.

Anyways, as the game wore on, my wife started getting crankier and crankier. She's a schoolteacher and has to get up at 5:45 AM for work. It was pushing midnight. Our ride didn't want to go but at the top of the 13th, I told him that we had to go if it went to the 14th.

Low and behold, Coste hits the game winner. It was easily the best game I've ever been to in person.

Anyways, I'm a freelance writer. My main job is writing for Madison Square Garden's website. I wrote an article about the game, which was mostly about my wife and I having a bit of a skirmish when she wanted to go home. I really like how the piece turned out. I'd appreciate it if anyone wanted to read it.



Late to this thread, but for me it must be the 7-5 win over LA in the NLDS. I have no idea why, but from about 24 hours before the game, I knew the score would be 7-5 in the phillies favor. I am both a diehard skeptic (religious, pseudoscientific, etc) and a complete nervous wreck when watching games, but during that ostensibly nervewracking game, i was unusually calm since i knew the final score would be 7-5. even after shane tied it, there was no question in my mind that 2 more runs were coming. I have never before made such a prediction, and was astonished to find myself so right.

Games 5(i think) of the NLCS, Father on the phone watching at home outside of Philadelphia, me on the other end of the phone, watching in my living room in chicago. Howard steps up to the plate. "Howard's going to hit a home run". 2 seconds later. Swing, crack, home run.

Yet, even with that, Stairs homerun will still probably be my favorite baseball moment of all time.

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