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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ummmmm, JW, you're showing your age.

There was pretty balanced pitching on some of the teams during the "dynasty" years in the late '70s - early '80s.

Besides, all due respect to Cole Hamels, this Phillies team doesn't have anyone close to as good as Carlton - not yet, at least.

Hamel signing for 3 years 20 million is a nice deal for the Phillies. Then they still have an arbitration year to work with after that.

Yea I agree. Great deal by Amaro getting that done. Are you kidding me? Cole for less than Moyer. Can we say deal of the century.

Where are all the Amaro haters now?

Hamels in the house for 3 years is EXCELLENT! I have their payroll for '09 at about 83 mil incl. Majewski's deal with 11 players to sign, including Kendrick and Coste. I believe it's gonna top out around 135, and that without bringing anyone else. That being said, while I'm happy with Hanels and Dobbs back, I can't see how the club has improved except for Paulino over Coste.

With the Phils it's always about money as we all know, but I think without the pieces Amaro failed to brung in (RH bat, reliever and starter), it could be a tough year.

I said yesterday that if they can't re-sign Madson, it might be time to move him. Same with Howard after '09. The 3 guys I'd try to lock up: Werth, Vic, and Myers. Amaro should not have trouble doing that.

"Amaro failed to brung in (RH bat, reliever and starter"

Last time I checked Spring training is still a month away along with over 100 Free Agents left. Patience is a virtue.

Hamels wasn't going anywhere the next 3 years regardless. Still, it was nice to see the Phils lock him up and avoid a messy potential arbitration hearing. Hamels was also smart to take the sure-money and $20M+ is pretty hard to walk away from considering his health status/injury history.

If the Phils can settle the rest of their arbitration-eligible hearings in a quiet manner (including Howard and Vic), then Amaro needs to get some well-deserved credit.

The only player who likely gets resigned to a multi-yearl deal at this point is Werth. I wonder if the Phils are able to get a decent price on him for a 3-year deal.

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