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Monday, January 19, 2009


Losing sucks.

Unfortunately that last drive will define Donovan's career. I have backed him for years, but he just isn't the guy to win you the game on the last drive.

Burrell will be held in higher regard in Philly than Donovan will. Hard to believe.

I also found that the Phillies win made the Eagles loss easier to take.

Mikes: I apologize for confusing you with another poster, mvptommy. I still disagree with you about Ibanez -- I think he's Burrell's equal, not his superior -- but I was in fact attributing some of his arguments to you. The memory is indeed slipping.

The Eagles serve as a prime example of "expectations" not always being fulfilled, of the better team not always winning, and of the need for true "difference makers" on any sports team.

They lost yesterday, IMO, because they lack a real stud in the WR corps - no one to get open when absolutely necessary....when it had to be done.

Contrast that with the Phillies:


are either the very best at their position or among the very best.

Then there are players who are emerging, or at least last season were among the best at their position or role:

Romero (LOOGY)

How many times on the way to the WFC did these players step up and "make a play" either offensively or defensively that decided games?

JRoll starts the game ending DP in the division clinching game.
Utley's deak and throw home in the WS to nail the runner.
Vic's throw from center in Atlanta to nail the runner and preserve Lidge's perfect record.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The Phillies big guns stepped up at the critical times.

BUT, the fact is they had the individual talent to step up.

Would anyone here argue that JRoll, Howard, Utley or Hamels played over their heads last season?

I think the receivers are ok. Would I love to have a Fitzgerald on the Eagles? Of course, but they have playmakers at WR.

The bigger question IMHO is at RB. I love Westbrook like everyone else but he's constantly hurt. You need another RB to share the load with him at this point in his career. Except for 1 play #36 was terrible this postseason.

I think I go RB and Offensive tackle with the 1st two picks in this years draft.

Alby, I appreciate you acknowledging your mistake. Thank you.

Thank god for the Phillies this year or my apartment would have been under serious repairs resulting from that Eagles game.

Its a shame that all those so-called eagle fans that are happier when McNabb loses than they are when the Eagles win seem to get the last laugh every year. The man throws 3 second half TDs en route for an incredible comeback only to have the lead given back to AZ and then his final drive fails on a dropped pass.

Too bad the Eagles lost. On the bright side, maybe this will cause enough pain to Andy Reid for him to quit.

Sometimes you have to credit the opponent. The Cards picked up the blitz and Warner killed them in the first half. Few offenses have confused the Eagles' defense in such a way. Warner's easy to root for though. Cool under fire and accurate. And Fitzgerald is a beast.

After watching the post-mortem on CSN, I popped in the World Series DVD for therapy. It did the trick.

ozark, i did the same thing!

On the Cards:

- Their game plan in the 1st half was brilliant and executed nearly flawlessly. They saw the problems that the Eagles had caused the Vikings with the blitz (particularly up the middle and overloading one side) and called a number of plays to it counter it including at least 5 screens and a bunch of delays, draws, and counters. Cards only ran the ball 2 I think in a more conventional running play out of the I or a split back up the middle.

Warner also did a get job of checking down at the line and audibling several times or going with a hot read in the slot/safety back out of the backfield.

Kudos also to the largely unheralded Arizona O-line. With the exceptions of the couple of plays where Gandy struggled with Cole, the Arizona O-line dominated the Eagles' front 7 for most of the day including the overrated Bradley at MLB and Gocong at weakside (arguably the worst starter on D).

Didn't help either that Samuel got outmuscled and generally was in a poor position to make plays on Fitzgerald either.

It wasn't just the Phillies stars who stepped up in the playoff drive and playoffs. Even role players had their moments. If anything, it shows how magical 2008 was, how many little things had to go right for the Phillies to get in position for their Sherman's March through the playoffs.

In the end, while I think the Eagles were outcoached, this shows how tough it is to win three in a row on the road against playoff teams.

Someone pointed out something to me last night: Michael Nutter must be secretly thrilled. If the Eagles earned a parade, how could the city pay for it?

Devil's advocate question:

Lets say the Phils don't make the playoffs again with this current core and last year's championship was their high-water mark.

Do you think the Phils or the Eagles had a stronger decade (1999-2009):

Phils: 2 playoff appearances, 1 division title, 1 World F'ckin Championship

Eagles: 7 playoff appearances, 5 division titles, 5 NFC Championship appearances, 1 Super Bowl Appearance.

I would have to say Eagles but man it is a tough call because that rings the Phils have.

MG: Eagles fans are in the position of Braves fans of their long period of excellence -- all those playoff appearances, only 1 Series title (Eagles fans would be thrilled with 1, but I don't think they want 8 more playoff appearances before they get it).

Toward the end of the Braves' run, they couldn't even fill the stadium for early-round playoff games. That would never happen in Philly, but I think people are getting to the point where anything short of the Super Bowl won't dispel the frustration.

Jason echoes my sentiments on how rare a thing it is. The game was there for the Iggles and they just couldn't quite make it happen. It's a shame, but it does make me treasure the Phils win that much more. Like catching lightning in a bottle. Unless you have a true juggernaut, top to bottom, everything has to break your way in addition to all the hard work, clutch plays, etc.

phaithful, ditto to your comments on McNabb. Sad. I truly hope the man gets that Super Bowl W one day, hopefully as an Eagle.

Also struck me how nice it is to be able to say, "Yeah, this is how Ryan and Chase and Lidge did it when they won it all.", not "Yeah, this is how Jeter made it happen when the Yankees won; now so and so on our team needs to step up and make it happen for the Phils." How neat is that?

Alby - Maybe but I don't think it is an apt comparison. Atlanta is a terrible professional sports town. Maybe the worst one in the US with maybe the exception of Miami. Unless you win big or have a really unique attraction, the fans just don't come out.

i am still dronk. eff that diksuker warner and his ugly jarhead dyke wifê

McNabb missed several wide open receivers with bad throws. Too High, too low, behind...he was all over the place. He was not playing like a QB that deserved to play in a Superbowl and it cost the whole team, and the city. I've been saying it for years, it's time to move on. He doesn't quite have what it takes. Time to find a QB that can.

As for Reid, He can stay. The only thing I hold against him is not realizing that McNabb wasn't going to win them any Superbowls.

The Eagles had an extraordinary run consideribg their 5-5-1 record at one point. They almost pulled it off. While Donovan is not the guy I want handling the 2-minute drill, he's certainly the best QB on the team, so they have to keep him, at least for next season. And they do need a stud receiver, so we'll see what happens there. And Reid needs to look at himself too. They had a good season.

Now the Phils on the other hand, They had a great season of course. One that will provide memories for years. They are/were a team that proved what you can do if you tried/want it bad enough. The only way to top a WS championship is to do it again.

That's why I'm so adament about bringing in what you need because repeating is so hard to do. Once you win, everybody's gunning for you. I say "shoot back".

I read where the Phils are still negotiating with Madson on an extension and it could happen soon. That would be sweet. It would show that they could get along with Boras. It would also be great for the 'pen. Also, where was it written that the Phils are looking at Sheets? A poster made reference to that and I am not finding anything on that.

Pop in the WS DVD and everybody will feel so much better. P-H-I-L-L-I-E-S PHILLIES!

Madson agreed to a 3 year deal for $12 mil
as reported by Jason Stark

Yo, new thread.

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