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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lyon is an excellent groundball pitcher whose numbers got destroyed late last year when his arm wore down.

Would love to see another arm signed. Juan Cruz, however, is a Type A, I believe. What picks do the Phils even have to lose at this point?

From last thread
AWH: "As far as the 3B power debate is concerned, remember....the 2008 Phillies are not the only team to win the WS with substandard offensive production from 3B.
The 2004 Red Sox (Bill Mueller), the '01 Dbacks (Matt Williams), the '98 - '00 Yankees (Brosius), are all examples of teams that didn't have a stud at 3B."

Mueller (2004) 106
Williams (2001) 92
Brosius (1998-00) 84-70-105
Feliz (2008) 81

I wonder what the idiots who say Dobbs shouldn't start vs. RHP because he's such a good pinch hitter will say now that we know Feliz is such a good pinch hitter?

Interesting post at end of last thread by donc comparing Galvis to Larry Bowa. Bo was the weakest slap hitter you'll ever see, but he rarely struck out and for much of his career walked about as much or more often than he struck out.

If Galvis can acquire that skill (he shows potential) and reduce his errors by 3/4s then he could indeed be another Bowa. He's already got the range.

Applause for the triple posting clout, MG has his work cut out tonight.

I only hope the Phillies wouldn't insist on hitting Galvis second, like they did Bowa.

I still see Amaro signing a righthanded bat and another reliever. Coste and Stairs are pretty much gone via trade.

clout and Sophist, my point in referencing 3B on past WS winners is self-evident - even from the stats you posted:

A stud All-Star 3B (Rolen, Lowell, Glaus, etc.) is not required to win a WS.

Would I rather have one?


As an antidote to the keith Law quote posted by jack yesterday, here's Rotoworld take on Kawakami, which jibes with the reports from Japan that I've read: "The 33-year-old right-hander isn't going to blow anyone away with a fastball that tops out around 90 mph, but he has good secondary stuff and projects as a capable mid-rotation starter in a rebuilt group that now includes Derek Lowe and Javier Vazquez to go along with Jair Jurrjens."

ae:The Phillies were putrid offensively at that time. If I'm not mistaken Denny Doyle hit leadoff. Man they were bad. Tony Taylor was my hero but soon eneough Schmidt and Luzinski were on the scene and things started to change. Of course we did have Richie Allen but he rarely even got pitched to in those days. But as clout remembers Bowa hit the ball so weakly the other way he could barely keep it in fair territory. It was fascinating to watch him develop though. What a shortstop.

I agree with your point abstractly, AWH, but it's still hard to read Due Up: Feliz, Ruiz, Moyer and not take the opportunity to run to the gas station for another six pack.

AWH: My point was that comparing those years by Mueller et al to Feliz is, bad as they were, like comparing Moet Chandon to Boone's Farm.

donc: In 1972, Bowa started 150 games at SS and made 9 errors. Plus had great range. Maybe sophist can locate when the last time was that a shortstop started 150 games and made fewer than 10 errors.

I wouldn't go [b]that[/b] far clout.. more like Sutter Home and Mad Dog 20/20.

Laz: MD 20/20 is a superb bug and tar remover.

clout: His range was incredible. And his arm as a youngster was a cannon. As your error totals suggest, he never through the ball away. For much of his early career his first basemen were Willie Montanez and Tommy Hutton if I recall, which helped his numbers. But he was extremely accurate. Maybe you will remember, I think he was the first ss to intentionally bounce throws on the astro turf. Either him or the terribly over-rated Dave Concepcion.

What about this whole "false positive" issue? Or is there no chance of an appeal, even with that critical evidence?

I still advocate signing Joe Beimel. It'd be great to have a middle reliever who never allows the longball. Plus he would fit right in with the Phillies dirtball theme.

Maybe sophist can locate when the last time was that a shortstop started 150 games and made fewer than 10 errors.

coincidentally: Jimmy Rollins, 2004 (153 GS, 9 E).

That is very impressive about Rollins in 2004. Especially considering there is almost no artificial turf anymore. The guy can pick it.

the endpoints are a little deceiving though, Omar Vizquel started 148 games in 2006 and had only 4 errors, somewhat incredibly. plus he hit .295 and stole 24 age 39.

Yo, newer thread

So post on it already, EFF, Nepp and I are looking a little lonely.

speaking of relief pitching, according to roster, Ryan Madson is now number 46.

With the Phils already signing a type a in Ibanez I do not believe it matters if we sign Cruz or not since regardless the draft pic is already lost to Seattle. I would prefer Beimel though.

The Phillies would lose their second pick in the draft if they signed Cruz.

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