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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Good morning all. I just came by before kickoff to the fotball day to see whats going on here. And obviously most people still disagree with the Ibanez signing because "the phillies are now too reliant on right handed pitching" and going to get smoked by left handed pitchers.

Well below is ALL the lefties in our division who we will see the most, inlcuding some of the others in the NL. See is most of these guys scare you.

- Neise




Doesn't look too scary to me.

Some notabls around the league:




Aslo, some more stats that are actually relevant against lefties ibanez has faced.

Ibanez vs.

Johan Santana 34 ABs 12 hits, 1 HR, 8 RBI's, .353 BA, .393 OBP, .441 SLU, .836 OPS

C.C. Sabathia 36 AB 10 hits 2 HR 8 RBIs .278 BA .333 OBP .528 Slu .861 OPS

"Choke artists," eh? Not the brightest thing to call the Mets while being interviewed in their flagship radio station, don't you think?

Also, very interesting that there is no thread on the Mets trade with Seattle for JJ Putz. Very conspicuous by its absence, no?

If this was Metsblog it would be Glider, but seeing as it's one for the Phillies, no, not really.

The 8-disc set is even cheaper on Amazon (59.99 I think).

Scratch above comment... I see your gift guide is through Amazon. Doh!

i hope santa bring me this, cause i really want to buy it.

Glider, your station said "The Mets are choke artists, aren't they?" and he agreed. If you disagree, go visit old Met blog posts from last September. You'll see the choke word thrown at your team by their fans so many times it might make you cry one more time.

What a terrible time to be unemployed. There is so much great Phillies stuff to buy now.

I really feel the Phillies need a quality defensive 4th or 5th outfielder, one that is capable of playing all 3 spots and pinch running. With a 36 year old in LF to go along with Victorino and Werth (who are know stragers to the DL) I feel it is a must. I looked at all the Free Agents and depth charts of every MLB team. There are a few guys out there but how about our annoucers son, Gary Matthews Jr? Yes I know he is extremely overpaid (which may still be an understatement) How about we do an NBA like deal (bad contracts for a bad contrats)

The Angels have NO left handed bats literally NONE with Garret Anderson still unsigned

All the players we trade are on their last year of their respective deal

to angels
Eaton 9mil
Jenkins 8mil
Stairs 1mil (love him but he doesn't belong on a non-expanded NL roster)
total 18mil going to the angels they save 15mil

to phils
Matthews jr 33mil
(2009-10mil 2010-11mil 2011-12mil)

So we have Matthews jr for basically 15mil over the next 3 years. God forbid one of our everday outfielders go down for an extended period of time maybe he plays well and maybe just maybe we could trade him the following offseason by eating a portion of his remaining salary.

Will it happen? I extremely doubt it. But I don't think it is that crazy.

Here's a moronic response to a moronic post:

Aslo, some more stats that are actually relevant against lefties ibanez has faced.

Ibanez vs.

Barry Zito 47 ABs 8 hits, 1 HR, 9 RBI's, .170 BA, .167 OBP, .319 SLU, .486 OPS

Brad Radke 51 ABs 11 hits 2 HR 9 RBIs .216 BA .259 OBP .412 Slu .671 OPS

pb: That's one of those deals that fans conjure up because it would be really nice for the Phillies but the Angels wouldn't make that trade in 10 million years.

pb - It is incredibly rare that MLB teamsm trade one bad contract for anothed contract. Most recent high-profile example I can think of is the Glaus-Rolen deal between the Card-Jays last year. Just don't happen that often.

clout, you do realize the Angels were extremely close to cutting him and paying his entire salary but he played just well enough not to get released. They were so desperate for offense they kept him. The more likely senerio would be that they do just release him and then phils could sign him on the cheap. (that would be great)

But how does saving 15mil not help a team?
We're swapping our trash witch they may find some what useful Stairs & Jenkins for theirs Matthews jr. (Eaton is not usefull for anything but batting practice maybe)

The Angels are spending 8mil extra this year to save 23mil later.

MG, believe me I know that there's a 0.00001 percent chance of it happening. But I do think the deal is that insane. Matthews jr's contract is so bad every deal ever rumored is the same as any rumored Eaton deal. (We'll pay him, just take him please!!!)

PB: I like the sound of that deal, but I just don't see it happening. I think Matthews Jr. could fill a definite role on this team as the 4th or 5th outfielder.

Thank you clout, you are proving my point that stats can be manipulated to mean anything you want.there is always a loop hole.

You must have nothing else going for you this sunday afternoon then be grumpy as usual. If you think you are always right, why aren't you writing for some sports paper or working for the phillies, if everything they do is wrong or not as good as it could be. Along with everyone being idiots except for you and your other stat junkies. Hmmmm.

Hi clout. Brad Radke is right-handed.

Even if that deal was plausible, it would make no sense really. The Phils would just trade bad money next money for even more bad money in 2010 and 2011. Can you imagine the Phils being stuck with $23M in 2010 and 2011 on potentially 2 platoon-type OFs in Ibanez and Matthews Jr?

The Sabathia game is on CSN now. Man that double play in the first was huge.

Just doesn't feel the same without the Frank TV ads.

I guessing that DVD set isn't BluRay?

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