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Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, there were 4 or 5 of us at the Buffalo Wild Wings on 19th Avenue North here in Fargo. I guess the Coste cousins were elsewhere...

From Seattle? Check.

Yup, we can pretty much assume that Bloomquist will be on the team then.

fun fact: only four players since 1945 have ever racked up 150 PA with an ISO as low as .006: Luis Gomez & Glenn Beckert in 1974, Larry Lintz in 1975, and Willie Bloomquist in 2008.

In Los Angeles is The Shack. It's more of an Eagles bar but they show the Phillies.

2518 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 449-1171

I've got a great place to watch the Phils- my man-cave that I'm building this summer, with a functional old school scoreboard, L-shaped baseball themed bar and beer on tap. Oh yeah, wall-mounted plasma tv too. That is if you're in the Harrisburg area.

Living in the Florida Keys, the only place to watch a Phillies game (besides Dolphin Stadium where one can always get great seats) is Croce's Rum Barrel, in Key West. A great bar with great food.

Check out the Southernmost Phillies Club T-shirts.

Wholeheartedly agree with whiskey on the inclusion of the Rum Barrel. It's my new favorite place in KW.

Also if you're in Ft. Lauderdale, check out The Parrot. It's a great Philly/Penn State bar.

In Pittsburgh, I'm not sure. I'd try Silky's on Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill. Huge Eagles crowd in the Fall. I am only guessing there's also a Phillies following that comes in.

Raleigh, NC - I just discovered this weekend the Raleigh-gles meetup group, which gets together to watch Eagles and Phillies games usually at the Fox and Hound in North Hills, it appears.

I went to college in the Burgh and concur with Hugh Mulcahy on including Silky's.

I'll add two spots:

Besides "The Parrot" in Ft. Lauderdale, there's "The Quaterdeck" on Las Olas, a block away from A1A (Coastal Highway).

You can also check out the Phils at The Quaterdeck in Davie, Florida for the inlanders.

I also lived on South Beach for three months and caught pretty much every Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers game at The Quaterdeck on South Beach (14th St, and Alton). Decent food and every major sports package at all three locations..,and a fairly ditzy, yet pleasant to the eyes wait staff. Be persistant. The service isn't great, but it's the only place I know on South Beach that is a "sports bar."

whoops...make that three spots...And yeah, I would take Slick Willie Bloomquist.

Ocean's Ten
960 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

They have 30 plasma Tv's. Alot of Philadelphia, New York fans that have moved/retired in South Beach. Great time to watch a game and it is right off the beach, double plus.

I moved from Philly to NYC back in March of 08...horrible timing for a life long phan! Thank god for Wogies in NYC's West Village. They show every Phillies game (as long as Fox doesn't interfere) and are the only bar in New York that understands: Lager = Yuengling.

Thanks Fightin's for making this a great year to work with a lot of Mets fans!

In San Francisco it has to be Kezar's. Big time Phillies and Eagles bar with great wings and a bunch of TVs.

770 Stanyan St
(between Beulah St & Waller St)
San Francisco, CA 94117

DC- Ventnor's Sports Cafe in Adams Morgan turned into the best spot to watch the playoffs down here this year.

I agree with PhanInNYC. Wogies is a great place to go. They serve REAL Philly Cheesesteaks.

Baltimore - MaGerk's Pub & Grill in Federal Hill. Phils/ Eagles gear decorating the walls, and a good crowd for big games. Guy brings in Amoroso rolls for cheesesteaks...

Mad River Bar & Grille
2909 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 935-7500

- watched some of the playoffs there. filled with Phils' fans -

Saint Louis Sportszone
113 Kenrick Plz
Webster Groves, MO 63119
(314) 961-3366

- not a Phillies bar, but a great sports bar nonetheless. 7500 square feet of restaurant/bar space. Five 105" HDTV Projector Televisions, over 60 HD tvs, trivia, free wi-fi. They have every package and, most importantly, are accommodating. You tell them what you want to watch and, so long as it's not an NFL Sunday, they'll set you up. I was in on a crowded night in the Spring and was able to get them to put the Sixers-Detriot playoff game, the Flyers-Montreal playoff game, and Hamels-Maddux on three adjacent tvs - posted their top 11 Phils' prospects list today:

Five-Star Prospects
1. Carlos Carrasco, RHP
Four-Star Prospects
2. Michael Taylor, RF
3. Kyle Drabek, RHP
Three-Star Prospects
4. Travis D'Arnaud, C
5. Lou Marson, C
6. Jason Donald, SS
7. Dominic Brown, OF
8. J.A. Happ, RHP
9. Zach Collier, RF
10. Jason Knapp, RHP
11. Anthony Hewitt, 3B

Willie? Is that short for Lars? Sven?

I saw on Today in Phillies History that it's Lonnie Smith's Birthday.
In honor of "Skates" I hope the Phils add soime speed to the bench

Willie Bloomquist would be enormously popular on Beerleaguer. Most Beerleaguers adore Pedro Feliz's offensive game, which means they would absolutely LOVE Willie's offensive game.

After reading the last thread, I gotta say:
the lack of respect Ryan Howard gets here is downright disturbing.

Baxter- Not to worry- the big man will get about $14 million of respect after arbitration.

sophist: Didn't BP have Golson as a 3- or 4-star prospect last year?

Sophist - good list. Except for Hewitt. I guess all you need to do to be a great prospect is be picked in the first round.


here's the list from last year:

. Carlos Carrasco, RHP
2. Joe Savery, LHP
Three-Star Prospects
3. Adrian Cardenas, 2B
4. Josh Outman, LHP
5. Kyle Drabek, RHP
6. Travis D'Arnaud, C
7. Lou Marson, C
8. Jason Donald, SS
9. Dominic Brown, OF
Two-Star Prospects
10. Drew Carpenter, RHP
11. Travis Mattair, 3B

Just Missing: Freddy Galvis, ss; Greg Golson, of; Julian Sampson, rhp

Bloomquist would make sense only if Amaro views the GM job as a sort of long-delayed therapy, through which he could come to terms with his disappointing career in uniform by signing guys who are measurably worse hitters than he was.

I think 90% of Clout's posts about Phillies prospects contain "Greg Golson", a Michael Lewis quote about OPS, "what makes you think he can hit/pitch at the major league level?", or "Eric Bruntlett".

Golson would've been a better choice than Mattair or Carpenter, but to be fair, 2008 was probably his best year.

Goldstein on Hewitt:

11. Anthony Hewitt, 3B DOB: 4/27/89 Height/Weight: 6-1/195 Bats/Throws: R/R Drafted/Signed: 1st round, 2008, Salisbury School (CT) 2008 Stats: .197/.256/.299 at Rookie-level (33 G) Last Year's Ranking: N/A

Year in Review: No player in this year's draft generated more widely varying opinions than Hewitt. The Phillies selected him 24th overall, and it was no surprise that he struggled in his pro debut.

The Good: On tools alone, Hewitt is an elite prospect. His combination of a squarely built frame and incredible athleticism drew the occasional comparison to Bo Jackson as an amateur. He's an above-average runner with a cannon for an arm, and his raw power ranks as a pure, easy 80 on the 20-80 scouting scale.
The Bad: There is arguably not a single player in professional baseball with a larger gap between his tools and his baseball skills. Hewitt's swing is long and his pitch recognition non-existent, which led to 55 strikeouts in 117 at-bats during his pro debut. The Phillies wasted no time in moving him from shortstop to third base after signing him, and his footwork there is sloppy, as are his throws.

Fun Fact: In his brief 33-game pro career, Hewitt already has four three-strikeout games, two four-whiff games and one five-strikeout contest.

Perfect World Projection: If everything works out, he's a gold mine...
Glass Half Empty: ...and the same thing could be said about that lottery ticket you just bought.

Path to the Big Leagues: You're joking, right?

Timetable: Hewitt is nowhere close to ready for a full-season assignment. He'll begin the year in extended spring training before reporting to a short-season circuit in June.

Fascinating that the sabermetrics bible gives Hewitt 3 stars; that shows a ton of respect for his potential. They must have spoken to some scouts.

Whoops, last thread said "Chung Ho Park", meant "Chan Ho Park".

I know a guy named Chung Park, and I'm off the caffiene, so my brain is a bit addled. Chung definitely could not pitch. We'll see about Chan Ho, I guess.

baxter: Pretty amusing. You forgot C.J. Henry.

Keep the bars coming. I need about 25 more to fill out a spread. Cufflinks. Think cufflinks.

Another DC bar: Capitol Lounge on the Hill. Decent showing of Phillies fans there.

Bloomquist is one of the only guys left from Gillick's Mariner teams that hasn't already been acquired by the Phillies. For that reason alone, I think there's about a 75% chance that he'll end up on our roster within the next year or two. If I made a list of the 10 worst players who have managed to have 150 or more major league PAs in each of the last 5 years, Willie Bloomquist would undoubtedly rank right near the top of that list.

Clout: You're right I forgot CJ Henry.

Mets top 11
Four-Star Prospects
1. Fernando Martinez, CF
2. Wilmer Flores, SS
3. Jefry Marte, 3B
Three-Star Prospects
4. Brad Holt, RHP
5. Jon Niese, LHP
6. Reese Havens, SS
7. Jenrry Mejia, RHP
Two-Star Prospects
8. Ike Davis, 1B
9. Bobby Parnell, RHP
10. Eddie Kunz, RHP
11. Scott Moviel, RHP

Ike Davis(21 in A-) .251BA .652OPS 215AB
Reese Havens(22 in A-) .246BA .811OPS 85AB- not bad, but 3 stars?

BP said the Mets had a "middle of the pack" farm system, so where does that put the Phils?

Rhino Bar & Pumphouse in Washington, DC (Georgetown). It's an Eagles and Red Sox bar, but in the recent playoffs, it was filled with Phils phans.


While the Phillies' system lacks talent at the top, they do have as much high-ceiling young talent as anyone, and they need to hit gold on just one or two of them to see the organization take a dramatic step forward.

So basically, as a baseball player Hewitt should, instead of 3B, be working on "fullback." Encouraging.

I understand DeWalt makes a pretty good recip.

Conspicuous by his absence on the BP list: Joe Savery.

This is definitely a make-or-break year for Savery. He was decidedly medicore last year, in a league where he should have been dominant. He has now had plenty of time to recover from his 2007 surgery. If he doesn't make a substantial step forward next year, his days as a serious pitching prospect are finished and it's time to try converting him to an everyday player.

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you can either come to my place or catch games at the Irish Crab at Easton Point Marina, 975 Port Street, Easton, MD 21601

When in Seattle -- not a Philly-only sports bar, but a good place to watch games:

Sport Restaurant and Bar
It's right across from the Space Needle
140 4th Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

Always a big gathering of Eagles fans ... since I get MLB Season Ticket, I usually don't venture out for the Phillies, but would imagine this would be a good spot

If I made a list of the 10 worst players who have managed to have 150 or more major league PAs in each of the last 5 years, Willie Bloomquist would undoubtedly rank right near the top of that list.

well, here's a quick list: only six players have had 150+ PA and an OPS+ under 85 each of the last five years:
Brad Ausmus / 2,048 PA / 65 OPS+
Willie Bloomquist / 1,131 PA / 70 OPS+
Geoff Blum / 1,745 PA / 75 OPS+
Adam Everett / 1,982 PA / 68 OPS+
Jose Molina / 1,165 PA / 63 OPS+
Yorvit Torrealba / 1,365 PA / 75 OPS+

to be fair to Bloomquist, he isn't completely worthless. he's a good base-stealer (71/87 or 81% on his career) and has played anything but catcher and pitcher. but clearly you don't want him coming up to the plate more than a few times a year.

If he can manage a 13% BB% again I wouldn't mind him maybe. It was 5.5% the year before. 45 of his 46 hits last year were singles.

The Town Tavern on on 3rd st and 6th Ave in New York, 2 of the 3 owners are from Philly and they have Yuengling specials for all Eagles games and the big Phillies games. Also Marty O'Briens on 88th st and 2nd Ave is a good place too. It is not a Philly bar but the owner is a Big Yankee Fan and hates the Mets. Tell him you hate the Mets and he will buy you a shot.

ae: So, even though I was just shooting from the hip, I guess I was pretty on-target with my assessment about Bloomquist being one of the 10 worst players in the major leagues. At least Everett and Ausmus are both stellar defensive players at key defensive positions, while Torrealba and Blum can hit the occasional homerun. That makes Molina & Bloomquist the 2 worst players in baseball.

Amezaga is well on his way. and he gets more PT.

Last three years:

378 PA, 76 OPS+
448 PA, 79
337 PA, 79

On that list of the worst players: I assume you meant offensive players, which you didn't say. Ausmus, Torrealba, and Molina are all catchers, who obviously are held to a lower standard offensively because of the position they play. I know Ausmus is considered a very good defensive catcher who handles a staff great. Torrealba and Molina, I don't know much about their defense, except Molina's brother is one of the best defensive catchers in the game.

Adam Everett is considered to be probably the best defensive SS in baseball, but as you can see, struggles a little with the bat.

Blum and Bloomquist I don't know anything about defensively, except that they're utility guys. They stand out to me on this list as being the WORST players, because if you aren't either a catcher or a Gold Glove-level defensive talent at a key position, you should not get that many ABs.

McGurks in Baltimore

The Phillies need a legitimate right-handed bat on their bench. They actually need 2 of them because, with the 3 lefties in the heart of their order, and Dobbs, Jenkins & Stairs as their 3 best bench players, it is virtually guaranteed that they are going to have immense trouble scoring runs after the 6th inning.

The right-handed bench player needs to be someone with some power and a decent batting average. Juan Rivera would have been a nice fit. Baldelli would also be a nice fit, but he is probably looking for a starting job somewhere. Kapler doesn't really excite me but he's probably the best FA available for the job.

I live near KoP, so Champps is probably too close to Philly to qualify, but I remember another site doing a listing/search for sports bars around the globe that show Phillies games earlier this year:

Don't know if he'll let you use any of his info, Jason?

the list I posted on the last page wasn't meant to be a list of worst players; it was just the result of a quick query I ran on baseball-reference. of course actually determining who the worst players in baseball are would require a lot more than just OPS+, especially w/r/t defensive value.

"After reading the last thread, I gotta say:
the lack of respect Ryan Howard gets here is downright disturbing. "

The bright side of it, however, is that they won a World Series with him here. So, years from now, long after they unceremoniously get rid of him for less than his value or by haggling over money because of some perceived problems, people will look back a lot more fondly on him.

Because the flaws are right in your face, poor average, lots of strikeouts, Howard's impact on the team will be recognized more years from now.

ae: Figuring out the worst starting pitcher wouldn't be nearly as difficult. I'll give you a clue: he'll make $8.5M for doing nothing next year.

Willie Bloomquist may be a Seattle Mariner, but Eric Bruntlett is a Stanford Cardinal!

The Phillies shouldn't sign more free agents. In 2009, Jason Donald will turn 25,
Michael Taylor 24 and John Mayberry Jr 26. All three are right-handed. Taylor needs more time, but won't be far off if he hits in Reading. The other two deserve a chance to play in the majors in 2009. If we aren't willing to give them that chance, we should trade them before they lose their value.

if acknowledging a player's flaws is a lack of respect, well, then I guess I'm disrespectful.

the problem with Howard is entirely related to his contract and the fact that he'll be making ~$15M in 2009 and ~$20M in 2010. (I think he has another arb year in 2011, too?) there are certainly things Howard does as well as or better than anyone else in baseball, but he's not nearly a complete enough player to merit 20% of the Phillies' payroll.

well, never mind that I say "his contract," since that's not really accurate.

In Hoboken, NJ, Liberty Bar on 14th Street is the place to watch the Phils when one doesn't feel up for the trek across the Hudson.

baxter: The flaw in your thinking is that if Donald and Mayberry can't cut it in the major leagues in 2009, and frankly it wouldn't surprise me, then the Phillies are screwed. Unless you don't care where they finish.

No on Bloomquist. He doesn't excite me. I'd rather them get someone else, but right now a name escapes me. Like I've always said, I want guys who can actually play, not guys who'll play cheaply.

Jason -

Third Base Austin, TX

I doubt the Phillies will be "screwed" if they don't acquire another right-handed pinch hitter. Last year's version(So Taguchi) did virtually nothing and they won the World Series. Again, I'm not saying those rookies are necessarily the answer, I just don't want them wasting money on spare parts while their prospects lose value.

Clout- the flaw in your thinking is that if the young guys don't pan out they can make an in-season trade for a more experienced right-handed bat. The moves for Stairs/Conine type guys seem to do less long term damage than the Geoff Jenkins style late-offseason signings. I'm with Baxter, lets see what Donald and Mayberry can do.

For what it's worth, I can also say that the Arc Pub in Munich is where I found a home during my globe-trotting. International Sports bar that was more than willing to accomodate my Phils demands.

Jonesman: Rather than roll the dice on unproven young kids and then being forced to make a deal mid-season, why not make the deal now? You can still give the kids a chance and if one makes it, great, the team will be better for it.

baxter: The right handed bat off th benchfor much of the season wasn't So Taguchi. He was the 25th man. The righty on the becnh was Jayson Werth.

Not to mention that the need for a strong right-handed bat off the bench has become a lot more important now that Ibanez has replaced Burrell in the starting lineup.

In Denver there's Pat’s Philly Steak & Sub at 16th and Market and a couple other places (

BAP: Believe me, I'm no Adam Eaton fan. But don't you think that the "worst" starting pitcher in the league actually plays in SF and will make $18M a year for the next 5 years?

Hibachi: Great post on Howard. I am willing to bet that you nailed everything on the head.

There is no free agent out there that can give us that righty off the bench with speed. What about some kind of trade with JA Happ or Jason Donald? There has to be a good match out there for one or both of those players.

Spitz: Zito is almost certainly the major league's worst pitcher for the money. But he's nowhere close to being as bad a pitcher as Eaton. Even in his worst season ever -- which was last year -- he was merely a slightly below average pitcher who was vastly overpaid.

I just saw Keith Law on ESPNnews saying that there is almost no interest in Juan Cruz. Why don't we jump back on that bandwagon? He seems like he'd be a great addition to the bullpen and could give us some more flexibility to make a move.

The best place to watch the Phils on Statne Island is, um, somewhere else.

Sorry to say.

There's always Piggin...I mean, Wigginton. He's got a "power" bat.

If all you want is cheap contact and speed, Justin Christian. He plays OF and, also, 2B.

I guess we should get used to Punch-and-Bloomdy.

It'll be nice to know that ever 100 or so ABs, Bloomquist will crank out one of those...what are they called again...oh, yeah: "extra base hits."

That'll be cool.

Zito's contract was scary bad when they made it and I'm glad Philly went nowhere near there. However, he showed some life over the last 2 months of the season. He had at least 7 or 8 good outings in his last 11-12 starts, which, sadly for him, was a dramatic improvement.

Zito's contract is a horror. No debate about that. On the other hand, in two years with one of the worst teams in baseball, he's gone 21-30 with ERA+ of 98 and 85. Bad, yes, but not horrible for a horrible team.

Äà âñå ïîíÿòíî, Ñïàñèáî÷êè çà ïîñò.

Without a doubt in Phoenix/Scottsdale it is Don and Charlies:

7501 E. Camelback Rd. Scottsdale AZ.

Not just for we Phillies Phans but sports fans in general--great food too!

By contrast, Adam Eaton, playing with one of the BEST teams in baseball, has gone 14-18 with ERA+ of 73 and 75.

The solution? Barry Zito with Adam Eaton's contract.

I live in SF, so I watch Zito pitch live or on TV once in a while. In the last year of his current contract (which I think is 2013), I expect him to be as bad as 2009 Adam Eaton (which is to say that neither should be anywhere near a MLB roster). Except Zito is going get paid $18M to sit at home, while Eaton is "only" getting paid $8.5M this year.

Zito is brutal bad considering his salary. He wouldn't be a 5th starter if he was making the league minimum...well MAYBE he'd be a 5th starter...on a really bad team.

Zito's contract is what makes him seem that bad. Of course the Giants' staff did produce the Cy Young winner and they have another guy with huge upside in Matt Cain. Jonathan Sanchez has potential too and they have some good prospects in the minors. BAP and MG would know better being in the Bay Area, but if Zito bounces back at all, I could see the Giants contending in the West. San Diego is going to be awful and Colorado suddenly has minimal upside. I know the Giants don't have much offense, but neither do the D'backs and the Dodgers have a very strange plan in place, so it's conceivable that SF at least competes in the division...

It's a shame theres not a better Phils' Bar in Chicago cus Mad River is pretty much an obnoxious drunk frat boy hangout from friday-sunday.

Zito has lost a ton of velocity from his Oakland days but his main problem last year was a loss of command. He pitched much better in the 2nd half and my guess is that he has a bounce-back next year. I very seriously doubt he'll ever be as good as he was with Oakland but, at a minimum, I expect him to be as good in 2009 as he was in 2007 -- and probably a bit better (since his 2007 peripherals were actually considerably better than his ERA).

There's no debating that his contract is horrific but, if you put that aside and just focus on his on-field performance, no one could seriously suggest that there's any comparison between Zito and Eaton. At worst, Zito is a serviceable No. 5 starter. At best, he could even be a No. 3. Eaton at his best is about a No. 10 starter.

Actually now that i think about, it's not really an official phil's place but i know a couple times i went to Flounders at 2201 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614.

It's actually a Penn State Bar, and they have MLB package and multiple tv's. There always seems to be out of town fans there(not just phils, all kinds of different baseball fans) and they alwasy seem willing to put on any game you want(as long as the biggest tv has the cubbies on, of course).

"if Zito bounces back at all, I could see the Giants contending in the West."

Totally agree. I liked the Renteria acquisition. I like Kevin Frandsen, their young second baseman. I like Fred Lewis, their young outfielder and Sandoval, their young first baseman. Winn & Molina are always pretty reliable. They definitely have a severe need for some power in the middle of their lineup but, if they address this need, and get a few breaks next year, I could easily see them contending in a very weak division. Pat Burrrell would be a very nice fit in the middle of their lineup. Or maybe we could trade Pedro Feliz back to them.

BAP - I have thought Burrell would be a perfect fit for SF as well. Good power bat that they sorely need. He's from the area and probably wouldn't mind going home. Defensively, Rowand played next to him for two years and would have a good idea of the extra ground needed.

I don't see Burrell in that park...rumors have the Rays and Yankees interested in him though.

Teixeira to the Nationals looks like it might happen now. The Nationals always play the Phillies tough and he is bound to make things much tougher. A lot of teams would be happy with Teixeira, Guzman and Zimmerman in their infield.

mm, thanks for the tip. you're def right about Mad River, but it was full of people in Phils' stuff for the playoffs and they had the sound on. Can't ask for much more. I go with MLB.TV for the regular season (although i'm new to Chicago.)

collegephan beat me to the punch...i was marooned in L.A. for the world series, but found a total phillies spot at the shack in L.A. (2518 wilshire, santa monica)

check out this footage from the big moment

for game five, part 1, I was at another Phillies spot (El Guapo, 7250 Melrose, Los Angeles). it was good, but not nearly as phillyesque as the shack.

The best place in Hoboken, New Jersey to catch a Phillies game is Mulligan's at 159 First Street. There is a Phillies fan club that meets up to watch during the season and the place was elbow to elbow packed during the playoffs.

Madison Avenue Bar & Grill 855 E. Twain, Las Vegas, NV

A Philly bar.

Victorino was there signing items this Sunday for toy drive.

May not help much, but Baseball in Glasgow, Scotland, was great when I lived overseas. Plus, when they find out you're American, you never have to buy another beer, because no Scotsman understands the game, and they need constant education on what's going on. I'll find the address, I think it's on Boyle Street?
go ironpigs

Hoboken, NJ - Mulligan's Bar has a group of people that all get together to watch the games.

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