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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Long way to go? Lost the division by three games, have a younger core, better starters and now a closer who went 62/69, which equates to 7 blown saves when they blew 32.

Also, you might not have Utley till June.

Might not be that far to go.

Wow, the premature gloating starts earlier this year!

Maybe Weitzel should drag out some of the trolls' boasting that 2008 would end up with their team as the World Frackin' Champions. Funny, funny stuff.

jhwells, those 32 blown saves weren't all in the 9th, ya know. Your middle relief is still laughable. K-Rod is a slight upgrade over Billy Wagner. Congrats!

Not quite a slight upgrade. He's a massive upgrade. He's a younger, better pitcher.

And yes, the Mets middle relief is still shaky, but bullpen's are a crapshoot. It was a strength for the Mets in 2006 and a weakness in 2007 and 2008. Year to year you never know (outside closers really).

For all you guys know, the Phillies pen could go out next year and just be....awful.

Here ya go, if you're nostalgic for the Santana troll thread from before our most recent World Championship:

Breaking news: Twins agree to deal Santana to Mets

You can 'next' your way to two more fun ones.

Definitely surprised that the Mets got KRod that cheaply. 26yr old with the saves record and a WS ring. That heavy closers market really hurt his market price.

Well, as JW said, definitely an upgrade for the Mets. I will not be as positive heading into the ninth inning as I have been in years past.

You can't save a game unless you have a lead in the 9th. With the Muts pen he won't get 30 save chances.

Three words for Mets fans: Heilman, Sanchez and Schoeneweis. I don't care who you have closing the 9th, if this is the crew of setup guys you have then it will be another season filled with late inning collapses.

"better, but the Mets still have a long way to go"

-not entirely false, but that is almost exactly (verbatim) how Mest fans felt when you guys got Lidge last year.
a great closer makes a huge difference, you guys found that out first hand.
while there still may be a "long way to go" dont underestimate the importance of this move.
w/that being said, i fully expect Krod to slip in the shower the day before spring training starts & not even make it on the field in '09, but we can be happy for atleast one day ;)

Incorrect. The Phillies had blown saves too last year. I'm not sure of the number off the top of my head, but a "blown save" does not have to just occur in the 9th. The Phils had none of those, but anytime you give up the lead past a certain point (6th inning?) it is considered a BS.

Younger core? You call two players a core?

Actually it would occur anytime after the 5th since a blown save is technically a blown lead that costs another pitcher the win. So it is anytime after the end of 5.

"Three words for Mets fans: Heilman, Sanchez and Schoeneweis. I don't care who you have closing the 9th, if this is the crew of setup guys you have then it will be another season filled with late inning collapses. "

Just to show you how wrong people can be about the bullpen. Look at Aaron Heilman and Duaner Sanchez's stats in 2005 and 2006. Relief pitching is a crap shoot. Guys who are unhittable one year are average or even below the next.

And Schoenweis is a LOOGY. The big flaw with the mets pen last year was the lack of crossover guys. Him pitching to lefties only is really what his intent should be.

BENTZ - Couldn't it be earlier? A starting pitcher needs to go at least 5 innings for the win, but if the starter leaves earlier & then the team takes the lead back, the next pitcher would be in a save situation.

"Younger core? You call two players a core? "

Do I have to teach you baseball? The Phillies were the oldest team in the majors last year.

This certainly improves the Mets bullpen but they still need better middle relief guys. They were lucky they got K-Rod to sign for only 3 years. I always thought it was overrated but this is a good move for the Mets since they needed a closer.

This means now the Mets will lead the league in annoying celebrations between Reyes' showboating, Tatis' home run trot across home plate and K-Rod's overexaggerated reactions when he gets saves. Add Jerry Manuel's equally annoying post game interviews ("we hit with a left" or whatever it was) and my intolerance for all things Mets have just increased dramatically.

Facing facts, the Mets will be a better team with K-Rod. However, they are far from raising the pennant. K-Rod doesn't do anything to change the losing culture of that team. In fact, he brings a losing culture with him as the Angels have been nothing but choke artists in their last couple of playoff appearances (yeah, yeah, I know about 2002, but that was a long time ago).

Also, I think that two straight division titles, a pennant and a WFC mean that all the Mets trolls need to shut it until they prove something on the diamond even if they go ahead and sign Sabathia, Manny and Tiexiera.

K-Rod is a good closer...but at 26 he's already showing statistical and physical signs of decline (lower K/9 rate, escalating WHIP, decreased velocity, etc.). His arm slot is one that puts a ton of pressure on his elbow. I'm not wishing it on him, but I've gotta think that Tommy John surgery is somewhere in his near future.

Something that's been bothering me in all of this Cubs-Padres-Phillies (possibly Orioles) trade speculation...if the Phils trade Chris Coste, everyone seems to think that Marson is now the Phil's backup catcher. Doesn't it make more sense to play him full-time on the Iron Pigs and send Jamarillo up to the big club as the backup?

PS Didn't somebody put out the "Don't Feed the (Met's) Troll" sign?

PPS If the Phils trade away Madson to the Cards for an outfielder, does that mean they try to sign Juan Cruz?

jlwells5 - by average or median?

I love trolls. Thanks for stopping by, jlwells5.

We were the oldest team, I bet a lot of that has to do with Seanez and Moyer. Personally I don't care how old the core is, if a bunch of old men are the WFC's, I am a-ok with that.


That is a good point. I think Avg and clearly Moyer and Stairs would influence that. That being said, the Mets core is still very young. Reyes and Wright are not in their prime yet. Both just finished their age 25 seasons.

Len- as I said earlier....2 years don't define a franchise and 2 straight years of well over .500 ball is not a losing culture.

It's actually a similar situation to the TB Bucs. They fell in the playoffs every year until they dumped Dungy and hired Gruden.

Like it or not, the Mets are talented team. You all know it. You wouldn't talk about it if you didn't think so. I have no qualms admitting the Phils are very good.

I know your players don't take them lightly, and I suggest as fans you don't either. They did go 11-7 against you head up last year.

Please teach me baseball.

It's a good signing for them, whether we want to admit it or not.

Trying to engage people in discussion isn't trolling. Have I told you guys you suck? Have I taken shots at your team?

Get a reality check. Trolling is just starting with people to do so. Have I not made one point thats legit, or when I've stated something that was corrected not admitted being wrong?

I was curious what Philly fans thought about this move.

I don't think the Phillies are going to trade Madson, that is just speculation. Amaro wants to sign him to an extension, which won't happen because he is a Boras client, but I think that means they don't want to trade him. I would rather keep him for a year and reap a draft pick (or two) and try to replace him with somebody who isn't a type A free agent.

As for catching I think Marson will start at AAA with Coste or Jaramillo as the back-up. Ruiz can handle the starting job so I'm not to worried about who the back-up is. I doubt Marson will make the team out of camp unless he is amazing in spring training.

Although now they are 99% latino. DWright is holding them back.

the Mets don't even have a core. they're trying to buy one as we speak.

jlwells5: "Do I have to teach you baseball?"

Yeah... um... you're not trolling.

CJ- Fair callout.

jlwells5 - I agree. The problem is that we're so used to Mets fans coming on here when their team is doing well & avoiding the board otherwise. Fans like yourself, who actually seem to be capable of having a rational discussion, are always welcome.

Having said that, being a Mets fan & coming onto a Phillies board and asking someone "Do I have to teach you baseball?" with your 4th post won't help your cause. If you hang around for a while, you could easily get away with it. But for right now, it's very easy to see how people could see that as trolling.

As for the move itself, I think it's very similar to the Wagner move. Probably overpaying a little bit, but a very necessary improvement for the team. And while I thought that his market value was driven waaaay up by the number of save opportunities he had in 2008, the contract isn't as bad (for the Mets) as I hoped it would be.

stjoehawk: Exactly... I can ask clout, "Do you know baseball?" But we don't need any Mets fans chiming in on that!!

EFF: That link to the Santana trade is just awesome awesome awesome stuff. Between phils fans saying stuff and the mets fans running their mouths... awesome awesome stuff.

If you look at KRod's numbers aside from his record 62 saves: WHIP 1.288, a K/BB ratio of barely 2/1 - along with decling velocity.. I still give the closer advantage to the Phils, but it certainly closed the gap.

If it is just 3 yr/$37M then it is a really solid deal for the Mets and fills their biggest offseason need.

KRod might be an injury risk during the contract due to his mechanics and he can't ever go multiple innings but still fairly minor risk/gripes.

With Tatis, Reyes, and KRod, there will be plenty of "dancing" and other annoying celebrations every after every hit and K. Another reason to loathe the Mets.

They're going to need to get to KRod before they can use him...

I think K-Rod will have a tougher challenge looking good with the Mets than the Angels. The Angels are in a sucky division, so he gets a lot of games against patsies. I think the NL East gives you a tough game against every team. Even the gNats can be pesky at times. The NY Media will eat this guy alive as soon as he blows a few saves. K-Rod will not break his record wearing the Orange & Blue.

I just want to voice my opinion that I just checked my email and saw the Phillies are selling their six packs and they are sure taking advantage of their success. Granted there have always been limitations, but this year you have to make a choice on if you want to see the Red Sox or one of the Mets games on July 4th weekend. I figured you would at least be able to get one of those Mets games (not July 4th) and a Sox game. I'm out of a job so right now I'm limited to one six pack. This is a hard choice to make. I really would like to go to two Mets games on that July 4th weekend and that's not possible either.

Also they released their promotions scheduled and have cut down on the bobblehead nights. This year there are two- one for Cholly himself and one for Lidge.

"stjoe: the contract isn't as bad (for the Mets) as I hoped it would be."

exactly my thoughts, I kind of already accepted the fact that the Mets were going to sign KRod, so my hopes were that it'd be closer to the ridiculous 5yr/15+ per looking number that floated around before free agency finally arrived.

Anyone care to explain the vesting option? is that player or team controlled?

Lidge is a beast. I don't know any logical met fan who will argue that K-Rod is better.

In fact, I think I'll only say Rivera's better. (And yes, I know Lidge just had a perfect season and is younger....but....Rivera's basically still unhittable).

Mets biggest need now isn't another setup arm but a starter since they have question marks about 4 and 5 spots since uncertain whether Perez is resigned.

If Mets sign another solid starter and a solid setup arm, they will have had a nice offseason and go into the season with a slightly stronger team than last year. Hopefully the Phils can counter and fill some of their needs too.

"With Tatis, Reyes, and KRod, there will be plenty of "dancing" and other annoying celebrations every after every hit "

No offense, but you guys need to look at both side. Victorino does the SAME thing.

"Anyone care to explain the vesting option? is that player or team controlled?"

He has to hit certain innings totals year 3.

jlwells - Agreed that Victorino showboats at times but Reyes and Tatis both have well-deserved reputations of being major hotdogs. You can add KRod to that category too when he dances around and points to the sky after a K in the 9th.

And here's a game from 2007, where there was a blown save with 1 out in the 3rd inning:

"Lost the division by three games, have a younger core, better starters and now a closer who went 62/69, which equates to 7 blown saves when they blew 32."

True, but that's missing two things:
1) One game could feature more than 1 blown save (such as 5/23/08, when both Smith & Wagner blew saves against the Rockies).
2) A blown save doesn't necessarily mean a loss in the game (such as 4/20/08, when Chad Durbin blew a save against the Mets, but the Phillies came back to win the game).

And as an additional point, says that the Mets had 29 blown saves (over 28 games).

Taking that a step further, I counted 8 Mets losses where either Billy Wagner blew the save or the save was blown by someone else in the 9th inning or later (to estimate usage of the closer after Wagner's injury. So K-Rod would probably be used to address those situations. Still, even if the closer only blew 7 saves, that 1 win would have been enough to get a 1 game playoff.

thephaitful: It's apparently an easy to achieve player's vesting option. As long as K-Rod pitches like a normal closer in year three or in year two and three combined, he'll vest the 4th year at $14M. Add in the performance bonuses and this contract is more like a 4 year, $52M+ contract.

Len39: Yep, culture will beat talent every time. When do BA's culture ratings come out? the Mets are saying that they haven't signed K-Rod yet. Whoops...premature celebration (although in this case, I've got to think that the two sides just need to cross their "t's" and dot their "i's").

Jeltz - I think he has to pass the physical first.

jlwells isn't trolling. He's gloating. Much worse.

Kinda silly to speculate about either teams' chances without knowing who's in the rotation after the first 2 or 3 guys.

jlwells - Agreed that Victorino showboats at times but Reyes and Tatis both have well-deserved reputations of being major hotdogs. You can add KRod to that category too when he dances around and points to the sky after a K in the 9th.

Oh, I know. It doesn't bother me that much. They're not playing baseball to make friends. I think a team needs swagger. The 86 Mets are probably the most hated team in baseball history. If that type of confidence contributes to a winner, I'll be fine to look past it.

St.Joehawk- You make an excellent point there, but nonetheless, I think we both agree...K-Rod is an improvement over Luis Ayala/ Aaron Heilman.

Clout, explain to me how I'm gloating?

From the Star Ledger:

The most recent team to express interest in Pettitte is the World Series champion Phillies, who are having trouble in their negotiations with Jamie Moyer. It's possible (even likely) that Pettitte's agents and the Phillies are using each other to help themselves gain leverage in their other negotiations, but the Phillies have liked Pettitte in the past, and if they lose the veteran lefty Moyer because he wants a two-year deal and they don't want to give him one, Pettitte would seem a viable replacement.

Clout: Is this the old intangibles vs. stats debate that we slip into every 6 months or so?

i come here often but rarely post, but i have to chime in about the losing culture comments about the mets. 97 89 89 win seasons isnt exactly whatd id call losing. A different bounce here or there and the story could be totally different

That being said, i think this is a fantastic signing for the mets at what is a total reasonable price. hopefully with this signing out of the way it clears the path for a few more.

bullpens are a tricky thing as over posters have said, the philles bullpen has been OUTSTANDING for two years now, but with that, there could be a drop off this season. is lidge going to be perfect again?

jlwells5: Don't be naive. What other reason is there for showing up on a Phils board moments after the signing was announced. You could have chosen to come here at any point to see what BLers were saying about K-Rod. You'll find the collective intelligence here far exceeds Metsblog, so don't treat us like we're stupid.

According to Larry Shenk of Phillies Insider- Former Phillie David Bell is going to manage for the first time, joining the Reds organization. He'll manage the Carolina Mudcats in the AA Southern League.

*Reds are destined for failure!

Who has the better offseason between the Phils and Mets is going to come down to who does a better job of filling in their starting rotations spots.

Both teams right now have comparable No. 1-3 (Hamels/Myers/Blanton vs. Santana/Pelfrey/Maine), it depends how the teams fill the 4/5 spots on who will be the favored team coming out of spring training.

GM-Carson: Haven't you heard? "Those who can't... teach!" (And those who can't teach... teach gym!)

Solid signing for the Mets. Good young closer for a reasonable contract. What's not to like?

Wish the Phils would follow suit.

The Mets still have issues but are now closing the gap.

I'm not being naive. Isn't there something to be said about measuring a first impression?

As for the collective intelligence, I'll count the swipes at the Latino culture of the Mets as evidence to the contrary.

MG: I think that's a very fair analysis. The back-end of the rotation will be key. At this point, there's a good chance the 5th spot will be filled by Jon Niese for the Mets and JA Happ for the Phils. That tilts slightly in the Phils favor, IMO.

Which isn't to say that it's not obvious that this is the truth, the Mets have a lot of Latino players, but it's not indicative of anything but their last names.

Right now the Mets would have a stellar combo of Hielman?/Niese in the 4/5 spots and the Phils would have Happ/Kendrick/Carrasco/Eaton? to round out the 4/5 spots. Not exactly strong points for either team.

Needless to say, I guarantee that each team brings in each least one additional starter.

" is lidge going to be perfect again? "

point taken but at the same time is KRod going to set the single season saves record again?

Mets fans on Brad Lidge:

Last year, offseason, "He's a headcase waiting to implode in that joke of a ballpark."

About halfway through the season: "Just wait til he blows a save, those fans will rip him apart."

August and September, "He's gotta blow a save at some point. Nobody's perfect."

This year's offseason: "Is Lidge going to be perfect again?"

At least 3 people on Metsblog said they never heard of Francisco Rodriguez before this signing.

jlwells5: "As for the collective intelligence, I'll count the swipes at the Latino culture of the Mets as evidence to the contrary."

Well, it's nice to see you're trolling.

"Reasonable Mets fan" just called the 2007 Phillies bullpen "outstanding".

For the Mets fans, enjoying their signing of>K-Rod:

Top of the 9th, Red Sox Batting, Tied 5-5, Francisco Rodriguez facing 3-4-5
          ---  1   67%  D Ortiz         Double to RF (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
                  Coco Crisp pinch runs for David Ortiz batting 3rd
   O      -2-  4   56%  K Youkilis      Groundout: 3B-1B (Weak SS)
   RR     -2-  5   92%  J Drew          Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Crisp Scores
          ---  5   92%  J Bay           Single to 3B (Ground Ball to Weak 3B)
          1--  1   94%  M Kotsay        Single to RF (Line Drive to Short RF); Bay to 2B
   OO     12-  3   91%  J Varitek       Ground Ball Double Play: 2B-SS-1B

Lidge was able to return from Pujols HR.

But JD Drew???

"Reasonable Mets fan" just called the 2007 Phillies bullpen "outstanding".

yeah i think we were all going to let that one just lay there. haha

Only said it under provocation. It also happens to be true with some comments I've read about the Mets on this board.

Not saying it's true for all, or even most, but when you speak about "collective intelligence" arbitrary comments about other cultures generally lower that quotient.


Come back to The Geek, buddy.

Len39: You can have every single intangible, just give me the best talent.

BTW, until last year what did Brad Lidge ever win? In fact he contributed in a big way to the Astros losing playoff culture, no?

See how silly this is?

K-Rod replaces Wagner. Now what?

jlwells5: "Only said it under provocation."

You came to a Phillies board to talk up the Mets? Provocation? Get a clue.

Actually, referring to culture in anyway as a stagnant element is a misrepresentation of the meaning. A central part of the definition is a fluid aspect. Any living thing (be it an organism or concept) is defined by growth/ the ability to adapt and thrive.

Baseball teams certainly fit within this definition.

When Eyre arrived — and pitched effectively — in early August, he provided relief to the pen. The Phillies led the National League with a 3.19 ERA among relievers.

Only the Chicago White Sox (2.94) sported a better bullpen ERA.

As far as lidge, im sorry its just plain silly to expect that he's going to be perfect again, and no krod isnt going to save anywhere near 60 games either. but to discredit the signing isnt smart

CJ- You'll also notice that I am willing to actually have a discussion and concede points where I'm not right.

I'm not solely here to try to start arguments.

Quit being so defensive. This is an open forum and I'm not doing anything thats overtly offensive.

your right i was off about the 07 bullpen, i just remember when it counted they were lock down toward the end of the season.

If we're being fair 3/37 for K-Rod is a nice deal and it helps fill the closer opening the Mets had.

It would worry me some about K-Rod's numbers going the wrong way at 26. As I pointed out in a previous thread, and Jeltz hit here, his velocity is down, his K/9 is down, and his WHIP is up.

Also his save total last year isn't as impressive as it looks. He had quite a few saves that were mop ups because the reliever in the game played the other team back into the game. Basically the Angles were winning 5-1 and they didn't put K-Rod to start the 9th but he came in to record .1 of an inning when the reliever got in trouble.

But if all this is just a false warning than it's a great signing.

Truth Injection: Yeah, it's appears to be a nice deal. Appearances can often be misleading, however. The peripherals raise a few red flags (declining K-rate, for example) and it's very possible that his quality declines without there being a significant injury. That's worst case scenario for the Mets because that'll mean that 4th year kicks in at $14M.

jlwells5: Listen... I've already engaged you more than I generally engage trolls. Enjoy your time here.

CC Rumors are flying fast and furious...

It was maybe two hours ago when it was declared that the Giants were "supremely confident" they were signing Sabathia.

Then we hear CC turned down the Yankees offer.

Now it's being reported that the Brewers are the front-runner.


Re: K-Rod's Velocity

This is comparing apples to oranges, but I believe that similar worries were put forth about Santana when the Mets got him.

Just a note on Lidge. He did play a big role in a Houston Astros team that won an NL pennant and played in the 2005 WS. He's not an overnight sensation.

Didn't K-Rod have a bad outing in a past year's All Star game? I seem to recall he got knocked out of the box after giving a lot of hitters access to first base.

Evidently, BL is popular in Chicago. So popular they named a street after a BLers. The Chicago Tribune sponsors a blog entitled "Clout Street". Here's the link:

My take on today's doing nothing (as usual) from the Phils:

1. Forget Peavy and Lowe. If Boras was not Low's agent , then I'd think we'd have a shot. While the Phils could probably offer a better package to the Pads then the Cubs, Peavy doesn't want to pitch here. I would not in any way help the Cubs at all in making their team better. The Cubs are a potential playoff match-up for the Phils.

2. The Phils should not trade Happ and a prospect for DeRosa. That is too high of a price. The Cubs want to unload Marquis and his salary. The Phils are not interested in him.

2. Watch the Ohils try to make a play for Braden Looper. He's a FA that won't cost the Phils a draft pick and his Uncle Benny is in the Phils FO.

3 The bats the Phils aquire will be either Eric Byrnes via trade w/ Arizona (he would play CF and Vic would move back to right) or Juan Rivera.

4. It's common knowledge at this point the Burrell wanted 3 yrs. and the wouldn't go that long. The really like Ibanez though (a mistake in my opinion).

5. Gillick would have offered arb to at least one of the two (Buurrell or Moyer). Amaro will be more like Wade than Gillick.

Like I said last week, don't get too excited. Nothing major will happen amd we will all be disappointed.

drew: There is still concern about that. Despite Santana's great year... some of his key stats continued to slide.

Santana's 7.91 K/9 is the lowest of his career since becoming a full time starter (down from 9.66 a year ago). As is his 3.27 K/BB, down from 4.52 a year ago.

K-Rod, similarly, saw his K/9 drop from 12.03 to 10.14. He gave up a career-high BAA of .216 (it's climbed each year of his career) and his OPS against climbed to .629, the highest of his career.

None of that, however, means that K-Rod won't succeed next year... just like Santana succeeded despite his decline last yeawr.

That Santana thread from last year is pretty darn funny. And not to pick on JW, but..
"ilg: The Phils edged the Mets by one game last season. Think Santana puts them over the hump?

Posted by: J. Weitzel | Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 05:23 PM"

I always find it silly when people on here do this. Take the win total from last year and assume every else will go exactly the same next year except for the replacement of player x with better player y accounting for z more wins.

DPatrone: You almost made sense... until you pulled out Eric Byrnes. He's coming off a terrible, oft-injured year... and he's owed a whopping $22M over the next two years.

Why trade prospects for him when we can sign mediocrity for less on the free agent market?

Brian G: I don't know what you're talking about. Clearly, signing Pedro Feliz equaled three more wins.

Haha, also interesting is that I found where PhillR the obvious Mets fan "admits" to being a Marlins fan, which was before he started claiming to be a Phillies fan.

"I would NOT want to be a Phillies fan right now.

p.s. I'm a Marlins fan so you can all go to hell.

Posted by: PhillR | Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 06:18 PM"

Re: Like I said last week, don't get too excited. Nothing major will happen amd we will all be disappointed.

I'm reminded of the disappointment Phillies fans felt when our big move at the trade deadline netted Joe Blanton while other teams made "superior" deals for pitchers like Rich Harden.

The Mets and Yankees have played fantasy baseball in the off season since the start of the millennium. Meanwhile, the Phillies have built a team.

Frankly, I'd be thrilled if we signed Looper, kept Happ and Coste and keep our checkbook in our pocket instead of wasting money on Ibanez or another 2008 version of the Jenkins signing.

Pedro didn't deliver a championship to New York. Glavine didn't deliver a championship to New York. Wagner didn't deliver a championship to New York. Santana didn't deliver a championship to New York. Are we seeing a pattern? Big name pitchers have come to the Mets throughout the decade, each that came with fanfare from the press and the fans about how unbeatable they will be now that so-and-so rode into town.

K-Rod and Santana will be regular fixtures on the back page of the Post and Daily News with their cute little puns that lament yet another losing season, and that's about it. Same sh*t. Different year.

Looks like Burrell is as good as gone, which isn't really news, but now we are Ibanez's first choice. I don't understand why we need another lefthanded bat. I don't know too much about Ibanez though except he doesn't exactly make us younger.

Brian G: Excellent catch on that phony, PhillR

****3 The bats the Phils aquire will be either Eric Byrnes via trade w/ Arizona (he would play CF ****

Why would you do that exactly? Vic is the better CF and Byrnes is coming off leg issues. Honestly, why would you get Byrnes at all? He had one good season and is expensive.

On KRod: World Fvcking Champions!!!

Amaro on ESPN Baseball Tonight Hot Stove and he said nothing of merit in 5 minutes. Funniest thing was when Raveich asked Amaro if the Phils had set a budget and Amaro said they "haven't done that yet" and that it would be north of where it was last year.

Frankly the only thing I was surprised to hear was that Amaro mentioned pitching and defense several teams in the interview. Pretty safe to say that the Phils have undergone a bit of a see change and realize that they can't outbash teams at CBP.

MG: Then why, exactly, is Raul Ibanez high on their list? He doesn't pitch or play defense.

He's there to drive his price up for the Mets. Amaro Jr is clearly aware of Minaya's fetish for Latinos and is merely making him more expensive.

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